40 Minutes of Hell

THE SCENE: Gloomy with lots of morning dew on the grass at Blazing Saddle

Wind Mills IC x 20

American Hammer IC x 20

Mosey down drive and back
Partner up on the grass field next to Tennis Courts. Partner 1 performs exercise while partner 2 backpedals 50 yards and runs back. Alternate after runs.

  • Burpees x 150
  • Squats x 300
  • Big Boy Situps x 150
  • Arm Circles x 300
  • Merkins x 150
  • Imperial Walker x 300

9 PAX: Hot n Ready, Webelo, Speaker, Boudreaux, Mongo, Woody, Billy Blanks, Sparky, Pops
Be intentional and think before acting.
That field next to the tennis courts can be miserable or awesome depending on your point of view. Plan to be wet and covered in grass if you use it.

A New Wrinkle on the Nut Sack


Blazing Saddle;  76 something and balmy.



SSH x 16 IC
SSH x 15 IC
SSH x 16 IC; 1-5 IC then 6-16 Radio Silent

Mosey to nearby horse field of bad dreams.


  • Start at edge of field, facing South (PAX lined up side by side)
  • Burpee (B) x 25: OYO
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps (AST) until all in
  • Bear Crawl forever to light pole about 75 yards away
  • Recover
  • Run as a group to fence row at end of field then return back to starting point
  • 10-ct Body-Bag-Builder (BBB) x 50: PARTNER WORK
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps (AST) until all in
  • Crawl Bear forever to light pole about 75 yards away
  • Recover
  • Run as a group to fence row at end of field then return back to starting point
  • 8-ct Body-Builder (BB) x 75: PARTNER WORK
  • When finished assist your brothers to help them finish
  • Mosey back to shovel flag for Mary


Hello Dolly (tempo) x 16 IC
Reverse Hello Dolly (tempo) x 16 IC
Flutter Kicks (tempo) x 16 IC

7; FNG: Take Cover, Woody, U-Rock, Speaker, Swipe Right, Flipper, and O Positive (YHC)



Psalm 31:24

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Today we all had to reach deep into the will power of our souls.  Strong effort by all and the FNG was pushed to his limits and was proud he finished strong. Took a lot of courage to show up today.  YHC, included.  Been struggling lately with a lot; personally and professionally. Grateful to have this brotherhood.


See: Preblast

Catch Us If You Can

THE SCENE: 81 degrees, with infinity % humidity.

Mosey to the Stables (1/4 mile) for set of 7s with pull-ups and Merkins. Mosey back to flag.
Catch Us If You Can (Group of 3 people)

Partner 1 carries Partner 2, while Partner 3 performs exercise. Upon completing, Partner runs to catch up with first two guys. Partner 2 carries partner 3, while 1 performs the exercise, then runs to catch up. Then 3 carries 1 while 2 does exercise. Exercise rotated as shown below, increasing the total each time you completed all three.

Due to the number of PAX, we only one group of 3. The other two pairs alternated doing a farmer’s carry with a CMU in each hand, while his partner completed the exercise, and then ran to catch up.

At the far end of each cycle (we did 2), we did another set of 7s in the stable.

  • 5 burpees/6 burpees/7 burpees
  • 10 merkins/12 merkins/14 merkins
  • 15 LBC/18 LBC/21 LBC

YHC neglected to remind everyone to do squat jacks when we completed our first lap, so everyone did 100 OYO, at the end of our 2nd lap.

Guantanamo – 2 times around the circle

Hello Dolly  x15 IC

American Hammers x15 IC

LBC x20 IC

Bicycle V-Ups  x6 IC (U-Rock said we had Shoestring to thank for those…)

7 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Woody, U-Rock, Flipper, Spirit Stick, Blart, Swipe Right
You get out what you put in. In every aspect of your life (work, family, F3, etc), if you aren’t where you think you should be/want to be, take a look at the time and effort you are putting forth.
The guys jumped at the chance to carry CMUs, instead of do partner carry. They may have inadvertently given themselves a tougher workout. There was a lot of grumbling about sore forearms at the end.
2nd Anniversary Workout Saturday at The Mothership

Sign up for IronPax, if you have not

Diego + Last Minute Train

THE SCENE: Great to see my Berm brothers, who are doing 345, join me. Big Top, Iceman and MUDPANTS.


Disclaimed. DP x 15 IC, Arm Circles x 20 IC, Reverse x 20 IC, SSH x 30 IC

Diego 1-2-3
Partner up (7 PAX, so YHC chose to go solo and help partners that needed it)
100 – Block Curls
150 – ‘Merkins
200 – Overhead press w/ block
250 – LBCs
300 – Block Squats

Bear Block Crawl 10yd under the playground equipment, once on other side, carry CMU back to start point and Swap with P1.

Heard a train when we were almost done, but no sighting, so carry on.

Freddy Mercury x 30
American Hammer x 20
Heard train again and it made it’s way to being visible at 6:14am, sooooo
Burpees x 15 oyo buddy.

7 PAX, 0 FNG: Woody (AOQ), Flipper (welcome back to the Gloom), Webelo, Mudpants, Big Top, Iceman, Photoshop (QiC)

Do Hard Things

An interesting map is on display in the British Museum in London. It’s an old mariner’s chart, drawn in 1525, outlining the North American coastline and adjacent waters. The cartographer made intriguing notations on areas of the map that represented regions not yet explored. He wrote, “Here be giants,” “Here be fiery scorpions,” and “Here be dragons.” Fortunately, explorers ignored his warnings—and discovered whole new continents as a result!

The cartographer’s notes did not reflect truth—they reflected fear. In our own lives, it’s not actual giants, scorpions, and dragons that keep us from doing hard things. It’s the fear of them. Once we take that scary first step with God’s help—and keep going forward—we’ll experience the bigger, more fulfilling life God has in mind for us.

Fear is the fence that keeps us stuck in our comfort zones. To be fair, we usually feel fear for a reason: often something is outside that should make us afraid. The problem is when we just sit there.

We wait. And we wait.

Why? We’re waiting to stop feeling afraid before we attempt anything. We’re often afraid to try something new because of painful past experiences. We tried stepping out before, and it blew up in our faces. We poured everything we had into something we cared about, and our efforts fell short. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves again.

The truth, though, is that if we’re waiting until the fear and feelings of inadequacy go away, we’ll never venture outside our comfort zones. Until we take a step in spite of our fears, none of us will ever truly be able to do hard things. If we want to continue to grow and learn for the rest of our lives, we must beat these fears—not by making them go away, but by recognizing that there is something worse than discomfort, worse than the unknown, worse than failure. The worst thing is to never try at all.

God is ready to work through us, even with our limitations. Instead of worrying about future fears, we can, as Corrie ten Boom wrote, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

How could your life be different if you chose to do hard things by stepping outside your comfort zone?

Flipper – daughter sleeping good at 4 months old so he gets rest and gets to post at F3. Awww Yeah!
Webelo-started new side job at Bioness
Billy Blanks-baby adoption coming up soon

Mudpants shared that Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker and author who helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II by hiding them in her home. He suggested a book about her called Hiding Place.

Iron PAX Challenge – September, sign up: https://f3greenwood.com/ironpax-form/
F3 Memphis Anniversary convergence: August 17 at Mothership
RunForOne at Lair in Collierville, August 24. See Webelo or check Slack for details.

Tic-Tac-Toe & Oregon Trail

THE SCENE:  Muggy and clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER —-Push yourself but don’t wreck yourself

5 silent ssh
No rules Tic-tac-toe with cmu’s

Pax must sprint up the hill to grab their cmu’s marked X/O then run back down to make a play.  The non participants did some sort of core work while game was being played. It was tough and there were no winners.

Then we had some wagon races.

1st and 2nd rounds were 3 wagons being pushed by 3 PAX across the field and around the flag and back.

3rd round  was all hands on board. While 3-4 men pushed the wagon the rest of them were on the wagon preforming LBC’s and merkins in a rotating fashion.

15 penalty Burps for breaking the flag.
Nature Boy, Soybean, Chyna, Billy Blanks, Swipe Right, Snowman, Woody, 2/3’s of Meter Maid, Sparky-Q
Only we can control what we put out there in the world regardless of how society seems to just sit back and accept incompetence on a daily basis.  Be better than the norm and raise the bar if possible.
Lots of hard work and fun was had. We learned that Bill Blanks can’t drive a wagon.
Sorry but the app wouldn’t allow me to tag the pax that participated.

Obviously, you’re not a frolfer

THE SCENE: Reprieve from Memphis in July…one of those spring teaser mornings that we don’t get enough of!
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Welcomed & Disclaimed

  • SSH x25
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Daisy Pickers x15
  • Arm Circles x32
  • Polka Stretch x15

THA-THANG: DISC GOLF – each person gets a disc and each round has an exercise for a successful putt (10 reps) or a penalty for missing a putt (5 reps, consecutive misses increase rep count by 5—capped at 20 reps); In between rounds, we did (or intended to do) some type of movement.

  • Round 1
    • Success=10 Merkins; Miss=5 Burpees
      • Result= 3 Successes!
        • S-M-S-S-M-M-M-M-M
          • 30 Merkins
          • 75 Burpees
      • Post-Round Movement=YHC forgot, we went ahead to round 2
  • Round 2
    • Success=10 squats; Miss=5 Jump Lunges (2=1)
      • Result=2 Successes!
        • S-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-S
          • 20 Squats
          • 110 Jump Lunges (2=1)
      • PRM=Lap around Playground
  • Round 3
    • Success=10 LBCs; Miss=5 BigBoySit-Ups
      • Result=2 Successes!
        • M-M-M-M-M-M-S-M-M
          • 10 LBCs
          • 105 BBSUs
      • PRM=Suicides across width of parking lot
  • Round 4
    • Success=10 SSH; Miss=5 Smurf Jacks
      • Result=0 Successes 🙁
        • M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M
          • 0 SSH
          • 150 Smurf Jacks (1=1)
      • PRM=Lap around the playground


  • LBCs x 15
  • LOLs x 8 each movement each side

9 (FNG – Skullet!)

YHC has been in situation with his M where they’ve been on standby since mid-May post miscarriage complications. M goes today to gain more clarity. There are not words I can say or something I’m able to do to fix this. Merely strive for ministry of presence. 

Champagne Supernova

Mid 70s; still hot and humid.

All welcomed; disclaimer given.

Mosey to the end of the drive and back.
Daisy pickers IC x 10.
Abe Vigodas IC x 10.
Arm circles OYO x 10.
Reverse arm circles OYO x 10.

Run with CMU to field.
Bear crawl across the field, dragging CMU.
Wheelbarrow back across the field, swapping places with partner at the midpoint of the field.  Merkins OYO x 10 at ¼, ½, ¾, and end of field.
Lunge walk and crab walk back across the field, switching from lunge walk to crab walk at the midpoint.
Sprint back across the field with CMU.
Mosey to the stables.
Burp-ups x 20.  Train came through in the middle of this, so 15 train burpees, as well.
Shoulder press with partner resistance for 30 seconds.
Leg lifts with partner resistance for 30 seconds.  Shout out to Rocket Launcher for these last two.
Mosey to the field.
CMU curls x 10.
CMU upright rows (?) x 10.
Sprint to the flag with CMU.

LBCs IC x 50
BBSUs IC x 20

8 PAX (no FNGs): Billy Blanks, O.G., Cheesesteak, Webelo, Pops, Blart, Woody, Meter Maid (QIC).

Stay positive when going through difficult times in life.  Hard things wear down rough edges.

No merlot today, but several gloom horns.
Woody fell from the pull-up bar while doing burp-ups.  Hopefully the only thing he hurt is his pride.
Billy Blanks will wear short sleeves to kickboxing and a singlet to F45, but only long sleeves to F3.
Prayers for several babies on the way.
Prayers for those who may be affected by possible flooding in New Orleans.

If you would like to help a family affected by last month’s flooding in Germantown hang sheetrock this weekend (Pops’s neighbor), let Cheesesteak know.

Farewell Blazing Saddle

THE SCENE: 72 degrees, low humidity, high fly count.
  • SSH x 50 (IC)
  • SSH x 50 (IC)

Because why would you ever make someone do 100 SSH straight?

  • Stable Time
    • 5 sets of 3 pull-ups – FOCUS ON FORM
  • Super 21: Round 1=1/1, Round 2=2/2 etc…21 dips after each set of rounds. Plank till all in.
    • Rounds 1-7(=28 each)
      • BBSUs
      • Derkins
    • Rounds 8-15 (=92 each)
      • BBSUs
      • Irkins
    • Rounds 16-21 (=111 each)
      • BBSUs
      • Monkey Humpers
Captain Thor –
  • 1 BBSU / 4 American Hammers
  • 2 BBSU / 8 American Hammers
  • ….
  • 10 BBSU / 40 American Hammers
15 Pax, 3 FNG (Hot-N-Ready, Roots, Sparky, Slicnut, Rainout, Proton, Tomb Raider, Jimmy Neutron, Lochte, Webelo, Woody, U-Rock (QIC), Bipolar (FNG), Crocodile Dundee (FNG), Church Van (FNG).
A lot of change going on in my life right now. New job, selling my truck, got a new mattress (the Casper mattress is pretty sweet btw), and handing off blazing saddle. Change is easy to want to avoid. Without change, growth isn’t possible. In order to go where we want to, where we need to, the journey of change is what we rely on to get us there.
Don’t run from change – be open to it.
It has been an honor to help out with launching THE Blazing Saddle. It will be in good hands with Woody.
  • 4th of July Convergence, 6:30-7:15 AM, The Mothership
  • 2.0 Bootcamp, Saturday, 7:00-8:00 AM, The Mothership

Tiger Lily’s Hoedown at BZ

Date: 06/27/2019

AO: Blazing Saddle

QIC: Tiger Lily

PAX: Halpert, Rocket Launcher, Roots, Sparky, Speaker, Watchita, U-Rock, and Woody

THE SCENE: It was a lot more humid then it was at my last Q in Seattle, but near as humid as it could have been.


20 Daisy Pickers IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Arm Circles IC
5 Good morning IC

Bear Crawl Warm-Up: Taking turns an individual will throw the Frisbee as far as possible. While the Frisbee is in the air all PAX sprint towards the Frisbee, but once the Frisbee hits the ground all PAX must bear crawl the rest of the way to the Frisbee. Repeat until all PAX throw the Frisbee. Of note, other then when YHC rolled the Frisbee back to the parking lot, I am not sure if the Weasel Shaker himself ever bear crawled.

Phase 1: 11s
Completed 11s, starting with 1 burpee at the west end of the parking lot, then running to the west end and do 10 BBSU, finally back pedal to the starting point. Continue adding on burpee and subtracting 1 BBSU, until 10 burpees and 1 BBSU is completed.

Phase 2: 4 Corners
Split into four groups for 5 rounds of the following:
Corner 1: AMRAP Dips on the bumper of PAX trucks
Corner 2: AMRAP CMU Curls
Corner 3: AMRAP CMU Triceps Extension
Corner 4 (timer): 10 Mericans
Rotate through the exercises 5x each

Hurricane Hoedown from 1 to 7, with 15 seconds of star-gazers at the end.

9 PAX, no FNGs

Long Term Impact and Blind-Spots – My 2.1 decided while YHC was out of town to try to start a fire in the garage, he was successful in lighting sawdust soaked in gasoline on top of a CMU on fire and burning a plastic bucket. Needless to say, he was not thinking about the impacts that a fire in the garage could cause. YHC challenged the PAX to use others that have been there or others around us to look at our blind spots and look at the long-term impacts our actions might cause.

YHC really enjoys the mornings away from my normal AOs. The community aspect that you get from all PAX within F3 Memphis is great. No matter what happens everyone is always encouraging and willing to put in work. During the four corners, it was great to see nobody taking a corner ‘off’ or sandbagging. Way to push yourselves this morning fellas and I look forward to seeing the Hurricane Hoedown on one of your Qs soon.

Ropes and Tires

THE SCENE: Wet and muggy but not raining

ssh, arm circles

We changed stations when the last pax finished pulling the tire in and then dragged out to its starting point. Aprox 3 min

  • around the world with cmu
  • 100ft rope pull w tire
  • squat press w cmu
  • 100ft rope pull w tire
  • 12 lbs curls
  • chain work
  • 115ft rope pull w tire
  • pickle pounders
  • post driver lifts
  • 100ft rope pull w tire
  • monkey humpers
  • uneven merkins
  • stargazers

Mosey around the center

8 min of mary was brutal
NatureBoy, Pops, MeterMaid, U-Rock, Lochte, Wachita, StevenKing, SayWhat, Sparky-Q
We aren’t getting any younger and we should be taking full advantage being able to make memories with the family. Eventually we’ll have more time to do so but we won’t be healthy enough to do so.

“It’s not the years in your life….it’s the life in your years”
Our muddy hard morning didn’t leave room for much mumblechatter.

Upper bodies were roasted.