The Sandlot LAP- Legs, Abs, and Pecs

THE SCENE: Real nice at first; then too hot for Hitch to keep his shirt on

Not a professional! Then repeated for MIB when he arrived. 

Side Straddle Hop 20x

Daisy Pickers 15x

Windmill 15x

Mosey to the Skatepark and partner up

Set 1-

  • Jump down and up from the pit 20x
  • Flutter kick till the partner is done

Set 2-

  • Box jumps 20x
  • Freddy Mercury till the partner is done

Rinse and Repeat (half the reps)

Mosey to the Bleachers, everyone OYO!

  • 10 irkens
  • 10 dirkens
  • 10 laps up and down the aisles of the bleachers

Rinse and repeat!

Mosey to the Rugby Field and partner up again

  • Run the length of the field and back
  • Burpees until your partner gets back


  • Toe touches side to side 20x
  • Dealers choice all around about 20x each exercise, included some LOLs, LBCs, Dying Cockroach, Inching Burpee thingy, etc.

MIB, Hitch, Teacher’s Pet, Christmas Tree, Chioccetti, Moth Balls on Q
Beautiful word on the brotherhood F3 provides, how essential it is for my life, and how it’s been missed. Coming off of a long break has been exciting with all the life changes, but also realizing the need for brothers in Christ to connect with and to meet with regularly.
Still don’t understand the difference between this and Circle of Trust, but Jesus loves you.
4th of July convergence at The Mothership at 6:30 a.m.!

Zombies v Humans again

THE SCENE: No question, it was hot.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Check. Although I gave it 3 more times because apparently HC means show up at 5:31 or later. 

SSH – 30, Daisy Pickers- 15, IW-15, Polka  Stretch-15
In the parking lot, everyone lined up and completed a race. PAX completed 10 burpees on one side of parking lot, then ran to the other side to complete 10 burpees, then PAX ran back to the finish line. As PAX crossed the finish line, they would yell “1” or “2”. Each pair was put together for the next exercise.

Mosey to the Rugby field. Then, PAX that were 1’s were Zombies playing “Catch Me If You Can” with the 2’s (the humans).  The route was 4 Corners of the rugby field.

Corner 1 (Zombies started here, humans were running to Corner 2): 20 Turkish getups, then crabwalk up hill, then run to next corner.

Corner 2: 20 Squats, then run to next corner

Corner 3: 20 Big Boy Situps, then run to next corner

Corner 4: Bear crawl down the hill, then 20 Merkins, then run to Corner 1

Rinse and repeat. PAX Completed at least 3 rounds of the “4 Corners”

3 PAX were caught by the Zombies. YHC called for 5 penalty burpees for each caught human, so PAX completed 15 Burpees. Then, Mosey back to the flag.

Hollywood Side Crunch -20 , Carolina Dry Docks – 15 American Hammer-25, Box Cutters -20, LOL’s-10

Talked about creating culture instead of passively letting culture happen. What are the things we want for our families, kids, and other parts of our life? How do we create the culture we want in these areas.

Get your Sandlot Shirt.

Trilogy Part 2: Infinite Lunges

THE SCENE: Pretty hot, but not too bad.  Looked like it was going to rain then it didn’t
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I said some pre-coffee gibberish about the trilogy and the deep meaning that we embedded within (as well as warnings not to hurt yourself)

Side Straddle Hop x 20
Butt kickers 60 seconds
High Knees 60 seconds
Front Little Overhead arm circles x 10
Back Little Overhead arm circles x 10


Mosey to Tiger Lane
Lunges & Jump Squats
We traveled the length of Tiger Lane doing lunges, then at each light pole did a jump squat.  It took a LOOOONNNNGGGG time to finish, and when we did the early birds did squats until all in
Side step back to start
Duck Walk Broad Jumps
Duck Walk through the parking lot and half way through we each did a broad jump and continued to duck walk until legs gave out.
Finally we moseyed back to startex


Hello Dolly

Iron Cross

Insert PAX Count & FNG Name
Insert the WORD here.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Double Quarter Pounders at the Sandlot

THE SCENE: the weather could not have been better for a BC.  just an absolute delight.

Slow 0.5 mile mosey around the park for starters, Daisey Pickers x 15 IC, “Groin Pickers” x 15 IC (named by Sir Mix…essentially a Daisey Picker that is lateral with a three count to each side and coming up with a hip thrust counting as 1 rep), Polka stretch x 15, arm circles 20 forward, 20 reverse, SSH x 25….Mosey to the rugby field
Classic Quarter Pounder:

  • Sprint 25 yards – 25 Merkins (run backwards to goal line)
  • Sprint 50 yards – 50 Squats (run backwards to goal line)
  • Sprint 75 yards – 75 Mountain Climbers, 2 is 1 (run backwards to goal line)
  • Sprint 100 yards – 100 SSH (run backwards to goal line)
  • BBS, Gas pump, or Flutter kicks til all in
  • Ab circuit: 25 BBS, 25 Flutter kicks, 25 gas pumps, 25 LBCs
  • Rinse and repeat

Quick mosey around softball fields to billboard on Central side for 1 min of AMRAP pullups; finished 0.5 mile mosey back to flag for MARY

Captain Thor… 1 BBS: 4 American Hammers; Crew made it to 10:40. Thunder claps.
6 PAX; no FNGs
PAX encouraged to take 30-45 seconds to focus on God’s work in their lives.  Encouraged a moment to be still and consider all the things that he is doing that we often are too busy or distracted to realize.
Solid group for a Tuesday BC.  Guys showed up and put in the work and it is always encouraging to be with HIM that are willing to put in hard work.

Enjoyed a brief mosey from the Hamp with Easily Amused and appreciate his willingness to lead SOS devotion this week in Binghampton and Orange Mound.  Thunder claps to him!
Thankful for Handsy’s wife’s recovery after her surgery; Prayers for the Harkins family having to deal with 2 separate tragic losses and the strength to engage them well.  Four Eyes on Q at OF tomorrow.

Extra Innings at the Sandlot

THE SCENE: Cool-ish and overcast. Perfect weather for a low-level minor league beatdown. There was a Handsy sighting, but he couldn’t stay.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Started to give. Realized Father Abe was walking up with two FNGs, so I hesitated, then disclaimed when they were within earshot.

Mosey to the rugby pitch! YHC heard groans from the back. 

SSH x20; Imperial Walkers x15; Prisoner Squats x10 (down on 1; hold for 2,3; up on 4); air chair overhead claps (the worst!)

Mosey through treacherous terrain to the bleachers/diamond. 

We came to play 9 today. Each inning consisted of:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 jump lunges (2 is 1)
  • 15 merkins
  • 20 squats
  • In the diamond, sprint from home to the outfield grass, jog around the infield curve, sprint home

Repeat that 9 times. Jail Bait and Sir Mix-a-Lot led the pack. When they finished, they led some Mary in the outfield while waiting on the six. Teacher’s Pet showed up in the 3rd inning like a true Braves fan. 

We finished all 9 innings, but alas! The game was tied! Everyone completed one more inning, then we moseyed back to the shovel flag. 

Hold boat pose until all in, then did 1 minute low plank.

9 PAX: Sir Mix-a-Lot, Easily Amused, Jail Bait, MIB, Father Abraham, Teacher’s Pet, Soybean (QIC), Haggler (FNG), Courtyard (FNG)

I’ve been feeling over-committed and overwhelmed. I tend to say yes to things that “need” to be done, even when it’s not a strength of mine and I don’t really have time. This is a mistake! God has gifted each of us to uniquely serve in different ways, and we ought to focus on doing those things with excellence. Taking on too much and doing things I’m not good at just leaves me exhausted and stressed. 

It so happens that this week’s Q Source point is about Missionality, where Dredd discusses this exact problem. The entire article and podcast are well worth a read/listen. He ends the article with this quote, which is a great reminder:

“The graveyards are full of indispensable men and yet the Earth keeps turning. Just say no. Stay Missional.”


Welcome Haggler (pawn broker) and Courtyard (met his wife staying in the same apartment complex)! Thanks to Father Abe for providing the tunes. 

Total reps for 10 innings: 50 pull-ups; 100 jump lunges; 150 merkins; 200 squats. Lots of running.

We’re starting a new AO in Hernando, MS. Let people know! 

Tabata Sandwiches

THE SCENE: Warm and glad to be greeted by YHC’s neighbor, Stromboli
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER3 FNG’s, so YHC disclaimed. 

30-SSHs, 10-Soulja Boy Shuffles, 10-Daisy Pickers, 15-Imperial Walkers
Moseyed toward Tiger Lane. On the way there, we stopped at the billboard to complete 25 leg lifts and LBC’s until ALL IN.

Next, we continued the Mosey and paused to complete Boat Canoes (aka Crunchy Frogs) until the 6 was in.

3 Rounds of Tabata:

Round 1: Box Jumps, Merkins, Box Jumps, Ierkins (incline Merkins).

Round 2: Mountain Climbers, Derkins (decline Merkins), Smurf Jacks, Pickle Pounders

Round 3: LBC’s, Groiners, Flutter Kicks, Boat/Canoe

Moseyed back to the Flag, pausing for Alternating Shoulder Taps and Al Gore along the way.

30-LBC’s, 25-Flutter Kicks, 10-Captain Thor (did not finish)

10 PAX (3 FNGs Doo Wop, Goose, Stromboli)

YHC talked about Mark 10 and the Rich Young Ruler. Specifically, that the RYR had kept the commandments, but Jesus said there is still more that must be done. You must sell everything and follow Him. YHC is struck by the difficulty in keeping The Lord’s commandments but also in the way Jesus calls us to only serve Him and nothing else. YHC shared how giving generously and detaching ourselves from power, wealth, and control takes us to His feet regularly.

Great to have 3 FNGs!

No Tigers Were Hurt In The Making Of This Snotwoggler

Sandlot; dark and gloomy



.75 mile mosey to Tiger Lane for Tha-Thang

*11’s (OYO)

  • RUN 100 yard length of field
  • RUN (backwards) 100 yards to starting point
  • REPEAT as follows:
    • 2 BBB/9 PS
    • 3 BBB/8 PS
    • 4 BBB/7 PS
    • 5 BBB/6 PS
  • RESUME as follows:
    • 6 BBB/5 PS
    • 7 BBB/4 PS
    • 8 BBB/3 PS
    • 9 BBB/2 PS
    • 10 BBB/1 PS
  • RUN .75 mile back to STARTEX
  • MARY:
    • BOX CUTTER (Build the box) x 20 IC
    • BOX CUTTER (Open the box) x 20 IC
      10; (Willy Loman from the 615) Trapper Keeper, Chioccetti, Bookworm, Teacher’s Pet, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Crayfish, Easily Amused, MIB, Low Note and O Positive (YHC)
      Do hard things. In your marriage, parenting, work, faith walk, health and wellness.  It is difficult to push through the hard stuff sometimes in our lives but it is so important we see things through and FINISH STRONG.
      This was a sucker punch.  When YHC bypassed a traditional Warm-A-Rama and said ‘follow me’ and led the PAX on a .75 mile mosey to Tiger Lane set the tone of what was in store.  Then when YHC announced that 11’s was the main course, the overwhelming SIGH was…EPIC.  All said, we ran 2.5 miles, including 10 football field lengths forward and 10 football field lengths backwards.  These PAX FINISHED STRONG and we enjoyed some PLC together.
      See: Preblast

Sandlot, 4/30/19

THE SCENE: High 60s.  Cloudy.  Dry.  Felt amazing.



Squats x 10 IC
Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Arm Circles x 10 IC
Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
SSH x 25 IC
Stretch what ails you

Mosey to bleachers


5 rounds of

  • Squats x 20 OYO
  • Pull-ups x 20 OYO
  • Burpees x 20 OYO

Plank variations and Merkins until all in.

Mosey to the location at which we started, albeit at a different time than when we started.

Invert thyself on the wall.

  • One PAX drops and does Burpees x 5, then gets back on wall.  Next PAX goes.  Rinse and repeat until all PAX have performed Burpees.
  • 20 second count.  Rinse and repeat with Squat Jumps x 5.
  • 20 second count.  Rinse and repeat with Merkins x 5.


LBC x 50 OYO
Flutterkicks x 75 OYO (2 is 1)
Hold plank 100 seconds

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  9 PAX (0 FNGs).  Low Note, Altar Boy, Crayfish, Toms (QIC), MIB, Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet, Tuco, Chioccetti.

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: There is never a good time to experience difficulty, in whatever form.  While life occurs in seasons, waiting on life to get easier or more convenient is often a fool’s errand.  Trust in the sovereignty beyond your control.  Rest in mercy.

MOLESKIN:  We have been saying Chioccetti’s name wrong.  Maybe.


soggy bottom boys

THE SCENE: mid to high 50s. Perfect conditions
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcomed & Disclaimed

  • SSH x50 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Polka Stretch x10 IC
  • Arm Circles x 40 (fwd sm, fwd big, rvrs sm, rvrs big x10 each)


  • Moseyed around a baseball field to a hill
    • PAX partnered up & Wheelbarrowed 3 times each up said hill
  • Mosey to Baseball field and lined up on left field line for DORA123
    • Stick with same partners from Wheelbarrows. Partner 1 does exercise while Partner 2 moseys to center field fence. Partner 2 arrives at fence and does 10 American Hammers IC and moseys back to flapjack w/ Partner 1
    • Collectively P1&2 work towards
      • 100 – BurpO’s
      • 200 – Lunges (2=1)
      • 300 – LBCs

Mosey’ed back to “STARTEX” (hope Gus reads this)

  • YHC polled the PAX if they wanted MARY or Sprints…7 of 9 chose MARY
    • Peter Parkers x25 IC
    • Captain Thor! 1 Big Boy Situp to 4 American Hammers. We went up to 6 before time was called.


YHC shared his pastor’s illustration about operating knowing the victory that Christ has achieved on our behalf. This should alleviate anxiety and stress of minute things.


YHC was sorry for being a minute late! Pre-Ruck crew was lured into the Mid-South Coliseum to sneak a peek! We moseyed back (helped our Ruck pace out quite a bit!) . However, this glimpse cost others a minute of 1st F and for that…..sorry.

4/27 – BREW RUCK

Tour de Lot

THE SCENE: 54 Degrees, Dry, with a scent of Moth Balls.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Check. Although Gus (Nantan) corrected my language during disclaimer. He prefers to use the word DIRECTION instead of SUGGESTION as he DIRECTED to me instead of SUGGESTING the change.

(All Exercises In Cadence unless otherwise noted) SSH-30, Soulja Boy Shuffle (aka 123 touch the deck)-10, Imperial Walkers-10, Hill Billies-10, Daisy Pickers-10, Monkey Humpers OYO-30.

THA-THANG: (done with a playlist)
First, we stayed in the parking lot and partnered up to complete 10 yards of Shop Vac Merkins. Then, we completed 40 yards of Burpee Dans (finishing off the number from Jail Bait’s Q on yesterday). We started with 4 for one 40 yard length, then switched to 3 for the way back.

Next, PAX moseyed to the billboard on Central and completed 41 pull ups (April Arms). Toms’ and Shoestring’s moseys to the music were inspiring. During Pull ups, so many PAX complained about their how their fingers hurt… maybe PAX needs a February Fingers #suggestionnotdirection. PAX Boat/Canoed (crunchy frog) until all in. YHC led Boat/Canoe.

Then, PAX moseyed to Rugby field to complete 10 Absolutions. Hold Plank till all in. YHC asked Crayfish for a 10-count. He counts quickly. PAX then ran across the Rugby Field to the Skate Park.

At the Skate Park, PAX completed 41 Dips, then PAX moved to the pool for ABC’s, LOL’s – 10, and LBC’s -25.

Finally, PAX moseyed back to parking lot.

Shoulder Taps (led by Four Eyes), Boat/Canoes, American Hammers (led by Shoestring)-30, and 24 Flutter Kicks (completed during Toto’s Africa).

13 PAX (1 Willy Lowman – Incognito)

YHC talked about Jesus’ arrest and the account in the Gospel of Matthew. The chief priest had to wait to arrest Jesus, because he was afraid to do it in front of the crowd. When you read more about the arrest, you see that Jesus was arrested when he was in community in the garden. But, Jesus’ community was not on mission with him. They were sleeping while he was praying.

YHC discussed the importance of community/accountability, but it must be with those who understand your mission and the will of God.

The Sandlot is the best AO IMO with a great group of HIM to workout with. I am honored to get a chance to be led by and lead these HIM at this AO!

The billboard does hurt your fingers when you do 41 pull ups.