We Actually Workout?

I learned of the concept of F3 from Slicnut, aka Escobar, during my time as he was discipling me. We both wanted to workout and have some accountability. He learned of the workout from Proton in East TN. We started doing bootleg workouts that were not technically F3.  Then Gusbus came into the picture. I knew him from church youth group and was happy to reconnect (until he started talking sass).  From that point on, the inevitable “official” launch was coming. 

Through the last 2 years, I have gotten stronger. Heck the first F is FITNESS. These men push me, encourage me, but most importantly give great banter to get through these dumb things we do. It is fun to watch the transformation of the guys who started out in really bad shape to become hard workers who keep pushing. These men are encouraging and want to see you transform.  Fitness is great, but that’s not why I wake up early to do stupid stuff with this group of men.

The second F is Fellowship.  We are in a time that men don’t have many friends. Sure they may talk to coworkers or their significant other’s friends, but we don’t have our core. As we get older, our closest friends move all over the country. We are still close, but we still need a group of guys that we can connect with locally.  The camaraderie is great and gives a chance for us all to connect. Whether it is exercise, sports, life’s struggles, etc., they want to push you personally. They will be the first one’s to LISTEN, which is way more important than trying to solve problems. It is comforting to know that there is at least one guy who has been in a similar situation. They can lend an ear, talk about their experiences, or even partner you up with someone who can really relate to you. We come from all kinds of backgrounds. These men have been great encouragers and supporters of Emily and I through quitting my job to go back to school, go through the adoption process, and now have a job again. They have touched us by showing up to fundraisers, reaching out and giving an encouraging word.  They don’t realize they say what you need to hear, when you need the encouragement. The group has helped me let go of some pride issues to know it’s okay for others to help or be there for you. 

The 3rd F is Faith. While it is not a solely Christian organization, these men have pushed me in my walk with the Lord. Even if they are not Christians, they can help pose questions to make you think. Faith in this sense means that something out there is bigger than you. We must know that while we are High Impact Men, we have to focus on what gives us purpose. The projects these groups have done and allowed me to be involved in are great. We are willing to help strangers and our own group. We don’t care about race, status, or political affiliation. 

So as the 2 year anniversary is here this coming Saturday. I plead for the men of Memphis to come and see what it is all about. Sure, workout and get better. But really come for the friendships with these strangers that turn to brothers. This group of guys are willing to sacrifice to help you get better in all facets. 

No man left behind, no man left where they started. 


Blake Mashour


Billy Blanks

Sucker. Punch.

Green Mile; sixty-somethingish degrees and threatening


Follow me.

Start run.

Counter-punch to Slots’ untimely remarks that Old Ballz has lost his step=3 Hill Repeats (3 up/3 down) IC at garbage dump.

Resume run.

Slots’ watchful eye prophesied more hill repeats near Hyde Lake. 5 Hill Repeats (5/5) IC.

Resume run.

No prophet coulda seen this coming.  Indian Run up the really tall hill (.6 mile) near the place, formerly known as The Kitchen.

Mosey down really tall hill.

Resume run.

1 last Hill Repeat (1/1) at garbage dump.

Finish run.

  • MARY:
    • Ain’t nobody got time for that.
      4; Slots, Speaker, Squeegee and O Positive (YHC)
      Life is full of tall hills and sucker punches.  Expectations change. Circumstances may dictate digging in and fighting through the suck, because that is what is required of us HIM. Relate this to your marriage, raising kids, workplace, fitness.  It is so important we see things through and FINISH STRONG. We all have limits…if we have reached them…and still need help or encouragement or accountability…REACH OUT to your brothers!!!
    •  MOLESKIN:
      So good to have Outerlooper, Slots, join his brethren this morning.  We put in miles. Ran hills. Mumble-chattered profusely. Except during the sucker punch Indian Run.  Nobody said a word.  It was epic.  Hope Slots learned a valuable lesson, ‘loose lips sink ships’. LOL  We were gonna hit those hill runs regardless. Prayer lifted up for our brother,  Big Perm, who recently  suffered a personal loss.  Proud of the PAX who showed up today to do work and FINISHED STRONG, followed up with some PLC together.
        See: Preblast

Celebrating Moms by Getting Better

THE SCENE: 58 and overcast…nearly perfect

  • SSH x 20 IC
    • Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
    • Mountain Main Poopers

Run 2 miles down greenline

AMRAP Merkins for 2 minutes

Run Back

AMRAP BBSU for 2 minutes

7 PAX – Speaker, Squeegee, Croissant, Big City, Pirtle, O Positive, Bailout

It’s Mother’s Day…Some of you may not have a mother with us anymore.  Whether you do or don’t , I am going to ask you to take a few minutes today and write them and a hand written note.  If you have them with you, get it to them as soon as possible.  If they’ve already left us, still take time today to reflect on them and write a letter to them.  Let them know you appreciate them.

I hate running.

Running and Merkins

THE SCENE: Sunny and 70ish

SSH IC x 25

Merkins IC x 15

4 mile run

  • 25 Merkins at mile 2
  • 30 Merkins at mile 3
  • 30 Merkins at completion

8 PAX (Meter Maid, Pirtle, O Positive, Speaker, Billy Blanks, Nature Boy, Royal Caribbean, Pops)
Don’t underestimate the power of reaching out to guys that haven’t posted in a while. It makes a difference.
Good mumblechatter, Pirtle saw a wild cat of some kind, Royal Caribbean looked strong.

Rainbow Pancakes (4-7-19)

Went from a pretty nice morning to storming.

All welcomed; disclaimer given.

Daisy Pickers x10 IC
Arm circles x10 IC
Reverse arm circles x10 IC

1.08 mile run.  We were cut short by lightning.


5 PAX (Pirtle, Speaker, Nature Boy, Royal Caribbean, Meter Maid (QIC)).  No FNGs.

YHC and his Sunday School class took part in Meet Memphis on Saturday – an annual day of service with First Evan’s Memphis Ministries Partners.  Meet Memphis is Cheesesteak’s baby, and he does a great job planning it.  The group spent the day with the congregation at Christ’s Community Church.  During lunch, the pastor of Christ’s Community Church reminded us that our true home is Heaven, and that we are ambassadors for Christ during our time on Earth.

Donations for Pirtle’s van are being matched this weekend.
Congrats to Nature Boy on a well-deserved promotion.
Prayers for Speaker as he explores new career opportunities.
Thanks to Speaker for treating the PAX to breakfast at Perkin’s.
Royal Caribbean won coffeeteria with the Rainbow Pancakes.

No Rest for the Weary.

THE SCENE: Green Mile, 63 degrees and cool



Al Gore until all arrived


  • Slingshot Indian 4 Mile Run:
    • Guy in front set pace.
    • Single file.  After a PAX would lead he would then drop into 2nd when new PAX took lead.  That way the rotation would work and everyone got their turn at least once.
    • (About every 3/4 miles) approach cross street and PAX would fall in and do Squats OYO AMRAP until PAX in rear caught up and automatically assumed the lead and set the new pace.
    • Rinse and repeat.
    • At 2 mile mark, pause for 75 Squats OYO
    • Resume run until ENDEX.


  • N/A

5; Slots. Nature Boy,  Cheesesteak, Billy Blanks and O Positive (YHC).



Just because GOD answers your prayers is not time to rest.  His test of endurance is infinite.  Get Right.


  • Old Ballz was not ready for these young whippersnappers.  Been under the weather all week but this was just what YHC needed.  Grateful for the HIM who pushed YHC, covered the 6 with him and circled the wagons to make certain the buzzards hadn’t gotten ahold of YHC all while holding him accountable. So glad we had some new faces today.


4 Green miles

THE SCENE: A bit above freezing

4 green miles

7 (1 FNG – Carjacker

Do the people you love most know exactly that? I personally fail to tell them enough. Do better. 

F3 has taught me a ton about initiating. It’s amazing how often we wait for someone else to initiate. F3 has taught me to step up and see what happens. I’m excited the Green Mile has become a standard part of F3 so quickly. 

O Positive is organizing a fall event for Tourette’s awareness. 

Green Mile Launch

Date: 20JAN2019

AO: Green Mile

QIC: Gus

PAX: Tomb Raider, Speaker, Nature Boy, O Positive, Meter Maid, Gus | FNGs: N/A

Conditions: 27F; pretty dang cold



*** Four-mile Mosey ***

Count-o-Rama (6)


COT / BOM: Reflection on the difference between an amateur and a professional

MOLESKIN: Most of us ran four miles in the cold. Some of us wore shorts. Meter Maid ran almost ten lonely miles.