Levee Relays

THE SCENE: 75 and muggy. A perfect summer morning. 
Given. Perhaps a bit on the gloomy side.

Mosey to Campbell Rd
PAX were divided into 2 teams and captains assigned. 
Captains played rock-paper-scissors and winning captain was given a chance to switch teams (He did not). 
Relay race down and back (~300 yard run). 
Winners take a victory lap, losers 25 burpees

1710s (sorta like 7s, but you start with 17/10 reps)
Start: 17 Merkins/10 Bobby Hurlies, run 150 yards between every set

Teams are reassembled for relays (Team captain of losing team given a chance to switch teams – he did not). 
Relay race down and back (~75 yard run)
Winners take a victory lap, losers 20 burpees
Flutterkicks x 20
Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him – James 1:12

I really appreciate the consistency and brotherhood F3 has brought to my life. 

Prayers for Meter Maid!
Some good mumblechatter on the initial mosey, but not much after that. Winners may have had a bit on the victory laps (I wouldn’t know). 

I was encouraged by two brothers in particular. Pronto Pup said “This is the fastest I’ve run in 20 years.” He was absolutely hauling, giving 100%. I was inspired by his effort. During the mosey back to startex, Captain O picked up the pace and rallied the PAX to join him in accelerating to the end. Stay in the fight!

We. Gon. Run.


The Barracks: 64 degrees and ripe for 2,700 seconds of gloom

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3 | 5 Core Principles

*SSH x 28 IC
*Imperial Walkers x 28  IC (In motion, clock-wise, as a unit)
*Hill Billies x 28 IC (In motion, counter-clockwise, in reverse)

THA-THANG:    Run variations, while stopping as a unit every lap or so to perform the following, recover, then resume Runs:

  • Lap 1: Single file line then return to STARTEX.   Perform Merkins x 13 IC.
  • Lap 2: Single file line, running backwards then return to STARTEX.   Perform Deep Squats x 28 IC.
  • Lap 3: Indian Run then return to STARTEX.  Perform SSH x 28 IC.
  • Laps 4 and 5: Indian Run then return to STARTEX.  Perform Mtn Climbers (R-L=1) x 28 IC.
  • Laps 6, 7 and 8: Indian Run then return to STARTEX.  Perform SSH x 28 IC.
  • Laps 9 and 10: Indian Run competition.  Split PAX into 2 lines of 8/ea.  First Team to have all PAX cross ENDEX wins.

Once arriving back to STARTEX, PAX who came in 1st Indian Runners Up  (aka, 2nd Place) performed Merkins x 28 IC.

*Flutter Kicks x 28 IC

16; Beauty Shop, Handsy, Goldilocks, Tomb Raider, Shoestring, Crayfish, Toms, ISS, Gus, Bookworm, Mirage, Soybean, Gepetto,  Snookie, Pirtle and O Positive.

YHC spoke candidly about his recent struggles with self-confidence, self-respect and self-worth.  He supported this with his acknowledgement that the last 6 weeks have been both personally and professionally exhausting and hard.  YHC then proceeded to thank the men for showing up, challenge and encourage the men with never underestimating the value they bring when they show up for work-outs as another brother may be needing that fellowship.  Whether you are the 12 (lead dog) or the 6 (flesh anchor)…it matters neither as we all are one and the same, from time to time.  The flux is real.

YHC then concluded by reading a synopsis he wrote following his 1st-hand observation of GR12:

Men should do hard things.


But, let’s face it-more often than not we don’t.

Men, with exception-albeit rarely-lack consistent fitness, meaningful male friendships and a defined purpose in our lives.

And we get hammered with life’s ups and downs and become complacent or just give up. We stop leading. We start thinking it’s just not worth the effort anymore. A hard truth is that an isolated man is a dangerous man-to himself, his family and to his community.

But we have 2 choices: Become the status quo or become High Impact Men (HIM).

So, let’s dig deeper into that. When men become the status quo-we become ineffective leading ourselves, our families and ultimately, our communities.

But for those who disrupt the status quo, what we call High Impact Men (HIM) become the strong anchors that our families and communities need.

So, where can men turn these days?

Take F3 Memphis and this event, GrowRuck 12 Memphis as good examples.

With a proven track record of getting over 20,000 men across 20 states to step up into leadership roles, F3 Nation gives men a clear action plan to better themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Free work-outs are provided. Open to all men. Held outdoor-rain or shine, heat or cold. Peer-led. Always ending in a circle of trust.

But what makes it effective and transformational is that F3 delivers on its promises by being accessible, providing men the opportunity to lead and fail in a safe place with no judgment, pushing men to their limits while encouraging them to modify as needed, providing an opportunity to build a healthy community to develop genuine friendships with other men, all while respecting one another for our similarities and our differences.

And the end result is evidenced by the men who commit to the process, core principles and come prepared to do the work.

Their lives will reflect healthier bodies (inside/out), more meaningful male friendships and a defined life’s purpose.

And for that we can all celebrate.

Shared pain builds trust. Well done men for putting in the work this weekend.

Well done.

Special thanks to 
David Redding , Co-Founder of F3 , John Lambert , Seth Brown and the 2 Cadres , Cadre Daniel (F3:Linus) and Cadre Kevin who invested into these men this weekend.

#GritGrindGrow #GR12

Iron sharpens iron. Aye!?!

We. Ran. A bunch.  Competition was fun and exhausting way to finish strong.  Most proud of the PAX who finished first to join their brothers in the Merkins x 28 IC that followed.  Band of brothers.  Well done.

Proud of this group of HIM who came ready to work.  And work we did.


The F3 Brotherhood

THE SCENE: I got up at 0410. I felt sorry for myself. I didn’t want to run. I didn’t think anyone would show up. I regretted organizing a run today. I was still feeling sore from Tuesday stair climbs. Me, me, me. Then, out of the gloom, 2 of my F3 brothers that I’d never met before showed up. F3 aint about me. Never has been and never will be. Seeing two brothers take their red pill was all I needed to fix my attitude. 
A leisurely stroll around Memphis. 6.2 miles, 10,000 meters. I haven’t run in this area a ton, so we modified the route a bit to stay off of some busier roads.  

3 – Doc Hollywood, Mirage, Speaker
I was so certain no one would show up that I definitely didn’t plan a COT. This turned into my COT. Sometimes, all that is required is showing up and moving the ball forward. Boy am I thankful that we all showed up this morning. When you’re stuck, figure out 1 thing you can do to improve your situation and do that thing. You will often find your situation improves dramatically (and even your attitude).
Street running in this area isn’t fantastic. It’s not terrible this early in the morning, but more planning is advised for the future.

Running is fantastic for extended conversations. I was able to get to know two of my brothers much better than I normally would after a single workout together.

Old forest already has a solid Tuesday run going. Moving forward, that will be the norm. 
10 miler on Saturday from the Barracks.

Double Loops

THE SCENE: A miserable humidity level on a very dark early morning. 

Capri lap just in case there was a straggler
Run 1 started at 0400.  Stopped at 3.5 for water. Ran streets from the Berm to 
Mile splits:
1 mi 8:44
2 mi 8:31
3 mi 8:37
4 mi 8:34
5 mi 8:51
6 mi 8:39
7 mi 8:35
8 mi 8:18

Run 2 started at 0530. Ran streets from the Berm to Audubon Park and back

1 mi 9:02
2 mi 9:06
3 mi 9:11
4 mi 9:25
5 mi 9:32
6 mi 8:23

2 – Gus, Speaker
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I’m appreciative of the HIM who started F3 and look forward to this journey of running more with my F3 brothers.