Super late day at the Levee

THE SCENE: Chilly but not our worst

SSH IC 4ct x 25

Tempo squats IC 4ct x 20

Hill Billies 4 ct x 20

Imperial walkers 4 ct x 20

Merkins 4ct IC x 7

Mosey to hill behind baseball fields

5 laps up with crab walk

5 laps up with bear crawl

Mosey to concession stand

x50 calf raises regular

x50 calf raises toes in

x50 calf raises toes out

5 rounds of 10 Incline merkins/10 dips

Rinse and repeat calf raises and arms round

Mosey to skate park

x20 box jumps

Arm circuit=5 rounds 10/10

Calf raises 50x each way as above

Mosey back to start

YHC talked about 1 Peter 2:13-25. Main take away was verse 17.

 Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor (respect the office=pray for them even if you don’t like them).


super late. sorry men


THE SCENE: WET but not raining



  • SSH:15
  • IW: 15
  • DP: 15
  • Merkins: 15


  • EMOM
    • 5 Merkin, 5 Squats, 5 Man Makers
    • Every 5 min run to fence


  • 50 Flutter kicks
  • 10 CMU curls
  • 40 Flutter kicks
  • 20 CMU Curls
  • 30 Flutter kicks
  • 30 CMU curls
  • 20 flutter kicks

PAX:11 FNG:0

As the cold weather comes, continuously reach out to your brothers and get them to the gloom.  Hold each other accountable!


Service project hanging white boards

“Don’t look me in the eye when doing the pickle pounder…”


Clear skies and based on the relative shrinkage, I would say around 45 degrees.


Welcomed and disclaimed.


SSH (IC) x 20
Daisy Pickers (IC) x 15
Arm Circles forward (IC) x 10
Arm Circles reverse (IC) x 10
Mosey Lap around the parking lot

Indian Crabwalk with alternating flutter kicks and BBSUs.  PAX yelled “Larry” to signal the six to start crabwalking.


Declining Pickle Pounder sets from 50-40-30-20-10 with a mosey between each set. PAX held plank until all in.  (Aforementioned shrinkage was relevant with this exercise).

Declining Box Cutter sets from 30-20-10 with a mosey between each set.  PAX held Al Gore or Plank until all in.

In partners:
(1) One partner bear crawls across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs American Hammers (2 is 1), alternating until each team performed 100.
(2) One partner lunge walks across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs Dying Cockroaches (2 is 1), alternating until each team performed 80.
(3) One partner lunge walks across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs ABCs (2 is 1), alternating until each team gets through all 26 letters (no penalties assessed if PAX needed to sing the alphabet song to get through the exercise).

Ring of fire – PAX were shoulder-to-shoulder in Merkin position.  One PAX would peel off and bear crawl around ring clockwise while PAX alternated the following exercises:  Shoulder Taps, Hands-free Merkin and (after flipping to six) LBCs


Just enough time for one more mosey lap around the Levee parking lot.


13: Renfro, Captain Obvious, Woody, Harbaugh, Dial-Up, Nature Boy, Meter Maid, Billy Blanks, Slicnut, Pronto Pup, C-Lo, U-Rock, 1040


Recently, my M and I were traveling to Kentucky to see my brother and his family.  For much of the trip my M was quiet which I knew meant I did something wrong.  I finally got her to open up and she told me how I always talking about locking shields and praying with other men in a men’s group I lead and how I am passionate about F3 where we also lock shields.  She noted that both of those are great things but then revealed the fact that I rarely do that with her.  Gut punch but needed.  I encouraged the PAX to lock shields with their M’s, not just praying with them or in proximity to them, but to wrap them in their arms around, fully embrace and draw them close as they seek God’s grace, mercy, guidance and comfort in navigating life.  Locking shields with your M regularly will allow the Holy Spirit to soften each of your hearts towards each other and hopefully will make navigating strain, strife and stress in the relationship easier.


I am always impressed/inspired by the effort and ability of our more seasoned PAX.

T-Claps to U-Rock coming prepared to take the Levee pic to the next level (which I didn’t think possible).  Thanks Camera Q.

Enjoyed the coffeteria with my brothers afterwards.


Do the right thing and sign up for Q slots at other AOs.

Foul BOMBS @ AO-The Levee 10/15 – Halpert VQ

THE SCENE:   A perfect 64° & pouring cats and dogs.


Disclaimed, free of charge, open to all men, I’m not even close to certified, modify as needed (two respect FNGs and one recovering from torn ACL)

SSH x25 IC….Daisy Pickers x15 IC….Hillbillies x25 IC

Mosey up to the baseball fields, head to right foul pole.  Partner up for some B.O.M.B.S.  Transportation for off workout partner to centerfield marker and back.

  • B – Burpees x100, bear crawls on 1st half transportation
  • O – Overhead claps x200, side shuffle on 1st half transport
  • M – Merkins x200, side shuffle on 1st half transport
  • B – BBSU x200, Double time mosey on transport
    • ENDEX’d here for most due to lightning at 6:01AM
  • S – Squats x300, Double time mosey on transport

Planned, but saved by the lightning bell….

14 PAX (3 FNGs), Barney, Billy Blanks, Captain Obvious, O-Positive, Mr. Freeze, 1040, Woody, Renfro, U-Rock, Soybean, Halpert on Q; FNGs:  Pablo, Dial-up, Murse

Story of Exodus 17 – Moses commands Joshua to gather good men and battle the Amalekites.  During the battle, Moses, Aaron, and Hur go up the mountain to oversee.  Moses holds his hands up to the Lord and while his hands are raised, the Israelites are prevailing.  And, when he lowered his hands, the Amalekites prevailed.  When his arms grew weary, Aaron and Hur move a rock over for Moses to sit on and they hold Moses’ hands up for him.

GrowRuck12 reflection – When my arms were failing, my brothers in the fight with me held them up.  When I saw a comrade needing a hand, I jumped in to shoulder the load and give him rest.

In this world, we will all go through storms where are arms seem to fail and we need our band of brothers to hold them up.  I know I have times where I need somebody to hold my arms up.  I’m thankful for this band of brothers who I know will be there.  I’d be there for any one of you who waves their hand out and needs me to hold their arms up, day or night, just call.

Challenge to the HIM:  Look around in your concentrica this week.  Ask yourself if there is anybody who needs their arms held up.  Be that man, go hold their arms up.  Don’t ask for anything in return.

“HERO, Help Everyone Regardless of Outcome” – Cadre Kevin, GrowRuck12

Prayers:  Woody’s wife is due any day, ask that the PAX pray for safe and healthy delivery for mom and baby.  Prayers for the families affected by the hurricane, that the Lord comforts them and provides peace and supplication as they heal and rebuild.

Despite the early ENDEX due to lightning, I’m thankful to the PAX support on my VQ.  Thankful for O-Positive’s encouragement and bringing the PLC despite the cats and dogs conditions.

Today was special having my dad (Pablo), brother (Murse), and father in law (Dial-up) in attendance.  The F3 mission and what we do has been evident in my home since coming out for the first time on 8/27/18.  It’s been noticed by my concentrica.  We Hardwick’s are storytellers and F3 and GrowRuck has been all I’ve talked about the past several weeks.

Thanks to all you HIM who give me encouragement and accountability!

Sat, Nov 3rd – Eli Grow Legacy 8K Run-Walk-Ruck, Tullahoma, TN

Sun, Nov 4th – Ruck for Roony, Dodge Park, Columbus, OH

Levee and Morg shirts available still on Pre-Order, GET EM!

Two new AOs launched this week:  Gaisman (Berclair) and C.O. Franklin (Germantown)

Working the Pole(s)

THE SCENE: 47° and lonely. Seems that some Levee regulars must’ve died from frostbite upon stepping outside on this bitterly cold morn. WINTER IS COMING, you guys. Just before the clock struck 0530, a strange and shady van came screaming into the parking lot. At first, YHC thought the Morg Creeper had taken a southeastern voyage to peep some fresh meat … but upon closer inspection, this particular van was not near rapey enough. The driver quickly exited his stranger-danger mobile and revealed himself to be Uncle Pronto Pop. That guy is just full of surprises. He did offer us some free candy, but it was early and we didn’t want to spoil our breakfast beatdown.


SSH IC x 15
Merkins IC x 15
Rocky Balboas IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Let’s do it!*


A) 0.7 mile Mosey Lap Indian Run w/stops for 30 Cherry Pickers and 30 overhead claps

B) Partner up and work the poles

1. Sprint to pole 1: 25 CMU swings (partner performs mountain climbers)
2. Sprint to pole 2: 25 Merkins (partner performs squats)
3. Sprint to pole 1: 25 CMU squat press (partner performs plank jacks)
4. Sprint to pole 2: 25 Caroline Dry Docks (partner performs Bonnie Blairs)
5. Sprint to pole 1: 25 CMU curls (partner performs SSH)
6. Sprint to pole 3: 25 Inerkins (partner performs flutter kicks)
7. Sprint to pole 3: 25 Derkins (partner performs jump squats)
8. Sprint to pole 3: 25 dips (partner performs chill cut plank)

LBC IC x 20
Jane Fonda IC x 10 each leg
Gas Pumps IC x 20
Freddie Mercury IC x 15

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 6 PAX showed bravery in the face of bitter cold and a suspect white van: Woody, Snowman, Sparky, Pronto Pup, Corky, Captain Obvious (QIC)


1 Cor. 16:13: “Be watchful. Stand firm in the faith. Act like men. Be strong.”

Awareness: where are you weak?
Responsibility: where do you need to lead your family?
Initiate: where do you need to act?
Be known: who can you bring into your shield lock so you can be 100% known?

MOLESKIN: Despite the AOQ’s absence, we managed to put on a solid F3 morning. The mumblechatter was superb, the PAX got after it and Larry was even spotted by YHC on the way in … what else could one realistically ask for? Props to Sparky and Snowman for running to and from BC. Beasts. Accolades also go to Corky for braving the cold and driving in from Collierville. Not even our local residents showed that bravery/loyalty. Stars in his crown. Congratulations to Woody for making it through another BC without his M going into labor. His phone was, however, in his truck … which was completely useless from 5:25-6:25. He lives dangerously. Felicitations to Pronto Pup for owning a van that causes most people to gather up their children and leave when it arrives on the scene. That van has seen/done some things.

Billy Blanks had a yard sale this weekend. There are probably some really goodish items left over. If not, he may be willing to part with his dog. You should fax him an offer. Also, the Dads & 2.0 Campout at Fort Carpenter was Friday night. You missed it. Be better.


*not an exercise

Tribute to the Decades (10/10)

THE SCENE: Muggy, Misty

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER DID It! Informed the Pax we would be paying tribute to each decade of age represented. 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s (despite ProntoPups absence)


  • 20 Daisy Pickers IC
  • 30 Murkins on your own
  • 40 SSH IC
  • 50 Air squats IC (this was actually 100) @wideright wasn’t to pleased

Again, tribute to Decades so we started on the goal line. Had Pax Pair up in partners.

1st pax Run to 20 yard line – 20 Burpees , Bear crawl back to goal line
2nd pax stayed at goal line -20 BBSU (held plank while waiting on 1pax)
2nd Pax ran  to 30 yard line – 30 Murkins, Bear crawl back to goal line
1 pax stayed at goal and did 30 hello dolleys (held plank while waiting on 2 pax)
1st pax ran to 40 yard line – 40 SSH. Bear crawl back to goal.
2 pax stayed at goal line and did 40 flutter kicks (held plank while waiting on 1  pax)
2nd Pax ran to 50 yard line – 50 air squats. Bear crawl back to goal line.
1 pax stays at goal line and did 50 stairclimbers. 1 is one (held plank while waiting on 2 pax to bear crawl back
30 count for recover
RINSE and REPEAT above but Pax switched roles this time
30 count for recover
Lined up on track in lanes it was perfect we had 7 Pax and 7 lanes
Ran 200m,
Ran 300m
Skipped the 400 and rested
Ran 500M
Moseyed back to flag…..

Ran out of time – got plenty of abs on the football field
7 Pax (0 FNG)  wide right, slicnut, snowman, anklet, snowman, captain obvious, renfro
Philipians 1:6 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.
Challenged pack to look at decade of their lives and remember what God has done to strengthen them through the struggle and how is faithful to the end in his promise that he will not stop what he has started in us.
Forgot to mention first dad camp

Levee Relays

THE SCENE: 75 and muggy. A perfect summer morning. 
Given. Perhaps a bit on the gloomy side.

Mosey to Campbell Rd
PAX were divided into 2 teams and captains assigned. 
Captains played rock-paper-scissors and winning captain was given a chance to switch teams (He did not). 
Relay race down and back (~300 yard run). 
Winners take a victory lap, losers 25 burpees

1710s (sorta like 7s, but you start with 17/10 reps)
Start: 17 Merkins/10 Bobby Hurlies, run 150 yards between every set

Teams are reassembled for relays (Team captain of losing team given a chance to switch teams – he did not). 
Relay race down and back (~75 yard run)
Winners take a victory lap, losers 20 burpees
Flutterkicks x 20
Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him – James 1:12

I really appreciate the consistency and brotherhood F3 has brought to my life. 

Prayers for Meter Maid!
Some good mumblechatter on the initial mosey, but not much after that. Winners may have had a bit on the victory laps (I wouldn’t know). 

I was encouraged by two brothers in particular. Pronto Pup said “This is the fastest I’ve run in 20 years.” He was absolutely hauling, giving 100%. I was inspired by his effort. During the mosey back to startex, Captain O picked up the pace and rallied the PAX to join him in accelerating to the end. Stay in the fight!

Old Sckool Levee

THE SCENE: The Levee: 75F



Side Straddle hop x 30 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Arm Circles 20 Forward

Arm Circles 20 Backwards



Mosey to skate park:

2 min circuits:

  • Hand release merkins
  • LBC
  • Turk-Burp
  • Box jumps
  • Tri-press
  • Bear Crawl
  • Crab walk
  • Inverted Balls to the wall
  • Overhead Clap
  • Big Boy Situps




Flutter Kick x 15 IC

Rositas x 15 IC

Cheesesteak, Raven, Slicnut, 1040, Woody , C-Lo, FNG-Renfroe


Embrace the Suck!

When we deny what reality is giving us, we create suffering. So life is a dance between minimizing expectations and surrendering to what our lives actually reveal to us. By embracing our lives totally (even the stuff that “sucks”), we get through them. The Armed Forces have no other choice. If they’re out in the Iraqi desert or in the mountains of Afghanistan, the only way they’re going to get through those challenging experiences is by embracing them.


Back to Back VQ

THE SCENE: Very humid. Larry was not in attendance – he was spotted by the school so we were in the clear.

The Pax were welcomed and disclaimed. Reminded them that I just work at a Paper Company – definitely not a professional.

Workout today is in honor of the 19 men killed and 73 men injured in the battle of Mogadishu 25 years ago.

SSH – IC x19
Imperial Walkers – IC x19
Thread Tha Needle Hip Stretch – 30 sec each leg (was informed that this was “worse than the log” during the stretch)


  • Thang # 1: Grab CMU and mosey to the Levee Hill – like 11’s but instead, 19’s.
    • Run up Levee Hill with CMU and do 18 CMU curls, run to bottom and do 1 squat press with CMU.
    • Run up Levee Hill with CMU and do 17 CMU curls, run to bottom and do 2 squat presses with CMU.
    • Run up Levee Hill with CMU and do 1 CMU curl, run to bottom and do 17 squat presses with CMU.

  • Comes out to 190 reps of each exercise.
  • Modified squat presses to either squats or press if needed.
  • We were running short on time and about half of the PAX were either done or on their last round so I decided to cut the party short and mosey to startex.
  • Thang # 2:  Mogadishu Mile
    • In honor of the men in Mogadishu who were forgotten by the EXFIL convoy and had to run 1 mile out of the city after fighting throughout the night, we did a modified merkin mile.
    • Run .19 miles, stop and do 19 Merkins.
      • Rinse and repeat until at 1 mile.

Flutter kicks x 73 IC
Star Gazers X 60 seconds

15 PAX – no FNGs (Barney, Mr. Freeze, Moneybags, Rabbit, Captain Obvious, Renfro, Capri Sun, Pops, Harbaugh, Sparky, Slots, Slicnut FKA Escobar, Nature Boy, U-Rock QIC)

YHC challenged the PAX tofind a core group of guys that they can be fully open and honest with. Need to have someone watching your back and will call you out when you are walking down the wrong path.

It is freeing to know that someone knows how jacked up you are but still loves you. Despite how great it is to come together as a large group, that relational intimacy and accountability is only something that can come from a smaller setting.

Rabbit and Slicnut explained what 345 was and encouraged the PAX to join.


THE SCENE: A beautiful 67 Degrees and Clear



Imperial Walkers IC X 20
Wind Mills IC X 15

F3 Deck of Pain
Going around the circle of PAX, each pax pulls a card and leads what is on the card.
This is out of order but all was accomplished
Plank Jacks IC X 25
Low Plank 60 Seconds
WWII Sit-ups IC X 12
Freddie Mercury IC X 25
Merkin X 25
Squat Tempo X 25
Lunge IC X 18 (9 each leg)
Flutter Kick IC X 13
Chuck Norris Merkin X 13
Bulgarian Split Squat IC X 12
Incline Merkin IC X 20
Carolina Dry Dock IC X 14
Merkin IC X 18
Wide Squat IC X 13
Burpee IC X 25
MOnkey Humper IC X 25
Diamond Merkin IC X 25
MOnkey Humper IC X 17
Mountain Climber IC X 25
Jumping Lunge IC X 16 (8 Each Leg)
Dips IC X 25

None See Above

16 PAX (1 FNG Griff)

Daniel 1:8 – Daniel protested eating the food that the King required the slaves – He asked permission.  This is a picture of how we should as Christians stand up to the Government if we are asked to do something against what God has instructed.

I learned that the PAX needs to understand the importance of Cadence and Counting.  More leadership coming.