Exercise in the Morning

THE SCENE: Warm but a hint of less humidity

Stretching, SSH, probably something else
DORA! One partner ran, slid, backpeddled, carioca’d, bear crawled and crawl beared while the other did:

  • 100 roll over merkins
  • 200 BBSUs
  • 300 calf raises

We followed that with some sprints

Users Choice. I don’t remember much.
Stop for the one.


Four Eyes is speaking Thursday morning at 2 Pres.

Pinch hit Q – rugby field style

Bruce was supposed to be on Q but is out of town, and Four Eyes was gone as well, so I got to pinch hit today.

THE SCENE:   Beautiful day for a beatdown, but humid as all get out, felt like 80,  nice breeze though
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Was disclaimed.

SSH IC x 20, Imperial Walkers IC x 20, Windmills IC x 20, Daisy Pickers IC x 15, stretch what ails-ya


Workout was performed as a team today.

First task, moving the big tractor tire to the corner of the field…teamwork was displayed.

Double Quarter Pounder:

  • Sprint to the 25 yards and do 25 merkins, run backwards to goal line.
  • Sprint to the 50 yards and do 50 squats, run backwards to goal line.
  • Sprint to the 75 yards and do 75 Mountain Climbers, run backwards to goal line.
  • Sprint to the 100 yards and do 100 Side-Straddle Hops, run backwards to goal line.
  • RINSE AND REPEAT – Except for the 100 yard sprints, every cone you cross = 2 burpees

4 Corners: Time was running short, so only got one round in.  Split PAX into 4 groups.

  • Sprint to first corner on the football field to perform 15 Derkins on the big ole tractor tire.
  • Sprint to second corner to perform 10 lunges per leg.
  • Sprint to third corner to perform 15 Irkins on the platform.
  • Sprint to fourth corner to perform 10 lunges per leg.

PAX then helpfully moved tire back to starting position.  Not as much teamwork with this movement.

MARY: Upon mosey-ing back to startex, found that the shovel flag had fallen out of the concrete dirt where it was placed, so all PAX paid the penalty burpees

BBSU x 20 IC, LBC x 20 IC, Hello dollys x 20 IC, Jane fonda x 15 per leg IC

11 PAX – 1 FNG:  Soybean, Mamas boy, Streaker (FNG), Goldilocks, Scout team, Sir Mix-a-lot, Father Abraham, Dewey, Teacher’s Pet, Bottomless, moth balls

YHC was been learning about great men of olde,  either from bible (for teaching kids sunday school this past year), David vs, Saul, or Samson, or from history, Alexander Hamilton (been trudging through the Ron Chernow biography for over a year…still not done), or Lincoln, or MLK.  YHC then came across a devotional thought from a pastor in Florida on that greatest time waster since facebook instagram that really made me think of F3.  All of these men, no matter how powerful or wise, all had something in their lives that led to a fall, whether it was bad decision making, lack of wisdom, weakness, or just overwhelming circumstances.  What differentiated the successful men from those who were doomed, wasn’t the mistake, per se, but that those who were successful had surrounded themselves with people who loved them, supported them, and as the pastor put it, “kept them from falling too hard or too far”   David’s heart was given to the Lord and he had the prophet Nathan to keep him accountable.  Saul was too prideful and was seeking power all on his own.  Hamilton had his wife and family to fall back on (despite several years of infidelity, they never left him).  MLK had his family, and a core group of men who helped lead in non-violence marching beside him, especially when times got really tough for him.

It made me think that F3 has led me to this group of men who help to sharpen me #ISI, to encourage me, and to be there when I make mistakes.  I pray that we will always be a  group of men that will not let another brother fall too hard or too far.

Friday, June 16th, 9pm midtown RUCK.

Surprise Birthday Q

THE SCENE: mild, low 70s, not too too humid considering recent atrocities to the lack of a true Memphis spring. Well I guess there you have it. Memphis weather always fooling us all.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Pax were welcomed and disclaimed amidst the Fartsack Q, PhP’s “no-show”

  • SSH x 30
  • IW x 30
  • Merkins IC x 15 
  • Hillbillies x 30
  • Baby Arm Circles x 15 fwd; x 15 rvrs

Mosey to the skate park for a variation of B.O.M.B.S; partner up

  • Round 1: PAX 1 would do Skate Park Half-Pipe sprints until PAX 2 completed 30 burpees, then PAX 1 would do 30 Burpees.
  • Successive Rounds: 30 Overhead Claps, 30 Merkins, 30 Big Boy Situps, 30 Squats

We left the Skate Park and headed towards the baseball bleachers, initial mode of transportation was 30 lunge walk steps -> 15 jump squats -> 30 lunge walk steps -> 15 jump squats. Then we moseyed to the rest of the way. At the bleachers

  • 15 Derkins
  • 15 Dips
  • 15 Erkins, then Rinsed & Repeated

We left the bleachers to mosey around the Shelby County School Board building. When we turned left off Hollywood to return to STARTEX, we stopped for a 10 count by the stage thing. We then gave it a give it all you got sprint to the STARTEX


  • Jane Fonda x15 each side
  • LBCS x 15
  • Freddie Mercury x 15, Rinse and Repeat

YHC was excited about turning 30. He spoke to appreciation of the things f3 has brought to his life in terms of consistency, predictability, and accountability. YHC ended 2016 at age 28 downtrodden about inconsistent fitness. Aside from the physical fitness, it seemed to be connected to other layers: loneliness, lack of commitments to himself, etc. Commitment to fitness has been a nice thing about 29, ideally 30 brings about other commitments and rhythms of life. YHC expressed desire to have midtowners Bible study this summer and plans to coordinate with Four Eyes & Bottomless. 

YHC celebrated his 30th birthday by doing 30 reps of most everything w/ 7 other f3 brothers. The surprise birthday q was ideated by Phat Pat and became the alibi for his eventual fartsack. Ironically we found the Turd Emoji mask at the Skate Park that was too much for F3 Memphis social media. We do try to keep it PG.

Under and Over the Bleachers


Just a lil muggy

Q: Moth Balls


warmorama- ready position move, in cadence, exercise

side straddle hop x15

hill billies x15

windmill ×10

cherry picker ×15

squats ×10

pushups ×10


Lil mosey to the bleachers

pullups ×15

LBC ×30

On the Bleachers


american hammer

side squat


jump up

flutter kick

run up, down, around bleachers 5 laps

Rinse and repeat starting at pull-ups (2x)


flutter kick (30×)

LBC (30x)

nolan ryan (20x)

Freddy Mercury (30x)

Jack Knife (15x)


PAX in attendance: Mm Bop, Mamas Boy, Sir Mix-a-lot, Father Abraham, Bruce, Shoe String, 4 Eyes, Bottomless, Toms, Crayfish



Talk about Jesus: After we have the redemption part of our life story complete it can be easy to get lazy and discouraged by living our faith in the mundane. God wants to give us new life daily, and be refreshed in our faith. It’s good to have God as a part of our everyday living, and his mercies are new every morning.


But did you die?


Memorial Day workout at The Barracks.

Broken Arms and Legs

THE SCENE: Hot.  No breeze.  Started raining when we arrived but then quit soon after.

Side Straddle Hop x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
HillBillies x 20
Front Little Overhead arm circles x 10
Back Little Overhead arm circles x 10


We moseyed to the Skate Park

Then we did:

  • Merkins x15
  • Dips x15
  • Carolina Dry-docks x15


  • Inclined Merkins x20
  • Dips x20
  • Carolina Dry-docks x20


  • Derkins x25
  • Dips x25
  • Carolina Dry-docks x25

then we rinsed and repeated twice more.

Next we moseyed over to the Union Ave. ramp and we

Lunge walked up the ramp, every few steps doing 10 jump squats.  When we made it to the top we moseyed back to start.

Four Eyes, Bottomless, Teacher’s Pet, Goldilocks, and Crayfish

We shared “Glory Sightings,” where we have seen God’s glory in our lives.  Some of the highlights were seeing God in our children and our neighbors children.

I based much of this workout from the PAX in Savannah, GA.

…that time it sounded like 2 bombs went off during COT/prayer

THE SCENE: Tobey Park, Field #3; humid, warmer
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER : completed.

  • SSH x 25
  • 2 laps around bases with jog from home to first; sidestep from first to second then second to third and jog from third to home
  • 2 laps of Hopscotch (2 foot hop) back and forth over chalk line from home to 1st; 1 leg hop from first to second then alternate leg second to third and 2 leg hopscotch from 3rd to home
  • 2 laps: Backpedal around bases
  • 4 laps: sprint single then jog rest of bases, sprint double then jog rest of bases, sprint triple then jog rest of bases; sprint homer
  • Daisey Pickers x 15
  • Windmills x 15

“9 Innings”

Pax (total of 8) split into pairs.  One partner would start at home plate and complete the following exercises at each base:

  • Home: Mountain Climbers x 15
  • First: CMU curls x 15
  • Second: Mercans x 10
  • Third: LBCs x 20

The other PAX would run a lap around the perimeter of the baseball field.  If either one finished before the other, he would hold plank until his partner finished his lap.  Then the PAX would switch.  We did this for 2 rotations and I decided to change format where one partner started at home and the other partner started at second and the infield routine continued.  If your partner caught up to you, you were assessed 10 penalty Mercans.

Extra Innings: Finished with a 2 lap Indian Run


  • Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
  • J-LO x 10 (held plank for 15 seconds) then x 10 more
  • Boxcutters x 15
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x 10
  • Freddie Mercury x 31
  • Cobra stretch x 30 seconds


  • 8 PAX (no FNGs)
  • Pirtle, Four Eyes, Mothballs, Teacher’s Pet, Bruce, Toms, Sir Mix A Lot, Bottomless (Q)


  • “MASCOT”: A symbol of a something rather than the something itself.
  • Reflected on challenge from Goldilocks at OF on 5/14 related to our own desires of our heart to know the Lord and seek him and to maintain the fire that the Lord has started within each of us.  Discussed how the MASCOT is a shell of who he was made to be and that we are made for more intentional and purpose driven lives
  • ACRONYM: HOW + GOD = reduction in EGO
  • HOW (Honesty, Openness, Willingness): To avoid being the MASCOT, we have to be open and honest about where we are and be willing to change
  • GOD (Good Orderly Direction): This is the way you want for your life…walk in it.  Concept of discipleship and importance of second F.  Importance of identifying HIM that you can have relationship with and be challenged by.
  • EGO (ego or Easing God Out): the things we do to move ourselves away from God and/or the things we do to elevate ourselves as God of our own lives.  These are false fronts that we use to impress, fool, trick, pretend and manipulate.  HIM are always looking to reduce and eliminate these characteristics.
  • Finished reading Ephesians 4:20-25: “….Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.”
  • Prayers: Bruce’s friend Hunter who is struggling with addiction and experienced his second heroin overdose; Tom’s for strength today on what would have been his 8th wedding anniversary.
  • 2 loud explosions occurred during the prayer accompanied by a near, if not complete, F’bomb drop by one unnamed PAX.  Gun shots? Transformer explosion(s)? Maybe just the Spirit?  Should have looked for those tongues of fire.

This was my second Q and I was appreciative for everyone that came out.  The PAX effort was excellent and I do feel like everyone was getting better by being there this AM.  Looking forward to participating and leading in the future when needed.

Four Eyes: Doughnuts and Coffee afterwards for those that weren’t concerned about how dirty they were

Bruce with announcement related to a Pancho’s Ruck that is happening on Saturday May 19th…reach out to him on Slack if interested

Double Quarter Pounder at the Sandlot, Plain

THE SCENE: Awesome weather in which to get turnt. YHC arrived at 0510 to run a mile (our horrible May challenge). Four Eyes was there waiting. We made the block around Avery. The PAX started arriving after we got back. Phat Pat rolled blaring some baloney libertarian talk radio and told us Red Roofer was going to be late. YHC politely informed PhP that no one cared, and that we’d be on the rugby pitch within 5 minutes. 

PAX: Four Eyes, Bottomless, Crayfish, Bookworm, Phat Pat, Red Roofer, Soybean (QIC)


Circuit Jack: SSH x20, Plank Jacks x20, Smurf Jacks x20
We grabbed the shovel flags and moseyed to the rugby pitch. The PAX did not seem eager, so YHC calmly asked them to speed things up. I also informed the PAX that, this being King of the Bluff day, we’d be doing a basic F3 workout – nothing fancy, but nothing easy. As our Nantan says, “F3 is more than a workout, never less.”

We planted the flags at ~25 and ~50 yard lines in the (very hard) sod, and gathered at the Southeast corner of the pitch. 
5 burpees OYO, run length of the field to next corner
Red Roofer had just pulled up, and Phat Pat was “guiding” him to where we were, aka avoiding the work. We OHC’d while we waited.
5 burpees OYO, bear crawl across field to next corner
5 burpees OYO, run length of field  
5 burpees OYO, bear crawl across field to the start

Circle up for: Daisy Pickers x15, Imperial Walkers x15, Hillbillies x15

I think we all enjoyed the unique feeling of doing Imperial Walkers after running and bear crawling. YHC *highly* recommends.

Quarter Pounder – we did this together, and the exercises in cadence
Starting at the try line (that’s rugby speak), sprint to 25 yard line, 25 merkins, run backwards back to start
Sprint 50 yards, 50 squats, run backwards to start
Sprint 75 yards, 75 mountain climbers, run backwards to start
Sprint 100 yards, 100 SSH, run backwards to start

The only thing better than a quarter pounder is a double quarter pounder. So we did it all over again.

There was a good bit of mumblechatter – partly because running backwards over sun-ripened divots is especially hazardous and partly because Phat Pat kept getting a head start on the sprints.  

***UPDATED*** Somehow, I forgot the Crowd Pleaser, which was very terrible. I must have blocked it from memory. To start Mary, we did the dreaded Crowd Pleaser. This is a 1:1 ratio of merkins and groiners, increasing reps by 1 to the point of utter exhaustion. To make it extra bad, I decided to do these in cadence. So we did:
One 4-count merkin : one 4-count groiner
Two 4-count merkins: two 4-count groiners
…up to 4:4, at which point, midwife noises were plentiful. Alas, we had to descend back to one! The total is 16 4-count merkins and 16 4-count groiners done in pretty quick succession. Do not try this at home. Or anywhere! JUST DON’T DO IT!

Dying Cockroach x10 (YHC struggled to do this one right)
BBSU x15
LBCs IC until 0615, approx 40

Magnificent 7, no FNGs

YHC read part of the DRP article from the Q Source about Sad Clown Syndrome.

“The symptoms of Sad Clown Syndrome are subtle, so the malady can be difficult to diagnose. The Sad Clown may not be chronically obese—but he is not physical fit, lacking in strength, speed, stamina and toughness. He may not be alone—but he is lonely, living bereft of meaningful male friendships. He may not be unemployed—but he lacks true purpose, having no clear vision or direction governing the things he does or fails to do. The Sad Clown may seem happy on the outside—but that is only what he seems to be, not what he is.

“…Absent a Disrupter, a man willing and able to create a disturbance in his enervated life, he will remain just as he is, clinging to the capsized boat of his life and incapable of initiating the Movement required to Get Right.”

YHC encouraged the PAX to be a Disruptor. We all have neighbors and coworkers who seem perfectly fine on the outside, but are actually drifting without any purpose.

Read the whole thing here. And be sure to check out the Q Source index for other topics.

Prayers lifted for Crafish’s neighbor, Four Eyes’ neighbor, and YHC’s foster placement. 

I had a great time this morning. Can’t put my finger on why. Maybe it was Four Eyes’ eternal smile. Maybe it was Bookworm’s cursing while running backwards over hard, uneven dirt. Maybe it was Phat Pat and Red Roofer modifying SSH to modified OHCs because they were “tired” from “working all weekend.” Maybe it was Crayfish’s syncopated 15 count. Maybe it was Bottomless’ mostly silent determination. Maybe it was Memphis. Or Maybe it’s because #TurntTobeyTuesday is just the place to be.

Unrelated – my M calls these posts “the backsplash.” 

VAPE tonight at Half Shell
Service Project Saturday at SOS (see preblast)
GrowRuck in September (see preblast)

Counting House

THE SCENE: The Sandlot: Weather: 45


  1. Welcome: I am not a professional 

  2. You are participating at your own risk 

  3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing 

  4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here 

  5. Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


WARM-O-RAMA:   SSH, Windmill, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Squats, mosey to parking lot with numbers (AKA “The Counting House, ~0.25 mi), stretch.



Today we’ll pair two exercises together, one for even numbers, one for odds. Move from parking spots numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, as high as you can doing that number of the assigned exercise as you move from spot to spot.

Start on parking spot numbered “1.” Do 1 squat.

Run to spot 2. Do 2 Merkins. Then 3 squats. Then 4 Merkins…

  • Round 1: Odds: Squats. Evens: Merkins. 5 min timer.

Mosey to Stop Sign Hill. Stretch at bottom. Sprint to touch stop sign, mosey down for 4×4’s wait for six. Mosey to skatepark, use parking space there for Round 2.

  • Round 2: Odds: Burpees. Evens: Gas Pumps. 4 min timer.

Mosey to skatepark. 11’s: Derkins, Box Jumps. 4×4’s to wait for the six. Mosey back to Start.



Mothballs led us through Flutter Kick and American Hammer to close out.



Second Base, Teacher’s Pet, Father Abraham, Mama’s Boy, Mmmbop, Bottomless, Sir Mix A Lot, Browns, Mothballs, Four Eyes


From the weekly pre-blast Q-source selection:


Candor is a rare quality, because people are hard-wired to avoid the adverse consequences that often arise from knowledge of the Truth, whether it is their own knowledge or the knowledge of those around them. Leaders will hide the Truth from their followers to avoid Accountability for their own failures, but also for a less selfish reason: to avoid bringing them pain. Because Truth is Disruptive, a weak Leader will shy away from telling it. He will be less than Candid with his followers and justify it with the delusion that he is sparing them out of love. But it’s a wired kind of love that leads a man to tell a Brother that he is Right when his boat is actually capsized.

Look for a chance to speak the hard truth, and to invite it spoken, in your life today.

MOLESKIN: The Sandlot has so many options. Great work with the short bursts of hard work today.



Father Abraham VQ next week!!!

F3 Day of Service!

May 5, SOS Spring Clean from 8:30 – 12:00, and Dia del Ninos from 11:00 – 5:00. Put it on your calendar and find some clown car compatriots. See weekly pre-blast for details (or DM FourEyes).