Coupon Fest (9/18/19)

THE SCENE: A not-so-muggy Wed morning at OldForest

SSH, Daisy Pickers, Imperial Walkers, HillBillies, Windmills followed by short mosey around the North OF asphalt sidewalk
Paired up and each pair grabbed a CMU

Completed following set of exercises Dora style, with one partner on task while other partner moseyed around North OF asphalt sidewalk

  • Blockies (aka Burpee Thruster, Burpee w/CMU) x 100
  • Coupon Swings (like a kettle bell swing but with CMU/coupon) x 100
  • Coupon Squat (air squat while hold CMU/coupon) x 100
  • Coupon Jump (box jump with CMU/coupon as the box) x 100

Followed by “Catch Me If You Can”–one partner moseys with CMU/coupon while other partner does WW2 sit-ups x5 then catches up to other partner and they switch tasks.  Continues until pair complete 1x around sidewalk

LBCs x25, Boat/Canoe, Freddy Mercury x 20, American Hammers x20
22 PAX (no FNGs): Dewey, Altar Boy, Handsy, Upgrade, Toaster, Bottomless, Goose, Easily Amused, One and Done, Mudslide, Four Eyes, Crayfish, Chioccetti, Teacher’s Pet, Thibodaux, Pirtle, MIB, Lodge, Kingpin, Barnum, Frisky, Doc Hollywood

Romans 12:1 “I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God–this is your spiritual act of worship.”  My boy Dewey forecasted us being “taken to the slaughter” this morning for the workout, which reminded me of this verse.  Our lives should be lived as sacrifices to God…not to earn his love, or his forgiveness, or his favor, BUT because He has already loved us and given us forgiveness through Jesus.  This gives us the freedom and the motivation to live lives that please Him.


Lazy Dora – Reaper Madness!

THE SCENE: A beautiful, dark, warm, humid Memphis morning!


10 IW IC
10 HB IC
10 Daisy Pickers IC

Mosey around outer parking lot.

11s – Butterfly Merkin (alternating arm raises after merkin) (2-is-1 1-is-1)
Mosey across parking lot
Box Jumps at the pavilion

Nature tried to call Reaper, but Reaper was able to clench and bear it!  VQ nerves!

Mosey around outer parking lot.

Lazy Dora
Partner up
100 Merkins alternating at 10 each while other partner planks.
200 LBC @ 20 / 6″ leg raise
300 Squat @ 25 / squat (called early in favor of Mary)

15 FK (IC)
15 Dying Cockroach (IC)
1 LOL (lol…)
American Hammer OYO until 5:15

18 & Dewey, Easily Amused, Upgrade, One-and-Done, Teacher’s Pet, Chiochetti, Goose, Handsy, Mama’s Boy, Stripes, Fish Bowl, Altar Boy, MIB, Doc Hollywood, Spicy Cash, Frisky, Barnum, Reaper

Priorities.  Reaper discussed trying to keep your life in the proper order. That you seldom, if ever achieve God 1st, M and family 2nd and everything else behind that.  It must be a constant rejiggering.  If you keep trying, then that’s what’s important.

Dora & Pull Ups with a Burpee Twist

THE SCENE: Dark, warm.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yes. Had an FNG, so YHC spent a little more time explaining F3. 

25 SSH’s, 10 Daisy Pickers, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Hill Billy’s, 10 LBAC’s (forward and backwards).
Starting now, Every 3 minutes, PAX completed 5 burpees.

PAX split into pairs, then moseyed to the playground. There, PAX completed 10 Pull Ups while the partner did calf raises, then they swapped (completed this 2X). Then, PAX switched to 10 Dips while partner completed calf raises.

Plank til all in.

PAX Moseyed to parking lot for Dora 123. 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 Shoulder Blasters. PAX completed the exercises, while the other PAX ran and bear crawled through the parking lot. Once each PAX completed Dora, PAX moseyed back to playground for another round of the Pull Up and Dips.

At Playground we completed: 20 box cutters, 20 dying cockroaches, 20 American Hammers.

17 PAX (1 FNG Barnum)
Talked about our call as leaders. Sometimes as HIM, we focus on the daunting, challenging parts of our responsibilities instead of focusing on the opportunities of our responsibilities. For example, as a father of 3 sons, I sometimes think about my responsibilities and think about all of the hard things I have to do to shape them. Instead, I should be thinking about what a great opportunity I have to lead and pour into 3 future HIM. That God can use me as a loved one to shape and encourage them. As HIMs, we should see the opportunities in our leadership roles and not focus on the threats.
This was a challenging Q, but it was fun to work together with these PAX. Glad to share some hard work with the Old Forest crew.

ATM’s at Old Forest

AO: Old Forest

QIC: Handsy

THE SCENE: Mild, with just enough breeze to waft the excessive mosquito spray some PAX used through all of our noses.




  • SSH (IC) – 25
  • IW (IC) – 15
  • Hillbillies (IC) – 15
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 10
  • Arm circles, forward then backward (IC) – 20


All rounds done in the middle of parking lot. Mosey lap around big parking lot island in between OR, as Four Eyes says, “if you bad,” Bear Crawl the width of the parking lot and Crab Walk back to.
Round 1:
Alternating shoulder taps – 15
Tempo Merkins – 10
Merkins (IC) – 10
Mosey OR bear crawl / crab walk
Alternating jumping lunges (2=1) – 15
Tempo squats – 10
Squats (IC) – 10
Mosey OR bear crawl / crab walk
Freddie Mercury – 15
Tempo Hello Dolly – 10
Hello Dolly (IC) – 10
Mosey OR bear crawl / crab walk
Rinse and repeat. Subsequent Rounds – 12, 8, 8… 9, 6, 6… 6, 4, 4… 3, 2, 2


  • American Hammer (IC) – 25
  • Hollywood Side Crunches (IC) – 15 each side
  • Hold plank until 0615


20 (1 FNG, 1 Irish Goodbye) – Lodge, Mudslide, MIB, Reaper, Crayfish, Bottomless, Frisky (FNG), Teacher’s Pet, Fishbowl, One and Done, Squeegee, Dewey, Upgrade, Altar Boy, Chioccetti, Easily Amused, Doc Hollywood, Kingpin, Jail Bait, Handsy (QIC)


We all need friendships and connections. Those don’t happen overnight, but require time invested in sharing experiences together. F3 is a perfect example. Press into your relationships and make sure you are being disciplined to get time with those you care about.


It’s hard to Q a workout that requires you to call cadence counts almost the entire time. Had to ask a few PAX to help a few times so I could catch my breath!

Old Forest WILL BE OPEN this Monday, Sept. 2 (Labor Day). Check Pre-blast for any other announcements.

Play the Hand You Are Dealt


Ye Olde Forest; 76 and pekid


*Follow Me: Capri Mosey


SSH x 26 IC


  • Dealer’s Choice
    • Taking Turns, clock-wise rotation:
      • 1 PAX would Bear Crawl to center of circle
      • Reach into Cap’n Merkin’s cranium and pull out a playing card
      • Announce the Exercise written on card
      • Set Timer for 1 Minute
      • Q the exercise either IC or OYO (Dealer’s Choice)
        • Ex:
          • WW II Sit-Up
          • Squat
          • Flutter Kick
          • American Hammer
          • Hand-Release  Merkin
          • Mtn. Climber
          • Plank Jack
          • Burpee
          • Monkey Humper
          • LBC’s
          • SSH
          • CA Dry Dock
          • Merkin
            • Once done Q’ing the exercise, PAX would exit the circle by Crawl Bear back to spot in outer circle
            • PAX to his left would go next
            • AFTER RD 1…YHC led PAX on mosey then back to circle
            • Rinse and Repeat for 2 Minutes/exercise until time expired



13; Stripes, Altar Boy, Mudslide, Reaper, Mama’s Boy, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Fishbowl, Dewey, Goose, Easily Amused, Kingpin, MIB and O Positive (YHC)



Surrender your plans to Him.


PAX came ready to work.  And work we did. Well done, brothers!!!


See: Preblast

3 Rounds of 11s at Old Forest

THE SCENE: Full parking lot because of another workout group that meets very sporadically. These men and women need F3 and FIA in their lives.



  • SSH x20 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15 IC
  • Forward Arm Circles x10 IC
  • Reverse Arm Circles x10 IC
  • IW x15 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • 30 seconds to stretch OYO


We moseyed to the playground, and YHC divided PAX into two groups. Group one completed round one (see below), while group two completed round 2 (see below). Then the groups flapjacked.

Round 1:
11s with dips and box jumps. Move straight to next exercise after reps (i.e., no mosey, etc., between exercises).

Round 2:
11s with pull ups and jump lunges.

Round 3:
11s with merkins (or modify up to derkins) and squats.

Bonus Round:
We finished strong with 15 dips IC and 15 derkins (or merkins) IC.


  • American Hammer x20 IC
  • Iron Cross for too long
  • LBCs x20 IC
  • 6″ Leg Raise for too long (A.K.A. painful star gazers)
  • LOLs til 6:15

16 PAX – Teacher’s Pet, Bottomless, Low Note, Daniel Tiger, TLC, Miracle Ear, Handsy, Reaper, Kingpin, Fishbowl, Crayfish, Lodge, Dewey, Goose, Doc Hollywood, Easily Amused (QIC)

I’ve noticed two ways to move through life: experiencing life as a passive recipient or experiencing life as an active participant. Passively receiving life lacks courage and risk and faith. Actively participating in life means being aware of what God is doing and joining in His work in the world. It’s a life filled with courage, risk, and faith.

Passively receiving life isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s not full-hearted living. In fact, it’s often necessary and good for the first half of life. But stepping into active participation leads to full-hearted living.

Pray for friends and family of one of Low Note’s friend as they walk through a season of painful tragedy.

It’s an honor be serve as co-AOQ at Old Forest. Good to see Low Note and Daniel Tiger and Kingpin and Fishbowl back out!

Eat at Caritas Village on Thursdays (and any day!). But especially on Thursdays because that’s when Fishbowl is volunteering.

A glorious Day for a bowl of Merkins!

THE SCENE: Dark and wet but very cool.



> Light  mosey from Gazebo to open field area.

> chumbawumba up down’s (Failed)

>High Knees



MERKINBOWL nitty gritty.

  • Bear Crawls (to marker w/ back pedal back then rinse and repeat with Sprint back)
  • F**** Catalina Wine Mixer (x10 IC)
  • Caterpillar (Each PAX thru 3x)
  • Merkin Gasser (Sprint to marker, perform merkin rinse and repeat x7)
  • Light mosey back to Gazebo for Mary.


Dealer’s Choice, Dealer Lead all IC


21  Pax 0 FNG

Thin Mint- Q, Easily Amused- co-AOQ, Daniel Tiger, Blank Stare, Chioccetti, Gus, Lodge, Handsy, Goose, Alter Boy, MIB, Doc Hollywood, Stripes, TLC, Mama’s Boy, Carmen SanDiego, Toaster, Mudslide, Teacher’s Pet, Fishbowl, & 4Eyes.


After one of my favorite inspirational gospel songs has been on my spirit for a week or so, it helped me realize that we are worth fighting for. Despite your trials and tribulations you too are worth fighting for.

Thoroughly enjoyed my VQ! Thank you guys for rocking with me during the hiccups and giving me your all! Looking forward to my next Q.

P.S. chumbawumba up down’s will make a triumphant return.

Frolfing w/ some OFers

THE SCENE: MUGGY…very humid. We gonna sweat today!
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Welcomed & Disclaimed

  • SSH x25
  • Daisy Pickers x15
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Polka Stretch x15
  • Arm Circles x32

THA-THANG: DISC GOLF – each person gets a disc and each round has an exercise for a successful putt (10 reps) or a penalty for missing a putt (3 reps, consecutive misses increase rep count by 3—max at 15 reps, then descend by 3; a successful putt resets the penalty count to 3); In between rounds, we did (or intended to do) some type of movement.

  • Round 1
    • Success=10 Merkins; Miss=3 Burpees
      • Result= 1 Success!
        • 3-6-9-10-3-6-9-12-15-12-9
          • 10 Merkins
          • 75 Burpees
      • Mosey around the parking lot
  • Round 2
    • Success=10 squats; Miss=3 Jump Lunges (2=1)
      • Result=2 Successes!
        • 10-10-3-6-9-12-15-12-9-6-3
          • 20 Squats
          • 75 Jump Lunges (2=1)
      • PRM=Mosey
  • Round 3
    • Success=10 LBCs; Miss=3 BigBoySit-Ups
      • Result=3 Successes!
        • 3-6-9-10-10-3-6-9-10-3-6
          • 30 LBCs
          • 45 BBSUs
      • PRM=Mosey
  • Round 4
    • Success=10 SSH; Miss=3 Smurf Jacks
      • Result=2 Successes
        • 3-6-9-10-3-6-10-3-6-9-12
          • 20 SSH
          • 57 Smurf Jacks (1=1)

Outro: two suicide runs across the parking lot

MARY: 45ish Second High Plank to 0615

11 (Kotters Kingpin!!!)

YHC shared about some thoughts from seeing Hamilton. Hamilton had an affair from prioritizing his work over time away with his wife’s family. He ultimately rats his own self out to preserve his legacy. It’s interesting to see the legacy of his personal life contrasted with legacy of his work life. Which legacy do we give more energy and priority to? Also temptation is lurking around the corner if you’re not on guard to protect that most important relationship.

The Burpee: Deconstructed

THE SCENE:  Low 70s, felt ok at first, but it got sweaty fast…

SSH x 20

IW x 10

Hillbillies x 10

Daisy Pickers x 10

Mummy Kicks x 20

Finkle Swings OYO (30 secs each leg)

Free stretching OYO


The burpee deconstructed…

4 corners. Mosey between corners.

Corner 1

1 groiner

Corner 2

1 Merkin

Corner 3

1 jump squat

Corner 4

1 burpee

Repeat adding 1 rep each time until you get to 10.


LBCs x 20

Box cutters x 15

Manatee (30 secs on each side)

LOLs x 40 (10 on each side)

LBFCs x 10

Plank for 30 secs

American hammers x 13

16 PAX (2 Irish Goodbyes) – Goose, Carmen Sandiego, Chiocetti, MIB, Stripes, Reaper, Mama’s Boy, One and Done, Mudslide, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Fishbowl, Teacher’s Pet, Crayfish, Jail Bait (IGB), Altar Boy (IGB), Dewey (QIC)

Paul was in prison for two years awaiting trial before Festus – his chains gave him the opportunity to reflect and give a testimony to his entire life with Christ.  Look at areas in your life where you feel like you’re in prison.  To make a difference in this world you’ve got to be willing to suffer to some extent. We have to be willing to be patient and wait. We have to be patient with others.

“As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation – either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force.  I decided to follow the latter course” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Will you choose bitterness or will you work for transformation in your marriage, your job, your family, your health, your faith, etc.? Let’s choose to be creative and make an impact on this world, rather than shrivel up beneath the chains of bitterness.

Very appreciative of the warm welcome for my first BC as co-AOQ.  It is an honor to get to workout with and walk alongside  the HIMs of the Old Forest and F3 Memphis!
Nothing major 🙂

Elevens, Two Ways at Ye Olde Forest

THE SCENE: Very dark, warm, and humid. Ideal conditions! What was less than ideal were my eating habits over the weekend. I went to see the Cardinals play with 46,000 of the Best Fans in Baseball. I think I consumed nothing but pork, potatoes, and beer between 9am Saturday and 2pm Sunday. 


SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x15, Daisy pickers x10, Hillbillies x15, Windmills x10

(We began the first set of 11’s, only I was the only one who knew!)

One burpee OYO / 10 merkins IC
Two burpees OYO / 9 merkins IC
Three burpees OYO / 8 merkins IC

10 burpees OYO / 1 merkin IC

PAX took a quick water break and lined up in the lot for an Indian Run. YHC gave directional instructions and we were off.

We moseyed around the playground to the extra-long concrete picnic table nearest East Pkwy. 

First up, 3 sets of: 8 split squats (each leg), 8 double box jumps (ground to bench to table)

11’s Round Two:
1 Big Boy Sit-up / up-and-over the table / 10 Carolina Dry Docks / up-and-over
2 BBSU / up-and-over / 9 Dry Docks / up-and-over

10 BBSU / up-and-over / 1 Dry Dock / up-and-over

The Queen was ANGRY with the King halfway through these. I was kinda hoping I’d pass out. Didn’t though.

Next, repeat the 3 sets from before: 8 split squats each leg, 8 double box jumps

S-L-O-W mosey back to the parking lot

Feet at 6″ while waiting on the six to arrive. Then we did…Freddie Mercuries x20, Gas Pumps x15, Hello Dolly x10, Flutter kicks x5

Altar Boy, Bottomless, TLC, Dewey, Lodge, Reaper, Snookie, Mudslide, Handsy, Tuco, Stripes, Mama’s Boy, One and Done, Soybean (QIC)

Whatever faith you follow, make time for it every day. YHC challenged the PAX to set their alarms 15 minutes earlier each morning to spend time in prayer/meditation. 

+ Evening workout this Wednesday at the Berm, 6pm
+ Iron PAX workouts are returning in September. Details in Slack. If you want to do the workouts at Old Forest, let Bottomless know.
+ 2nd Anniversary Workout coming up on Saturday, 8/17, 7am. Be there!