THE SCENE: Great for working out. Just like every other day.

SSH x 15 IC
Willie Mays x 10 IC
Daisy Picker x 10 IC
Brisk mosey towards the soccer fields, abrupt right turn to locate the only hill of note nearby
Clock Merkins x 12 IC – YHC did not calculate that on a 4-count, this meant 96 merkins without recovery. We failed to complete this exercise
Motivators (1-10)
– 2 count hop
– armless SSH
– half SSH (arms to the side)
Partner up for Leg wreckers
partner 1 does wall sit while partner 2 does Lt. Dan (1 to 5)

Rinse and repeat!

We were short on time, so we did 6 count on clock merkins, 5-10 on motivators and 3-5 on Lt. Dan

Mosey back to the location that we began working out at that shall not be referred to as startex as we did not restart the workout. 

Flutterkicks x 12 IC
Hello Dolly x 12 IC
Box Cutters x 12 IC
Freddie Mercury x12 IC
Hold plank

7 (0 FNG)
Never complain about the weather. It’s a beautiful day and there will likely be few complaints today. Summer is coming and many will complain. Complaining about the weather accomplishes nothing. Worse than that, it has negative impact. We are men, designed for action. Complaining about something you cannot affect in any way allows you to think weak thoughts of the “woe is me” variety. 

Let the weather inform how you dress for the day, not what you do. 
1 year of F3 has been amazing. I’m certainly more fit, but the fellowship and growth in leadership and thinking of others has transformed my mind. I look forward to seeing my brothers in the gloom throughout another year!

Motivators are awful and need to become a staple of our workouts. 

11’s and Planks. Thats It.

THE SCENE: Tuesday 4/2/19 @ Blazing Saddle. Warm for the first time in a while. Maybe it was the 3 miles that Speaker made us run before hand.
Yes and yes. Cant sue me.
10 Merkins IC
Figure 4 Hip Stretch – 30 Seconds Each Leg
11s in the stables
  1. Round 1
    • Knee/Leg raises
    • Bbsu
  2. Round 2
    • Chin ups/Hangs
    • Bicep Push-ups (normal pushup but with your fingers pointing down towards your toes)
  3. Round 3 – back to fountain
    • Irkins 
    • Dips
  • 5 minutes of planks
    • 1 min high plank
    • 30 sec low plank
    • 1 min one leg plank (30 sec each leg)
    • 1 min side plank (30 sec each arm)
    • 30 sec high plank
    • 1 min low plank
10 PAX (Flipper, Say What, Hello Kitty, Kudzu, Speaker, Sparky, Blart, Woody, Webelo, U-Rock QIC)
Easter is coming up. Don’t let the season pass by without thinking about the true meaning. The good news of Easter is that Christ came and took on our penalty for sin and we get his his position of Righteousness. The Great Exchange. 

Crucible #001

THE SCENE: A windy yet gorgeous gloom at 0600.  The weather held off on rain

YHC(Shoestring) organized the Crucible to be a trial of a mans endurance, stamina, mental, and physical strength and to see what kind of new creation comes out on the other side.  5 AO’s with a 20 minute bootcamp. 14+ miles of running. 1 amazing event.  15 pax circled up for the welcome and disclaimer.  One of those pax was a FNG.  Running support for the event was C-Lo and Zima.  Greatest of T-CLAPS to those two HIM who helped make this event amazing.  Without them, there is no telling how many pax would have not completed the event.

YHC kicked off the event as Q at the first AO, Old Forest.  The bootcamp went as follows:
SSH IC x30
IW IC x10
Daisy Pickers IC x20
Mosey to one end of the parking lot and started 11’s. Burpees on one end, Big Boy Sit-ups on the other.  Plenty of running.  At the end of 20 mins, the pax gathered together and began the ~1.8 mile trek to the Sandlot where Soulja Boy would take over on Q. Nature Boy and Four Eyes started off strong.  YHC was not breathing well from sickness but had to push thru and felt a ton better than expected.  The pax were overall in great spirits and were ready for the task at hand.

After a short 2 mile jaunt form the Old Forest Soulja Boy kicked off the 20 minutes at Sandlot with a BANG.  Pax lined up at the 50 yd line of the football field for some…

10 Merkins at the 50yd line.
Bear crawl to the 35yd line perform 10 BBSU and crawl bear back to the 50.
10 more merkins at the 50 then bear crawl to the 20 (stoping at the 35 for the BBSU) and perform 10 squats and crawl bear back to the 50.
Totaling 70 reps, 45 yds of bear crawl, 45 yards of crawl bear.

Next PAX partnered up and finished off with some Doracides. 100 Merkins, 150 BBSU, and 200 squats using the same distance for suicide sprints. TCLAPS to C-Lo for for jumping in to even out the number of PAX.

Altar Boy decided to do something crazy.  He made the pax run more after running. Why would someone do that? Great question.  Altar Boy put us through the Blue Mile.
4 Rounds:
10 Hand Release Merkins
Run 100 Yds
10 Pull-ups
Run 100 Yds
10 Jump Squats
Run 100 yds
10 Big Boy Sit-ups
Run 100 yds
Total 40 reps of each exercise and 1 Mile.

O Positive was our Q at the Bermuda Triangle.  you never know what’s coming with the swirling snakes of OP, but this was plain foolishness on a wall!  The smackdown was laid and YHC was in pain.
Wall Sit
Merkins x 30 OYO
Wall Sit til All In (WSTAI)
Burpees x 30 OYO
Pickle Pounders x 30 OYO
8-ct Body Builders x 30 OYO
Mtn Climbers (R/L=1) x 30 OYO
Body Bag Builders AMRAP for final 3 minutes

This is where the test of the pax really came through. The next leg was the longest distance of running for the day.  6+miles from the Berm to the Blazing Saddles.  YHC made it about 150 yds and realized my knees and lungs were not going to cooperate.  I had to tap out of the event and call it a day.  YHC hopped in the car with C-Lo to run support.

U-Rock was our last Q up for the day.  He was fresh since he had not done a single thing in the Crucible up til then.  YHC realized the noises
Mosey to horse arena steps
Down up irkins
Down up derkins
Down up dips
Up down leg lifts – got made fun of by some 6 year old girls at this part

Dirty McDuece
Crawl bear to playground, Sprint back
Set 1: Merkins, BBSU, Squats.
Set 2: Alternating Side Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Lunges.
Set 3: Werkins, WWI Situps, Monkey Humpers.
Set 4: Close grip merkins, Crunchy Frogs

Captain Thor – got to 7
Lt. Dan – got to 6

12 pax completed the event by running 17+ miles and 5 bootcamps at AO’s.  Those pax are Halpert, O Positive, Tomb Raider, Altar Boy, Nature Boy, Speaker, Soulja Boy, Steinbrenner, Four Eyes, Speedy, Orange Julius, and Crayfish.  The 3 that did not complete the event but put in work were YHC, Barney and Bobsled(FNG)

Crucible- a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

This event was made to be a trial that the pax could test themselves and come out a new creation.  This definitely tested some of the pax.  It was hard and YHC was proud of the pax that completed the event.  I was amazingly proud of how far the FNG(Bobsled) made it in the event.  Regardless what each individual pax learned about themselves in the event, there is a reality that life is one giant Crucible.  A trial that leads to the creation of something new.  As believers, our hope is in Jesus that He endured the ultimate crucible on the cross so that we could be made into something new.  Never forget that sacrifice and that we have a mediator in Jesus.  He is our everything.

This was an amazing day for F3 Memphis and YHC can wait for the fall when we do this again.

Prepare now for the fall.  Crucible is coming again.

Saddle Soreness

THE SCENE: 43° mostly clear with semi-gloom. Where’s U-Rock? Came in super hot especially with all that PLC onboard.


Standard disclaimer given. U-Rock version when he came in hot:
This is free, and I’m ok at this, so don’t hurt yourself.

Arm circles x 20
Reverse arm circles x 20
Daisy Pickers x 20
Abe Bigodas x 20 IC
SSH x 10 IC while waiting for U-Rock to join us.
Mosey to stables.

Cora 1-2-3-4-5

Team up. While Team 1 is doing the 1-2-3-4-5, Team 2 Bear Crawls down one stables aisle and back up the other (called Omaha and switched to BC down aisle, run rest of way around. Still beastly enough).

Team 1 starts each below:
1. Burpees x 100
2. LBCs x 200
3. Merkins x 300 (made it to 200)
Left undone:
4. Bobby Hurleys x 400
5. SSH x 500

Mosey back almost to startex. Bear Crawl last 30 feet for good measure.

7 PAX: U-Rock (AOQ), Photoshop (QiC), Billy Blanks, Flipper, Interweb, Watchita, Barney


“Find Joy in the moment”
Have you ever met someone who is always waiting for life’s next milestone before he or she can be happy? Maybe you are one of those people. I’ve seen people who do this all the time. When in school, they can’t wait to graduate because then they’ll be happy. After graduation, they can’t wait to meet the right person and get married. After they get married, they begin focusing on moving up the ladder in their company. Then kids become the missing ingredient that they can’t be happy without…
Being content doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have dreams for the future. But as we plan, set goals, and work toward them, we need to live in the present with a sense of peace and gratitude.
Words have the power to end this cycle of discontentment. Using them to build an attitude of gratitude will draw you into a deeper appreciation of life’s day-to-day beauty. That attitude is what will keep you from looking back one day and wishing you could relive the last ten, twenty, or thirty years being more present. How can you get started? Make the decision to hold your tongue when you start to say things such as:
I can’t wait until Friday… If only my vacation would hurry up and get here… Is it five o’clock yet… When will I find my partner in life…
Instead of speaking want, develop a habit of focusing on what you are grateful for in the moment. Thank God for his goodness, for your health, for your family and friends, for the ability to work and create income. Thank him for giving you another day of life and a purpose to fulfill.
If you’ll simply start looking, you’ll find countless things to be thankful for. Think about those things. Talk about those things. Let your subconscious hear your grateful words so it can, in turn, foster more opportunities for gratefulness in your life.
As you begin working these practices into your day, you will start seeing all you have to be grateful for with fresh eyes. Your heart will begin to shift toward an appreciation for the good in your life, and your words will reflect that shift.
PRAYERS: Billy Blanks prepping for Nursing Finals and with passing score will be taking a job at LeBonheur.

How come nobody ever told me we had an open invite to the Pancake Breakfast at Pickering Center for Old Folk?


QSource Friday, 3/22

BOMB Mile at the Saddle

THE SCENE: High 30s. Low 40s.


11 Daisy Pickers IC (Counting is hard)
10 Windmills IC

Mosey to GHS Track

Lap 1
20 Burpees
Run 100 meters
20 Overhead claps
Run 100 meters
20 Merkins
Run 100 meters
20 Big Boy Sit-ups
Run 100 meters
Al Gore until all in

Lap 2
15 Reps of above

Lap 3
10 Reps of above

Lap 4
5 reps of above

Bleacher Run then Mosey back to Startex

2x 15 Dips IC on Concrete Circle

20 Flutter Kicks IC
20 Freddie Mercury IC
20 LBCs IC
20 American Hammers IC
2 Rounds Guantanamo
60 sec High Plank

8 Pax, 1 FNG Flipper

Resting in God’s love.
We are fully known by God. Whether you are in the peak or valley of life right now, God is there and loves you.

URock floated out an idea last night to prerun. Kudzu thought this meant URock talked to me and there wouldn’t be much running. Kudzu was wrong. Great work by everyone. T-Claps to Sparky’s M who EHed FNG Flipper after seeing him rucking around the neighborhood.


Stupid train messing up time trials

THE SCENE: A balmy 44 degrees

I did it

10 burpees for flag not being on premises at 5:30

Warm o rama
SSH x25 IC 4 ct
Merkins x10 IC 4 ct
SA cross jacks x 25 ic 4 ct for each arm
Squats tempo  x 12 IC 4ct
Stretch what ya need


Mosey to play ground
On the railroad ties—10 merkins, 10 dips. x 6
Mosey to tennis court
5 sprints fence to fence.
1 min-ssh, merkin,ssh, merkin (or burpees for those who think that)
1 min sl lunge and reach with hand (left hand, left leg)
10 burpees for the choo choo train
x 2
Monkey humpers x 1 min
Reverse crunches x 1 min
Suicide bombers x 1 min
6 (switch facing sides each rep) side shuffles One court then two courts
2 down and back sprints
Mosey back to start
Dwarf Jacks x 25

Insert PAX Count & FNG Name . 10 PAX (1 FNG: Chastain(t))
Read the lyrics to “Thou Oh Lord” which is derived from Psalm 3. We all get tired but know that if you are a Christian that the Lord is the lifter of your head. We must honor him and know that He will take care of us when adversity hits.

Pray for Blart’s Wife.

Great to have some banter during the workout. Thankful for you guys who have encouraged me and push me.
Keep posting. Crucible in March.

Merkin-Ish Mile

THE SCENE: Clear skies with a little chill in the air.

Mosey to GHS track.

15x ssh ic

5 arm circles ic – each direction
Attempted to finish the merkin-ish mile.

We got 3/4 of the mile completed before time was up.

Each loop around the track included:

  • 10/20/30 core work reps
  • 32x  curb merkins (aka curb humpers) 3 reps per curb–> move to the next curb for 3 more and so on.
  • 8 curbs total got humped real hard.
  • run the bleachers –up and down 6 times
  • back on the track to complete the lap
  • sprint the last 100 yards
  • R&R

6 PAX –Kudzu, Woody, Snowman, Blart, Watchita, Sparky-Q
Never underestimate the power of a simple smile, a kind word or the acknowledgement of another. Little gestures can move mountains.
Kudzu earned a new PR for miles run (2.31 miles)

Blazed and Confused

THE SCENE:  Blazing Saddle; crisp air, 33 degrees and slightly damp



  • SSH x 21 IC
  • Mosey to the barn:
    • Pull-Ups x 21 seconds AMRAP
  • Mosey to nearby white picket fence:
    • Dips x 21 IC


Mosey to nearby field of pain: STARTEX

  • Bear Crawl 50 yards to designated light pole (LP) 1
  • Recover then perform OYO Bobby Hurley (x5), Burpee (x5), 8-ct Body Builder (x5) then 10-ct *Body Bag Builder* (x5)…(8-ct Body Builder but add 2-ct Mtn Climber just before Merkin=voila!!!)…submitted but not yet approved by Exicon Cmte folks
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • Crawl Bear 50 yards back to STARTEX
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • *Bear Crawl 360* (Bear Crawl in a 360 degree rotation while moving forward…submitted but not yet approved by Exicon Cmte folks) 100 yards to  LP 2
  • Perform OYO Bobby Hurley (x10), Burpee (x10), 8-ct Body Builder (x10) then 10-ct *Body Bag Builder* (x10)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • Crawl Bear 100 yards back to STARTEX
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • Mosey as a group then return back to STARTEX
  • Bear Crawl  250 yards** to LP 3
  • **At about 175 yards the PAX did Partner Carry to ENDEX
  • Perform OYO Bobby Hurley (x20), Burpee (x20), 8-ct Body Builder (x20) then 10-ct *Body Bag Builder* (x20) until time expired
  • Mosey to Shovel Flag


  • N/A

4(1 FNG: ‘kilo’); Watchita, Speaker, U-Rock and O Positive (YHC).



Be bold.  Be courageous.  Be submissive to the Lord and surrender your plans to Him.  Let Him take care of the rest.


We got smoked.  Demanding on the whole body.  PAX kept moving and finished strong.  Pretty simple: 4 exercises and bear crawls.  Try it some time.


Super Saddle 21

THE SCENE: The Saddle – 49° with steady wind.

QIC: Snowman



  • Daisy Pickers x 20 (IC)
  • Imperial Squat Walkers x 25 (IC)
  • Mosey to the stables


  • 2 rounds of:
    • 30 seconds of pull-ups or whatever you can do
    • 1 minute AMRAP Prisoner Squats
  • Mosey back to the fountain near the flag
  • Super 21: Round 1=1/1, Round 2=2/2 etc…21 dips after each set of rounds.
    • Rounds 1-8 (=36 each)
      • BBSUs
      • Derkins
    • Rounds 9-13 (=55 each)
      • BBSUs
      • Irkins
    • Rounds 14-21 (=140 each)
      • BBSUs
      • Merkins

20 each of Pickle Pounders & Dollies
10 PAX (1 FNG: Kudzu)
Valentine’s Day is obviously a silly commercialized day with a name.  But even if you and your wife could care less about this day (like my wife and I) it can still be useful as a chance to do something special for each other that shows your love and appreciation.  In the past we have done next to nothing but after discussing it last night, we realized we are missing out on a good opportunity.  Not only does it strengthen the relationship but by making the effort to value each other we model to our children important lessons about what a healthy relationship is.  They are absorbing more than we realize.
231 reps of sit-ups and merkin variations made for some good pain and mumblechatter.  Surprisingly no train burpees today.  Good thoughts came up during PLC regarding adding another workout to the Saddle schedule.
2nd F lunch today at Las Delicias.

Indian sandbag toss

THE SCENE: So much glorious mud. The sky Q gave us buckets of rain last night but not a drop this morning. We put that mud to good use

Grab a CMU and mosey to the field. 
SSH x 34 *Some PAX tried to find a non-muddy spot for these, lol
Up-downs (2 rotations)
Willie Mays x 10
Imperial Walker x 11 

Form a line. Man on the left tosses the sandbag as far as he can. Everyone who’s not throwing the bag performs the called exercise. Next man runs to the bag and tosses it and so on. After each man has thrown the bag, the entire group advances to the bag position and a new exercise is called. 

  • Curls
  • Dirkins
  • Jump Overs
  • Overhead Press
  • BBSUs

Mosey to the stables for pullups. 3 sets of 4. PAX were encouraged to use good form and to switch grips between sets. 

Fortunately, we left our sandbag and CMUs on the wrong side of the field, so we got to take them back to startex. 

Repeat Indian sandbag toss

  • Squats
  • Irkins
  • Curls
  • Burpees
  • BBSUs

No need to return to the parking lot since we were already acclimated to field conditions. 

Hello Dolly x 20
Flutterkicks x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
WWI Sit-ups x 34

7 (0 FNGs)

What a difference a year makes. A year ago, I was in good physical condition but unwilling to even consider doing any sort of mud workout. Today, I embrace the suck. I’m so thankful for my F3 brothers. 

There is simply no substitute for taking your daily red pill. Taking it in the mud is somehow even better. I love the mud. Mostly, I love seeing the PAX reaction as they accept their fate. However, Sparky loves the mud even more than me. He’s like a kid in a candy shop sliding all around. Love that guy. 

It’s time for a Blazing Saddles T-shirt. 

Also, thanks to my brothers at the Cockpit for enduring the BBSU variation of this workout. Their feedback helped vastly improve the full body effect of this workout.