February 22, 2021

Parked Out by the Lake

THE SCENE: Cold. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Welcomed and disclaimed. WARM-O-RAMA: 25 Side-Straddle Hops 12 Daisy Pickers 12 Imperial Walkers 12 Hillbillies 20 Arm Circles (forward, backward, little, big) THA-THANG: Parked Out by the Lake: Played this song on my speaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_zS_uiPWxs Start in plank position. Murcan every time he says “Lake”, mountain climber for “park”, jump up like…

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February 15, 2021

Snow Mosey Through the Woods

THE SCENE: 14 degrees, light snow, roughly 3-5 inches on the ground. Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations” welcoming the PAX. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes. WARM-O-RAMA: 30 SSH’s, 15 Hill Billies, 15 Imperial Walkers, 8 Daisy Pickers, 30 sec stretch while YHC fixed the playlist. THA-THANG: Mosey through the Old Forest (roughly 2 miles total) and stopping for some exercises along…

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February 10, 2021

Precursor to Pain

Scene: Dark and Gloomy, but not wet as proposed by weather guessers Welcome + Disclaimer: Given multiple times as PAX spilled in at 0527-0532 WoR MMP x 15 IC, Goofballs x 20 IC, Arm Circles x 10 both ways, Inserted SSH x 10 for late arriving PAX, Daisy Pickers x 10 Precursor to the Main Thang Bear Block Burners…

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February 1, 2021

Super Heroes at Old Forest

THE SCENE: 38 degrees, 29 wind chill, warmed by fellowship (and layers of clothes) F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER – offered except for the last latecomer . . . he tried to pay me afterward WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x 20 Imperial Walkers x 12 Michael Phelps x 12 Mosey through the woods THA-THANG: ATMS (15 alternating shoulder taps, 10 tempo merkins,…

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January 27, 2021

in honor of pyrtle and dewey

THE SCENE: cold F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER was short, but sweet WARM-O-RAMA: Motivators countdown from 6 IC Daisy Pickers x 10 IC Forward Arm Circles x 10 IC Backward Arm Circles x 10 IC Overhead Claps x 10 IC THA-THANG: To honor two long lost PAX who haven’t graced Old Forest with their presence in quite a while, I…

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January 25, 2021


THE SCENE:   Lots of trees. I had some company pre-rucking but they preferred fartsacking in the gazebo and smoking a stogy on the bench.  I should have EH’d them.  What are their names? and can we help them? F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Disclaimed, welcome the FNG (forgot). WARM-O-RAMA:   High knees x 10 IC, Butt kicks x 10 IC, Burpees…

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January 20, 2021

5! = 120

THE SCENE: 1/20 – INAUGURATION DAY. 37 Degrees outside. Clear cool morning. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER F3 is a free workout for men focused on fitness, fellowship, and faith. I am not a professional so take all I say as a suggestion. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Modify any exercises as necessary. We are all here to get…

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January 18, 2021

Hodgepodge Workout, tangled COT

THE SCENE: 37 and no wind, particularly, which is darn nice for this time of year. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER As per my usual, the welcome and disclaiming happened, but in a gibbering and goofy fashion.  It’s folly to expect better out of me. WARM-O-RAMA: WarmUp  was: Side Shuttle Hops (25) Counting up from one, as usual. Deep Squats…

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January 11, 2021

Old Forest Boot Camp

THE SCENE: Quite cold F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Did it, repeated it 2-3 times for the late comers that kept strolling in… WARM-O-RAMA: SSH (IC) – 50 Daisy Pickers (IC) – 12 IW (IC) – 15 Hillbillies (IC) – 15 Arm Circles (IC) – 10 forward, 10 backward THA-THANG: Partner up Partner 1 runs to playground and performs 10…

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January 4, 2021


THE SCENE: Handsy rolled up at 5:15a with a bunch of CMUs in the back of the SOS truck. That means he got up extra early, drove over to SOS, loaded up a bunch of CMUs by himself, came over to Old Forest and then proceeded to do some pre-workout by the playground equipment. Stud muffin. F3 WELCOME &…

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