Starry Nights Bombs Mile

THE SCENE: You couldn’t draw up a gloomier Saturday, 30 degree weather, no signs of the sun, and rain. This equaled perfect recipe for getting better with our brothers
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcomed and disclaimed

  • SSH x 50 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC in a circle, O Positive style
  • Baby Arm Circles x10 (baby, then bigger, then reverse baby, revrs bigger)
  • Polka Stretch things we’ve done before OF runs x 20 IC


  1. Mosey to overhang at the Kitchen/FedEx Center,  
  2. 5 burpees every 30 seconds, for 12 rounds.
  3. Bombs Mile!
    • Mosey 0.25 on pathway to theater where we’d do 5 burpees, 10 overhead claps, 15 merkins, 20 big boy situps, 25 squats
    • Mosey < 0.25 to visitors center for round 2 of 5 B-> 10 OHC-> 15 M-> 20 BBSU-> 25 S
    • Mosey >0.25 on pathway and wind up at theater again for round 3 of 5/10/15/20/25
    • Mosey ~0.25 back to FedEx Vistors Center for final round of 5/10/15/20/25
  4. Indian Run around and about for 0.5 miles ending at STARTEX

Nontraditional Mary as to not have cold, soggy bottoms, ending with SSH IC x 25 to finish up

11 (1 FNG -> Swayze; there was an FNG named Penthouse following the Ruck)

Hadn’t prepared, but asked PAX to share glimmers of hope of past month. YHC shared praise for The Seeker’s employment! Other PAX mentioned positive relationships on the important things with their M & 2.0s amidst this season. One HIM mentioned a friend who struggled with depression who now empowers others to be an encouragement to folks who are considering taking their life.


PAX enjoyed a free tour of Starry Nights, though it was such a cheap trick as we had no access to the corndogs/funnel cakes stand or petting zoo. And the lights weren’t even lit.


  • O Positive is pushing 19 x 19 to get guys to set goals of doing 19 events with other PAX in 2019. Check out #19-x-19 in Slack if interested.
  • 12/10/18 – Starry Nights Ruck, see #ruckers if interested.
  • 12/16/18 – 1pm – Scottish Virtual Run in Collierville, starting and ending at pub; see O Positive for deets

Cap’n Merkin Strikes Again.


The Mothership: 48ish degrees with 100% chance of pain

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3 | 5 Core Principles


  1. TURKEY TROT (clockwise, in motion) *run like a turkey, forwards* x 24 IC
  2. TURKEY TROT (counter-clockwise, in motion)*run like a turkey, backwards* x24 IC

FOLLOW ME…mosey, single file, to a sign near the bottom of the hill (.2 mile)…turn around and go back to Startex.

THA-THANG:    Cap’n Merkinfest


  • Flip Quarter
    • Heads=Merkins x 25 IC or OYO
    • Tails=Penny Hardaways, aka ‘Bobby Hurleys’ Memphis-style x 25 IC or OYO
      • *YHC started with 1st coin flip.  Stayed in center of circle. Led the PAX. Rotated in clockwise fashion allow each PAX the opportunity to Q an exercise. As new Q went to center and flipped coin the previous Q would step to perimeter of circle.
    • After 4 flips YHC would lead the PAX on a mosey around the parking lot and return to circle for more flips.
    • Rinse and Repeat until all PAX had their opportunity to Q.
    • ALL IN ALL:
      • Merkins x 175
      • Penny Hardaways x 125


  • YHC led PAX to nearby path
  • Burpees x 24 OYO
  • YHC led PAX on Indian Run up a steep hill
  • Prisoner Squats x 24 IC
  • YHC led PAX down the steep hill back to where Burpees were performed
  • Hand Release Merkins x 24 OYO
  • YHC led PAX on Indian Run down the steep hill to the bottom of the hill
  • YHC led PAX on Reverse Indian Run, backwards up the hill (all PAX face South while the most Southern PAX faces North and runs up the hill to the front of the rear-facing PAX, at which point that PAX turns to face South; remaining PAX repeated, 1 by 1; returning to where Hand Release Merkins were performed
  • Imperial Walkers x 24 IC


  • MTN CLIMBERS (1:1) x 24 IC

12; Laettner, Rabbit, Photoshop, Pirtle, Bailout, Halpert, Lochte, O Positive (YHC) and 4 Willy Loman: Dry Rub (Louisville, KY), Trunk (Jackson, MS), Snowden (Charlotte, NC) and Red Rider (Birmingham, AL). 


YHC challenged the PAX to think of what the 1st Thanksgiving must have felt like.  Foreigners breaking bread with Natives.  Do we feel like that with our own families.  Let us not be hostile.  Break bread in peace.  Forgive. Share. Love.


What a treat it was to host 4 F3 Nation PAX form 4 different states.  We covered the basics, fundamentals, mission and core principles were confidently recited by the PAX.  And an epic, well-balanced, full body beat-down was delivered to one and all. 4 PAX earned their entry into Club 345: Halpert, Bailout, Photoshop and YHC, O Positive.

*3rdF ‘Bible Study’: Wednesdays at Einstein’s in East Memphis @ 0630
*Q Source Leadership Discussion: Fridays at Whole Foods in East Memphis @ 1130
*St. Jude Marathon: Run or Ruck for Micah #FightForMicah


THE MAN IN THE ARENA by Theodore ” O Positive” Roosevelt


YHC leaves this here as a reminder on why we do what we do and the impact our actions have on our lives and the lives of those we hold dear:

Men should do hard things.


But, let’s face it-more often than not we don’t.

Men, with exception-albeit rarely-lack consistent fitness, meaningful male friendships and a defined purpose in our lives.

And we get hammered with life’s ups and downs and become complacent or just give up. We stop leading. We start thinking it’s just not worth the effort anymore. A hard truth is that an isolated man is a dangerous man-to himself, his family and to his community.

But we have 2 choices: Become the status quo or become High Impact Men (HIM).

So, let’s dig deeper into that. When men become the status quo-we become ineffective leading ourselves, our families and ultimately, our communities.

But for those who disrupt the status quo, what we call High Impact Men (HIM) become the strong anchors that our families and communities need.

So, where can men turn these days?

Take F3 Memphis as a good example.

With a proven track record of getting over 20,000 men across 20 states to step up into leadership roles, F3 Nation gives men a clear action plan to better themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Free work-outs are provided. Open to all men. Held outdoor-rain or shine, heat or cold. Peer-led. Always ending in a circle of trust.

But what makes it effective and transformational is that F3 delivers on its promises by being accessible, providing men the opportunity to lead and fail in a safe place with no judgment, pushing men to their limits while encouraging them to modify as needed, providing an opportunity to build a healthy community to develop genuine friendships with other men, all while respecting one another for our similarities and our differences.

And the end result is evidenced by the men who commit to the process, core principles and come prepared to do the work.

Their lives will reflect healthier bodies (inside/out), more meaningful male friendships and a defined life’s purpose.

And for that we can all celebrate.

Iron sharpens iron. Aye!?!?



A LOOOOOOOOOOONG four corners, at the Mothership

THE SCENE: The 46 degree ruck temp turned into a pleasant 50 something that did not chill our lungs.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:      Is anyone ever annoyed by having to turn off the bold and underline formatting when filing in this section?  Any suggestions on how to ‘disrupt’ the status quo and streamline?  (with all do respect to the HIM who created this)

Disclaimer given, along with the three F’s and the core principle.


SSH IC X 27, IW IC X 28, Daisy Picker IC X 27, Balls to the Wall at the Event Center for 30 seconds (right in the switch grass and mulch)


  • PAX organized into two equal groups (group 1 and group 2) for corner relay races.
  • Mosey over to the far corner of the parking lot and paired a 1 with a 2, a total of 5 pairs. Each pair went to a corner of the parking lot, the fifth pair stayed at the start with the first pair.  Thank you Pirtle for correctly pointing out that we needed this doubling up at the start so that no corner was left vacant once we got going.
  • PAX were given exercises to complete at each corner starting with Merkins, Squats, Burpees, and Carolina Dry Dock.  (C-Lo or Nature Boy kindly grabbed chalk and wrote these on the pavement during the circuit)
  • The relay race started with all PAX completing the exercise at their given corner followed by pair 1 sprinting all out to the next corner of the rectangular space.
  • Pair 2 took off when their group partner tagged them and when they had completed the given exercise at their station.
  • The relay race proceeded until Pair 1 had gone all around the ‘world’ and was back at the startex.
  • No break was taken but Round 2 began continuously while increasing the exercise rep count to two at each corner.
  • Round 3-5 proceeded in like manner, increasing rep count up to 5.
  • Winning team took a victory lap at a conversational pace while losing team performed burpees as prescribed by the winners until all in.
  • Next exercise was a partner rope pull;  Paired PAX got on their six facing one another with GR 12 long rope on the ground in between.  Feet splayed in front and braced upon your partners soles in a diamond shape.  Facing one another each PAX picked up a section of rope and while one pulled the other provided continuous tension.  Once fully extended as in a row exercise, the other partner pulled while the opposite partner extended.  This provided continuous tension throughout the pulling and extending process.  Good work on the forearms, shoulders, and back.
  • Next exercise was a dealers choice rope pull;  PAX assembled around one end of the fully extended GR 12 rope, the other end being affixed to the Q’s weighted ruck sack.  One PAX called out an AMRAP exercise for the others while he sat and pulled in the rope dragging the weighted ruck sack as fast as he could.  Once in, the group moseyed back to the opposite end of the area while the PAX who began grabbed the loose end and moseyed back with the group.
  • The circuit was complete when everyone had taken a turn at the rope pull and called out an AMRAP exercise.  Exercises included (turkey sit up, burpees, merkins, lunges, LBCs, BBCs, . . . etc.)

American Hammer IC x 25, LBCs IC x 25, Pickle Pavement Pounders IC x 15, J-Lo’s IC x 15, Orange Julius chose and led Dead Cockroach IC x 20

11 PAX (1 FNG, Plan B), C-Lo, Teacher’s Pet, Orange Julius, Pops, Nature Boy, Halpert, Tomb Raider, Grimace, Pirtle, Harbaugh

Disruption of the status quo, specifically to men who are currently casualties. How can we be a disrupter?  How can we invest and invite into becoming HIMs?

I had questions but very little answers.  Case in point, I had invited 61 men to this workout, one came.  Many of these men I have known and gone through tough times with, done hard things with.  However, many of them are casualties now.  I encouraged the PAX to help break the kinetic energy that binds other men and induce movement toward advantage.

The PAX present during this workout reminded me why I really enjoy F3, especially the 2nd F.  Here, I was floundering the Q, in my own estimation.  However, the PAX didn’t blink, didn’t take it easy but came around me and led.  The four corner exercise ended up more of an all out sprint workout than what I had envisioned, yet we stuck with it and pushed each other hard.  I loved the attitude of the men who just kept going with a smile on their face and not a complaint to be heard.

Next time, shorten the sprints and increase the rep count starting at 5 working up to 10 then back down to 5.  Time it so that the relay team running hits the next corner as the awaiting pair is finishing up the prescribed exercise.  Continuous movement is the objective.

*If you want to win a relay race, have Orange Julius on your team!!  The man can sprint!  Even when he’s nearly lapped the other team.  I could tell his hamstring was hurting him but he always smiled and nodded when I would ask, never a disparaging word.

Next Saturday, November 3rd their are three opportunities: Eli Grow ruck/race register and attend or as a spirit runner, assist Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) by administering the physical fitness test to students, or help Pirtle and family move their household.

Prayers for my wife, dealing with a leg infection (much better today) and Hadley, a four year old who suffered a seizure and brain damage recently.

Doracides at Mothership

THE SCENE: Partly cloudy, high 50’s

SSH IC x 13

Imperial Walker IC x 13

Daisy Pickers IC x 13

Burpees OYO until the 2nd shovel flag got planted


  • Carolina Dry Dock Mile: 20 Dry Docks at each 1/4 mile mark
  • Partner up for Doracides:
  • Partner 1: 100 Merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Squats, 400 SSH
  • Partner 2: Suicides ( sprint 30 yds and perform 1 burpees and sprint back, sprint 60 yds and perform 2 burpees and sprint back, sprint 100yds and perform 3 burpees and sprint back)
  • Alternate until complete then join PAX until all in
  • Bearcrawl 100 yds
  • Karaoka 100 yds
  • Sprint 100 yds

Ratchet Blaster

Flutter Kicks for 60 seconds

Rabbit, Anklet, The Seeker, Yardsale, Orange Julius, Teacher’s Pet, Daniel Tiger, Pops
1 Corinthians 10:13 No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.
Loved watching The Seeker power through those suicides. Mumblechatter kept morale high this morning.

Millennials Always Breaking Rules

75 degrees, 77% Humidity, no clouds, no gloom. A perfect morning.

PAX were welcomed and disclaimed.

    • SSH 20 IC
    • Imperial Walkers 20 IC
    • Figure Four – 30 sec each leg
      • (Have gotten a name for my hip stretch. Because Nature Boy loves the hip stretch so much, Chiochetti decided it should be called the Figure 4 after the great Ric Flair)
    • Get in pairs – each PAX will do 100 reps- after one person in the pair has completed 100 reps, both run to end of parking lot and hold plank until all groups in
      • Round 1: SSH x 100
      • Round 2: Lunges x 100 (50 each leg)
      • Round 3: Merkins x 100
      • Round 4: LBCs x 100
      • Round 5: Mt. Climbers x 100 (1-1)
      • Round 6: Squats x 100
      • Round 7: Shoulder Taps x 100 (1-1)
      • Round 8: Carolina Dry Docks x 100
      • Round 9: Flutter Kicks (1-1)
      • Round 10: The group had the choice between Burpees and Monkey Humpers. Monkey Humpers were decided and regretted by rep 15.
  • MARY:
    • Finished with some AbRipper – (1 is 1 on all of these)
      • 25 In and Outs (arms raised or on ground by side)
      • 25 Bicycles (Forward)
      • 25 Bicycles (Reverse)
      • 25 Crunchy Frogs
      • 25 Wide Leg Situps
      • 25 Fiefer scissors (one leg 6 inches, one leg 90 degrees and swap)
      • 25 Butterfly Hip Raises
      • 25 Reverse Crunches
      • 25 Right Oblique V-Ups
      • 25 Reft Oblique V-Ups
      • American hammers until 0800 (1min)

8 PAX – 1FNG (Gilligan, Daniel Tiger, Nature Boy, C-Lo, Nickelback, Chioccetti, Monk(FNG), U-Rock(QIC))

Challenged PAX to be men of their word. Let their yes be yes and no be no. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you wont be able to be something. It is easy to want to please everyone and never say “no” – ultimately it will wear you down and let others down.

Third Q in one week – was unaware there was a rule that you aren’t supposed to do more than two. Typical Millennial…breaking the rules.

Camping Trip – Oct 12!

GrowRuck 12 – Grow School Workout

On September 22, 2018, F3 Nation’s GrowRuck Q (Bono), Weasel Shaker (Slaughter), and Nantan (Dredd) led 62 PAX in a 60-minute beatdown at ECS. This is what happened, in Bono’s words.

GrowRuck 12 Memphis Workout

It was 0700 at Evangelical Christian School in Cordova, TN. The pax gathered near the entrance to the astroturf field engaging in that nervous mumble chatter that occurs when men don’t know exactly what to expect. This was the beginning of GrowSchool and GrowRuck 12. 62 men joined us for the disclaimer…

We always begin with the Disclaimer. Here’s a version the Q sometimes uses: “Welcome to F3Nation. We are a free, peer-led workout, which means that even if you think I look like a stud, I am not a professional. This will be difficult and I recommend you get in your car and go home. Or you can modify as needed and watch out for your brothers beside you. We leave no man behind, and we leave no man where they are. Pay attention to the Q. Pay attention to what your body tells you.”

The Thang
Follow Me/Shock & Awe – The unexpected is part of what we expect during a GrowRuck. A “Follow Me” run allows us to break a normal routine of doing 20 Side Straddle Hops IC. We circled up at the football practice field and started with a warm-up of 10 Burpees OYO. Next we continue with 8 Burpees IC (6-count); Then we continue with 6 burpees. The pax started to figure out the routine and determined that next we would do 4 Burpees. Before the final round, the pax had to guess the count – NOT 2 burpees, but 10 burpees. Never think the finish line is the finish until you hear “recover”, aka “Get prepared for the expected, BE prepared for the unexpected.

Counting Cadence – Next Dredd gave a quick overview of counting cadence. He reviewed the reasons WHY we count cadence and led the pax through a series of exercises. Throughout the workout we had several pax come up at count cadence and learned that even though Dredd almost always does a 4-count cadence, a Q can use a “tempo” cadence if it works for the exercise. After that we did another “follow me” to the track.

Dirty McDeuce – The Dirty McDeuce is made up of 4 sets of 3 exercises done to 12 reps. Each set has one chest exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise. After each set of three exercises, you run a lap of a track or whatever else is handy (parking lot, etc.)
1st Stop – Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks
2nd Stop- Carolina Dry Docks; Mule Kicks, Freddy Mercurys
3rd Stop – Wide Arm Merkins, Jump Squats, “Oh Yeah!! IC. This time we made sure to connect with another pax on the mosey around the track.
4th Stop – Merkins IC, Squats IC, Flutter Kicks IC – This round was done IC with three locals leading the way.
Then Gus led everyone around the track to mosey as a TEAM, it became a side shuffle, hand holding effort. We learned why the “Rule of 3” is key in leading a large group of men, because as the Q whispered changes to Gus, it was harder to communicate and meet the standard. The pax did not meet the standard, so the Q led the pax in 10 burpees IC. The pax then moseyed to the luxurious astroturf field for a final evolution. On the way we stopped for the 6 and pounded out 59 4-count flutter kicks (that’s about how many men registered for the Tough challenge originally…”Be prepared for the unexpected…”

Bear Crawls – The final evolution was modified to become a bear crawl to the 45 OYO and followed by a team bear crawl back. On the way back the men determined that pausing at the yard lines became a good way to stay together, which was a skill used early on in the Tough that evening.

6MoM – Slaughter finished out the last 3 minutes with some of his favorite ab exercises. The trick here is by not “recovering” the burn was compounded, even in 3 minutes. Remember to make things difficult, so “no man is left where we found him.”

COT/BOM – Thanks was offered for the pax, safety, and strength. We got to sing “It is well” and all was well.

Co-Qs – Bono, Dredd, Slaughter
Memphis PAX – Shoestring, Uncle Rico, Pops, Halpert, Short Timer, Commie, Choker, O Positive, Bruce Wayne, Tiger Lily, Cheesesteak, Slicnut, Soybean, Speaker, Nature Boy, Tomb Raider, Toms, Captain Obvious, Handsy, Woody, Gilligan, Snowman, C-Lo, Mama’s Boy, Renfro, Daniel Tiger, Tree Hugger, Bookworm, Woodpecker, Bombay, Gus, Lazarus, Harbaugh, Teacher’s Pet, Thundercat, Nickelback, U-Rock, Sleep Number, Phat Pat, Carport, T-Swift, Four Eyes, Pronto Pup, Bottomless, Snookie, Laettner, Meter Maid, Geppetto, Orange Julius
Willy Lomans – Kramer (STL), Sheldon (STL), Halfpipe (Jackson MS), Duck Tales (Chattanooga), F150 (Dallas), Boy Scout (Houston)
FNGs (4) – Rock, The Seeker, Mercy, Young Lucille

Moleskin – Jocko once said, “Life is like burpees, you fall down and get back up. You fall down and get back up.” This group of men started with a bang and at this workout and never disappointed the F3Nation pax. We figured out how to do burpees, how to count cadence, how to recover when falling by diving. We moseyed with brothers, we muscled through 59 flutter kicks when they were not expected. We were men enough to hold each other’s hands (man the Q was surprised when that took place) and we began to learn the power of connecting with a brother by asking him questions and leading through love. When we had to work as a team, it seemed like the pax was given a heads up on the bear crawls, because the Q didn’t give directions, the pax organized themselves. This was a Sua Sponte occurrence that continued to take place as the Individual Initiative (I2) took place over the next 24 hours through the challenge.

This weekend was one of the most rewarding, difficult things the Q has participated in. The bonds of brotherhood and friendship that started with the Friday Night 2nd F really culminated at the service on the Mississippi led by 4 Eyes at the end of the Tough. YHC is proud to call all of the F3 Memphis, St Louis, Dallas, Houston, Jackson, and Chattanooga, pax a brother.

Thank you my friends. SYITG – Bono 

Whole Body Circuit

THE SCENE: 72 degrees, blue skies and sunshine.

Disclaimed. Not a professional, You are not paying to be here. Modify as necessary, stop at anytime.

Windmills IC 15, Imperial Walkers IC 15, Hillbillies IC 15, Daisy Pickers IC 15.
Mosey lap around the parking lot.

Nature Boy and Sleep Number led the way with their rucks on today. Great job men! It will payoff for you next week.

1.  25 Merkins, 25 Burpees, 25 bodybuilders.
Bear crawl 25 yards.
2. 25 BBS, 25 LBC, 25 Oblique situps (left) 25 Oblique situps (right)
(PAX were met by 2 of their F3 brothers, Speedy and Murdoch who were out running. While they couldn’t be convinced to join up, Speedy did save the PAX from penalty burpees by leaving The Annex shovel flag. Thanks man! You were there when we needed you.)
Crab walk 25 yards.
3. 10 Single leg squats (PAX formed a circle each one relying on his brother for balance.) 10 left leg, 10 right leg. 20 Diamond merkins.
Mosey lap around the parking lot.
4. 20 SSH IC, 20 Crossover IC, 20 Butt-Kickers OYO. (OBOP called the Q Satan after the crossovers; YHC couldn’t be happier being knighted by the Queen.)
5. Merkin challenge: 20 regular merkins, 20 wide arm merkins, 20 narrow arm merkins, 20 seal merkins. Goal is to get all 80 done or as many as possible in 3 minutes.
Mosey lap around the parking lot.
6. Bolt 45s.
7. 6-minute alternating merkins and squats. (do 20 merkins then 40 squats) as many sets as possible in time allotted.
American Hammers IC 20
Nolan Ryans IC 10 each side.
LBC IC 20 (Grimace)<——time to get a Q brother.
Plank 60 seconds

Hot-N-Ready, O Positive, Daniel Tiger, Nature Boy, Orange Julius , Nickelback, Grimace, Halpert, Teacher’s Pet, Sleep Number


YHC has always found the story of James Braddock, boxing heavyweight champion, particularly inspiring. While successful in the late 1920s he lost nearly everything by the early 1930s both in the ring and financially. His story is portrayed by Russell Crowe in the film Cinderella Man and the Jeremy Schaap book of the same name. (As is typical the book is a bit better than the movie.)

With a wife and 3 children to support, Braddock was nearly destitute and eventually went on public welfare much to his great embarrassment. Despite the adversity, he never gave up. He continued to push himself and, after several key victories in late 34 and early 35, he got a heavyweight title shot against the great Max Bear, the reigning champion and despite being a significant underdog, pulled off a stunning upset.

Braddock used the success of this victory to right his circumstances. He took care of his family, he paid back the welfare money to the state of New Jersey, though not obligated to do so. He cared about  many of the things we encourage each other in F3. Family, friendship, community. Fitness, Fellowship, Faith.

YHC believes each and every man is capable of great things, whatever greatness is as defined in our own minds.

Prayers for the East Coast with Hurricane Florence in general and Nature Boys brothers who live there specifically. Prayers for next weeks GrowRuck event and safety for all the PAX.
Great enthusiasm by the brave few PAX who came out today!

Fund raising for West Cancer Clinic brought a lot of traffic to usually empty parking lot. PAX kept an eye out on each other and everyone was safe.

GrowRuck next week. Saturday Mothership Q will be at ECS not at Shelby Farms.

Parking Lot of Pain

THE SCENE: 77° and gleeking. With the exception of Big Tuna (aka Halpert) and his eFNG lil bro, it was a late arriving crowd this gloomy morn. Pronto Pup came in on his hog in a Cannonball Run tribute to Burt Reynolds (#RIP). Roomba would’ve only been on time if we were on Mountain Standard Time.


Hillbillies IC x 15
Shoulder Taps IC x 10
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
SSH IC x 15
Arm Circles/Reverse IC x 10
Shoulder Taps IC x 10
Mosey lap around FedEx Event Center

THA-THANG: Partner up for five evolutions on the Parking Lot of Pain

– Evolution 1: 50 Jump Squats (P1 exercises, P2 sprints 30 yards and back, flapjack)
– Evolution 2: 100 Burpees (P1 exercises, P2 side shuffles 60 yards and back, flapjack)
– Evolution 3: 200 Merkins (P1 exercises, P2 runs backwards 30 yards and back, flapjack)
– Evolution 4: 11s on the hill (BBS & Carolina Dry Docks)
– Evolution 5: Vacuum Cleaners (derkin reps of 2/4/6 at each cone)

LBC IC x 20
Pickle Pounders IC x 10
Dolly-Rosie-Dolly IC x 10 each
Evil Lance Armstrong IC x 10 each leg
Pickle Pounders IC x 10
Dealer’s Choice:
> Orange Julius: Dying Cockroach IC x 10
> Laettner: Hello Dolly IC x 10
> Halpert: Burpees OYO x 10
> C-Lo: Captain Thor 1:4 IC x 5

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 12 PAX got right: C-Lo, Nature Boy, Pronto Pup, Slicnut, Harbaugh, Roomba, Halpert, Hot-n-Ready, Laettner, Orange Julius, Hotty Toddy (FNG), Captain Obvious (QIC)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: PAX were challenged the rest of this weekend to identify something they could specifically do to demonstrate the “I am third” (IM3) mindset that exemplifies the HIM. Acknowledgement was made regarding the difficulty with football on all day the next two days, but men do hard things. How can you love/serve your M? How can you engage your shorties? How can you lead your family in serving someone else so they experience IM3?

Pronto Pup spoke up and exhorted the PAX with a reminder to put down our phones. AYE!

MOLESKIN: Shout out to Big Tuna/Halpert for supplying half the PAX with gloves for Vacuum Cleaners. It’s like they had never F3’d before. Shout out to Pronto Pup and Roomba for pushing through limits. Shout out to Nature Boy for being the most technically sound exercise technician and encourager in the 901. Shout out to OJ for rocking those thirsty ½ length tights. Shout out to your mom for the humidity.

GrowRuck is nigh. Prepare your hearts.

11’s and BOMBs at The Mothership

THE SCENE: Plenty of sunshine and getting toasty quick…there ain’t much gloom left at 7am. Canadian geese gave us a flyover salute (sans droppings) as the disclaimer was given. I don’t like Canadian geese, but it was a timely moment.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Delivered with zeal.


SSH x15
Daisy Pickers x15
Imperial Walkers x15
Squats x15
Merkins x15
Mosey to the hill near the FedEx Center.


11’s – 4-count Flutter kicks, run up the hill, squats at the top, run back down
Mosey to the hill by the little amphitheater (if that’s what it is)
BOMBS – 50 burpees, 100 Overhead claps, 125 Merkins, 150 BBSU’s, 175 Squats
Mosey to STARTEX –
Line up with your partner again – one runs across the parking lot and back while the other does reps –  100 flutter kicks, 200 Imperial Walkers – YHC called an audible during IW’s to relieve the PAX…or so they thought.
Finished with “Green Sally Up Squats” accompanied by Moby’s classic “Flower” (Most PAX hated this song pretty quickly, but I was so into it I twerked…or something similar, who knows)

MARY: No time left


Teacher’s Pet, Snowman, Gland (FNG), Chaperone, Bus Stop (FNG), Sleep Number, Nickelback, O Postive, Tree Hugger, Grimace, Canary (Willy Loman from Nash-vegas), Orange Julius, Schrute, Standard Deviation, Nature Boy, Socks, Halpert, Moth Ball, Cheesesteak

In Mark 2:15-17 Jesus is dining with “sinners” and is criticized by religious leaders for associating with them. Jesus responded by saying he came to save sinners, not the righteous. Jesus calls us to love the broken because we are all need of his help and forgiveness. Those already in great shape physically, relationally, and spiritually might not be the kind of folks we invite to F3. We don’t need to EH those guys first. Let’s make sure we’re looking out for those who need F3 because they’re lacking in those areas….of course, we all need it, but you get the point.

After the CoT we realized there was no American shovel flag, so 10 burpees were completed.

It was a tough morning and a tough workout. Not much mumblechatter…maybe all those PAX were out of town. It was getting hot but the PAX rallied and worked hard. Great to have a Willy Loman with us.


None made, but GR12 is getting closer.

Taking 3 F’s to Little Rock

THE SCENE: Little Rock, AR. YHC took the M and 2.0s over the night before for a short getaway. Five other Memphis PAX were clown-carring over Saturday morning. YHC had thoroughly scoped out War Memorial Park on Google Maps ahead of time. I had not, however, checked about events at the stadium. I arrived at the park at 0600 to put the finishing touches on my workout plan, only to be greeted by some municipal employees who were closing the road to our parking lot! 

Me: “What in tarnation are you doing??”
Worker: “We’re closing the roads.”
Me: “For why?”
Worker: “The Salt Bowl is today.”
Me: *blank stare*
Worker: “It’s the annual Bryant and Benton football game.” 
Me: *rolls eyes dramatically…leaves to find a new meeting spot*

Instead of spending the next 45 minutes in blissful peace, putting the final touches on my weinke, YHC was texting, tweeting, attempting to facebooking to make sure people knew about the change. Did it work? Perhaps. We had 4 FNGs show up (one left less than 10 minutes into the workout). YHC can only assume 15-20 drove to the original meeting spot and were turned away. 

Once the Memphis PAX arrived, another municipal worker came to warn us that police might be coming to close more roads and that would be followed by millions of tailgaters. We decided to stand our ground, come what may. 

In the end, there were no tailgaters or police. We had other things to sweat over – like burpees. 

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX were welcomed and disclaimed

SSH x20, Imperial Walker x10, Hillbilly x10 (Choker: “These should feel more natural.”), Daisy Pickers x10, Windmill x10

Lil’ mosey over to a field.

B.O.M.B.S. – The PAX partnered up. P1 started on reps while P2 moseyed about 30 yards to a retaining wall, did 5 SSH, and moseyed back. Cumulative rep targets were: 50 burpees; 100 overhead claps; 150 merkins; 200 big boy sit-ups; 250 squats.

Next, we took a little mosey down the walking trail (stopped for flutter kicks while we waited on the six), carefully crossed the road, and came to a stone retaining wall. Here we did dips, step-ups/box jumps, and derkins – repeating some, forgetting others. 

Another mosey, circling back around to our start point. We stopped for some plankage, then did some core work near our BOMBS field: hello dolly, rosalita, BBSU.

Next, mosey to path near start point – ATMs (10 IC shoulder taps, 10 IC slow-count merkins, 10 fast merkins OYO), WWI sit-ups, ATMs, LBC, pickle pounder, J-Lo.

Shoulder blaster at lot, courtesy of Phat Pat. He’s a slow runner, but great at telling people where to point. 

9 PAX (3 FNGs – Welcome to Milli Vanilli, Brendanawicz, and Safe Room)

YHC shared the concept of Sad Clown Syndrome and how my own life has been impacted by F3. Hopefully we’ll get things going in The Natural State very soon!

Whatever happens in Arkansas in the future, this was a good time. The PAX pushed through and the FNGs didn’t miss a beat. We had 100% retention for coffeeteria at River City Coffee (coffee ice cubes are super), and hopefully planted some seeds for F3 in central AR.