Where there is Smoke there is sure to be Fire.


Mothership. Warm and rather humid.



Mosey to Visitor Center for Circle of Pain in grass field facing Hyde Lake.

*SSH x 22 IC
*HILL BILLIES (clockwise in motion, sideways) 1 full 360 degree rotation, ending where you started
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (counter-clockwise in motion, backwards) 1 full 360 degree rotation, ending where you started
*BEAR CRAWL (clockwise) 180 degree rotation
*CRAWL BEAR (counter-clockwise) 180 degree rotation, ending back where you started
*SSH x 22 IC

Mosey back to Shovel Flag


PART 1: Tire Flip Up Hill

PAX lined up single file line
PAX took turns flipping tractor tire then ran to back of line
PAX performed transportation while in line awaiting their turn

*RD 1): Lunge Walk
*RD 2) Squat Walk
*RD 3) Bear Crawl
*RD 4) Bobby Hurley

Indian Run up the remainder of the hill

Indian Run down the hill back to where we started with the tire

Mosey to nearby parking lot for PART 2

PART 2:  11’s (kind of)

*Body Bag Builders at N end of parking lot
PAX performed 1 BBB then ran to S end of parking lot about 75 yards away
*Squats at S end of parking lot
PAX performed 10 SQ then ran back to N end of parking lot and performed Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
*Recover then begin 2 BBB…9 SQ, 3 BBB…8 SQ, etc…
*Rinse and Repeat until time expired (after completing 9 BBB…2 SQ)

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

15; Mardi Gras, Croissant, Grimace, Lochte, Beetus, Tremor, Four Eyes, Farmer, Toucan, Ice Cube, C-Lo, Photoshop, Chuck E Cheese, Nature Boy and O Positive (YHC)

Sacrifice.  Sometimes life demands or invites us HIM to sacrifice our own needs for the needs of others; M, Shorties and fellow PAX.  Today, Frosty did just that by forgoing his 1st F to man the grill today and prepare a breakfeast of epic proportions.  He found his D2X.

Today pushed many a PAX to his limits, including YHC.  Many PAX were introduced to “Switzer” for the first time today.  T-claps to C-Lo for leading by example.  T-T-claps to Club 345 PAX for a great week and the 26 Mile Ruckers for putting in work and joining us for a wonderful 2ndF experience.  All in all, a solid morning exhibiting all that makes our F3 brotherhood so special.  Thanks to all who pitched in this morning.  Love you guys.


See: Preblast

Masochist Ultimate Frisbee

THE SCENE: Sunny, maybe 70 degrees, pretty favorable weather to begin June in the 901
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcomed & Disclaimed

  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Windmills x15
  • Polka Stretch x15
  • Arm Circles x32

F3 Ultimate Frisbee! 

  • We moseyed to the amphitheater field area and went over the basic rules of ultimate frisbee (tried to not be too rigid / lengthy in explanations).
  • Counted off 1s & 2s. 1s received blue headbands/bandanas so we didn’t throw to the opposite team
  • 45ish minutes of Ultimate ensued!
    • Each Drop Had Penalties for Everyone
      • 1st Half: 5 merkins
      • 2nd Half: 5 Squats
    • Each score meant winners flutter kicked or gas pumped until the losers walked or transported to the opposite endzone for the throwoff
        • 1st mode of transportation would be Power Skips to other end
        • If a 2nd consecutive point was scored on your team, you’d then bear crawl
        • No team was scored on three consecutive times, but that would’ve asked for a Crab Walk
      • At 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, we Paused and did 10 burpees a minute for two rounds each to total 60 burpees.
  • Indian ran in our teams back to the flag/parking area

YHC grabbed phone and Billy Blanks kindly led quick round of Hello Dollys, Flutterkicks, and American Hammers before ENDEX

26 (1 FNG – Beard Face!)


The thought behind the core principle of rotating fashion played out is that F3 doesn’t live or die on one man’s backs. It’s an expectation that you step up and lead at some juncture. YHC is handing off Mothership to Bailout. YHC challenged PAX to step up and not simply exist in all facets of life. See how you can take initiative for the benefit of others.


  • Dirty Deuces won the day…might’ve been 7-5 or 8-5? Mudpants was the overall MVP with some spectacular throws and catches. SCtop10 fo sho
    • Jailbait had a nice catch & roll.
    • Though Sonic’s team didn’t prevail, he was around the action at all times on both Offense & Defense. 
  • Shoutout to Steinbrenner for bringing his kid’s unused cones & Photoshop for bringing out the bandanas…both were clutch HIM.
  • YHC doesn’t feel bad for Blanks losing his silicone wedding band. Those things are cheap…I could give him one of mine since I purchased a 7 pack for like $12 on Amazon.

Why a Black Ops Loop around the Lake?…Why not?

THE SCENE: Much better than our original date which was postponed due to lightening.  The lake trail was utilized (instead of the trails) for accessibility of LIFOs and those pre-rucking.


Put Ruck on your back x 6

Lock Your Car x 6

Start Tracking Devices x 6

6 PAX performed a 12 mile timed ruck.  Due to a released dog, Mardis Gras was late which left him 1/2 mile short of the Pathfinder requirement of 12 miles in < 3.5 hours.  The other 5 PAX completed the last 1/2 mile with Mardis Gras.

Mothership Pre-Ruck PAX joined us for a couple of laps in this midst of the longer ruck.

Posted result was 12 miles in 3 hours and 5 minutes.   NOT TOO SHABBY.

YHC and Soulja Boy jumped in with Mothership Mary to complete:

  • Side plank 30 seconds then switch
  • American Hammer x 10
  • ABC’s
  • Hold Plank until 8:00 am

Other 12-mile PAX watched and sipped their coffee…discussing very important things.

6 PAX – Bailout, Choker, Mardis Gras, Nature Boy, Snowman, Soulja Boy

Porn has a grasp on many, many men.  It grabs our boys, sometimes our girls.  Be alert.  If you have kids, filter what you can.  It comes down to a heart issue.  Work on the heart.  Teach your boys to be men.  HIM.

It was cool to mix up the groups today.  Enjoyed getting to know some guys better…and some guys really for the first time.  Nice day for a ruck!

Pathfinder class is still open if you want to join those of us doing it!

Elbow to Elbow, Carrying that Weight, You Gotta Stand for Something


Perfect workout temperature, 50’s and overcast, drizzle fo shizzle




  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Quad stretch OYO
  • Hamstring stretch OYO
  • Windmills x 20 IC
  • Frankensteins x 20 IC
  • Shoulder stretch OYO


  • Indian Run to the Visitor Center (I hate Indian Runs)
  • Partners were made by having the PAX line up youngest to oldest with the youngest and oldest pairing up, etc. Mebbe an equalizer…mebbe not.
  • PAX pairs share the following exercises together, then take turns carrying each other on their backs to the other end of the center and back
    • 50 Burpees
    • 100 Merkins
    • 150 Smurf Jacks
    • 200 Joe Louis’
    • 250 Squats
  • Indian Run to the Stage (even downhill, I hate Indian Runs)
  • Alternating 1 minute AMRAP of dips with 1 minute of wall sits x 5
  • Indian Run to STARTEX (have I mentioned my feelings about Indian Runs?)


  • Side plank 30 seconds then switch
  • American Hammer x 10
  • ABC’s
  • Hold Plank until 8:00 am


8 PAX (1 Willy Loman): Rainbow Warrior, Dawson, Ice Cube, Red Ryder (WL from Birmingham), Teachers Pet, Steinbrenner, Mudpants, Yardsale


“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

Be clear with your word and speak it to those who you lead. Some will come with you, some will move away from you, but no one gets to stay where they are in your organization and just be mad. Know what you stand for, stand up strong and speak its word, and use the discomfort of misalignment to help those people off the bus who need to.


Hey, there – Main Man Ice Cube gets his #345 bell rung. HIM!


Did you know that Mudpants has a podcast? Right? I didn’t know either but Teacher’s Pet did. I just thought he had one of the greatest of all F3 names.

Mothership QvQ – Halpert V. Bailout

THE SCENE: Just the right amount of rain, gettin better weather

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done – one FNG in the midst got a lot of coaching from the PAX
•SSH x 20 IC
•SSH x 20 IC (Out loud 1-10 then radio silent 11-20)=FAILED followed by 10 penalty burpees OYO

Q1 Part 1 – 12 min
Jack Webbs – PAX do combination 1 and 4 ct multiples with merkins on the 1s and overhead presses on the 4s. 1×4, 2×8, 3×12, 4×16…..10×40
Mosey around parking lot.
Flutter kicks x20 IC
Pickle Pounders x15 IC
Monkey Humpers x15 IC
LBCs x15 IC

Q2 Part 1 – 12 min
Partner up.

Partner 1 has CMU and does the exercises prescribed below while Partner 2 carries ruck from parking lot down hill to lakeside walking trail and performs 10 lunges with the ruck then back up hill to switch.

100 Squats

200 Rows

Q1 Part 2 – 12 min
1×4 ct multiples again with BBSUs on the 1s and Mountain Climbers on the 4s. 1×4, 2×8, 3×12, 4×16…..10×40
Mosey around parking lot.
Batwings – Forward arm circles x25 IC, reverse arm circles x25 IC, seal claps x25 IC, OH claps x25 IC
Hold plank for one minute

Q2 Part 2 – 12 min
Rinse and Repeat with modification

Partner 1 has CMU and does the exercises prescribed below while Partner 2 carries ruck from parking lot down hill to lakeside walking trail and performs 10 calf raises with the ruck then back up hill to switch.

100 Merkins

200 (I don’t remember what we did here)

Pre-Mary – ABCs; 25 Rosalitas; 17 Hello Dollys – Time Called

*1 Minute/ea on 4-ct
•BOX CUTTER (Build box)
•BOX CUTTER (Open box)

12 PAX (1 FNG – Dawson): Bobsled, Chuck E Cheese, Bailout, The Dude, Halpert, Crevasse, Orange Julius, Steinbrenner, Mardi Gras, O Positive, Sully

Q1 – Be intentional with your time with loved ones, put the phones away and capture the expressions on faces, the memories that make up life. Don’t miss them checking email or social media.
Q2 – As my family sat down for a movie last night, my 4 year old began acting up. Hitting furniture, screaming, stomping, the works. So…off to bed he goes. No reading, no snuggling…just teeth brushed, a prayer and lights out. Within 5 minutes he reappeared in the den with a long face and whimpered that he wanted family time too. “Not tonight…not which how you behaved” was my response. “There are consequences for your actions” I continued. I promptly took him back to bed and threatened the rod if he got out of bed again.

The lesson in this for us men is…don’t act up. Don’t throw fits. Be good to your M. Be nice to your kids. If you act up…you might just get kicked out of family time…permanently

5 PAX completed 345 with 2 brand new inductees – Welcome Sully and The Dude! Bailout x5, Halpert x4, Chuck E Cheese x2

APFT at Blazing Saddle on 5/9

F3 NWA Launch—Week 4

Date: 04/27/2019

AO: Genesis (Rogers, Arkansas)

QICs: Gus, Orange Julius

PAX: Fortnite, Shooter, Big Papi, PETA, Orange Julius, Major Payne, Pistol Pete, Bullseye, Usher, Huckleberry, Barney, Emeril, Gus | FNGs: Koresh, Penguin, Pooh Bear, Yote, Shredder

Conditions: 70F and sunny; The spirit of Cantore was strong in light of the forecast.




Warm-o-Rama (Q’d by Orange Julius)
Side Straddle Hops
Imperial Walkers
Daisy Pickers
Arm Circles

The plan was to complete a Merkin Mile—mosey one mile, performing 25 standard American push-ups at each quarter mile interval. Sometimes plans change, and we only did half.

* mosey to soccer field *

On the soccer (#notasport) field, the PAX lined up at one goal and faced the opposite goal.
On that end, do burpees; on the opposite end, do mountain climbers. Reps always add up to 11.
10 burpees + sprint to other side + 1 set of mountain climbers
9 burpees + sprint to other side + 2 sets of mountain climbers
. . . .
2 burpees + sprint to other side + 9 sets of mountain climbers
1 burpee + sprint to other side + 10 sets of mountain climbers

* mosey to picnic tables at Blossom Way Trailhead *

15 dips / 15 squats
12 dips / 12 squats
9 dips / 9 squats
6 dips / 6 squats
3 dips / 3 squats

* mosey to SP *

Flutter Kick IC x 20
WWI Sit-ups IC x 20
Pickle Pounders IC x 10
Block Pass with CMU
– PAX lined up shoulder-to-shoulder, facing alternating directions, on their respective Sixes
– Pass the CMU down and back twice
Tunnel of Love
– PAX hold a high plank, flexing their backs as necessary
– One Man crawls through the tunnel, taking care not to kick his fellow PAX in the face and keeping the Gloom Horn at bay.

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Count-o-Rama (18)


COT / BOM: The Authentic Man (1) rejects passivity, (2) accepts responsibility, (3) leads courageously, and (4) expects a greater reward.

MOLESKIN: This was the best reason to make a 700-mile roundtrip in less than 24 hours that I could possibly think of. These Men gave great effort. Mumblechatter was slow but gained steam as the Beatdown progressed. T-claps to OJ for shouldering the Q duties with me.

Coffeeteria at CFA was solid.

FNG Naming Logic
: He graduated from aTm and is now part of F3. He obviously likes cults.
Penguin: Some inside joke about his job that the PAX seemed to really like. I think it’s a tech thing.
Pooh Bear: He would not give me anything interesting, so he got the first name in my Wheel o’ FNG Names.
Yote: His Hospital Name sounds something like “Wile E.”—like the coyote.
Shredder: He mentioned playing the guitar, and it seemed ironic given his general appearance and demeanor.

Mother-Ship Final 4

THE SCENE: 55 degrees and Sunny…I’ll dare say PERFECT!  




WARM-O-RAMA: (Foul = 4 Burpees)
SSH – 4 IC + 16 Silent

Daisy Pickers – 4 IC + 6 Silent

Imperial Walkers – 4 IC + 6 Silent

4 Suicide Ladders



Partner up for a Final 4 (400) workout

P1 jogs to bottom of hill, does 4 Bobby Hurleys on each hand, then back up the hill while P2 exercises

400 Merkins

400 Lunges (1=1)

400 LBC

400 Curb Dips



4 rounds of Guantanamo



8 PAX (1 FNG – Garmin) – Teacher’s Pet, Nature Boy, Tremor, Chuck E. Cheese, Laettner, Mud Pants, Bailout – QIC  



My wife blew her knee out a couple of weeks ago skiing.  Torn ACL, torn MCL, broken Tibia.  She BLEW IT OUT!

What struck me as odd is that she had been skiing with me on black diamond “Expert” slopes all week.  In fact, she had just finished one and was on the Green “Easy” slope on the way down to the lift when she fell.  She was watching our kids ski and took her eye off the fresh powder that caught her ski and caused her to go down. 

This created a life lesson for me as it relates to my spiritual life.  When times are tough, you are focused, you are really paying attention to what’s going on around you, you avoid other pitfalls and snowdrifts. 

When things seem easy, you feel like you have it all under control.  You rely on you instead of on your faith.  When things seem easy, your prayer life may fade, you might not dig into the word as much, you just take your eyes of the slope…or off the ball. 

Be diligent in all you do.  Keep your eyes open.  Evil will attack you when you think your simply skiing down a green. 



Glad to see Chuck E Cheese and Mud Pants complete their 345 week.  Chuck E and I visited 6 different AOs this week and it was great to see/meet lots of HIM around the city.  


You Just Gotta Be Ready for Those Curveballs


Overcast and cool, perfect weather for working out in short sleeves and shorts – spring had arrived in Memphis. And then promptly got the heck out of dodge by Saturday night.


We welcomed an FNG who may or may not be able to talk about what he does for a living. The PAX were disclaimed – the Q may or may not have used the word “physiology” with accuracy in his disclaimer. I think we broke some new ground there.


  • Q disclosed that he would call audibles from time to time during the workout
  • 21’s: 4-count side-straddle hops 1-5 out loud, 6-21 in your head and everyone must stop together at 21 or penalty. No penalty was earned and the Q refrained from purposely messing it up. That’s a page from Tomb Raider’s book and I’ll leave it there.
  • Windmills: Spread your feet wider than your shoulders with your hands straight out from your sides. With your legs straight, touch your opposite toe with your hand.
  • Frankensteins: stand with arms straight out, raise each leg as high as you can toward the corresponding arm, knees slightly bent.
  • 10 Burpees: because they are terrible.


  • 26 stations – AMRAP individually at each station for 1 minute
  • When the Q calls an audible, we’ll stop our exercise and do something hard
  1. 4 x 4’s
  2. CMU presses on ground
  3. Squats
  4. Shoulder taps
  5. Lunges
  6. CMU overhead press while standing

Audible! 10 burpees were assigned

  1. Air chair
  2. Derkins
  3. Squat jumps
  4. Plank jacks
  5. Monkey Humpers
  6. Pickle Pounders

Audible! 10 burpees were assigned

  1. Bobby Hurleys (some dude in a Duke shirt kept screaming about Christian Laettner)
  2. 8-Count Body Builders
  3. CMU tricep extensions
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. CMU Colt 45’s
  6. Mountain climbers

Audible! Let me remember…oh, yes. 10 burpees were assigned

  1. Side planks
  2. Curb Merkins
  3. Cusak – running in place with a CMU over your head (singing “In Your Eyes” optional)
  4. Curb dips
  5. Duck walk
  6. Joe Louis (4 count – punch, uppercut, duck, recover)
  7. Smurf Jacks
  8. Suicides


  • LBC’s
  • American Hammers


  • 7 PAX, 1 FNG named as Jinxy Cat in reference to the cat, Mr. Jinx, from Meet the Fockers
  • Tremor, Teacher’s Pet, Rocket Launcher, Sonic, Rabbit, Jinxy Cat, Laettner, Yardsale


Life throws us curveballs and we don’t get input on what they are or when they are coming. The best that we can do is prepare each day to be ready for their inevitable arrival so that we can be strong for our families, our communities, our friends, and ourselves. We may be working extremely hard and doing everything we should but that doesn’t mean that things outside of our control won’t arrive and when they do, it just means that we have to work harder. F3 helps us to be ready – our people need us to be ready. We can be grateful for the people in F3 and the opportunity to get better to be ready together.

We prayed for Rabbit’s family as he looks for work that will allow his to use his strengths, find purpose, and provide for his family.

We prayed for the men of The Crucible as they undertake their CSAUP this morning.


Congratulations to Laettner for achieving his 345 this week!

The Problem

THE SCENE: Crisp and delightful morning.

  • SSH IC X20
  • Imperial Walkers IC X20
  • Arm Circles IC X20
  • Merkins IC X10


Our problem we got to carry for the duration of the workout was a 50 pound exercise bag known as The Problem. PAX had to ask for it to be taken from them when they were tired of it. It was up to each individual to determine when they wanted to pass it to someone else. Each PAX would use The Problem for all exercises that could reasonably be done with it (Squats, burpees, etc).

Mosey to berm near walnut grove.

11s on hill – Hand Release Werkins/Squats. 11s were done up and down the other side of the hill, meaning that the PAX would have to run up the hill, then down the other side before completing each exercise.

Crawl Bear up the hill (feet first) and Bear Crawl down.

11s on the hill – Carolina Dry Dock/Body Bag Builder (You’re welcome OP)

Walk crab up the hill (feet first (also, stupid hard)), and then crab walk down the hill.

3 Hill Sprints and SSH till all in.

Mosey back to Start Ex.


Partnered up and did some Bring Sally Up with BBS. PAX interlocked feet and went halfway down on “Bring Sally Down.”

Flutter Kicks IC X60

Stargazers OYO 30 seconds

Steinbrenner, Sonic, Yard Sale, Teacher’s Pet, Grimace
We all have problems. Asking for help with those problems is hard, especially as men. Saturday’s problem was just carrying around a 50 pound bag everywhere. For our problems outside of the exercise, we have to know when to ask for help. It’s easy to hold on to a problem and think that we got this, but as evidenced by the workout, whoever holds on to the problem long enough burns out, slows down, and gets behind – something completely normal given the circumstances. You’re surrounded by men, by pastors, by counselors, by spouses, by friends, by PAX, and by Christ, all of whom are willing to help you carry your problem.

Yard Sale and TP held onto The Problem the longest and got a killer workout. Beasts!

Nature Boy is faster than I thought. Couldn’t hang with him in the Buffalo 50k Relay. I still owe Halpert $30.
Crucible this Saturday. YHC will be working, but will send warm thoughts and prayers to the PAX having a good time that morning.

We All Need It

THE SCENE: 30ish feels like 20ish with the windish.


Dutifully done. Lil Stretchy done.

Rucked clockwise around Patriot Lake for 2.2 miles, then turnback for 4.4 miles total. Cut a little short for time.

There’s something about Mary, she wasn’t there bc girls ain’t allowed. They came later for FiA.

5 PAX, 0 FNG: 2 *345*ers, Dial-Up and Hello Kitty, Shoestring (Shoelaces was absent), NatureBoy, QiC Photoshop

Off the cuff, so best I recollect, here’s what I shared: Encouragement. We all need it. Especially when things get difficult, which is a lot. We have a great group of fellow HIMs to push us, lift us, motivate us to be better, do better.

Pace should have been faster but my inexperience with leading a ruck made it difficult to pace it right, however, it worked out because mumblechatter was good and it allowed us to conserve for Shoestring’s Q School that was to come.

Nature Boy’s Father-in-law Dennis diagnosed with cancer. Pray for peace and health, but also that NB can connect with him and love on him.