OF Ruck/Run: “Siri…are you coming in hot?”

THE SCENE: Coldish, but nice AM temp for a run/ruck
No formal warm-o-rama. OYO stretching for both ruckers and runners
Ruck route and Run route below:

  • Run plan: 2 miles to East High School at 8:50-9:00 min/mile pace
  • Brief stretching
  • Ran 1 mile on track sprinting the straightaways and jogging the turns.  Avg mile time was 7:15-7:30 min/mile pace for all 4 PAX
  • Mosey to hill near East High School
  • Ran 15 hill sprints with 5 sec rest in between sprints
  • Ran back to STARTEX (2 miles)
  • Total mileage: 6.3 miles

7 PAX (no FNGs)
Challenged the PAX with a thought from the Rich Roll podcast (link provided) that Crayfish shared with me where he interviews David Goggins (book “Can’t Hurt Me”…currently no. 2 on Amazon).  Goggins describes motivation as kindling.  Kindling helps start a fire but it doesn’t maintain it.  He speaks to the mindset of consistency in trial and difficulty and that for a man to be able to show up each day over and over again that he will need more than motivation. He will need more than kindling. Challenged the PAX that with this being the new year and getting things started that the motivations that we have will serve as kindling, but we need to recognize the need for additional behaviors, people, organizations, etc. that are needed for us to achieve the goals that we have for ourselves, our families, our workplaces, our churches, etc.
Great run.  Squeegee is awesome at signaling while running.  He should be the Run Safety Q FWIW. Teacher’s Pet was trying to use dictation on his iPhone and ask Bookworm if he was “coming in hot”, thus the “Siri, are you coming in hot?”
Equinox Challenge; VAPE; Memphis Basketball game

A Star Is Born (Levitt Shell Version)

THE SCENE: Chilly but still sweaty
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: offered especially to our 2 FNGs
SSH x 25 IC
IW x 15 IC
Move-Into-Bear-Crawl-Position-And-Back-Up-Move x 5
Merkins x 10 IC


A STAR IS BORN (exercises to, on, and back from the Levitt Shell stage with partners: Bradley & Lady Gaga)

Mosey to Shell
Flutter Kicks till all in at stopping point
WWW 1 Sit-ups till all in at stopping point
Plank till all in at LS

Arrive at stage: Partner Up

1) Vacuum cleaners: wheel barrow across stage and do 10 derkins, switch positions, continue till 100 derkins completed

Al Gore till all in

2) Apple turnover: Divide stage into three sections with cones, bear crawl to first cone then flip to crab walk at next cone, then flip back to bc, etc., partner squats till it’s his turn, total 300 squats together (time ran up before we hit out squat total)

Mosey back

Boat Canoe on Q (thanks The Dude for inspiration) till all in at stopping point
American Hammer till all in at stopping point
Boat Canoe
Windshield Wipers

12 count including 2 FNGs (Sparkles & Stay-Puft)

Start your day with TRUTH, not phone, news, social media.

Crucible 2019


noun: crucible; plural noun: crucibles
a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.
“their relationship was forged in the crucible of war”

Get ready for the Crucible, an event that will challenge the pax of F3 Memphis to come out the other side better MEN.

March 30, 2019 the pax will gather at Old Forest at 0600 for our first Crucible.  We will travel(RUN) to 5 different AO’s across the region(14+ miles) with a 20-minute beatdown at each AO, led by the HIM of F3 Memphis.
Begin preparing your souls for a 3+ hour endurance event hosted by Shoestring, our 1stF Q.  We will run as a group with no man left behind. We will have a Q for each of the 20 minute beatdowns at the designated AO’s.  There is no fee for entry and this will test the pax physical abilities.
The AO’s we will visit:
Old Forest (startex)
Bermuda Triangle
Blazing Saddles (endex)

Dora 1, 2, 3 with CMU’s at Old Forest




Did it (including accidentally mixing up some words in the mission to say “workout groups for small men” instead of “small workout groups for men.” oops.)


  • SSH (IC) – 35
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 10
  • LBAC (IC) – 20 total (forward, backward, big, small)
  • Merkins (IC) – 10


Partner off and mosey to the playground. As a pair, complete 40 pull-ups (modify with partner spotting or aussie style). Plank til all in. Mosey back to parking lot.

Dora 1, 2, 3 with same partner (all the following with CMU):
  • 100 Blockees
  • 200 Kettle bell swings
  • 300 Curls
While partner 1 works on those reps, partner 2 makes a lap around the big parking lot island always facing East (side shuffle, run backwards, side shuffle, run forward, etc).


Circle up, every other PAX has a CMU, so each PAX does one set of the following with CMU and one set without:

  • American Hammer (IC) – 10
    • pass CMU to PAX on your left
  • American Hammer (IC) – 10
    • pass CMU to PAX on your left
  • Crunches with feet straight up in air – raise hands and crunch up to touch feet (IC) – 10
    • pass CMU to PAX on your left
  • Crunches with feet straight up in air – raise hands and crunch up to touch feet (IC) – 10
  • Hello Dali Lama (IC) – 15 (no CMU’s, all together)


17 – 1 Eyed Willie, Altar Boy, Bartman, Toaster, Four Eyes, Crayfish, MIB, Fishbowl, Dewey, High Vis (Willie Loman from Nashville), Bailout, Teacher’s Pet, Chioccetti, Easily Amused (FNG), Bottomless, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Handsy (QIC)


It’s important for a leader to be vulnerable. Doesn’t mean you have to spill your soul in every BOM or COT – but don’t bottle up things that are hard or sin that is festering. Find someone or a smaller group of HIM who you trust and be real.


Super encouraged by the large group this morning, but two things in particular. Our FNG, Easily Amused, said he came out because so many guys he trusted kept EHing him. He said the church could learn a lot about evangelism from F3. And Fishbowl shared how, after only 7 workouts, F3 has changed him…he loves being with the group and thankful that it is making him better. Aye!


Check the Pre-Blast.

Forest Favorites

Date: 07JAN2019

AO: Old Forest

QIC: Gus

PAX: TLC, Mirage, Jail Bait, One & Done, Bookworm, Dewey, Bottomless, Shoestring, Hitch, Chioccetti, Handsy, Lodge, Park Bench, Hall Monitor, MIB, Pirtle, High Viz (Nashville), Bartman, Ergo, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Mighty Joe Young, Fishbowl, Crayfish, Carmen Sandiego, Mudslide, Altar Boy, Teacher’s Pet, Meatball, Diesel, Gus | FNGs (3): Apples [how do you like them?], Potted Meat [’cause he likes Bologna], Sam I Am [favorite sammy]

Conditions: 52F and humid; pretty gross



SSH IC x 20
Merkins IC x 10

[divide into four groups; stick with group]
Perform one squat, travel to next corner (sprint if long side; bear crawl if short side)
Perform two squats, travel to next corner
. . . .
Perform nineteen squats, travel to next corner
Perform twenty squats

* move to pavilion *

Three-minute plank while rapper NF raps a rap

Plank jacks

Flutter kicks IC x 18
Hello, Dolly! IC x 18

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Count-o-Rama (34)



Disturbance To The Status-quo

A leader is a person who can influence people to do things that they would not have done otherwise. Put another way, but for the influence of the leader, the things done by his followers would not happen. The leader is the agent, the impetus and the proximate cause of his followers’ movement toward the doing of those specific things that he identifies as advantageous. Without him, they would remain static and focused on maintaining the status quo. In the heart of man inertia will reign—absent a Disruption.

MOLESKIN: It’s been a minute since I Q’d at Old Forest. There were several faces that were new to me but familiar to the Group, and that’s a good thing. These fellas showed up in force and were ready to rock. I think they even secretly loved my Tabata Tunes. We did squats for Hitch. We did Merkins for errrrybody. OF tied with The Levee for KotB, so the Leveeites retained the title. But these men will always be #1 in my heart.

CMU work at the forest


Low 40’s



Merkin – 15 IC, Arm Circles forward and reverse -10 IC, Daisey Pickers – 15 IC, SSH – 50 IC, and mosey around parking lot to flags.

CMU work with flutter kicks until all in

  • Ascending curb crawl with Irkins 1 to 10
  • CMU overhead press 20 OYO then mosey around parking lot
  • CMU curls 20 OYO then mosey around parking lot
  • CMU overhead squats 10 OYO then mosey around parking lot
  • CMU  overhead squats 10 OYO then mosey around parking lot
  • CMU swing 20 OYO then mosey around parking lot with a sprint to finish
  • Mosey to pavilion for Merkins, Irkins, Dirkins, Squats, and SSH
  • Mosey around parking lot

Flutter kicks – 20 IC, Hello Dolly – 15 IC, Merkins – 15 IC, Freddy Mercury – 20 IC, SSH – 25 IC
13 PAX, no FNG’s. MIB, Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet, Lodge, Fishbowl, Bottomless, Goldilocks, Jail Bait, One and done, Alter Boy, and Ergo
Preserve in 2019. The definition is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Apply where needed.

All PAX gave it their all this morning! I’m lucky to be able to post and fellowship with them. Prayers for Four Eyes, Jail Bait, and Lodge. May God be with you today and the days to come.


Equinox Challenge, Bible Study and Q Source, Ruck Sim and lots of other stuff in Slack under announcements. God Bless.

11’s + B.O.M.B.S (with a side of Pull-Ups) 12/26/18


Cool, 47*


Did it


  • SSH (IC) – 40
  • IW (IC) – 14
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15


11’s + B.O.M.B.S. (with a side of pull ups)
I combined two classic F3 workouts and threw in some pull-ups because why not. Basically, we did B.O.M.B.S but instead of DORA style with a partner, we did each letter as a set of 11’s and added another exercise to correspond. We did a short mosey (~10 yards) between each exercise.

So – we did 5 sets of 11’s total. We tried to get small sets of pull-ups in between but were running out of time at the end and so cut some out.

10 Burpees —  1 Bobby Hurley’s (9-2, 8-3… 1-10 – same for all below)
  • Plank until all in.
  • Mosey to playground and perform 10 pull ups (modify to Aussie style if needed)
Overhead Claps — One legged squats (2 is 1)
  • Plank / Al Gore until all in.
  • 8 pull ups
Merkins — Monkey Humpers
  • Plank / Al Gore until all in.
  • 6 pull ups
Big Boy Sit-ups — Boxcutters
  • 0 pull ups (ran out of time, went straight into final set of 11’s)
Squats — Smurf Jacks
  • 0 pull ups


No time!


4 – Handsy (QIC), Bottomless, Crayfish, MIB


We tell our kids all the time – you can be brave and afraid at the same time. Don’t try to hide or deny your fears. You can admit being afraid and still be brave, strong, etc. In fact, denying or ignoring your fears can actually lead to a lack of bravery or strength. If we are going to be leaders we must be willing to recognize our fears and trust God to be with us in that.


We went about 2 minutes over time to finish. It was tough. Thankful for these HIM this morning…for a minute thought I might be working out alone. I was glad to push myself alongside these guys.


See latest Preblast.

Santa’s Ladder at Old Forrest 12/24/18 – One and Done VQ

THE SCENE: Cold and Balmy Christmas eve..

SSH – x 30 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Daisy Pickers x 20 IC


Santa’s Ladder

  • Starting at one end of the parking lot (A) run to the other end (B) and do 10 Burpees, Run back to A and then back to B and do 9 Burpees. Do this until you get to 6 Burpee count. On your next lap, do 5 Mericans, continuing the run until you get to 1 Merican. Then work your way down the ladder doing Burpees for reps 1-5, and Mericans for reps 6-10. Repeat as time allows.

LOL x 10 IC

Freddy Mercury’s x 20 IC

LBC x 30 IC
15 PAX, (0 FNG): Toaster, Shoestring, Bottomless, Handsy, Crayfish, Photoshop, MIB, Daniel Tiger, Interweb, Doc Hollywood, U-Rock, Soybean, Altar Boy, Bookworm, One and Done.

Reflected on Christmas and that the true gift was born 2000 years ago and died for us.
Talked about how I like getting gifts, and this holiday, it is easy for me to get wrapped up in the season of presents. But I did not want to forget that there was a better gift than we ever could have gotten and in Luke 2, it talks about that gift.

Old Man at Old Forest

THE SCENE: Delightful 41 degrees
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Delivered joyfully

Side Straddle Hops x 25
Baby Arm Circles x 20
Imperial Walkers x 15
Daisy Pickers x 15
Choose your stretch

Mosey to Bike Arch path

30 jump squats
20 dips
Bear crawl
10 burpees
Plank/Al Gore till all in

Repeat 3X

Mosey to Playground:
20 x 20 x 3
20 playground push ups (merkins on playground at various degrees of incline/decline)
20 box jumps

Rinse & Repeat 3X

Flutter Kicks till all in

Crabby Circle of Core
Exercises done in cadence and PAX crabwalks half circle in between each exercise
Alternating shoulder tap x 25
American Hammer x 20
Little Baby Crunches x 20
LOLs x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
Full circle rotation crabwalk

14, Teacher’s Pet, Nature Boy, Chiocetti, MIB, Lodge, Toaster, Bartman, Fishbowl, Dewey, Bottomless, Handsy, Crayfish, Jailbait, Altar Boy
We’ve got to get over our addiction to comfort and stop being preoccupied with the idea that God’s presence in our lives will make things easy. Find God in the hard stuff and let it do it’s good work..
VQ and oldest guy in the forest this morning!

Four Corners in the Gloom

THE SCENE: Warm 38 degrees.

  • SSH x40ish
  • Daisy Pickers x10
  • Windmills x10
  • Imperial Walkers x10
  • Hillbillies x10
  • Mosey to bicycle gate and back

Four corners

  • Corner 1 – x15 Burpees OYO
    • Sprint to Corner 2
  • Corner 2 – Merkin until relieved
    • Bear Crawl to Corner 3
  • Corner 3 – Squat until relieved
    • Sprint to Corner 4
  • Corner 4 – American Hammer until relieved
    • Mosey to Corner 1

Repeat x3


  • Freddy Mercury x15ish
  • Flutter Kicks x15ish
  • LBC x37

18 – Park Bench, Teacher’s Pet, Altar Boy, Lodge, Carmen Sandiego, One-and-done, Handsy, Soybean, Toaster, Doc Hollywood, Crayfish, Dewey, MIB, Lil Sebastian, Combination, Bookworm, Bottomless, Shoestring


I recently got a new job and went through a lot of ups and downs with the job search.  When I worried instead of keeping it in I gave it to God and shared it with my wife.  We need to share our worries and not keep them bottled up in side.  We can trust that God will take care of us.

I appreciate everyone coming out for my VQ.

Grinch workout at Barracks tomorrow at 5:15am (no Sandlot).