Nobody Likes Body Bag Builders…NOBODY.

Ye Olde Forest; 73 degrees and pekid


.50 mile mosey

*11’s (OYO)

  • RUN length of parking lot
  • RUN (backwards) to start point
  • REPEAT as follows:
    • 2 BBB/9 PS
    • 3 BBB/8 PS
    • 4 BBB/7 PS
    • 5 BBB/6 PS
    • 6 BBB/5 PS
    • 7 BBB/4 PS
    • 8 BBB/3 PS
    • 9 BBB/2 PS
    • 10 BBB/1 PS
  • BURPEES x 22 OYO


  • MARY:
    • FLUTTER KICK x 22 IC 
    • BOX CUTTER (Build the box) x 11 IC
    • BOX CUTTER (Open the box) x 11 IC
        13; 1 Irish Good-bye (Jail Bait), Teacher’s Pet, MIB, Handsy, Bottomless, Doc Hollywood, Chioccetti, Four Eyes, Lodge, One and Done, Tuco, Mudslide and O Positive (YHC) 
      • STORMS::
      • All of us can identify as 1 of the following: A)Just came out of a storm (of life) B)In the middle of a storm right now C)About to go into a storm .  Based upon where we are, have been or are going, we should use that experience to encourage our brothers and loved ones, friends and family if we see they need encouragement.  Storms come and go.  It’s the aftermath that we have to clean up.  Sometimes it’s messy.  While we are waiting for the next storm-and it will come eventually-we as HIM should ‘prepare for the unexpected while already being prepared for the expected’. 
      • MOLESKIN:
        The men of Ye Olde Forest DO NOT LIKE the Body Bag Builder.  When asked for a show of hands of who likes BBB more than Burpees…not 1 PAX, YHC included, raised his hand.  So, we ALL did 22 Burpees…OYO…after Tha Thang just before Mary.  These PAX FINISHED STRONG and we enjoyed some PLC together.
        See: Preblast

Dora lost in the woods

THE SCENE: perfect.

Side Straddle Hop x 15
Seal Jacks x 15
Monkey humpers x10
Butt kickers 60 seconds


Mosey through the woods 
We moseyed through the woods.  At various stops along the way we stopped for some American Hammers or Merkins until all in.  We continued the mosey through Various trails of the OF until we arrived at our destination of the 5th hole of the Links Golf Course.
Dora 1-2-3
There we rested for for an explanation of the next ~25 minutes. The pax partnered up for some Dora. One partner stayed at the base and worked on the reps while the other partner ran a loop across 2 bridges.  Partners worked together to cumulatively perform:
  • Absolutions x100
  • Smurf Jacks x200
  • Hello Dalai Lama x300
The absolutions took longer than expected so after the first couple pairs completed 100, YHC directed the rest to move to Smurf Jacks and did the same for the 3rd exercise.
A little before 6:10 we moseyed back to startex.


American Hammer until all in
Flutter-kicks x15

13 (1 Irish Goodbye) Altar Boy, Pirtle, Fish Bowl, Handsy, MIB, Dewey, Mudslide, Teacher’s Pet, Chiochetti, Easily Amused, Bottomless, Jail Bait, Crayfish

For the COT we shared in a time of meditation.  YHC encouraged the pax to select a focus word like “peace” or “Jesus” to come back to when distracted.  The goal is to let go of all thoughts and just be in the present moment—focusing on our breath and allowing any thoughts to drift away as they come.  A gong bath played via Bluetooth speaker while we mediated.


that Bronco is making PLC uncomfortable.

THE SCENE: cool, crisp AM. perfect weather for BC

Slow mosey around small picnic area to the north of the pavilion (not around the parking lot because there were three women doing their own BC and one of them started to run as soon as we did and we didn’t want to give the appearance of a group of 13 men chasing after her….in the words of Chiochetti, “I’m not a stalker.”)

During mosey, we did crossovers, butt kickers, high knees

  • Arm Circles
  • Hip Circles
  • Polka Stretch

Mosey to the playground without CMU:

1 set of 30 second static holds: Static pull up, arm hang, and static chin up.  After one set, grabbed CMUs and partnered up.  Did three sets of alternating static movements alternating with partner who performed AMRAP dips, curls, and overhead presses.  After completion of one rotation, all PAX circled up on the playground for 15 reps of 10-count Head-Shoulders-Knees-and Toes with CMU. It was awful.

Mosey to the parking lot for lower body 11s.  Squats on one end, Monkey humpers on the other.  Travel method to and from was hopping on one leg.  Modification for hopping on one leg was lunges.

At all in, we transitioned to second set of 11s with Dive Bomber Merkins and CMU curls.  Side shuffle was the travel method alternating facing East and West.  Most Pax did 5-6 rounds of this set.

With 1-2 minutes remaining, all PAX held and did Hundreds for MARY until 0615.

13 PAX (1 Irish Goodbye); No FNGs
Challenged PAX with the idea of viewing the word “faith” as the word “surrender”.  Was challenged by my pastor yesterday to consider faith as not simply the understanding that Jesus was a historical man who lived, died, was resurrected and lives forever, but that I am willing to ‘surrender’ my life in obedience with his will.  What does this look like in your life?  What does faith/surrender mean for you?
Great group.  Static pull ups were no joke.  Will definitely integrate those again.  One legged hops are still at bear.  PLC has become increasingly more awkward given the fact that we’ve got some random couple meeting up to have some “private time” together in the back of a red Bronco at 0630 every AM.  We are hopeful that it is intramarital and not extramarital.  Never a dull moment in the OF.
Prayers of thanksgiving for Baby Houston and for Goldilocks and Mrs. Goldilocks; Praying for Handsy and his wife’s health and her being alone while he travels.  One and Done in a time of transition in many phases of life and would like prayer.

Teeing it Up at the Old Forest

Arrived at 0415 for 4 miles of early ruckership with Soulja Boy.  It was dark, and neither of us had a working headlamp or knowledge of exactly how long the park trails were.  I was also keen to maintain my 46-year streak of not getting raped, so we opted to head out of the park and down Sam Cooper.

As we were returning to the park an hour later, another group of guys were returning from an early 2-mile run, getting those MayMilez in.  It pumped me up to see so many getting extra work in – these are the guys you need to lock shields with.

Did it extra loud so the 30% of the PAX who were still rolling in at 0530 could hear me.

SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Little Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)

F3 Golf:  a series of 5 minute sets, with 1 minute of rest in between.  Each set consisted of 2 exercises. The PAX would perform 12 reps of each exercise OYO, then 11 reps of each OYO, and so on until 5 minutes expired.  At the end of each round, each person’s score would be the lowest number of reps that were successfully completed for both exercises.  For example, if time expired while you were still working on 4 reps of exercise 2, your score for that round would be 5.  Lowest score at the end of the Thang wins.

I have Qd this workout a couple of times in the NE Kingdom, always with 6 or fewer in attendance.  With 19 PAX this morning, there was not enough time to record scores, so I omitted that part.  Cobains.

Set 1:  Merkins/BBSU
Set 2: CMU Curls/Flutter Kicks
Set 3: Burpees/WWI Situps
Set 4: CMU Presses/Freddie Mercuries
Set 5: Derkins/Squats
Set 6: CMU Tricep Extensions/Monkey Humpers
Set 7: Carolina Dry Docks/Imperial Squat Walkers

No additional Mary, but she was well taken care of throughout the Thang.

19 PAX: Bottomless, Choker (QIC), Costello (Kotters!), Crayfish, Dewey, Doc Hollywood, Easily Amused, Fishbowl, Handsy, Ice Cube, ISS, Jail Bait (IG), Low Note, MIB, Mudslide, One and Done, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Soulja Boy, Teacher’s Pet

From this week’s QSource:

Because of the Flux, all men have have their ups and downs. We spend some of our time on the mountaintop of our Faith-life, when we want to share our Joy with every stranger we meet. But we also have to slog through valleys of spiritual dryness, when all we really want is to be is left alone to lick our wounds.

Ironically, it’s those latter times (when Meeting is the last thing we want to do) that are the instances in which we most need to be there, so that we can share the strength of our Brothers who might just be on their own mountaintop. How much easier it is to reach up from the pit when a Brother is reaching down to meet us.

The article is talking about 3rd F Meeting, but it applies to all 3 Fs.  When I’m in a valley with my King and that alarm goes off at 0500, the last thing I want to do is get out of bed and go face those guys that are all Accelerating.  But when I do it anyway, those guys are always reaching down to meet me – even if they don’t know that’s what they are doing.  Post when you don’t want to – that’s when you need it most.  Just as importantly, post when you’re feeling good and don’t think you need it  – that’s when the other guys need you most.

I don’t visit the Old Forest often enough.  Great group of hard-working PAX!  Thanks for letting me bring my shenanigans to your AO.

Memorial Day Convergence at the Barracks

R.O.C.K. ‘̶n̶’̶ R.O.L.L.

THE SCENE: Mid to upper 50’s. Delightful temperature for pain and suffering! 😈WELCOME & DISCLAIMER


Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Hillbillies IC x 15

Daisy Pickers IC x 10

Finkle Swings

Stretching OYO



  • R.un
  • O.verhead Claps
  • C.rab Walk
  • K.raken Burpees (burpee that is performed with 3 hand-release Merkins at the bottom)

Routine was performed “7s” style (modified from “11s), starting with 1 Overhead Clap and 6 Kraken Burpees on to 2 Overhead claps, 5 Kraken burpees, etc. until reaching 6 overhead claps and 1 Kraken Burpee. Running one direction across designated portion of the parking lot and crab walking back.

All fueled by some of my favorite rock songs inspired by F3 namesake Dewey Finn (School of Rock)


Same setup as the R.O.C.K. routine but with some different exercises:

  • R.un (same as before)
  • O.verhead Press
  • L.unge Walk
  • L.BCs

Done again in the “7s” format fueled by some of my favorite roll songs inspired by F3 namesake Dewey Finn (School of Roll)


Played “Thunderstruck” by ACDC. PAX completed 1 standard Merkin for every “thunder!” that was heard in the song (It happened a lot).  Planked during the rest of the song. The PAX suffered.


Box Cutters IC x 20

LOL(O)s IC  – 10 Ls, 10 Os on both side

American Hamer IC X 20

I was starting to smoke myself (just call me Dewby, brother!), so I passed the torch to MIB who decided to politely snuff it out. It was relit and handed to Peacher’s Tet who led the next exercise and then the torch was passed around. The amounts got a little hazy for me at this point.

PT (TP in reality): LBCs IC x something

Tiger Lily: Hello Dollies IC x 20 (maybe)

Handsy: Hello Dalai Lamas IC x ???

Dewey Finnegan: Merkins IC x 5

14 PAX (1 Irish G’bye) – Tiger Lily, Teacher’s Pet, Bottomless, Doc Hollywood, ISS, Chiocetti, MIB, One and Done, Handsy, Toaster, Carmen Sandiego, Altar Boy, Jailbait (IGB), Dewey (QIC)
We all have things that we need to engage with mentally. There are things we run away from. This is different from person to person, but it is important to stay engaged with our families, our work, people around us. Don’t check out, stay engaged and ask for help when you need it!
Big thanks to Tiger Lily for supply a replacement Bluetooth speaker when mine stopped working in the middle of “THA THANG”! We were able to keep rockin’ and rollin’ all the way to the finish line!
Not today!

The Wheel of Pain

THE SCENE: A stiff breeze and light drizzle, not enough to deter the lovemaking of the owls.

F3 trivia:  ?’s – What do the 3 F’s stand for, what are their nicknames, what is the mission statement of F3.  reward = 5 x 10ct Body Bags, punishment = 10 x 10ct Body Bags.  Total 15 x Body Bags.  Good work men!

“The Wheel of Pain”

  • PAX moseyed to a patch of forgiving grass
  • orange cone at the center served as our ‘axis mundi’  (center of the world connecting terra firma to Heaven and Hell)
  • stepped off a ‘circleish’ formation approx. 10m in diameter.
  • each PAX served as a spoke and began by calling out the 1st AMRAP exercise, while the PAX knocked out reps the wheel began to spin with one PAX at a time sprinting to the cone and back into position resuming the exercise.
  • the PAX to the right then sprinted to the cone and back.
  • the spokes each took turns sprinting in a counterclockwise fashion while all others performed the exercise.
  • two full revolutions were complete before switching to a different AMRAP exercise.
  • exercises included: SSH, Merkins, Squats, Overhead shoulder press, LBCs, Mt. Climbers, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Low Plank, and American Hammers.

MARY:   Was honored by the last few revolutions.
16 PAX, 1 Irish Goodbye:  Low Note, MIB, Jail Bate, Doc Hollywood, ISS, Fishbowl, Crayfish, Handsy, Teacher’s Pet, Dewey, Easily Amused, Bottomless, Bartman, Toaster, Mudslide, Tomb Raider

There are three things in life that are guarantees; 1. we are going to die, 2. you will suffer, 3. a believer in Jesus knows that He has overcome this world and death has no victory.

I had to call 911 for the first time (legitimate time) in my life yesterday.  Mo’ped vs. Car.  Car won.  It got me thinking about how we are guaranteed to suffer which led me to think about how I am ‘preparing’ my foundation to withstand those days of suffering.  First, logistically, mentally, physically, emotionally, I don’t think we can ever be ready for that day(s).  However, I want to encourage us to be sharpening our 3rd F.  Bolstering it up, doing all the asking, seeking, and knocking we can so that are feet are planted on firm ground and our eyes are focused on the sky HIM.

With 16 PAX, only 2 revolutions were more than enough to gas us quickly.  Constricting the circle a bit tighter would have been a useful tweak.  Mixing in the upper and lower body was necessary.  TP’s cone interaction was always amusing to watch as he would lift up one leg and swing it over the top as he pivoted.  Apparently, one finds the little things humorous when your body is collapsing.


Prayers requested for Handsy’s work.  Crayfish’s MIL is having surgery today. F3, Snow White’s healing after breaking both legs after his first jump, Ft. Benning.

Come help Handsy et al. with the SOS facility make over Saturday, 0830-12.  Reach out to Crayfish regarding tomorrows meeting at the Commons, 0730, regarding how to help OUR own impoverished neighbors secure a house.

Peter Parkers Every 3 Minutes…

AO: Old Forest

QIC: Handsy

SCENE: Cool morning.

Did it.


***At 0530 YHC set a 3 minute repeating timer on my phone. I instructed the PAX that every time my phone beeped (every 3 minutes) we would stop whatever we were doing and perform 10 Peter Parkers (2=1). Peter Parker = low plank (elbows on ground), pull knees up to your side one at a time.

  • SSH (IC) – 30
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • IW (IC) – 10 (*we were interrupted after 5 count for the first of many times by the beeping of my phone and stopped to perform 10 Peter Parkers 2=1. Afterwards we resumed IW’s and got to 10)

Mosey to the playground.
Everyone perform as many pull-ups and dips as possible within the next 5 minutes. We were interrupted twice to perform more Peter Parkers. After 5 minutes, we all moseyed back to the parking lot for a round of 40’s.

40’s with Merkins and Forward Lunges (1=1).

  • Perform 5 merkins on south side of parking lot.
  • Side shuffle facing west to the north end of the parking lot.
  • Perform 35 forward lunges (1=1).
  • Side shuffle back to south end of parking lot facing west the whole time.
  • This time, perform 10 merkins, 30 lunges. Then 15, 25, etc…

All the while we kept getting interrupted to perform more Peter Parkers.

Those who finished early alternated between planking and flutter kicks until all in.

We finished a little early so we all ran back to the playground and all PAX were instructed to perform either 10 standard pull ups or 20 aussie style pull ups plus 10 free hanging dips or 20 heals on the ground dips.

20 calf raises OYO.


***Again, constantly interrupted even during Mary for more Peter Parkers…smh

  • American Hammer (IC) – 25
  • Hello Dalai Lama (IC) – 15
  • At this point, YHC was too tired to continue to count and began calling on other PAX to choose a Mary exercise and lead. We did hello dolly, manatee, Carolina Dry Docks, LBC’s, another round of calf raises, and maybe one more thing. Oh, and the timer chimed a final time right at 0615 so we ended with one final set of Peter Parkers.


13 – Teacher’s Pet, Bottomless, Altar Boy, Chioccetti, Carmen San Diego, ISS, MIB, Fishbowl, Dewey, Low Note, Easily Amused, Jail Bait (Irish Goodbye), Handsy (QIC)


YHC challenged the PAX (including myself) to put your phone in a drawer when you get home from work for the day to spend time focused on people you love…could be wife, kids, roommates, or even just getting some time to yourself without the distraction of the phone.


Workout was hard. But enjoyable with this group of PAX.

Service Project THIS WEEKEND!

SOS Annual Spring Clean
Saturday, May 4th
8:30am – 12:00pm
2505 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN
Coffee and Donuts provided.

Come help SOS prepare to host nearly 1500 volunteers for the summer as they come to provide critical home repairs for 30 low-income homeowners in 3 of Memphis’s most vulnerable communities.

Rockin’ DORA at Old Forest

THE SCENE: 60*. Beautiful!



  • SSH x20 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15 IC
  • IW x15 IC
  • Arm Circles x10 IC
  • Arm Circles (reverse) x10 IC


Moseyed to concrete picnic tables (Aslan’s Table?) and partnered up for Rockin’ (modified) DORA.


*Collectively, partners work towards:

  • 50 Merkins
  • 100 Overhead Claps
  • 150 Squats

While Partner 1 performs exercise, Partner 2 Side Shuffles or Cariocas to flag then back… always facing EAST. Then Flapjack w/Partner 1.

*Flutter Kick or Gas Pump til all-in.


  • 50 Derkins
  • 100 Dips
  • 150 Lunges (back leg on bench)

While Partner 1 performs exercise, Partner 2 Side Shuffles or Cariocas to flag then back… always facing NORTH. Then Flapjack w/Partner 1.


  • 50 Incline Jumping Spider
  • 100 SSH
  • 150 Box Jumps

While Partner 1 performs exercise, Partner 2 Side Shuffles or Cariocas to flag then back… always facing WEST. Then Flapjack w/Partner 1.

Inspired by my F3 name, I put together a playlist of songs that inspired the infamous Mississippi pop-punk band, Easily Amused. It includes some nostalgic gems from Nirvana, Blink 182, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, etc.


We played a “fun” game of Catch Me If You Can back to STARTEX for Mary. Partner 1 completed 10 BBSUs, while Partner 2 Bear Crawled til Partner 1 caught him. Flapjack all the way to STARTEX.

  • Flutter Kicks x30 IC
  • Boat / Canoe
  • American Hammer x31 IC
  • LOLs til 6:15


12 – Crayfish, Lodge, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Bottomless, Doc Hollywood, ISS, Bartman, Low Note, Teacher’s Pet, Jail Bait, MIB, Easily Amused


Acts 17:6 has been catching my attention. As Paul and Silas were sharing the Gospel in Thessalonica, religious leaders were outraged and jealous. Hoping to bring about Paul and Silas’s downfall, they took matters to the city officials. Their complaint is peculiar. They refer to Paul and Silas as men who “have turned the world upside down.” 

The message these men were proclaiming is a powerful one! Powerful enough to bring about real change in society, to “turn the world upside down!” What’s the message? Verse 3: Jesus is the Christ. And verse 7: There’s another king, King Jesus (my paraphrase).

So the question is: is our faith one that’s turning the world upside down? What does turning the world upside down today even look like? Surely it includes righting systems of injustice, working to end systemic poverty, bringing balance to power disparities. 

May we be men who live and proclaim such a faith that others say about us, “They’re turning the world upside down.”

It was an honor and a lot of fun to Q for these HIMs this morning. And I (we) got an extra burst of energy listening to some old favorite songs!

BREW RUCK is this Saturday.

Simple Sucky Workout at Old Forest


Cool, dryish


SSH 30x IC

15 Squats OYO

Imperial Walkers 15x IC

15 Merkins OYO

Daisy Pickers 15x IC

15 Groiners OYO

Arm Circle front & back 20x IC

15 Jump Squats
4 Corners:


C1 – Burpees

C2- Merkins


C4- Squats

Run long, bear crawl short

Always 10x burpees at C1.

4 Rounds: 20x each exercise going up by 10x each round.

Hold plank or Al Gore back at C1 til All In

Pax partnered up during round 3 and 4 for acceleration and encouragement 

Burpee Dans

Pax line up at end of large island

4x lunge walk then 5x burpees to the end (40 yds?)

4x lunge walk 4x burpee back

4x lung walk 1x burpee back

Run back to flag


30x LBC

10x BBSU
10 Pax : Bottomless, Altar Boy, Handsy, ISS, Mud Slide, Teachers Pet, Easily Amused, Jail Bait, Chiochetti, &  Pirtle! 
Find 4 guys that know you. Guys that you can tell anything. Most importantly guys that will hear your S*@# and accelerate you to do better. Guys that are not ok with just listening to your problems. 1 guy isn’t enough. Neither is 2. 3 is great. So get 4.
Simple is good. Need to think of better options while waiting til All In. 
Pray for Pirtle’s son Micah he is having hip replacement (and other stuff) surgery on Monday.

No Old Forest run on Tuesday.

S.O.S clean up on May 4th.

Fun Run with April Arms

AO: Old Forest
Q: Crayfish
THE SCENE: Beautiful weather, I think about 60 degrees and clear

Soundtrack: Coming in Hot by Lecrae & Andy Mineo
Side Straddle Hop x 11
Cross Jacks x 11
Buttkickers 60 seconds
Front Little Overhead arm circles x 11
Back Little Overhead arm circles x 11
Stretch OYO
15 pull-ups OYO


Apocalypto Run

(Run through OF at ankle-break speed)

Soundtrack: Pump it by The Black Eyed Peas & Scared of the Dark by Lil Wayne & Ty Dolla $ign
Dips until all in at 2 stopping points
Playground Beatdown
Soundtrack: Jazz by Tribe Called Quest, Helter Skelter, & Come Together by the Beatles
Stairway to Seven
Starting at the hill on at the Rainbow Lake Playground, start with 7 Burpees at bottom, crab walk feet-first to top, 1 Derkin at top, then run back down. Repeat 7 times, decreasing Burpees and increasing Derkins, so you finish with 1 burpee, 7 Derkins.
Mosey to Zoo Entrance
Zoo Ledge Up & Downs
Soundtrack: Halfway There by Tiesto
Choose your favorite animal statue and gather around the ledge.
With your hands on the ledge, jump up onto the ledge then back down, alternating left then right for the duration of the song (only 3 minutes but seemed longer).  YHC warned the PAX not to hit their shins like Lazarus did last time we did this, but 4 did anyway (including YHC).
Mosey back
Soundtrack: Elevate by DJ Khalil, Get Back by the Beatles, Moondance by Van Morrison
2 Stopping points:
LBC until all-in
Boat-Canoe until all-in


Soundtrack: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles
Hold Iron Cross until all-in
Hell Dali Lhama x 11 (Hello Dolly while holding Iron Cross)
Captain Thor x 7


Easily Amused, Bottomless, Bartman, One and Done, Dewey, Teacher’s Pet, Low Note, Handsy, Doc Hollywood, Altar Boy, Crayfish


This weekend I got some news that disturbed me and I found myself feeling overwhelmed with negative feelings.  I was shocked at some of the thoughts that raced through my mind (desire for retribution, longing to escape and numb the pain, etc.) so I did what I’ve been trained to do and called someone.  I talked with a mentor and shared how I was feeling and he gave me some instructions that I wanted to share with you all.
10th Step Inventory:
  • Write down all who I’m angry with or resentful towards
  • Write a short description of what they did to me
  • Reflect on and write about my part in it.  I may have instigated in some way, set too-high expectations, desired to be in control, etc.)
  • Do I need to make amends for anything?
  • What fears are at play?  What am I afraid of losing?  What am I afraid won’t happen if I don’t play God?
3rd Step Prayer:
  • “Make a decision to turn my will and life over to the care of God”
  • Spend time putting this into God’s hands, letting go of resentment, confessing your sin, asking for help to forgive.

This was my first time selecting a soundtrack.  It was fun but I’ll bring a speaker next time!