Q School – April 2018

THE SCENE:  45 degrees and perfect weather for Q School
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  YHC led the pax through the importance of and the elements of the disclaimer.  The disclaimer should never be overlooked and always be at the beginning of every workout.

SSH x20 – IMHO every workout should start with SSH for the sake of traditions!
YHC went in depth the importance of calling out exercises and cadence.  The proper callout of an exercise helps the pax know what to expect.  All Q’s should practice the callouts and cadence before stepping out for the first time to Q.
Imperial Squat Walkers IC x20
SSH IC x20 (Led by O Positive)
Daisy Pickers IC x20
SSH IC x20 (Led by Choker)
SSH IC x20 (Led by Orange Julius)
Burpees IC x20 – YHC led the pax in a uncoordinated and difficult cadence of 20 burpees to prove a point that bad leadership and overly difficult exercises can hurt the pax and your leadership. Losing the trust of the pax to follow you will hurt your leadership abilities.  The opportunity to Q is not about you. The workout is for the pax so always be aware of how you are serving them the workout.

Mosey up the hill. – We ran up the hill to demonstrate that when running you have to assign someone to the 6. This makes sure nobody gets left behind.  We stopped at the top of the hill and performed flutter kicks waiting for the six.  YHC explained pushing the stallions in the pax while never leaving the 6.

Dora 1-2-3
Pax 1 will perform the prescribed exercise while Pax 2 runs to the end of the parking lot and back.  They will complete exercises listed.
100 Merkins
200 Big Boy Situps
300 Squats
YHC emphasized the simplicity of exercises is important to not overcomplicate the workout.  KEEP IT SIMPLE! You do not have to invent exercises to Q in F3.  You may also want to focus on a specific area of the body to workout, for example, shoulders, legs or arms.  You may also want to focus on a full body workout.  YHC has chosen the full body workout with Dora 1-2-3.  We also focused on FORM. Proper form will produce better results than simply blowing through improper reps and quickly as possible. When you do improper form, you are cheating yourself.  As Q, you should set the example of proper form. Demonstrate exercises when necessary.

10 Burpees OYO
Bear Crawl across parking lot.
9 Burpees OYO
Bear Crawl across parking lot.
8 Burpees OYO

Mosey to circle up for Mary.

American Hammers IC x20
LBC’s IC x20
Shoulder Taps IC x20
Mountain Climbers IC x20
Hello Dolly IC x20

17 Pax (2 Irish Goodbyes and 1 FNG) Welcome Squeegee!

A Q is responsible for the outcome of the workout.  Be that somebody and step up to Q.  Do not let fear be the reason you do not Q.  YHC challenged the pax to sign up for a date to Q in May before leaving the parking lot.  When we have diversity of men leading, it benefits all the pax of F3 Memphis.  F3 needs each and every pax to lead so we can all get better.  We need each other to get better. Our families need us to get better. The city of Memphis needs us to be better so we can make Memphis a better place to live.

Best part of our bootcamp today was a surprise visit from F150!  Loved the effort from all the pax to push thru during the workout while also listening and learning.  YHC was truly humbled to lead today.  Definitely not worthy of teaching Q School but glad the pax showed up and put in work!

BrewRuck901 is next week.  Over 60 people are signed up and YHC is PUMPED!

Q School – December 2017

Date: 12/16/2017

AO: Mothership

QIC: Gus

PAX: O Positive, Billy Blanks, C-Lo, Bruce Wayne, F-150, Rabbit, Teacher’s Pet, Soybean, Snookie, Pirtle, Popstar, Captain Obvious, Beauty Shop, Four Eyes, Granola, Shoestring, Vladimir, Gus

Conditions: 42F and awesome

Welcome to F3–Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. I’m Gus and will lead this workout.

Equipment check for 3S2W:
– Shirt
– Shorts
– Shoes
– Watch
– Weinke

– I am not a professional.
– You are here voluntarily and are participating at your own risk.
– You are responsible for your own well-being.
– You didn’t pay anything to be here.
– Know your limits.

The Q, despite being in charge for the duration of the workout, must realize that the workout is not about him. The goal is to make the PAX better.

Because YHC hates burpees but realizes they make the PAX better, we started with Burpees OYO x 10.

During the workout, the Q is (1) teacher, (2) coach, (3) motivator
but at a base level the Q is a PARTICIPANT.

“If you can’t do it, then you can’t Q it!”

SSH IC x 10
Imperial Walker IC x 10
Hillbillies IC x 10
Merkins IC x 10
Carolina Dry Docks IC x 10
Mountain Climbers IC x 10
BBSUs IC x 10
LBCs IC x 10

* mosey to upper parking lot *
Because we do not leave any man behind, we practice the “String of Pearls” method by stopping at regular intervals to allow PAX in the turtle and Clydesdale divisions to catch up. Because we do not leave any man where we found him, we do non-aerobic exercises (e.g., overhead arm claps, squats, cherry pickers, etc.) while the PAX catch their collective breath.

The Thang
Lunge walk down zigzag ramp
Bear crawl up zigzag ramp
Backward run down zigzag ramp

* mosey to The Kitchen steps *

Partner Sets:
While A box jumps up steps, B performs merkins. Swap partners until group has performed 100 collective merkins.
Rinse and repeat with squats.

* mosey to SP *

Hello Dolly! IC x 20
Rosalita IC x 20
Weezy Jefferson IC x 20
Jane Fonda IC x 10 each side
Hollywood Side Crunch IC x 10 each side
Pickle Pounder IC x 20
Boat/Canoe on Q’s command
Crunchy Frog IC until ENDEX

Count-O-Rama (18)



Robert Lewis: “A real man rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously, and expects God’s greater reward.”

For further reading:
1. http://www.christianitytoday.com/moi/2012/003/june/heart-of-manhood.html
2. https://www.authenticmanhood.com/a-clear-vision-for-authentic-manhood/

Theodore Roosevelt: “We need the iron qualities that go with true manhood. We need the positive virtues of resolution, of courage, of indomitable will, of power to do without shrinking the rough work that must always be done.”

Moleskin: YHC was honored to lead a group of Men who showed up ready to work, learn, and get better together. The burden of Leadership is borne by the willing, and these guys make it worthwhile to step up. YHC’s heart was already full at the end of the workout, but the PAX weren’t done edifying ol’ Gus. O Positive presented YHC with an Honor Box, emblazoned with the F3 logo and “GUS. Words failed me, and that doesn’t happen often. I gain so much by being around men who care for me and for each other.

C-Lo fiddled with his drone all morning, so hopefully we got some good images.