Daily Down PAINment at Mothership

THE SCENE: Sunny, hot, and humid. Very little wind.

Slaughter Starter: Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey to far end of Lower Parking Lot grass area (plank until all in)

Abe Vigoda IC x 10

Arm Circles IC x 20

Merkins IC x 15

Overhead Press IC x 15

SSH IC x 20

Mosey to benches in front of The Kitchen (Al Gore until all in)


  • Box Jumps x 20 OYO (plank until all in)
  • Incline Merkins x 20 OYO (plank until all in)
  • Dips x 20 OYO (plank until all in)
  • Mosey to Startex for B.O.M.B.S. (Al Gore until all in)
  • Partner #1:
  • Burpees x 50
  • Outlaws x 100
  • Merkins x 150
  • Big Boy Situps x 200
  • Squats x 250
  • Partner #2:
  • Backpedal half way down concrete path to the lake
  • Bear crawl second half of concrete path
  • Sprint up the grassy hill to Partner
  • Partners alternate until all exercises were complete (we didn’t quite make the full routine but Squeegee and Nature Boy probably could have done it twice)
  • Mosey around parking lot and circle up for Mary

Hello Dolly IC x 20

Nolan Ryan IC x 20

LBCs IC x 20

10 PAX – Orange Julius, Teacher’s Pet, Snookie, Nickelback, Nature Boy, Uncle Rico, Harbaugh, Squeegee, Hot-N-Ready, Pops
Task and Purpose: Think about the purpose of your tasks in life rather than just going through the motions. This applies at home, work, and F3.

Life is a grind but easier when we do it together.
PAX pushed hard today and it was tough. Great mumblechatter and encouragement. I could feel the energy when the men would holler for me to get up that hill to relieve Nickelback.

I intentionally had us doing BOMBS in close proximity to Ol’ Sounder as I had a cooler full of ice cold waters in the back of the truck. That was a life saver for some of us.

The Six Cone Crawl-O-Rama with Blindfolds

This workout was co-Q’d by Costello and Tree Hugger.

A perfect day to be at the Mothership; about 72 degrees.


Side Straddle Hops x 20
Arm Circles x 20; forward and backward
Costello likes to warmup with Burpees – 25 Burpees; done

Moseyed from the upper parking lot to the field next to the stage.  Six cones were situated in a rectangle, each about 20 yards apart.   PAX partnered up and went to a cone.  At the cone there were two exercises and instructions on how to get to the next cone.  One PAX had to be blindfolded while his partner guided him to the next cone.  The six cones had the following exercises and instructions:

Cone 1 – Diamond Merkins x 25, Alternating Shoulder Taps x 25, Crawl Bear to Next Cone.
Cone 2 – Lunges x 25, Little Baby Crunches x 25, Wheelbarrow to Next Cone.
Cone 3 – Merkins x 25, Big Boy Situps x 25, Bear Crawl to Next Cone.
Cone 4 – Carolina Dry Docks x 25, Flutter Kicks x 25, Army Crawl to Next Cone
Cone 5 – Monkey Humpers x 25, American Hammers x 25, Spiderman Crawl to Next Cone
Cone 6 – Squats x 25, Box Cutters x 25, Crab Crawl to Next Cone

PAX continued from cone to cone until we reached 7:45; water break, then moseyed back to the upper parking lot for Mary.

Mary was Dealer’s Choice; O’Positive led PAX in a mountain climber push-up exercise, Shoestring led PAX in ABCs, and Teacher’s Pet led PAX in leg raises.

11 PAX (No FNGs)

Costello shared a few words with the PAX.  Who is your guide 20/20? Who’s is Guiding your thoughts your senses?
Who is Guiding your Family – the news, the phone, television,
Social Media?
Or Is God Your True Guide..?

As Costello would say….it was a  blessed day.



Perfect Day at The Mothership…Perfect.

THE SCENE: Beautiful day at the Mothership. About 78 degrees and very few clouds in the sky. There was a nice breeze and a great energy.



Mosey’d one lap around the parking lot waiting for the Ruck-a-Beasts to arrive.

Imperial Walkers (IC) X 15

Daisy Pickers (IC) X 15

SSH (IC) X 15

Stretch what ails you for 30 seconds.

30 seconds-ish of Russian Baby Makers

30 seconds-ish of World’s Greatest Stretch


Count off into teams of 3 (after establishing teams each team will designate themselves as 1,2 or 3 within their team)

Each team was armed with at least one CMU 

There was 6- 6minute AMRAPS with 1 minute rest between rounds.

At the start-  Team member #1 mosey-ed 300meters around the parking lot.

Team Members #1 & #2 alternated 40yard sprint ladder (40yds each way) while the other team member performed the specific CMU movement assigned to the round until team member #1 completed the mosey. (At this point Team Member #2 began the 300Meter mosey while #1 & #3 alternate 40yd ladder and movement…etc.)

As time expired for each round, each member who was not on the 300meter loop  returned to base and held CMU plank until the last man mosey-ing made his way back to base (All plank-holders yelled with support and encouragement as the men mosey-ing made their way back to base as fast as possible.)

1 minute rest between rounds.

Moved onto next round movement. Team member #2 started mosey-ing in Round 2, etc.

AMRAP #1- Front Squats

AMRAP #2- Curls

AMRAP #3- Overhead Squats

AMRAP #4- Merkins on CMU

AMRAP #5- Squat thrusters

AMRAP #6- Extended CMU static holds (We didn’t do Round #6 because I thought we were out of time.)

We had a few minutes to kill so Gus, Nature Boy and Teacher’s Pet took up my slack and drove us home.

30 Flutterkicks in cadence

30 Gas Pumpers(?)

Arm circles (Not real sure, I had basically blacked out by this point.)

18 total PAX
3 FNG’s
Jacob Harlan- Nickelback
Louie Caesar- Hot-n-Ready
Patrick Fisher- Laetner

The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness. — Pope Benedict XVI

Vulnerability. Selfishness. Comfort.
We all want to be loved and accepted. I find that the best way for me to connect with individuals is through allowing myself to be vulnerable and put myself in positions where there will be a degree of failure imminent.
It’s not all about me.
If I don’t lead, I don’t have the opportunity to make a mistake. If I don’t allow myself an opportunity to make a mistake, I take away the opportunity for another member of the group to be of service and help to teach me.
It’s not always about us succeeding but sometimes the opportunity is in our failures that we have the chance to lift each other up and teach through action.

When I allow others to see into my fear and insecurities, I immediately have produced a commonality in which brotherhood is built. To act as if we are above the things which are part of the human condition is to resist the bond of friendship.


It was a great day with great people. I love how everyone kept a watchful eye on me and were happy to jump in and help where I needed it. I enjoyed listening to everyone holler for the folks that were finishing their mosey’s. It was a tremendous experience.

I don’t know of any announcements. I don’t even speak y’alls language yet, so I have no idea what you are even talking about most of the time.

0 Days Without a Lost Time Accident

An absolutely beautiful 80 degrees with a nice breeze.  Perfect day to get after it.

Did it, except for the part about watching where you step.

SSH (10 in cadence, 10 silent).

Warning was given that there would be a penalty if we didn’t all finish together. A few PAX were out of sync by rep 3, so the penalty was a foregone conclusion:  10 burpees OYO.

Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Mosey to field behind the stage.

Note: This was originally going to be an Indian Run, with the last person  sprinting to the front while pulling a rolling cooler full of water bottles and leaving it there for the next last person to sprint with.  However, I Omaha’d on that for three reasons:  1) it was not oppressively hot,  2) we had to park in the farther lot because of ANOTHER private event closing the normal lot, and 3) that cooler was freaking heavy.  So PAX were advised to grab a bottle out of the cooler and bring it with them on a normal mosey to the stage.

This morning’s THANG was Ultimate Frisbee with penalty burpees.  (Note:  this plan was shamelessly stolen from Granola’s workouts last December and June.)  I had arrived early and set out cones in the field behind the stage to mark an official length UF field; 64 meters from end zone to end zone, with a field width of 37 meters.

In an effort to keep teams somewhat even, and to add a little extra smokeage to the PAX, teams were determined by a series of sprints.  All PAX lined up on one goal line and sprinted to the opposite end zone.  The fastest person assumed the plank position in that end zone, and the slowest jogged back to the other and planked there.  Remaining PAX raced again back to the original end zone, where the fastest person planked with the slowest from heat 1, and the slowest jogged back and planked with the fastest from heat 1.  Rinse and repeat until everyone was in a team.

*Note:  This sucked.

Now with everyone gassed, we began play.  The rules were simple:  the offense can only move the disc by throwing it.  Any incompletion results in a turnover to the other team.  Any contact results in a foul and a turnover.  The first F3 twist was that any time the disc touched the ground for any reason, all PAX (on both teams) had to immediately perform 2 burpees.  Each person could resume play as soon as his 2 burpees were complete.  The second F3 twist was that the scoring team assigned the mode of transport with which the other team had to shamefully slink back to the other end zone.

Modes of transport that were used:  Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Army Crawl, and some questionable skipping movement that we shall not discuss further (NTTAWWT).

Things went swimmingly until about the 47th minute (darn you World Cup for introducing me to this unholy and abhorrent method of timekeeping), when Slicnut attempted to pass the disc to me.  It was a beautiful throw, right on line and just a few feet above my head.  With incredible grace belying my substantial girth, I leaped into the air and grabbed the disc.  The East German judge gave me a 0 for the dismount; I came down and rolled the same ankle that I nearly broke a few weeks ago at Captain Obvious’s Morg Q.  I’m pretty sure our PG-rating was maintained, but I very nearly added a 4th F to the group.

Play was suspended due to injury with the team of Captain Obvious, Choker, C-Lo, Corky, Gus, O Positive, and Slicnut winning a narrow victory.  Tree Hugger headed back to STARTEX to move my truck to a closer lot, while Captain Obvious and Costello went in search of a golf cart, stretcher, or LifeFlight pilot to perform the extraction.  While they were doing that, Gus, the ultimate HIM, took charge and led the remaining ambulatory PAX in an impromptu Mary.

This is what I think happened; however, I was a bit preoccupied with icing my ankle and trying not to splash.

Flutter Kicks IC
Jane Fondas IC
Something Else IC

14 PAX (1 FNG):  Captain Obvious, Choker (QIC), C-Lo, Corky, Costello, Crowder, Gus, Nature Boy, O Positive, Riblet (FNG), Shiplap, Slicnut, Teacher’s Pet, Tree Hugger

I’ve been reading through the QSource lately, and with GrowRuck coming in September I’ve been thinking a lot about my Joker.  3 of the first 4 QPoints deal with the royal family of leadership development: the King (physical fitness), the Queen (diet and nutrition), and the Joker (whatever each man’s personal stumbling block is).

Since joining F3, I’ve been doing pretty well with my King.  Unless I’m traveling, I generally post 4-5 times a week.  But my personal Joker seems to be ignoring my Queen.  Because I post on most days, I fool myself into thinking I can eat whatever I want.  I try to out-King my Queen, which does not work.

With GrowRuck on the horizon, I have realized that the best way I can prepare for it is to drop as much body weight as I can in a healthy way to make up for the extra weight we’ll be carrying in the Ruck.  I don’t have a very strong track record of doing that alone, which I why I brought this up in my COT – I need accountability.

Unexpected bonus:  as I was about to close the COT, O Positive asked me what form of accountability I was looking for.  I was not aware that F3Memphis already has a group of guys working on this exact thing, using the #pound-for-pound channel on Slack.  Ask, and ye shall receive.  Thanks, F3!

Captain Obvious and Costello returned cartless, stretcherless, and pilotless.  However, their diligence was greatly appreciated by YHC.  Tree Hugger rolled up a few minutes later in my truck, disregarded the signage and obstacles intended to prevent vehicles from entering the park, and entered the park.  At first I was worried this would incur the wrath of whoever was on duty, but if someone had been on duty I would have been in a golf cart by then.  Corky and Slicnut got in a little extra Mary by buddy-carrying me to the truck.  Thanks brothers!

GrowRuck.  Do it.

Sand Bag Relay

THE SCENE: Sunny, Steamy, too hot, but alas

  • SSH x 15 ic
  • ImpWalk x 15 ic
  • Merkins x 5 ic
  • Arm Circles x 10 ic each direction
  • SSH x 15 ic
  • ImpWalk x 15 ic
  • Merkins x 10 ic
  • Arm Circles x 10 ic each direction


  • Mosey around the Kitchen to the Benches for 15x Irkins-Dips-Derkins Rinse & Repeat
  • Mosey back via Hill for Sand Bag Relay
  • Sand Bag Relay
    • Front of line person runs 50 yards w/ bag & return to line
    • When you return, 15 Burpees, then go to back of line
    • While you wait, rotate each time someone goes between plank & ankle grab squat
    • 6 rounds: 15 burpees, 15 BBSUs, 10 burpees, 10 BBSUs, 5 burpees, 5 BBSUs
    • After first line finishes all 6 rounds, Plank Till All In
  • With remaining Time, circle up holding Al Gore passing Sand Bag, when you receive Sand Bag – squat 5 times and pass clockwise until everyone gets a turn, we got 6 rounds


  • LBCs x21
  • LOLs Right side only x 10

12 including 1 Willy Loman (Bumper from F3 Columbus)

YHC spoke to recent realization of loneliness despite connectedness. YHC is gifted at connectedness and may pride himself to point that doesn’t realize lack of depth with many contacts. Proximity and Time & intensity is key to 2nd F; Appreciate those things amidst other areas of life  and lean in. Examine areas of strength that you possess and don’t be too proud. 

YHC was excited to break in 60 lb sandbag acquired during the 4th of July GoRuck sale using birthday gift card money. Said sandbag was indoctrinated well and washed in the sweat of 12 High Impact Men. Appreciated the fellowship of Bumper (visiting from Columbus, OH & a former Memphian!) who was in town moving his daughter to a new apartment. 
PM Ruck for All 3 F’s: 8:30pm meet @ Dirty Crow Inn & we’ll hand out waters

Mothership Circuit in Honor of the 2nd F

THE SCENE: Perfect weather brought out a lot folks to Shelby Farms.  Park Ranger blocked off regular lot so we moved to lower lot.

12×12: Increasing intensity as we move through the exercises

  • Windmill (IC)
  • Daisy Pickers (IC)
  • Arm Circles (IC) front
  • Arm Circles (IC) back
  • Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • SSH (IC)
  • Merkins (IC)
  • Groiners (OYO)
  • BBSUs (OYO)
  • Carolina Dry Docks (OYO)
  • Squats (IC)
  • Burpees (OYO)

Shout out to Granola for the inspiration and format for this workout from his Mothership Q several months ago.  This was my favorite Mothership post and wanted to bring it back to honor the fellowship aspect of F3.  Kept Gronola’s format but changed up some of the content.

  • Split PAX into 4 groups.  Each group has 1 ruck.  The ruck was passed around within each group so each member gets a little more pain.
  • 5 exercise stations are scattered around the Kitchen area.
    • The Wall, The Valley, The Stairs, The Benches, Startex
    • A few of the stations were within 50 yards of each other.  The others were around 100 yards or more.
  • Each station had 12 cards containing an exercise to complete, a movement to another station, and something to talk about on the way.
    • Example: Do 20 Tony Hawk Burpees, crab walk to the Stairs, talk about the last book you read.
  • We took this all the way to Endex.  No Mary

13 PAX (2 FNGs) Shiplap & Dilbert
The 2nd F is usually what keeps guys coming back to F3 in my opinion.  Talked about what the 2nd F has meant to me and thanked the PAX for their fellowship.
The crab walks and bear crawls SUCKED!  Seemed like everyone had fun with this one while getting plenty smoked as well.
GrowRuck Sept. 21-23.

Collision with Lance Armstrong during Indian run

THE SCENE: Hot and humid!

Welcomed the PAX and the FNG’s. Informed the group I was not a professional and to push themselves. Pops was on 6.

SSH – 15 IC, Daisey pickers -15 IC, Forward arm circles – 10 OYO, Reverse arm circles – 10 OYO, Mosey to walking path and get in line for an Indian run up the hill to stop sign. Hold plank until all in. Continue to mosey to the Uplands.
BOMBS on the grassy hill. 1 PAX will start while the other Bear crawls down the hill and runs back to the PAX. PAX can hold plank, AL Gore or do Imperial Walker until all in. After BOMBS we took another Mosey back to the parking lot. Stopped several times along the way to hold plank until all in. We took a little Mosey to the grassy hill next to the parking lot where we ran up and down for 5 reps and Bear crawled up to finish.

No Mary

11 PAX and 3 FNG’s

Teachers Pet, Nature Boy, Reboot, Orange Julius, Bubba, Snookie, Costello, Pops, Swinger, C lo, Geppetto


F3’s mission is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to reinvigorate male community leadership.

Philippians – 4, Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanks giving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds. In Christ Jesus.

I have been very anxious lately about everything. Asked the PAX to open up to other PAX and share things that they may be dealing with. We are all dealing with similar issues and none of us have it all figured out. Prayed for the PAX and their loved ones that are dealing with medical issues. Prayed for travel mercies for Bubba and his safe return to New Orleans.

Well done to Costello and other PAX that calmed down the biker that collided with Costello during our Indian run. He showed compassion and restraint as the biker dropped the F-bomb towards him and the PAX.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Out ruck-running the rain.

THE SCENE: In the 70s with clouds that were a harbinger of more ominous weather to come. There are rumors of such a thing as a Weather Q and confirmatory reports denying that such an entity exists. Either way, the weather held long enough to complete BC.

Had to shift Startex down to the Kitchen Parking Lot do to the usual parking lot being closed.



Overhead Claps-10   IC
High-Knees-20           IC
Windmills-30            IC
SSH-20                 IC
Cross overs-25          IC
Note: Most of the PAX were wearing Ruckers for BC. YHC did his absolute best to convince them to take them off. Only Billy Blanks obliged in order to make the Q feel a bit better. T-claps to this group of HIM who don’t back down from ANY challenge.

Mosey to the usual parking lot.
Burpees 10 OYO

Crabwalk entire (long) length of the parking lot

Mosey to far hill (Hill with fishing pond at the bottom)

Used two trees about 50 yards apart. PAX formed pairs to complete the following:
Bear crawl down and sprint up.
Big Boy Situps-100
Crab walk down and sprint up.
Bear crawl down and sprint up.

Mosey back to the usual parking lot.
Lunge walk the entire length of the parking lot
Carolina dry docks 50 OYO

Mosey back to Startex.
(Nearing Startex Soybean suddenly sprinted full out, ruck sack on and all. Whether this was out of a need for water, a need for speed, temporary insanity, YHC is unsure. But it was impressive nonetheless!)

MARY: Dealers Choice

LBCs-Teachers Pet
Flutter Kicks-Four Eyes
Captain Thor-Bombay

Costello, Billy Blanks, Nature Boy, Soybean, Heavyweight, Bombay, Crowder, Moneybags, Teacher’s Pet, Orange Julius, Four Eyes, Swinger.

Isaiah 57:20

But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.
This verse is repeated in the New Testament
Jude 1:13
Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

Matthew Henrys Commentary:
Christ came and preached peace to Gentiles, as well as to the Jews; to after-ages, who were afar off in time, as well as to those of that age. But the wicked would not be healed by God’s grace, therefore would not be healed by his comforts. Their ungoverned lusts and passions made them like the troubled sea. Also the terrors of conscience disturbed their enjoyments. God hath said it, and all the world cannot unsay it, That there is no peace to those who allow themselves in any sin.

In F3, our third F stands for Faith (the dynamite). This is our anchor which keeps us from being tossed about unlike much of the current society in which we live.

Prayer requests for our F3 brothers in GoRuck this weekend.
Prayers for healing for Pops back.


Groruck in September. Plan on being there. Keep training hard.

2nd F opportunity on 6/28. “The Sandlot” at Overton Square.

Freed To Lead

Mothership where it it was a balmy, clear 78 degrees where the sweat poured down like tears

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x 16 IC
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 16 IC
*HILL BILLIES (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 16 IC

YHC led PAX on a lil’ mosey from the parking lot down the hill to the sign … .25 mile and back to STARTEX

THA-THANG:  Looks like a harmless parking lot, right? Not so fast, my friends.
Part 1
>YHC designated 30 adjacent parking spots to loosely resemble a wall calendar with parking spots serving as calendar squares, er rectangles.  15 spots on one side with the other 15 on the other side.  PAX would pick a spot with no 2 PAX occupying the same spot at the same time.
*Each spot (1-30) represented a day of the month and in each spot was a unique exercise to be performed
*A timer of undetermined time (otherwise known only by YHC) was set…PAX would complete the exercise (AMRAP) before the PAX would move to the next spot and begin exercise

*The order of the parking spots:

1=Side Straddle Hops (1 min.)
2=Merkins (1 min.)
3=High Knees (1 min)
4=8-ct Body Builders (1 min)
5=Plank Dumbell Flys, alternating shoulders (1 min)
6=Imperial Walkers (1 min)
7=Bobby Hurleys (1 min)
8=Lunge Walk (1 min)
9=Bear Crawl (1 min)
10=Lil’ Baby Crunches (1 min)
11=Squats (1 min)
12=Overhead Claps (45 secs)
13=Tractor Tire Flips (45 secs)
14=Frog Jumps (45 secs)
15=Sprint,cone to cone (45 secs)
16=Jump Squats (1 min)
17=Agility Ladder (1 min)
18=Dumbbell Curls (1 min)
19=Prisoner Lunge  (1 min)
20=Hill Billies (1 min)
21=Crawl Bear (1 min)
22=Burpees (1 min)
23=Big Boy Sit-Ups (1 min)
24=Crab Walk (1 min)
25=Flutter Kicks (1 min)
26=Carolina Dry Docks (1 min)
27=Reverse Lunge Walk (1 min)
28=Plank Merkin, Arm Release, Alternating (1 min)
29=Dumbell Extensions, Behind Head (1 min)
30=American Hammers (1 min)

Once the PAX completed half (15) of the rotations YHC then led (call it halftime) the PAX on a mosey around the parking lot x1 mindful to leave no man behind.

PAX returned back to their respective spots to begin next rotation.


*Flutter Kicks x20 IC
*Alphabet x26 Letters IC

11; Heavyweight, Father Abraham, Costello, Nature Boy, Tomb Raider, Yard Sale, Rabbit, Uncle Rico, Orange Julius, C-Lo and O Positive (YHC)


F3…has changed my life.  In so many ways to count.  YHC shared how Q’ing has helped build a renewed confidence in YHC’s ability to lead.  YHC highlighted how he struggled with recent anxiety over a large project-and I mean LARGE-at work but settled into a state of assured, self-confidence that F3-by God’s grace-has helped prepare him to tackle the project at hand.  And he did just that.  YHC is very intentional to step up and Q x1/week.  As YHC shared with the PAX, being the Q-to YHC-means being ‘fully present’ and owning the opportunity.  Failure and fear to fail-Q’ing a workout-should be a non-issue.  YHC challenged the PAX to step up and lead if they never have.  To step up and lead if it has been awhile.  Step up-with confidence-and lead their families, companies and communities.  #FreedToLead

Also reminded the PAX of the F3 Mission and the reason why the F3 Mission is important to remember.  With 394 PAX and counting, not many can recite the Mission and Core Values.  YHC challenged the PAX to consider, “Don’t get caught up ‘in the current’ (posting to work-outs out of habit) if you don’t know why you are ‘in the water’ in the first place. Great things on the horizon for F3-Memphis. AYE!

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

This work-out is a full-body beatdown.  The PAX crushed it. Proud of them all and grateful to lead them out of the gloom.

GROWRUCK is coming…9/21-9/23.



Super Saturday

THE SCENE: A balmy 80 degrees in the Sun, but maybe 79 degrees when we hit the shade. YHC felt like Christmas in June.


Stumbled through it and explained that we would work together/keep moving.

SSH IC 4ct. x30

Tempo Squats IC 4ct  x 20

Line Jumps-front to back and side to side . 30 sec each way

Hip Tosses–30 sec

Tempo Runs–50 yards.  2x 50%, 2×75%, 1 full sprint

Stretch what ya need.

Walking groin stretch–Opening and closing the gate as we walked to Starting point


x2 rounds
Tic tac to lunges x 10 each leg and lap around parking lot. SSH until all in before starting second round

Mosey to benches by the Kitchen

x5 rounds

10 dips, 10 incline merkins, 10 box jumps (or step ups)

x 20 Side step ups to high knee each leg

Mosey to Hill

x5 Sprint up hill, jog down hill


3 Rounds of Butkus (quick steps on curb for  1 min, short rest and rinse repeat)

Partner Hold Calf Hops x 1 min each calf per person

Plank to step through x 1 min (Hold plank to modify), x20 Little man in the woods, x15 Dive bombers

Plank to step through x 1 min (Hold plank to modify), x20 Little man in the woods, x10 Dive bombers

Parking lot sprints (maybe 100 yards) . Sprint one, jog back. Rinse and repeat

Spiderman Merkins x 10 IC 4 ct

Jump squats IC 4ct x 5

19 PAX, 1 FNG=TagALong
YHC shared the lyrics to Walking on Water by Needtobreathe

The wind is strong, the water is deep
My heart is heavy and my mind won’t sleep
Oh can you heal, my fear it breathes
I need to know if You’re the shadow I can see
I wanna run to You when the waves break through
I wanna run to You and not turn back
There’s no turning back
Nothing in the past
My eyes on You again
Can’t see nothing at all
But Your outstretched arms
Help me believe it
Though I falter
You got me walking on water
The ocean’s singing, the song of grace
But if I’m honest with myself, I am still afraid
I wanna run to You when the waves break through
I’m gonna run to You and not turn back
There’s no turning back
Nothing in the past
My eyes on You again
Can’t see nothing at all
But Your outstretched arms
Help me believe it
Though I falter
You got me walking on water
I was sinking like a stone again
I was halfway in the grave and then
I looked up and saw Your face again
You pulled me out of the water, water, water
There’s no turning back
Nothing in the past
My eyes on You again
Can’t see nothing at all
But Your outstretched arms
Help me believe it
Though I falter
You got me walking on water
Though I falter
You got me walking on water, water, water
You got me walking on water, water, water, water
Heard this song on my way to clinical this week. Whenever the devil tries to enter your mind and make you feel guilty for anything: quitting your job to do whats best for family, bringing back guilty feelings or struggles, etc, praise the Lord and seek him. The bridge gets me to understand that Im gonna fall or mess up, but He is right there to pull me through and walk with me, not over me. Pray like you know he is going to provide, even though we don’t know His plans. Hear and LISTEN to anything that can speak to you this week. Something you have heard over 50x might actually hit your heart.

Truly consider it a privilege to get to grow with you men and meet those that are not from the Eastern Kingdom. At this point, I don’t come for the fitness. The people that want to better themselves make me want to come and support/sweat with you. Just know if Phat Pat came, we would do a burpee for every smart alec comment (in spirit*). But really.

Keep pushing yourself men. It has been an honor to watch you grow and push through exercises that you hate. #Zimahatesrunning  Thanks for helping me stay out of my personal bubble. Especially on the days when I am down.


Prayer requests:

Cravasse. Coworker with left arm problems from MVA
Tiny mom. Hospice home care starting
—dog neck problem
Father Abraham. Wife upcoming surgery
—-transition after graduation
—getting home fixed
Opositive—praise after 2.0s come back from camp stronger in relationship with Christ

Millington AO launches Monday at Aycock Park

Wide Right VQ at Levee on Monday. Come get a national championship quality workout for FREE. Most likely no burpees!!!!!!!