THE SCENE: super moon set for a fantastic scene

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
  • Windmills x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15
  • Polka Stretch x 15 IC


  • Mosey to Memphis College of Art,
    • pause at the Crossroads and do shoulder taps until all in;
    • Once All in, Shoulder Taps x 15 IC, then howled at the super moon;
    • continued mosey with another pause at the gate by Overton Bark and held Al Gore til all in;
    • Once All in, Squats x 15 IC, no howl this time.
    • Finish mosey to MCA stairs
    • Counted off into two groups
    • Group 1 did exercises first, Group 2 ran first; when you finish task, do flutter kicks or gas pumps until all in, then flapjack. You’d run from stairs to the flags at the veteran’s memorial.
      • Round 1 – 10 burpees – run stairs – 5 burpees at top and run back back down
      • Round 2 – 12 overhead claps – stairs – 6 OH Claps- Stairs
      • Round 3 – 14 Merkins – stairs – 7 Merkins – Stairs
      • Round 4 – 16 Big boy situps – Stairs – 8 BBSU – stairs
      • Round 5 – (running out of time, no more running to flags), 18 Squats Together, run to Overton Bark trail entrance  for 9 squats there, then mosey back to STARTEX

No official time for MARY; some exercises were completed en route back to STARTEX




YHC shared about how he’s had to grow in leadership w/ his job over the last year and not be siloed in my work. Don’t be prideful when you need to delegate. You can accomplish more with the help of others.

Crucible coming up on 3/30

Mini-Crucible Prep

THE SCENE: Chilly 42F


Given and disclaimed


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial walkers x 15 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
  • Slow Squats x 10 IC


Crunchy Mile-and-a-half

PAX ran 0.3 miles, then performed 50 LBCs, then ran 0.4 miles, then 50 LBCs, then ran 0.4 miles, then 50 LBCs, then PAX ran 0.4 miles, ending at the flags. 200 total LBCs.


PAX lined up and performed 1 squat, then ran to cones 30 yards away and performed 20 merkins.  PAX then ran back to start and performed 2 squats, then ran back to cones and performed 19 merkins.  Rinsed and repeated with declining number of merkins and increasing number of squats until 20 squats and 1 merkin were complete. 210 merkins and 210 squats completed.


  • Flutterkicks x 30 IC (mix of fast and slow)
  • Hollywood side crunch x 15 IC (each side)
  • Hello dolly x 30 IC (mix of fast and slow)
  • Dealer’s choice (Cheesesteak picked World War 1 situps and led us in an awkward count to 15)

14 PAX (0 FNGs); Bruce Wayne, Slicnut, Rabbit, Peeping Tom, Halpert, Woody, Nissan, Black Diamond, Dial-Up, Pops, Slots, Cheesesteak, Captain Obvious, and Watchita

Not planned. Spoke from the heart on taking time to reset. Even though we focus to #getright before we commit to BC and other activities, sometimes we must take the time to go back to the basics every once in awhile and reset.

We ran some and we worked some.


Streaking at the Morg

40 degrees and clear


20 SSH
20 Imperial Walkers
10 Squats
10 Sumo Squats

Thang 1:
Mosey to Veterans Memorial
20 Merkins
20 Box Cutters
20 Pickle Pushers
20 Dips on benches

Thang 2:
Mosey back to Start
Pass the Potatoes:  PAX got in a circle facing outwards.  Every other person had a tater (CMU).  Taters were passed clockwise for several rounds and then counterclockwise for several rounds.
Pass It High, Pass It Low:  Circle was spread out a bit and PAX faced inwards.  Each PAX had a CMU on their left.  Pick it up, raise it overhead, put it down on the right.  Pick it back up, over your head, back down on the left.  Rinse and repeat several times.

Thang 3:
20 Merkins
20 Box Cutters
20 Pickle Pushers
Sprint to end of parking lot.  Run backwards back to Start.  Early finishers do burpees until all in.

Rinse and Repeat Thang 3
Rinse and Repeat Thang 1
Rinse and Repeat Thang 2
Rinse and Repeat Thang 3

10 Merkins
10 Pickle Pushers
10 Baby Makers

7 PAX:  Choker, Commie, Granola, Laettner, The Streak, Wall Builder, Woodpecker

The only thing more indecisive than a squirrel in the middle of the street is a Christian man, sometimes.   Temptation is the middle of the street.  Stay out of the street.



Ask and ye shall receive

THE SCENE: 43 with a nice fog over the field, and plenty damp from the rain overnight.  The perfect gloom.

SSH x25

Hillbillies x15

Mountain man poopers (just because of the name) x10

Shoulder rolls, forward and backward, x10

Mosey to the track, grabbed 1 CMU

Catch me if you can- one person took the CMU and moseyed ahead while rest of pax did 5 burpees.  Pax then had to go catch the lead.  Next person took the CMU while the rest did 5 burpees, etc.  Total of 1 mile.

Mosey to soccer field

Four corners- do a set of exercises at each corner of the field.  Mode of transportation was to run the long sides of the field and bear crawl the short sides.

  • Round 1- 10 merkins
  • Round 2- 20 squats
  • Round 3- 30 flutter kicks

Mosey back to startex

LBC x20 IC

American Hammer x20 IC

Sweat angels x 20 OYO

Australian sweat angels (flapjack from your 6) x20

Low plank/JLos x15 IC

3 pax, no FNGs- Ups, Lipton, Tomb Raider


Men tend to compartmentalize a lot- emotionally, socially, etc.  People might know us differently depending on the environment we are in- work, church, F3, family, etc- but not often enough do we have relationships with people (other men) that know our whole selves and who we really are.  Most only know us based on the image we want to project.  Maybe we do this out of shame, something we want to hide, or ego.  But it is important to have those relationships with other men who know us completely.  In our relationship with God- he always knows us completely.  He knew us before we were formed in the womb, and he knows every hair on our head.  He sees all- the good and the bad.  And He always loves us for who we are.


I had a nice workout laid out the night before.  But then Tomb Raider had to pipe up on Slack about reported “rumors” that we would be “bear crawling in the muck and mire”.  Well I certainly wouldn’t want him or anybody else who showed up expecting such a glorious event to be disappointed.  If bear crawling and muck is what you want, then bear crawling and muck you shall have.  Moral here- be careful what you wish for kids, you might just get it.

I also enjoyed listening to some good mumblechatter from Lipton and Tomb Raider.  I would have joined in but I couldn’t breathe so good for much of this workout.


Saddle Soreness

THE SCENE: 43° mostly clear with semi-gloom. Where’s U-Rock? Came in super hot especially with all that PLC onboard.


Standard disclaimer given. U-Rock version when he came in hot:
This is free, and I’m ok at this, so don’t hurt yourself.

Arm circles x 20
Reverse arm circles x 20
Daisy Pickers x 20
Abe Bigodas x 20 IC
SSH x 10 IC while waiting for U-Rock to join us.
Mosey to stables.

Cora 1-2-3-4-5

Team up. While Team 1 is doing the 1-2-3-4-5, Team 2 Bear Crawls down one stables aisle and back up the other (called Omaha and switched to BC down aisle, run rest of way around. Still beastly enough).

Team 1 starts each below:
1. Burpees x 100
2. LBCs x 200
3. Merkins x 300 (made it to 200)
Left undone:
4. Bobby Hurleys x 400
5. SSH x 500

Mosey back almost to startex. Bear Crawl last 30 feet for good measure.

7 PAX: U-Rock (AOQ), Photoshop (QiC), Billy Blanks, Flipper, Interweb, Watchita, Barney


“Find Joy in the moment”
Have you ever met someone who is always waiting for life’s next milestone before he or she can be happy? Maybe you are one of those people. I’ve seen people who do this all the time. When in school, they can’t wait to graduate because then they’ll be happy. After graduation, they can’t wait to meet the right person and get married. After they get married, they begin focusing on moving up the ladder in their company. Then kids become the missing ingredient that they can’t be happy without…
Being content doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have dreams for the future. But as we plan, set goals, and work toward them, we need to live in the present with a sense of peace and gratitude.
Words have the power to end this cycle of discontentment. Using them to build an attitude of gratitude will draw you into a deeper appreciation of life’s day-to-day beauty. That attitude is what will keep you from looking back one day and wishing you could relive the last ten, twenty, or thirty years being more present. How can you get started? Make the decision to hold your tongue when you start to say things such as:
I can’t wait until Friday… If only my vacation would hurry up and get here… Is it five o’clock yet… When will I find my partner in life…
Instead of speaking want, develop a habit of focusing on what you are grateful for in the moment. Thank God for his goodness, for your health, for your family and friends, for the ability to work and create income. Thank him for giving you another day of life and a purpose to fulfill.
If you’ll simply start looking, you’ll find countless things to be thankful for. Think about those things. Talk about those things. Let your subconscious hear your grateful words so it can, in turn, foster more opportunities for gratefulness in your life.
As you begin working these practices into your day, you will start seeing all you have to be grateful for with fresh eyes. Your heart will begin to shift toward an appreciation for the good in your life, and your words will reflect that shift.
PRAYERS: Billy Blanks prepping for Nursing Finals and with passing score will be taking a job at LeBonheur.

How come nobody ever told me we had an open invite to the Pancake Breakfast at Pickering Center for Old Folk?


QSource Friday, 3/22

3/21- CMU Tomfoolery

THE SCENE: A foggy 41 degrees atop a moist soccer field

Delivered… adequately


Arm circles IC forward X 15, backward  X 15

Worlds greatest stretch OYO X 5

Mosey to the soccer field

Part Un

Bear crawl while dragging CMU undercarriage to 1/4 field; Overhead lunge with CMU from 1/4 to midfield; rinse and repeat to start

Burpee broadjumps to 1/4 field; return with high knees to start

Part Duex

Farmer carry CMU x 2 (some had one due to shortage of side piece CMU)

FC CMU start to midfield; 20 burpees, run from midfield to start and back

FC CMU midfield to end field; 20 overhead CMU squats, run to midfield and back

FC CMU endfield to start; 40 mountain climbers, run length of field and back

FC CMU start to midfield and back; 20 CMU Big boy sit-ups, run length of field and back

line up on side of width of field – 15 flutter kicks IC, run to other side, 15 flutter kicks, run back to start; Rinse and repeat with 15 Hello Dolly’s IC and 10 hollow rock

Handstand hold 8 count – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Return to Startex

Merkins IC X 12
9 Pax, 1 FNG (Webelo) Skids100, Anklet, Steinbrenner, Hello Kitty, O’Reilly, C-Lo, Utah, Peeping Tom (Q)
Resilience to derailment and allowing for the next hour, day, month to be better than the last in working towards your goals. Everyday is a challenge and failure is to be expected but we continue to strive for ourselves and as examples to others.
Enjoyed programming things I’m awful at (basically everything) to get a hit of the Q-drenaline. Also, people don’t like to be upside down so definitely will do that more often.

none’ at the B Hall! 🎸🎶🤘

THE SCENE: Kinda chilly, but not rilly! (sic)


Stretching OYO

SSH IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 10

Hillbillies IC x 10

Daisy Pickers IC x 10

Finkle Swings

More stretching OYO


R.O.C.K.  – “These go to 11”

  • R.un
  • O.verhead Claps
  • C.rab Walk
  • K.raken Burpees (burpee that is performed with 3 hand-release Merkins at the bottom)

All done in the typical “11s” style, starting with 1 Overhead Clap and 10 Kraken Burpees on to 2 Overhead claps, 9 Kraken burpees, etc. until reaching 10 overhead claps and 1 Kraken Burpee. Running one direction across designated portion of the parking lot and crab walking back.

All fueled by some of my favorite rock songs inspired by F3 namesake Dewey Finn (School of Rock)


Played “Thunderstruck” by ACDC. PAX completed 1 standard Merkin for every “thunder!” that was heard in the song (There’s a lot).  Planked during the rest of the song.

Box Cutters IC x 20

5 Big Boy Situps OYO

Flutter Kicks IC X 10

LOLs IC  – 10 Ls, 10 Os on both side

American Hammer for 15 secs

3 PAX – Bookworm, Toms, Dewey (QIC)
We all have “noise” in our life to drown out much need silence. Take time to be silent and listen to the Creator’s voice.
Shoutout to the Exicon for the Kraken Burpees and Thunderstruck routine! Also, my arms are basically useless now after this workout. I had to write this BackBlast via dictation.

Tuesday OF runz

THE SCENE: Delightful morn for a run.

Briefy OYO prior to run
Goal for 4-6 mile run at 8:50-9:30/pace.  PAX agreed on distance and pacing.

LBCs x 30, Runners Crunch x 10, Hello Dolly Lama x 15, Peter Parkers x 20, BBS x 20

5 PAX (no FNGS)
Prayers for the day.
Excellent run group and impressed with progress of Pirtle since he started running. Great to have Goldilocks back and prayed for he and his M as they are expecting their third boy towards the end of May.
TP on Q Wed at OF

Crucible 4/30

Diego and the Cupid Shuffle?

THE SCENE: Nice weather. It was strange.

SSH X 25 IC, Arm Circles 10 IC & Flapjack, Overhead “Thunder” claps x 15 IC, Hillbillies x 15 IC, Daisy Pickers x 15 IC

Cupid Shuffle Challenge: QIC played cupid shuffle.  Every time you hear “Down” you do a Merkin, otherwise you are doing a Mountain Climber until the chorus.  In the chorus you hold plank. When he says “to the right” you move your right leg out and back…flapjack with “to the left”.  When he changes to “now kick” you alternate leg lifts from plank position.  When he says “now walk it by yourself” you go back to mountain climbers.  The song is 3:52…it sucked.

Afterwards, we did a 10 second recovery and grabbed our CMUs.  17 PAX partnered up for Diego = 100 merkins with feet on CMU, 150 overhead presses with CMU, 200 LBCs, 250 curls, and 300 goblet squats.  One partner would start the exercise and the other partner would bear crawl the small island of the OF parking lot and jog back.  QIC Omaha’d on the bear crawl when the teams got to squats.  Once you got to squats, the bear crawl was stopped and both PAX would try to get as many squats as possible.  Most groups got at least half way if not all the way through with squats.

Captain Thor = 1 BBS: 4 American Hammers with increasing interval.  We got to 8 BBS and 32 American Hammers by 6:15.
17 PAX (1 FNG – Sir Topham Hatt)
Importance of taking time away for recharge and the re-calibration of being present with family.  I went camping with my family over the weekend and being able to be disconnected from work and my phone allowed for more connection with my family and being present.  Can easily be done in my normal schedule and I choose too often to be disconnected.  Challenged the PAX to fight apathy and engage even when that is difficult.
Diego with the CMUs is no joke.  The cupid shuffle challenge was ridiculous too and I would use it again.

FNG gave us nothing for a name and I refused to name him anything regarding UT-Knox..I’ve been saving Sir Topham Hatt for an FNG that gave me nothing and he did so…He’s from Memphis. He’s seen a train…he is now Sir Topham Hatt. #dobetter FNGs!

Great to have Lodge back!


Crucible…run more in preparation

Never Say NeverLand

THE SCENE: Warmish but wind made it coldish. Shiney except that Playground of Dreams no longer providing any dreams. They tore that sucker down.


Howdy. Daisy Pickers x 15 IC, Arm Circles x 15 IC, Rev Arm Circles x 15 IC, IW x 30 IC.

Grab your CMU and stroll to the top of Heartbreak Hill. Partner up except Zima who did his own ARMy workout. T-Claps to Zima’s upper body for doing all the work. Partner 1 runs the path on Heartbreak Hill. Partner 2 does the following until P1 gets back, then flopdoodle.

  • 10 Dips
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 (10 ea w CMU): Skull Crushers, Shoulder Press, Rows
  • 40 LBCs
  • 50 Squats

Each partner picks up where he left off and then starts over.

5 minutes of 11s (BBS, run to flag pole, Squats, bear crawl back).

5 minutes: Freddy Mercuries x 30 IC, American Hammers x 30 IC.

5 PAX (no FNG in sight): Zima (AOQ), Choker, Ragequit, Interweb, Photoshop (QiC)


Maybe you’ve seen it at the circus.  Perhaps between skyscrapers.  Or stretched high over a canyon.  A tightrope walker fighting gravity, fear, isolation, and howling winds to slowly navigate the impossible.
Focusing with laser precision.  One step, then another, on a thin cable.  Their eyes on safety at the end of this impossible journey.
Constantly shifting, adapting, and adjusting for whatever comes their way.  The impossible becomes more likely with every forward step they take.
Have you ever faced something in your life that seemed impossible to navigate?  Hearing unexpected news.  Receiving a late night phone call.  Encountering the unforeseen.  Then you become frozen.  Your new reality seems impossible to face.
He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20 NIV
Today you have the opportunity to face the impossible. To experience divine peace and gifted faith when confronting the impossible.  When you encounter it today, embrace it today.  Relish it as an opportunity to encounter His hope when facing hopelessness.  His courage when facing the impossible.
PRAYERS: Choker’s M recovering from flu. Photoshop’s mom recovering from hernia repair surgery.

Chicken biscuits with honey and hot sauce from Crave are killer.
Nitro coffee is dang straight too.