I got the 6.

THE SCENE: Green Mile; damp



  • SSH x 12 IC
  • SSH x 12 IC
    Run 3.89 something miles.
  • Before starting the running PAX performed 10 Hand-Release Burpees (HRB) OYO.
  • Run 1st Mile. Al Gore until all in. PAX performed 10 HRB OYO.
  • Repeat after each Mile.


13; Stephen King, Pirtle, Speaker, Ricky Bobby, Watchita, Billy Blanks, Pops, Laettner and O Positive (YHC). Add: Ruckers: Nature Boy, Soybean, Snowman and Shoestring.


Who’s got the 6? Last night, the Astros defeated the Mariners in MLB for their 12th No-Hitter in franchise history.  Took 4 pitchers to get the job done. And they did. Team celebrated like they won the World Series.

Really put in perspective ‘are we that enthusiastic when the 6 needs to be covered?’ Are we that enthusiastic to do our part and celebrate the TEAM win? Or are we inclined to be focused just on our job, pace, time, effort? TEAM wins are just that. TEAM wins. Not solo flights. It takes a village sometimes. This morning was no different. Better together. F3-Memphis.

This day is one of my highlights of the week. Great to see F3-Ruckers on the trail this morning.

Farmer gave his life to the Lord today at 9:30am. Praise God.

*See: Pre-blast

Alternating Blitzkrieg Miles

THE SCENE: Pleasant, but this is a relative term. My perspective in using ‘pleasant’ comes from 100% humidity and 95.  Even the pre-runners were sweating though not breathing heavy.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Welcomed everyone, no females to chase away, I’m not a professional, a few shoelaces left untied but I’m not responsible for other’s equipment nor did I wish to interfere with their lacing preferences.

WARM-O-RAMA:  concentrated stretching, legs, hammies, and shoulders utilizing a track cadence (odds/evens) that I/we kept butchering.  More concentration on the cadence count than the stretching.

mile circuit laps around the pond.  Alternating Blitzkrieg miles consists of a normal mile run followed up by a mile of segmented sprints.  Each PAX counted off and took turns picking the distance of the sprints by eyeing up landmarks for the finish line.  Short sprints = short recovery time.  Longer sprints = longer recovery time.  Rule:  PAX had to see the landmark/finish.

1st mile: conversational pace.  2nd mile:  short distance sprints.  3rd mile: conversational pace.  4th mile:  didn’t get to it.

None, though a sprinkling of half ass planks while waiting on the 6 were had.

14 PAX, 1 2.0 (Super Mario),  Gus, Pops, Orange Julius, Billy Blanks, Chyna, O Positive, Speedy, Speaker, Laettner, Patches, Sparky, Farmer, Nature Boy, Tomb Raider

In the chaos are faith is stretched and opportunities for growth abound.  Though we don’t wish for chaos, chaos finds us unexpectedly.  How we respond tells us a lot about our faith.  Is our faith professed only? or is it taking root in our heart?  Let go, surrender to God, be humbled by our lack of ‘control’, and grow.

Chaos moments for QIC this past week include:  rushing M to the hospital who was very sick and gave birth to our daughter, losing Super Mario for an hour on the Shelby Farm trails, blowing a tire en route to the Green Mile 30 minutes prior to start.

Haven’t run in awhile and it felt good in the way it does when its over.  There’s nothing quite like sprints to make me want to splash.

The Blitzkrieg mile broke down into disorganization due to the PAX rebelling and/or my lack of clear instruction.  As a result there were; sprinting for longer longer distances to some fabled landmark in the PAX’s minds eye, jogging in between sprints instead of recovery time, and an odd set of merkins thrown in there?  Hah.  Freed to QIC I guess.

Prayers for OP’s brother Frank.  May God break him down and build him back up, as for us all.

Cooper Meets Murph

THE SCENE: A bit more breathable than the humid weather we’ve been having.



  • SSH x20 IC
  • Hillbillies x15 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15 IC
  • IW x15 IC
  • Warm up lap around the track with butt kickers, high knees, and carioca

This workout was inspired by two routines: Cooper… meet Murph.

  • Run a lap, sprinting the last 100 meters
  • At the end of each lap: 10 pull-ups, 10 BBSUs, 10 squats
  • Repeat with 9 pull-ups, 9 BBSUs, 9 squats
  • Count down to 1
  • Have fun!

I needed one more lap to get to 3-miles. So we grouped up for a First Nation Run, with the two PAX in the back completing 2 burpees then sprinting to the front.


  • 3 miles (mileage varies amongst PAX)
  • 55 pull-ups
  • 55 BBSUs
  • 55 squats
  • some extra burpees for fun

13 PAX (0 FNGs) – MIB, Teacher’s Pet, Crayfish, Slots, Dewey, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Chiocetti, Peekaboo, Bottomless, Goldilocks, Upgrade, Lipton, Easily Amused (QIC)

1 Peter 3:15 – “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” 

I was thinking about this verse during a few laps this morning. The word hope was standing out to me. Hope is the quality that followers of Jesus demonstrate that catches the attention of those close to us. When things seem hopeless, when darkness seems to be winning out, when evil seems to prevail… Christians have hope because we know that “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5). We have hope because we know that righteousness and goodness and justice will have the last word.

It’s this hope that catches people’s attention. And Peter encourages us to be prepared to give a gentle and respectful explanation for that hope, to tell the story of Jesus.

One thing I love about Friday track workouts at The Barracks is that it brings together PAX who post at a variety of AOs and don’t often see each other the rest of the week. This morning I got enjoyed meeting and getting to know several PAX, and I hope we get to keep building on that.


Sucker. Punch.

Green Mile; sixty-somethingish degrees and threatening


Follow me.

Start run.

Counter-punch to Slots’ untimely remarks that Old Ballz has lost his step=3 Hill Repeats (3 up/3 down) IC at garbage dump.

Resume run.

Slots’ watchful eye prophesied more hill repeats near Hyde Lake. 5 Hill Repeats (5/5) IC.

Resume run.

No prophet coulda seen this coming.  Indian Run up the really tall hill (.6 mile) near the place, formerly known as The Kitchen.

Mosey down really tall hill.

Resume run.

1 last Hill Repeat (1/1) at garbage dump.

Finish run.

  • MARY:
    • Ain’t nobody got time for that.
      4; Slots, Speaker, Squeegee and O Positive (YHC)
      Life is full of tall hills and sucker punches.  Expectations change. Circumstances may dictate digging in and fighting through the suck, because that is what is required of us HIM. Relate this to your marriage, raising kids, workplace, fitness.  It is so important we see things through and FINISH STRONG. We all have limits…if we have reached them…and still need help or encouragement or accountability…REACH OUT to your brothers!!!
    •  MOLESKIN:
      So good to have Outerlooper, Slots, join his brethren this morning.  We put in miles. Ran hills. Mumble-chattered profusely. Except during the sucker punch Indian Run.  Nobody said a word.  It was epic.  Hope Slots learned a valuable lesson, ‘loose lips sink ships’. LOL  We were gonna hit those hill runs regardless. Prayer lifted up for our brother,  Big Perm, who recently  suffered a personal loss.  Proud of the PAX who showed up today to do work and FINISHED STRONG, followed up with some PLC together.
        See: Preblast

Celebrating Moms by Getting Better

THE SCENE: 58 and overcast…nearly perfect

  • SSH x 20 IC
    • Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
    • Mountain Main Poopers

Run 2 miles down greenline

AMRAP Merkins for 2 minutes

Run Back

AMRAP BBSU for 2 minutes

7 PAX – Speaker, Squeegee, Croissant, Big City, Pirtle, O Positive, Bailout

It’s Mother’s Day…Some of you may not have a mother with us anymore.  Whether you do or don’t , I am going to ask you to take a few minutes today and write them and a hand written note.  If you have them with you, get it to them as soon as possible.  If they’ve already left us, still take time today to reflect on them and write a letter to them.  Let them know you appreciate them.

I hate running.

Climbing the Ladder at The Barracks

THE SCENE: Beautiful morning! No rain, 60*. Good conditions for a tough track workout.


SSH x15 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Warm up lap around the track with butt kickers and high knees
30 seconds of stretching OYO

If you want to get faster, you have to run fast. We did a speed track workout to get better together!

Round 1: 100s

  • 100s for 6 minutes
  • 25 merkins
  • 30 seconds to recover

Round 2: 200s

  • 200s for 6 minutes
  • 25 merkins
  • 30 seconds to recover

Round 3: 400s

  • 400s for 6 minutes
  • 25 merkins
  • 30 seconds to recover

Round 4: 800s

  • 800s for 6 minutes
  • 25 merkins
  • 30 seconds to recover

American Hammer x25 IC
Boat / Canoe til 6:15

12 PAX (0 FNGs) – Tomb Raider, Teacher’s Pet, Pirtle, Doc Hollywood, Costello, Bottomless, Handsy, Altar Boy, Squeegee, Dewey, MIB, Easily Amused (Q)

“Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him as he saw that the city was full of idols.” (Acts 17:16)

While Athens was filled with visible idols, our culture is filled with idols too; though, they may be less visible. These idols expose stories that shape us and the culture we live in. Paul’s example in Acts 17 is to observe the idols of his day, but then to confront the stories underneath with the story of Jesus.

For example, a modern-day idol is power. We strive to climb the ladder, celebrating success and achievement. But the story of Jesus is one in which He didn’t hoard power, but gave it away. The trajectory for a follower of Jesus is a downward trajectory, giving away power to love and serve others.

Pay attention. Then lovingly confront the idols of our day with the powerful message of Jesus.

100s were hard… 200s were harder… 400s were even harder… 800s were hardest! But running with these HIM pushed me to get better.  Grateful for these men.


Green Mile goodness

THE SCENE: Gorgeous as always

4 miles
3 stops for irkins/dirkins x 15

Where are you accelerating? Always be accelerating.
Cujos are a great way to spice up the workout. Never trust a dog named buttercup though. 

D1 Day

THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.

  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 15
  • Hillbilly x 15
  • Billy Mays Hayes (groin and ham stretch) – 20 seconds
  • Calf stretch – 10 sec per calf
  • warm up mosey lap with high knees, butt kicks, power hop (skipping), and karoke
  • MIB showed up on MIB time doing SSHs in the corner!


D1 Day (Division 1 College Track Workout sent from the 2.0 who does this for fun except much faster)

The routine: Sprint a distance, then recovery jog the same distance. PAX ignored D1 times and just tried to avoid merlot splashing. D1 pace listed in parenthesis below.

4 x 400 followed by 4 x 200 followed by 4 x 100

4x400m (my pace: 60-63s)
4x200m (my pace: 29-32s)
4×100  (my pace: 14-15s)
Total distance run: 6000 meters (about 3.75 miles)

*not all PAX completed reps, but everyone kept moving!

Four minutes left after first couple of PAX completed tha thang:

  • LBCs x 20
  • Freddie Mercury X 15
  • Fluter Kicks x 15
  • American Hammer x 20

MIB, Four Eyes, Soybean, Handsy, Crayfish, Altar Boy, Shoestring, Teachers Pet, Lynx, Early Bird

Take time in the midst of busyness to breath, center yourself, and let God pour in. No matter how busy you are. Otherwise, we damage others.

APFT will be administered at the Barracks May 24th by Soybean

SOS Spring Cleaning Day on Saturday, 9:00-12:00!

Running and Merkins

THE SCENE: Sunny and 70ish

SSH IC x 25

Merkins IC x 15

4 mile run

  • 25 Merkins at mile 2
  • 30 Merkins at mile 3
  • 30 Merkins at completion

8 PAX (Meter Maid, Pirtle, O Positive, Speaker, Billy Blanks, Nature Boy, Royal Caribbean, Pops)
Don’t underestimate the power of reaching out to guys that haven’t posted in a while. It makes a difference.
Good mumblechatter, Pirtle saw a wild cat of some kind, Royal Caribbean looked strong.

Crucible #001

THE SCENE: A windy yet gorgeous gloom at 0600.  The weather held off on rain

YHC(Shoestring) organized the Crucible to be a trial of a mans endurance, stamina, mental, and physical strength and to see what kind of new creation comes out on the other side.  5 AO’s with a 20 minute bootcamp. 14+ miles of running. 1 amazing event.  15 pax circled up for the welcome and disclaimer.  One of those pax was a FNG.  Running support for the event was C-Lo and Zima.  Greatest of T-CLAPS to those two HIM who helped make this event amazing.  Without them, there is no telling how many pax would have not completed the event.

YHC kicked off the event as Q at the first AO, Old Forest.  The bootcamp went as follows:
SSH IC x30
IW IC x10
Daisy Pickers IC x20
Mosey to one end of the parking lot and started 11’s. Burpees on one end, Big Boy Sit-ups on the other.  Plenty of running.  At the end of 20 mins, the pax gathered together and began the ~1.8 mile trek to the Sandlot where Soulja Boy would take over on Q. Nature Boy and Four Eyes started off strong.  YHC was not breathing well from sickness but had to push thru and felt a ton better than expected.  The pax were overall in great spirits and were ready for the task at hand.

After a short 2 mile jaunt form the Old Forest Soulja Boy kicked off the 20 minutes at Sandlot with a BANG.  Pax lined up at the 50 yd line of the football field for some…

10 Merkins at the 50yd line.
Bear crawl to the 35yd line perform 10 BBSU and crawl bear back to the 50.
10 more merkins at the 50 then bear crawl to the 20 (stoping at the 35 for the BBSU) and perform 10 squats and crawl bear back to the 50.
Totaling 70 reps, 45 yds of bear crawl, 45 yards of crawl bear.

Next PAX partnered up and finished off with some Doracides. 100 Merkins, 150 BBSU, and 200 squats using the same distance for suicide sprints. TCLAPS to C-Lo for for jumping in to even out the number of PAX.

Altar Boy decided to do something crazy.  He made the pax run more after running. Why would someone do that? Great question.  Altar Boy put us through the Blue Mile.
4 Rounds:
10 Hand Release Merkins
Run 100 Yds
10 Pull-ups
Run 100 Yds
10 Jump Squats
Run 100 yds
10 Big Boy Sit-ups
Run 100 yds
Total 40 reps of each exercise and 1 Mile.

O Positive was our Q at the Bermuda Triangle.  you never know what’s coming with the swirling snakes of OP, but this was plain foolishness on a wall!  The smackdown was laid and YHC was in pain.
Wall Sit
Merkins x 30 OYO
Wall Sit til All In (WSTAI)
Burpees x 30 OYO
Pickle Pounders x 30 OYO
8-ct Body Builders x 30 OYO
Mtn Climbers (R/L=1) x 30 OYO
Body Bag Builders AMRAP for final 3 minutes

This is where the test of the pax really came through. The next leg was the longest distance of running for the day.  6+miles from the Berm to the Blazing Saddles.  YHC made it about 150 yds and realized my knees and lungs were not going to cooperate.  I had to tap out of the event and call it a day.  YHC hopped in the car with C-Lo to run support.

U-Rock was our last Q up for the day.  He was fresh since he had not done a single thing in the Crucible up til then.  YHC realized the noises
Mosey to horse arena steps
Down up irkins
Down up derkins
Down up dips
Up down leg lifts – got made fun of by some 6 year old girls at this part

Dirty McDuece
Crawl bear to playground, Sprint back
Set 1: Merkins, BBSU, Squats.
Set 2: Alternating Side Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Lunges.
Set 3: Werkins, WWI Situps, Monkey Humpers.
Set 4: Close grip merkins, Crunchy Frogs

Captain Thor – got to 7
Lt. Dan – got to 6

12 pax completed the event by running 17+ miles and 5 bootcamps at AO’s.  Those pax are Halpert, O Positive, Tomb Raider, Altar Boy, Nature Boy, Speaker, Soulja Boy, Steinbrenner, Four Eyes, Speedy, Orange Julius, and Crayfish.  The 3 that did not complete the event but put in work were YHC, Barney and Bobsled(FNG)

Crucible- a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

This event was made to be a trial that the pax could test themselves and come out a new creation.  This definitely tested some of the pax.  It was hard and YHC was proud of the pax that completed the event.  I was amazingly proud of how far the FNG(Bobsled) made it in the event.  Regardless what each individual pax learned about themselves in the event, there is a reality that life is one giant Crucible.  A trial that leads to the creation of something new.  As believers, our hope is in Jesus that He endured the ultimate crucible on the cross so that we could be made into something new.  Never forget that sacrifice and that we have a mediator in Jesus.  He is our everything.

This was an amazing day for F3 Memphis and YHC can wait for the fall when we do this again.

Prepare now for the fall.  Crucible is coming again.