No Time to Get Ready

Date: 09/11/2018

AO: The Ruins

QIC: Gus

Conditions: 63F and breezy – real nice



No Warm-o-Rama; we just got to work.

The PAX moved out, with Hitch leading the way. Most Men wore rucks or weight vests; a few did not. That weight was surrendered or redistributed at times. Hitch and I reminded the Men at various points about the thoughts, feelings, and external circumstances that the firefighters would have experienced on 9/11/2001 and encouraged the Men to continue onward. The last three ascents were executed in silence.

Thirty trips up x 73 stairs = 2,190 stairs

God bless America.

Circle of Trust
Count-O-Rama: 25
Name-O-Rama: Hitch, Mama’s Boy, Blart, Bookworm, O Positive, Shoestring, Chioccetti, Crayfish, Beaker, Billy Blanks, Rapunzel, Handsy, Pirtle, Tomb Raider, Captain Obvious, Yard Sale, Iced T, Boucher, Rabbit, Speaker, Teacher’s Pet, Daniel Tiger, Toms, Reznor, Gus | FNGs: N/A
BOM: In a time of crisis, there is no time to get ready. You have to be ready. The firefighters, policemen, and other first responders who took the call on 9/11 had no time to become stronger mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically; no time to set things right with their families; no time to add to their legacies; no time to become a better version of themselves that may be more capable of doing what needed to be done. The time is now to act and prepare for the crises that will inevitably come. It’s why we Post, and it’s why we support our Brothers.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. To him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen. 1 Peter 5

Moleskin: This was our second time to do a memorial stair climb on 9/11. I look forward to many more.

Taking 3 F’s to Little Rock

THE SCENE: Little Rock, AR. YHC took the M and 2.0s over the night before for a short getaway. Five other Memphis PAX were clown-carring over Saturday morning. YHC had thoroughly scoped out War Memorial Park on Google Maps ahead of time. I had not, however, checked about events at the stadium. I arrived at the park at 0600 to put the finishing touches on my workout plan, only to be greeted by some municipal employees who were closing the road to our parking lot! 

Me: “What in tarnation are you doing??”
Worker: “We’re closing the roads.”
Me: “For why?”
Worker: “The Salt Bowl is today.”
Me: *blank stare*
Worker: “It’s the annual Bryant and Benton football game.” 
Me: *rolls eyes dramatically…leaves to find a new meeting spot*

Instead of spending the next 45 minutes in blissful peace, putting the final touches on my weinke, YHC was texting, tweeting, attempting to facebooking to make sure people knew about the change. Did it work? Perhaps. We had 4 FNGs show up (one left less than 10 minutes into the workout). YHC can only assume 15-20 drove to the original meeting spot and were turned away. 

Once the Memphis PAX arrived, another municipal worker came to warn us that police might be coming to close more roads and that would be followed by millions of tailgaters. We decided to stand our ground, come what may. 

In the end, there were no tailgaters or police. We had other things to sweat over – like burpees. 

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX were welcomed and disclaimed

SSH x20, Imperial Walker x10, Hillbilly x10 (Choker: “These should feel more natural.”), Daisy Pickers x10, Windmill x10

Lil’ mosey over to a field.

B.O.M.B.S. – The PAX partnered up. P1 started on reps while P2 moseyed about 30 yards to a retaining wall, did 5 SSH, and moseyed back. Cumulative rep targets were: 50 burpees; 100 overhead claps; 150 merkins; 200 big boy sit-ups; 250 squats.

Next, we took a little mosey down the walking trail (stopped for flutter kicks while we waited on the six), carefully crossed the road, and came to a stone retaining wall. Here we did dips, step-ups/box jumps, and derkins – repeating some, forgetting others. 

Another mosey, circling back around to our start point. We stopped for some plankage, then did some core work near our BOMBS field: hello dolly, rosalita, BBSU.

Next, mosey to path near start point – ATMs (10 IC shoulder taps, 10 IC slow-count merkins, 10 fast merkins OYO), WWI sit-ups, ATMs, LBC, pickle pounder, J-Lo.

Shoulder blaster at lot, courtesy of Phat Pat. He’s a slow runner, but great at telling people where to point. 

9 PAX (3 FNGs – Welcome to Milli Vanilli, Brendanawicz, and Safe Room)

YHC shared the concept of Sad Clown Syndrome and how my own life has been impacted by F3. Hopefully we’ll get things going in The Natural State very soon!

Whatever happens in Arkansas in the future, this was a good time. The PAX pushed through and the FNGs didn’t miss a beat. We had 100% retention for coffeeteria at River City Coffee (coffee ice cubes are super), and hopefully planted some seeds for F3 in central AR. 

It’s a Celebration

I’ve been involved with F3 in three different Regions: Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Memphis. This is the first time I’ve been in one place for a whole year. I’ve Posted with the Men of F3 Memphis in rain, sleet, snow, extreme heat, and bitter cold; early in the morning and late at night; for breakfast, lunch, and supper. I just EH and Post, but somehow we’ve grown to cover the city of Memphis and every major suburb in Shelby County. To God be the glory, and to Memphis Men be the T-claps!

Prepping for this workout made me appreciate the steady Leadership I’ve seen from other F3 Men: Dredd, OBT, Mini Me, Cap’n Crunch, Proton, Woodshack, Ratchet, P-Nut, Angus, Bagger Vance, etc. Those guys made it easy to remember that it’s not about me (IM3). That’s the first lesson of being a Workout Q. Leading 50+ Men in a sixty-minute workout isn’t easy. There’s so much room for failure, so many ways I could look foolish, that I was anxious about putting pen to Weinke. But it’s not about me. If there’s anything F3 teaches us, it’s that.

Date: 08/18/2018

AO: Mothership

QIC: Gus

Conditions: 75F and breezy – better than we deserved



SSH IC x 50
Daisy Pickers IC x 15
LBAC IC x 10 (each direction)
Imperial Walker IC x 15
Sprint at 25% – Butt Kickers to start
Sprint at 50% – Carioca
Sprint at 80% – High Knees
Sprint at 90% – Power Skips

Find a partner. While moseying to hill, find out your partner’s (A) hometown and (B) favorite breakfast food.

Monkey Humpers at top

Burpees at Bottom

Flutter Kicks while you wait!

Find a new partner. While moseying back to parking lot, find out your partner’s (A) high school alma mater and (B) favorite Gatorade flavor. [Some Men immediately declared that Gatorade only comes in colors, not flavors. I encouraged those Men to discuss that nuance with their respective partners. Powerade drinkers were not recognized.]

Divide into two groups based on partner’s favorite breakfast food: savory over here, sweet over there. I made a few adjustments to make the groups relatively even in number.

Groups started diagonally across and completed the following circuit:

Bear Crawl — — — — Crab Walk
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
Crab Walk — — — — Bear Crawl

Flutter Kick IC x 30
Hello, Dolly! IC x 30
Not-So-La-Z-Boy (hold for 30 seconds)
 – Cheesesteak started singing Sweet Caroline during this hold, because he’s a yankee. When I remarked that he was a yankee, he thought he was correcting me by pointing out that song’s popularity in Boston. Only a yankee would not know that Bostonians are yankees.
Pickle Pounders IC x 10
J-Lo IC x 10
Jane Fonda IC x 10 (each leg)
Hollywood Side Crunch IC x 10

In the parking lot at the Mothership, there are concrete pads that jut out to form a sort of sidewalk for pedestrians. They roughly divide the length of the parking lot into thirds, which was suitable for my purposes.
1/3 – walk back
2/3 – walk back
3/3 – walk back
2/3 – walk back
1/3 – walk back
2/3 – walk back

This was a bit messy, both because of the size of the Group and because I use phrases that could reasonably be misconstrued as directions to begin sprinting (e.g., “Let’s go!”) to exhort the PAX. We made it. Orange Julius pulled a hammy.





Circle of Trust
Count-O-Rama: 56
Name-O-Rama: Soybean, Woodpecker, Red Sox, Speaker, Hitch, Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet, Bootheel, Squeegee, Vocals, Jailbait, U-Rock, Roomba, Beauty Shop, Cheesesteak, Shoestring, Heavyweight, Snookie, Rabbit, Cowbell, Phat Pat, Snowman, Mama’s Boy, Bottomless, Orange Julius, Renfro, Nature Boy, Transplant, Moana, Slots, Speedy, Baby Gap, Nickelback, Pops, Sleep Number, Tiny, C-Lo, Murdock, Captain Obvious, Laettner, Harbaugh, Bookworm, Uncle Rico, O Positive, Lazarus, Gus | FNGs: Thundercat, George the Baptist, Fabio, T-Swift, Red Hot, Chili Pepper, Landshark, Standard Deviation, Daniel Tiger, Grapico
BOM:  After Cain killed Abel, God asked Cain where his slain brother was. Cain’s sardonic reply: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The rest of the Bible and the course of human history tells us that, if we are going to make it, each of us is our brother’s keeper.

This is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people. Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor. 1 Peter 2:15-17

Moleskin: Fifty-three Men showed up to celebrate a whole year of F3 Memphis. We picked up a few more along the way. There’s no stopping us now!

July Ruck Sim AAR

THE SCENE: YHC took the reigns for this sim. While there’s never a good time to wake up at 0200, doing it after a dinner party on 4 hours of sleep is an especially bad time. YHC arrived at startex at 0240. O Positive was there waiting. Cars started flowing in a few minutes later. By 0255, we were all mostly assembled at startex and ready to go, although we were missing a couple HCs (they know who they are).

GORUCK events, and especially GrowRuck events, are team-centered, leadership-development events. It’s not about which single PAX is working the hardest; it’s about finishing together and learning something about yourself along the way. YHC’s goal for this sim was to simulate some of that teamwork/leadership dynamic and get some good miles under weight.

73*, gloomy, but lit by a full moon

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: YHC welcomed the PAX and disclaimed all liability for injury. None of us are professionals. Don’t hurt yourself, but don’t sell yourself short.

Bruce started us off with a gear check. Guys mostly had what they needed, with the exception being extra headlamp batteries (2 infractions). It was great to see that some PAX brought extras of some items to cover. Just as we were finishing up gear check, [Redacted] comes strolling up grumbling about Army terminology. One (1) late PAX resulted in an additional infraction. The penalty was 10 8-count body builders per infraction, paid in full. Bruce then led us through some PT (SSH, IW, man-makers, ruck-to-shoestrings). Next we did a circuit of merkins on one curb, bear crawl to the opposite curb (staying together as a team), merkins, bear crawl back. 

The PAX reassembled in two lines. In order to get the full experience (and really for a good gear test), we dipped our lower extremities into Hyde Lake to get our shoes and socks nice and soaked. [Redacted] said he’s never been wet at a GORUCK event, but others present remember the Great Monsoon of GrowRuck 05. At this point, YHC asked the PAX to stow their watches. [Redacted] responded, “Soybean, you’re starting to really chap my [expletive].”

YHC singled-out the PAX who had never completed a GORUCK event and randomly assigned a Team Leader (TL – Orange Julius) and Assistant Team Leader (ATL – Tomb Raider). TL was responsible for navigation, safety, communicating orders, pace, and spacing. ATL was responsible for keeping count of PAX and coupons. Our coupon inventory included: Two (2) 60-lb sandbags, one (1) 80-lb sandbag, one (1) ~35 lb water can (leaky), and one (1) 35-lb kettlebell. The PAX made a quick stop at the cars to retrieve the Med Ruck, then headed off. 

Our first objective was to pick-up supplies at Wolf River Greenway (1.25 mi). YHC did not provide a map or directions. TL did not know the way, but eventually found a PAX who knew where we needed to go. From the jump, [Redacted] was seen shaking water out of the jerrycan. When we approached the Wolf River Bridge, PAX were instructed to bear crawl across. PAX carrying coupons had to lunge walk. In an unfortunate lapse in judgment, YHC grabbed the 80-lb sandbag just before the bridge and had to lunge walk that bad boy across. We all suffered. On the other side of the bridge, Bruce was at the front yelling that he didn’t know where to go. At the very last minute, instructions were passed forward on which way to turn at the fork. 

We arrived at Wolf River Greenway parking lot several minutes ahead of schedule. PAX took a breather, then YHC instructed TL that there were two railroad ties planted in the area that we needed to pick up and transport. TL grabbed four PAX to retrieve the logs and prepare for departure. Bruce gave us all a quick lesson on handing off sandbags without losing much pace. 

YHC also took this opportunity to share my COT content on Candor, which is “graciously telling the hard truth and demanding to hear it from others.” See Q Source here. In the spirit of candor, we took a minute to give TL feedback on his performance. The PAX shared some positives and opportunities. TL took these words to heart, and we prepared for our next movement.

Our next objective was Regel Pharmalab (~3 mi). This ended up being quite the adventure. It’s basically a straight shot down Wolf River Blvd, but it took us most of that distance to figure out how to rotate logs and coupons with some efficiency. We ended up being divided into four, 4-man teams. Two teams on each log, and two teams with the coupons. Then the log and coupon teams swapped out. It was a terrible three miles, and we kept a terrible pace. 

We arrived at the empty lot across from Regel, dropped the coupons, and reformed our ranks in the luscious, dewy grass. YHC had tapped Shoestring for a short beatdown here before making the return trip. Shoestring looked over at me and said, “I really don’t want to do what we’re about to do.”

He then instructed us to form two lines, laying on our stomachs, with your feet on the shoulders of the man behind you. We did a number of push-ups in this position on his “up” and “down” commands. This was also terrible. When we were done, [Redacted] stood up and said to the man in front of him, “Your grundle smells like a grundle.”

Next, Shoestring had us low crawl across the field (~80 yards) with all coupons and one of the logs. This is where we discovered that the supple-looking grass was actually evil botanical razors, likely one of Slicnut’s R&D projects to try to keep ruffians from the other side of Kirby from playing on Germantown’s grass. During this exercise, YHC inadvertently grabbed a soft pile of dog poo with my bare hands. Good times.

Our next objective was to ruck back to startex via the greenline (~4.25 miles). We left the dumb logs in the dumb grass because we were going to have to keep a pretty brisk pace. Lots (and I mean lots) of confusion and complaining about the coupon rotations. TL decided to call for rotation every 2 minutes, which was a great call. However, somehow weight wasn’t rotating up and down the line like it should have. [Redacted] shared all of his feelings about it, but failed to inspire any improvement. He did succeed in dumping the rest of the jerrycan water out on the Wolf River bridge.

We made it back to startex at 0700, did a quick count and name-o-rama, and took a pic. Several of us headed to Mothership (Uncle Rico’s VQ) – some drove, some rucked, Nature Boy sprinted with his ruck. The ruck to/from startex was 8.5 miles. Adding the ruck to Mothership ended up around 9.5.

17, no FNGs

Candor. Reject subjective feelings. Give and seek honest feedback from your brothers. 

The PAX came out strong. I think more than half of our group had never done a GORUCK event, so this was probably the closest they’ve experienced. Ruck workouts during the week are great, but you can’t fake several hours under weight and the toll that takes on your mind and body. It was interesting that even the GRTs among us were complaining about being sore and chafed after the event. I thought I had all that figured out! 

T-CLAPS to: Orange Julius for leading the group; Tomb Raider for always trying to take coupons from someone; Rabbit for working through a cramp on the last leg; Giant for rallying on the last leg; Bruce and Shoestring for playing cadre for a minute; and everyone else for coming out to suffer and get stronger together. 


1) Be ready to take the reigns if you’re assigned a leadership position. You may have to adapt your standard leadership style based on the needs of the group.

2) Be creative with moving/rotating coupons, and communicate the plan to all PAX. It took us a while to come up with a good rotation plan, and even then it was far from perfect. 

3) Be aware of the guy next to you and bear his load. It’s inevitable that someone is going to struggle during GrowRuck – physically and mentally. We’ll need to pick each other up. If a guy is lagging behind in the back, go check on him. 

2.0 Workout at the Mothership

THE SCENE: A beautiful, sunny day at the Mothership, 89*. 

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX and shorties were welcomed. Somewhere on this great big ball we all live on, I’m sure someone was giving a disclaimer about something. 

WARM-O-RAMA: PAX and 2.0s were treated to a cornucopia of warm-up moves: SSH, Windmill, Imperial Walker, Hillbillies, Goofballs (crowd pleaser, no seriously), slow count squat, regular squat, slow count merkin, regular merkin, LBCs, big boy sit-ups. 

We moseyed down to the bottom of the hill by the lake. It was a very chaotic, slow mosey. There were dogs, strollers, men in flip-flops, kids running the opposite direction, etc. It was everything it should have been. 

We lined up along the sidewalk facing up the hill. On “Go”, sprint to the top, do 10 squats, then go back down the hill doing something other than walking or running (like rolling, somersaulting, crawling). Did that three times. 

Next round, get to the top doing something other than walking or running, 10 sit-ups, run down. Did that three times.

Chaotic mosey back to the parking lot. Line up along one curb.

PAX counted off by 4s. Everyone did their assigned movement across the lot to the opposite curb, did 10 squats, and did their movement back. We did this 4 times, rotating the movements for each group.
1s: hop
2s: run backwards
3s: side shuffle
4s: skip

FiA Doula took over and led the PAX in a core circuit: plank, side plank, reverse plank, Russian twists American hammers, superman. 

33, give or take a few

YHC shared a passage from Deuteronomy where God is instructing his people to keep his commands and the traditions He’s given them (like the Passover). In 6:20, it says, “When your son asks you in time to come, ‘What is the meaning of the testimonies and the statutes and the rules that the Lord our God has commanded you?’ then you shall say to your son, ‘We were Pharaoh’s slaves in Egypt. And the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand.'”

God gave his people rules and traditions to point them towards his mighty works and his gracious mercy. As parents, we should be building routines and traditions into our lives that point our children toward those truths. 

This was our second 2.0 workout, and our first workout with FiA. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The original plan was to use water balloons. However, YHC is a rule-follower and found out that water balloons are against the rules at Shelby Farms. We’ll plan for water balloons at another AO soon.

Shout-out to Doula for leading Mary, and to Mama’s Boy and Tomb Raider for bringing cold drinks!

July 28th Ruck Sim Preblast

This CSAUP event is open to all F3 PAX. If you are registered for GrowRuck 12 in September, this will be especially helpful in your preparation. YHC will serve as QIC. 

Five hour ruck event, to include PT, rucking, and leadership opportunities. See full packing list below. 

Saturday, July 28th @ 0300-0800
We will start on time. Late arriving PAX will incur penalties that will affect the entire team. We will rendezvous with Mothership PAX for bootcamp at 0700, and ENDEX at 0800 at the conclusion of Mothership.

STARTEX: South Hyde Lake Parking Lot (map pin)
Parking will be available at the gravel lot next to the South Hyde Lake Lot (map pin) and in the gravel lot across Walnut Grove (map pin
ENDEX: Mothership

To increase our 3S2T: Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness (physical) and Toughness (mental), because fatigue makes cowards of us all. When the people you care about need you, you need to be ready. You won’t be ready if you don’t put in the work. Come see what you’re made of in a “safe place”.

This is also a great opportunity to test your gear. Plan for your feet to get wet. We are guaranteed to get wet at GrowRuck, and you don’t want to find out 4 hours into a 13+ hour event that your shoe/sock situation is causing blisters and ruining your life. 


  • Rucksack
  • Weight (30 lbs if you weigh >150 lbs; 20 lbs if you weight <150 lbs)
  • 3L water bladder, full
  • 1L water bottle, full
  • Reflective bands attached to your ruck.
  • Headlamp w/extra batteries
  • Photo ID
  • $20 cash

If you have any questions about gear, hit up #ruckers channel on Slack. If you have questions about the sim, see above. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! 

Independence Day Convergence 2018

Date: 07/04/2018
AO: The Mothership
QIC: Soybean and Phat Pat #BeansandMe2018 #TheSagaContinues
PAX: Father Abraham, Beauty Shop, Billy Blanks, Blart, Bootheel, Bottomless, Cheesesteak, Choker, Costello, Ergo, Four Eyes, Geppetto, Gonzo, Handsy, Hitch, Jasmine, Lil Nicky, Lipton, Moneybags, Nature Boy, Orange Julius, Pops, Shoestring, Slim Shady, Soulja Boy, Snookie, Snowman, Swingline (Johnson City), Monk (RESPECT, Gastonia), Soybean (QIC), Phat Pat (QIC) | FNGs: Walk-On, Calamine, Safe Space

THE SCENE: The PAX wanted a convergence, so we gave it to them. It was already hot and sticky at 0600. PhP drove up right on the time he said he would for us to complete our weinke (more or less).

Beans looking fly in his top-to-bottom USA attire. Shovel Flags planted. Coupons gathered. The smell of freedom’s spark tinged the air and exploded into a full-blown baseball diamond on a farm field (with a preacher’s daughter carrying a pitcher of sweet iced tea and warm apple pie past a John Deere Tractor) when Nature Boy and (the eventual) Walk-on rode in hot on the parking lot with the napalm – windows down and flags flying – just before BC.


F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Carried out dutifully and accurately by @thephattestpat


242 years since history’s greatest document was signed, so we did 242 reps to celebrate.
10 burpees OYO
50 Mtn Climbers IC
10 burpees OYO
10 burpees OYO
50 Mtn Climbers IC
12 burpees OYO

Next up, YHC drew inspiration from this blog post at The Art of Manliness and used the “Step on Toes” routine, only we called it “Don’t Tread on Me!” PAX paired up and faced each other. Staying within a single parking space, each partner tried to step on the other’s feet. Once someone was successful, each partner did 5 merkins, got up, and started again. We did this for about 4 minutes.

YOHC (Your Other Humble Correspondent) was left behind by YHC above as the third wheel to Hitch and Shoestring’s toe tapping giggle game of glee… until Gonzo showed up and saved me! He was the 34th PAX on the day, and a happy sight for jealous eyes.


13s – Mosey to steep hill on west end of parking lot. Commemorated the original 13 colonies with 4-count flutter kicks and smurf jacks (aka Little Man in the Woods). Start with a single FK at the bottom, get on up the hill, 12 smurf jacks at the top, get back down the hill, 2 FKs, etc. Reps should add up to 13 each time. Four Eyes led the speedsters in some extra credit work at the top of the hill, then we all did the last round together for the guys who were lagging. Mosey back up to parking lot.

Undefeated Circuit – For being 2-0 in the World Wars, 3-0 if you count the tail whooping we gave to England, a world power in her own right at the time.
-Merkin Revolution (aka Wheel of Merkin) – PAX lined up and got their own parking curb. 20 incline merkins with both hands on curb. Rotate 90 degrees and do 20 offset merkins with right hand on curb. Rotate 90 deg for 20 derkins. Rotate 90 deg for 20 offset merkins with left hand on curb. This is hard in the best way, an Equalizer of HIM. No one was not struggling (except PhP).
-VICTORY LAP around the lot with hands in the air in celebration. This actually burns much more than you’d think it would. More than it should, even. But World Wars don’t come around often (thankfully, for the rest of the world), so not as much practice for this one.
-WWI Sit-ups IC x30
-WWII Sit-ups IC x30 (Phat Pat reminded the PAX that some extra cushion on your booty makes doing sit-ups on asphalt less terrible. The skinny PAX were all crying. If you ain’t fat, that’s your fault!)
-ViCTORY LAP (arms up)
-Donald Pumps (CMU curls) IC x50
-Loooong VICTORY LAP around the Kitchen (arms down)


Hello Dolly IC x20
Dying Cockroach IC x15
ABCs IC (led by Shoestring)
Nazi Punches (aka Nolan Ryan) OYO – 25 one side, 26 next side to celebrate all 51 states

34 PAX, 3 FNGs, 2 Willy Lomans

I am a Christian. F3 is not specifically Christian, but open to all faiths. America is not uniquely Christian. God’s church and the gospel can flourish under any culture, any regime, any political system, or country. HOWEVER, I am thankful to God to live in a land that affords me the freedom and opportunities that it does.

When YOHC participates in politics on any level, from voting to advocating to debating, my goal is to honor the Second Greatest Commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” YOHC exhorted the PAX to consider this and filter their politics (whatever they may be) and love of country through the lens of loving God and loving others.

After the workout, the PAX enjoyed apply pie served in styrofoam cups and tiny bottles of gatorade. It tasted like freedom!

Hitch keeps an American flag hat in his vehicle for emergencies. Handsy gave seven explanations for his name during the workout. None of them were accurate. FNG Walk-On “just so happened” to show up in our parking lot with a USA tank top and an American flag flying from his Wrangler. Bootheel got after it (like always), and Billy Blanks did an awesome job watching the Six.

YOHC thinks that F3 has made Beans at least slightly more patriotic, whether or not he would admit as much. Don’t be fooled ladies, Safe Space is a BAAAAAAAD MAN! If he had a beard, he could become the envy of every man (we all have room for improvement). Choker with a well timed, “It’s the most luxurious pump you’ve ever pumped.” And another T-Claps to Beans! YOHC could not have Q’d that on his own (hips don’t lie… neither does +10 lbs in 8 weeks).

GrowRuck is coming up in September. Register now!
Last week of 1 John Study was TODAY! 4I’s gonna give it rest for a month and starting something else afterwards. Blow up his DM’s with your opinions.

21 Guns on Memorial Day 2018

Date: 05/28/2018

AO: The Barracks

QIC: Gus + Granola

PAX: Shoestring, Crayfish, Rabbit, Soulja Boy, Giant, Pirtle, Lil Nicky, Meatball, Hitch, Speaker, Snookie, Handsy, Bottomless, Goldilocks, Blart, Father Abraham, Orange Julius, Bootheel, Costello, Soybean, Phat Pat, Pony Express (RESPECT RESPECT), Dewey, Tiny, Tomb Raider, Mmmbop, Teacher’s Pet, Lazarus, Anklet, Cheesesteak, Bombay, C-Lo, Nature Boy, Red Roofer, Billy Blanks, O Positive, Woody, Captain Obvious, Backseat, Snowman, Granola, Gus | FNGs: Diesel, Butterfinger, Lamb Chop, [unnamed FNG]

Conditions: 70F – humid




SSH IC x 20
Merkins IC x 10
Daisy Picker IC x 10
Imperial Walker IC x 10
Hillbilly IC x 10

21 Guns workout led by Gus
AMRAP in 21 minutes OYO
One lap (.25 mile)
21 merkins
21 squats
21 burpees
21 Carolina dry docks

In Memoriam
Three-volley salute (“21 Guns”)
Playing of Taps
Honor and Remember the fallen

Partner Workout led by Granola
[Granola divided the quarter-mile loop into thirds and told the PAX to partner up.]
First third: Wheelbarrow
Second third: Partner carry/drag
Third third: Leapfrog
(Granola had hoped to do this seven times. We did it once. Once was enough.)

Flutter Kick IC x 21
Hello, Dolly! IC x 21
Pickle Pounder IC x 21
ABCs led by Shoestring

Count-O-Rama (46 | 4 FNGs)


COT / BOM:  We honor the service and sacrifice for those who died in the service of our country. Because our country is an imperfect home, we strive to make it better so that they will not have died in vain.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

The ultimate example of sacrifice is found in the Person of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for the sins of the world.

Moleskin: This Memorial Day workout provided an opportunity for the Memphis PAX to be together in one spot, and 46 Men Converged at The Barracks. No one left without a physical beatdown and a reminder of the sacrifice given on our behalf. We thanked the Sky Q for giving us countrymen who would give the “last full measure of devotion” and asked for strength to do the work of making this country worth the sacrifice.

Red Roofer Splashed Merlot.
One FNG left early and didn’t get a name. [EDIT: He was named Trainwreck the next day.]

Late Night VAPE – Q2 2018

[As a reminder, we VAPE to make sure we’re on task and accelerating as a Region. Read Q3.8-Q3.11 in the Q Source for some background.]

Gus, Soybean, Orange Julius, Choker, Granola, Mama’s Boy, Shoestring, Teacher’s Pet, Toms, Woody, Phat Pat, Pirtle, Captain Obvious, Vocals, Speaker, O Positive, Handsy, Promise Ring, Zima, Carport, Bookworm

THE SCENE: When the VAPE idea was conceived, we thought Saturday mornings after bootcamp would be a great opportunity to include all PAX in these discussions. However, Saturday mornings can get hairy with kids’ soccer games, M’s who want their husbands to “be around”, and travel. The Memphis Qs couldn’t find a Saturday that worked, so we decided to try a weeknight. We settled on a Tuesday at a bar and grill that’s open very late and doesn’t have an annoying trivia crowd. I called and reserved a room in the back for 8:30. Obviously, when YHC showed up at 8:29, there was a family seated in our area. We had nowhere else to go, so we just started piling in.  The poor family, whom the server congratulated for some momentous life event, was completely surrounded by the PAX and wood paneling. 

We came to make decisions and eat crackers – so we got started. Gus stood up and called this a “VAPE Grinder”, drawing the ire of many. Then he ordered a kool-aid and vodka concoction with a cherry (PhP ordered several, but his were yellow?), and YHC started rolling through the agenda.

GrowRuck 12 – 9/21-9/23

  • Toledo had 97 complete GrowRuck 09 (a world record) – our goal is to beat that number. We need at least 30 PAX from Memphis. Everyone at VAPE made a non-verbal HC. 
  • Friday PM 2nd F will be organized by Mama’s Boy and Phat Pat
  • Saturday AM Bootcamp + Grow School will be organized by Gus and Slicnut
  • Sunday AM 3rd F Worship will be organized by Four Eyes
  • Lodging for out-of-towners will be researched/organized by Bruce (Holy Rosary), Handsy (SOS), Teacher’s Pet
  • Hard Commit now and let’s beat Toledo!

F3 Memphis Grow Plan

  • Has been submitted to the Nation (read it here)
  • The goals are intentionally aggressive. Sad Clown Syndrome (SCS) is a real thing affecting men in our communities (just google “male loneliness”). One way that F3 invigorates male community leadership is by eradicating SCS. That’s our mission, and we do that by planting, growing, and serving new workout groups.
  • Goals: 
    • Two metro-area AOs in underserved areas by end of 2018; two more by end of 2019
      • PAX were encouraged to considering being AO Q, headlock guys in those areas, and get them out to nearby workouts
      • Arlington (No Fuego) was mentioned
      • This is our AO Q page that describes the role
    • Near Cities (within 1.5 hours): one by Jan, 2019; a second by Jan 2020
      • Candidates: Oxford, Jackson (TN), Jonesboro, Tupelo
      • Could do a survey to find out where we have the most connections
      • Oxford seems very viable. We’d partner with F3 Jackson (MS)
    • Far Cities (within 4 hours): one by July 2019
      • Little Rock is the target
  • We’ll use Black Ops and rucks to generate interest and scout AOs
  • Community Outreach
    • O Positive is reaching out to church’s men’s ministry groups to generate awareness and interest in F3. Contact him to get something set up with your church’s group.
    • OP also got connected with Chick-Fil-A’s local family day. F3 will be there to lead some fitness contests and hopefully recruit FNGs. Contact OP to see how you can help.


Upcoming 1st F Calendar

  • Memorial Day (Mon 5/28) Convergence at the Barracks (Granola/Gus co-Q)
  • July 4th – regularly scheduled programming
  • August 18 (Sat) – F3 Memphis One Year Anniversary bootcamp at Mothership (Gus will coordinate Q, possibly bring in Bagger Vance)

Ruck Club

  • Join the Facebook Group – includes new logo and all events
  • Looking to start monthly extended rucks for fun and training
    • Pancho’s Ruck on 5/19, 4pm
    • Soybean planning one for 7/16 evening
    • If you want to lead one, contact Bruce
  • Upcoming rucks:
    • City Ruck Tour: Little Rock (5/26), Louisville (ghost flag ahem) (7/13), Jackson MS (8/4)
    • Sipsey Wilderness Ruck in AL – 7/20 (overnight) – need 3+ PAX to join Gus and Bruce
    • Eli Grow Memorial Ruck – Franklin, 10/13 – more info to come
    • St. Jude Marathon – Bruce and Shoestring have been working on getting a rucking division approved. Even without a division, you can still ruck the half. Registration is open now for Champions (commit to raise $500). Registration for other opens June 1, and will sell out quickly. 

Region Status

  • We’ve got our full Q team (T-CLAPS)
  • We’ve submitted our Grow Plan to the Nation (no response yet)
  • We need to develop and submit a leadership succession plan outlining how we’ll hand-off and rotate Q duties. There are no hard and fast rules or term limits. We just want guys to be able to roll-off and get some relief. Gus expressed his thinking on when he’d like to hand off Nantan responsibilities, maybe around the 2-3 year mark.  
  • If you are interested in serving and helping this thing grow, let the Qs know. If there is something you think could be done better, own it and start doing it. 

Q Open Discussion

  • Safety – We talked about the importance of the disclaimer and watching the six. 
  • AO Qs:
    • Barracks – Toms mentioned the difficulty of ensuring our faster PAX get in good work while also accommodating our slower PAX and leaving no one behind. We all nodded in sincere understanding.
    • Morg – Choker mentioned the successful upgrade at AO Q that happened this month.
    • Berm – Vocals (M/W AO Q) will need help with AO Q duties from 5/25-6/13 (M/W only) while he’s out-of-town, and will likely need to hand off duties entirely by 6/25, when he starts police academy. 
    • Mothership – Teacher’s Pet would like to hand off AO Q duties with the goal of launching a downtown AO on Saturdays.
    • Old Forest – Pirtle was jostled awake and mentioned that there were lots of snakes there Monday morning. On a possible unrelated note, he expressed interest in handing off his AO Q responsibilities. 
    • Sandlot – Four Eyes (not present) is wanting to hand it off. Toms is interested.
  • 1st F (Shoestring)
    • Our first 2.0 workout will be Sunday, May 20, at 3pm
    • This was concluded after much discussion about the best time (Saturday vs Sunday, afternoon vs morning, etc, etc, etc).
  • 2nd F (Phat Pat)
    • Has identified monthly events:
      • 6/2 Levitt Shell concert; 6/28 “The Sandlot” at Overton Square; 7/20 Redbirds game; 8/18 kayak trip (HIM only); 9/21-23 GrowRuck; Oct bonfire + chili cook-off; Nov day after Thanksgiving leftover party; Dec NYE party/parties
  • 3rd F (Four Eyes – in spirit)
    • Planning one focus service project per quarter and will have info on other projects throughout the year.
    • This Saturday is our Q2 service project at SOS. Handsy said there was plenty of work to do, and is excited about us coming to help. 2.0s who can handle unsupervised work are fine to bring. Read the preblast for more info.
    • Saturday afternoon there is an opportunity to serve at Dia del Ninos (contact O Positive for info)
    • O Positive is also planning to set up a weekly Bible study in his home (near the Berm) soon. 
  • COMZ (Teacher’s Pet)
    • Slots is working on a shared Google calendar with all non-workout events (2F, 3F, ruck, races, etc). We’ll publish that to the PAX when it’s ready.
    • Our domain expires in July. 
    • Teacher’s Pet and YHC encouraged AO Qs to make sure backblasts are being tagged and categorized correctly. AO Qs also need to start creating skeleton backblasts if the Q has not published theirs within a week. This will allow us to track numbers more effectively.

Overall, we had a good time, ate all the crackers, and trudged through the agenda. We have to continue to accelerate as a Region. We want an AO at every park in the city, and these meetings are necessary for that to happen. 

Never Take Anything For Granted

THE SCENE: A chilly, moist 44F


Disclaimer given.  Today marks 2 years since my brother, Eli Brock Grow passed.  Today we remember and honor a HIM who unknowingly embodied the 3 Fs (Fitness, Fellowship, & Faith).


Eli would have been 20 this year, therefore, we performed 20 reps of each:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Arm Circles x 20 IC (CW & CCW)
  • Finkle Swings x 20 IC (each leg)
  • Mosey around the lake and back to the turf field (0.6 miles)

Some PAX were lagging behind, so the front circled back for the 6….remember: No man left behind! Eli took this to heart and always pushed his teammates and others around him. It’s not about you!


Speed & Agility

Three sets of cones were set out in a row starting at the goal line over a distance of 5 yards.  Then a space of 10 yards, followed by an agility ladder over the distance of 5 yards.  Another space of 10 yards, followed by 5 cones staggered out over 20 yards.  Then another space of 10 yards, followed by a tractor tire.  All PAX lined up single file at the goal line.  One by one, PAX performed side shuffle in and out of the three sets of cones, then sprinted 10 yards, performed the agility ladder 2 feet in each hole, then sprinted 10 yards to the first cone.  At the first cone, PAX sprinted to the diagonal second cone, then back-pedaled to the third cone, then sprinted again to the fourth cone, and then back-pedaled to the fifth cone.  PAX then sprinted to the tire and performed one tire flip and then moseyed back to start.  Rinse and repeated 8x.  Repeated 8x because Eli was #8.

100-yard Relay

PAX split into two groups.  Each PAX grabbed a CMU (concrete masonry unit = 30-35 lbs) and lined up shoulder to shoulder on the goal line, 1 group on one side, 1 group on the other.  The PAX at each end raced each other to the other side of the field  (100 yards), touched the goal line and raced back.  Then the next set of PAX went.  Remaining PAX performed weighted (holding CMU) squats, curls, lunges, merkins, side lunges, tricep extensions, calf raises, and Carolina dry docks ( a different exercise for each set of PAX) until every PAX had run.


YHC was out of breath from being the last to sprint, so Four Eyes took the Q on the first Mary exercise:

  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC (at 6″, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees; no rest in between)
  • American Hammers x 20 IC

34 PAX (1 Walking Wounded; 0 FNGs): Bruce, Gus, Soybean, Cowbell, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Cheesesteak, Tree Hugger, Moneyball, Bootheel, Rabbit, O Positive, Blart, Bad Credit, Zima, Bob Ross, Dodgeball, Backseat, Reboot, Shoestring, Speaker, Green Monster, Anklet, Moneybags, C-lo, Captain Obvious, Billy Blanks, Four Eyes, Choker, Beauty Shop, Slicnut, Woody, Mama’s Boy, and Slots

YHC recanted the story of Eli.  Who he was, what he was like, what he became, and how he passed.  YHC reflected on where he was and the exact time he found out about Eli’s death and how it impacted him over the next year.  YHC shared some memories, a few of the last times he saw Eli and focused on one memory in particular.  YHC was on a 5-mile run with Eli and we all know how much I hate running.  About 2 miles in, Eli was way ahead and out of sight. At the 3 mile mark, Eli was already circling back and heading for home.  Instead of leaving me in the dust, he joined me, encourage me the rest of the way, and pushed me to finish.  I was always used to being the bigger brother, the one that was always first and leading the way. Here I was, the oldest being led by the youngest.  I knew he was going somewhere, but did not expect the Lord to take him so soon.

To the PAX that posted this morning, Eli was the ideal HIM and embodied everything that F3 is about. YHC shared some notes from Eli’s workout journal which included what it took to be a QB (for us, a QB of our own lives) and recited the 7 traits of a QB (most of which apply to all of us).

Today, YHC wanted to leave a message that we don’t talk much about and that is multitasking. We all do it; day in and day out, at home, at work, in the car (tsk tsk), etc. But this is something that possibly took Eli’s life.  Eli reflected in his journal that he is at fault for multitasking while driving and that he has almost wrecked multitasking.  To emphasize the point that nothing is so important that it can’t wait, YHC read scripture from Matthew 6:28-34. YHC emphasized  that today focus on one task at a time and do that task well.  Like we say in F3, you will always accomplish a task quicker by slowly chipping away at it and doing it right vs. doing multiple things at once and doing them halfheartedly.

YHC finished up COT quoting Eli’s favorite scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean no on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will direct your paths”.

34 PAX put in work this morning in honor of a true HIM! Shout out to O Positive for taking photos and providing the tire and ladder.  PLC was had by all following the workout.  Visit