Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

THE SCENE: Muggier than a mug



High knees IC X 20
Merkins IC X 10

Lil’ mozy to football fields
Various calisthenics and dynamic warmup

PAX were arranged by age in ascending order. Teams of four formed by matching two oldest with two youngest, the next two oldest with the next two youngest, and so on. 

RELAY #1 – Filthy 440
Each team member sprints approx 1/3 of track lap while the PAX who are waiting do exercise (station 1 = burpees; station 2 = merkins; station 3=BBSU’s). Team with all PAX to finish their sprint relay first wins.

X 3 Rounds

Fastest time and slowest time from round 1 had to both be beaten in subsequent rounds in order to avoid penalty sprints. PAX rose to the challenge in round 2, but earned 1 penalty sprint in round 3 by failure to beat slowest time.

100 yard penalty sprint

RELAY #2 – 80 yard dash
Staying in same teams, PAX performed good ole’ fashioned sprint relay…first place gets a pass on subsquent rounds and does SSH’s for duration.

Relays continue, eliminating one team as victor in each round until last round with only two teams remaining.

4 rounds

Toe touches IC X 20
Spread eagle BBSU’s w/reach IC X 20
Dealer’s choice: Gus = one final lap around track

21 PAX | No FNG’s


“Bondservants, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not by way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but with sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality.” (Col 3:22–25 ESV)

Go hard in all you do.

I love Q’ing, especially with a larger group who likes to work. I had a ton of fun with the PAX–the relay adds an element of competition which fuels performance and provides platform for guys to encourage each other.

At one point we had to have an impromptu staring contest to tiebreak a too-close-to-call sprint finish. Gus and Bombay squared off for what would be an epic battle of the wills. Bombay battled valiantly, but in the end Gus pulled off the W for his team. Note to self: never do anything to make yourself the focal point of Gus’ staring contest gaze.

Vice Squad Ruck on Friday the 13th

THE SCENE: The PAX met the gloom with a ruck sack and a bit of titillating excitement over the introduction of the VICE.  So titillating that sweat began to ooze out of pores all over.  Or maybe it was the 100% humidity and 77 degrees.

55 Pounds of Suck

Although there were no FNG many of the PAX were sporting new rucksacks.  The disclaimer did happen and special attention was given to the VICE.


SSH IC X 30 (I went to 30 so that Meter Maid could join us) (speed on exiting a motor vehicle is not a skill taught in law school)
Daisy Pickers IC x 15
Around the world Lunges (Daft Punk) OYO X 5

Ruck up and Mosey – Slog (slow jog) with ruck ~ 1/4 mile
The Vice was passed every 100 to 200 yards.

at the 1/4 mile mark we circled up “Cult style”
Ruck swings IC X 15
Ruck Press IC X 15

Ruck 1/4 mile continue to pass the Vice
Ruck Merkins IC X 10
Ruck Jump Lunge IC X 15

Ruck 1/4 mile continue to pass Vice
Indian split leg Vice pass (The vice was passed through each PAX legs.  After passing then run to the end of the line.

Time hack to get back to Startex.  12 minutes to get all pax back along with the VICE.  The vice was swapped every 1 to 2 minutes.  No penalty for getting back on time other than extended Mary.

Flutter Ruck up kicks IC x 15
Overhead Ruck to ground and back up IC x 15
Dealers Choice
Cheese-steak – Chillcut hold IC X 15 ???
Nature Boy – Hello Dolly IC x 20
1040 – Hello Dolly IC x 15
Snowman – 1 ruck lap around the parking lot

9 PAX (0 FNG)

Just and encouraging word to lead your family first then lead out.  So often we are busy doing life and forget to lead our family.  A HIM (High Impact Man) has a responsibility to disciple his wife and children first.  Then lead out from there.  Spend time with your family and let them see you lead (spiritually)

The Vice ain’t no joke.  I liked Cheesesteak’s homonym using the Vice as an illustration of carrying around our own Vices.  Meaning we all have shortcomings and fall short of the mark.  If you have a Vice, put it down.  It might be a struggle not to pick it back up but a true HIM understands that these Vices can be victories that can only be won with Christ leading you.

GrowRuck 12 – Sign up now and train with us.


THE SCENE: It was prolly 78˚ with 167% humidity. Also, Larry had apparently showed up for the pre-ruck, and upon discovering that he would ruck alone, decided to deposit his stank all over the Levee. Classic Larry. F150 was there, driving all night from Ripley, Mississippi (if that’s an actual place). Carport came to sponsor his FNG, driving all night from Bartlett (used to be a real place). Slicnut was back from his tropical vacation, driving all of 30 seconds from his driveway. Speedy showed up at the end of Warm-o-Rama … I assume because he stopped to fight some crime on his way out of the Dirty Dova. Woody and Billy Blanks dressed alike in non-matching long-sleeved shirts for some reason. Must’ve forgotten that it’s summertime in Mordor.


Confirmed: I did.

Grass Pickers IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Apollo Ono OYO x 10 each side
Mountain Merkins IC x 10

THA-THANG: mosey to the football field

PAX line up on goal line and bear crawl to 10 yard line to begin exercise circuit. Bear crawl 10 yards between each set. Number of reps depends on yard line.

– 10 – Turkish Getups
– 20 – One Legged Burpees (10 each leg)
– 30 – Merkins
– 40 – BBS
– 50 – Squats

After completing circuit, sprint to opposite goal line and then back to 50 yard line to complete circuit in reverse.

ORIGINAL PLAN: Complete TOMBS circuit again … but double the exercise reps in round 2.

REALITY: There was no time … and every PAX would’ve died. Terrible, terrible idea. We’ll do it next time though.

Mosey back to SF with pearls to gather the six:
  – Overhead Claps IC x 10
  – Cherry Pickers OYO x 20
  – Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 10

Box Cutters IC x 15
Freddy Mercuries IC x 15
Dealers Choice:
– F150: Uptown Funk Crunches IC x 15
– Speedy: Flutter Kicks IC x 20 (cadence called in a single, painful breath)
– Rabbit: Baby Makers IC x 10 (oddly seductive cadence)
– Moneybags: 6”/45˚/90˚/45˚/6”

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 14 PAX exchanged sweat for rubber turf pellets in their shorts: Moneybags, Carport, Pops, Woody, Billy Blanks, Speedy, F150, Slicnut, Corky, Rabbit, Meter Maid, Barney, Grave Digger (FNG), Captain Obvious (QIC)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Challenged the PAX with an excerpt from the latest Q Source on Trust.

Reliance is the heart of Trust. For a Team to be Dynamic, the Members must implicitly and fully rely upon each other to competently perform their part of the Team’s Mission-essential Tasks. It is not enough for a man to tell his Team Members that he can do his job, or even for the Q to do so. They have to see the man in action under stress for reliance to build. 

F3 has an acronym for the dirty, dangerous and difficult things we do to build Trust. We call them CSAUPs, which stands for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless. This is satirical on our part because a CSAUP is neither stupid nor pointless, it is a very efficient way to share pain. A CSAUP can be an obstacle race or a GORUCK challenge or anything else that provides the opportunity for dirt, danger and difficulty. Completing it together tells the participants something about themselves and each other—that they are men upon whom others may safely rely. 

The nature of the event is not important. What matters is that the Q uses the CSAUP to apply stress to his Team to build the Trust-relationship between its Members.

We prayed for Billy Blank’s upcoming tests, Chapter 13 going through a difficult time, and the safe return of Pop’s wife and daughter (driving home from Chattanooga today).

MOLESKIN: After returning from vacation where I ate everything in sight and exercised exactly zero minutes, YHC came oh-so-close to a Splash on the return trip back to the Shovel Flag. But today was not that day, and the PAX finished strong on a mighty humid Monday. It was good to see an OG, F150, back in the 901. After coming from the fiery furnace of the Texas summer, the cooler Memphis temps brought out his inner beast. He killed it this morning. Our FNG, now named Grave Digger (first kiss was in a cemetery … draw your own conclusions), came ready to work. His sponsor, Carport, left the Levee ready for work. Literally. 90 seconds after leaving the parking lot, he walked into Coffeeteria at the Creamery looking fresh and in full business casual attire. Either YHC did not push him hard enough … or he has fashioned a shower in the backseat of his car … or he is some kind of Morglian wizard.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: GrowRuck 12 is Sept 21-23. Don’t be a girl- make the HC today!

An Attempt at a Magnificent 7

THE SCENE: Everyone was speeding in to the parking lot right on time, including YHC. The fast trucks made the humidity show while my Sonata stood out like a sore thumb.




SSH IC x15 4 CT

Arm circles forward and backward  x15 4 CT

Tempo Squats x15 4 CT
Grab the flags and walk fast to the baseball field.

YHC encouraged stretching what ya needed while I put the flags in place, about 25 yds or so.

Magnificent 7s–Increase rep of exercise each time. Then do the exercise called (merely suggestion) to the other flag and add a rep all the way to 7.  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7=28 reps of each exercise)

Squat and Press at each flag. Transport= Bear crawl (ruck on or crawl and pull).

Merkins at each flag, Transport=Run or lunge walk

Get ups. Transport=Lunge walk

Dips on dugout bench. Transport=Up tempo walk or jog.

10 Man Makers IC 8 ct.

15 sit ups with weight over head.

5 PAX=Nature Boy, Pops, 1040, Moneybags, Barney, Billy Blanks

YHC piggybacked off of Rabbits transparency talk on Monday. Thankful for the community of men to surround me during a semi-stressful time with school and trying to start a family (not using infertility anymore due to my God being bigger than any ICD 10 code).  Cast all your cares and burdens to the Lord, because He is in control and has it under control. I listed to this sermon by Rick Burgess (of Rick and Bubba/radio show out of Alabama). He mentioned 2 Corinthians and the passage that Paul uses all the bad that he could dwell on to show God’s power. Link will be posted below. It was a good slap in the face to wake up and move on with life because sulking and stressing sure won’t help the issues. He is our Comforter, Keeper, and Abba.

I intended to do 7, well 8 (symmetric/even number) rounds with different exercises. I did not realize how much the ruck sacks would slow us down. The men pushed on and grew stronger. Thanks for dealing with what seemed like eternity and discombobulated in my mind. I still am finding grass in all my crevices.
Go support Snowman at Mothership

Growruck…sign up already

A Levee Backblast

THE SCENE:  The Levee.  Warm&Muggy.

YHC called an audible on the parking spot (moved from East to West of the stadium) and it confused some of the directionally challenged PAX.  About 1/3 of the PAX arrived late because for some reason they did not read their Slack feed while driving or did not know the difference between East and West.  No worries just good to see the fellas.

QIC: Snowman

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  It was my best welcome and disclaimer yet!

    SSH (IC) 25
  • Abe Vigodas (IC) 20
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) 20
  • Mosey to football field

12×12: 12 reps of 12 exercises

  • Merkins
  • Squats (IC)
  • Groiners (gloom horn was heard)
  • BBSUs
  • Werkins
  • Sumo Squats
  • Burpees
  • Carolina Dry Docs
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Merkins
  • BBSUs
  • BBSUs (gloom horn again but with more oomph)

BOMBS: Partner up, PAX 1 does exercise while PAX 2 runs to the other sideline and run backwards to the starting sideline.  Combine for reps.

  • Burpees 50
  • Overhead Claps 100
  • Merkins 150
  • BBSUs 200
  • Squats 250
  • Mosey back to flag


  • Flutter Kicks (IC) 20
  • Hello Dolly (IC) 20 courtesy of Nature Boy
  • Freddie Mercury (IC) 20 courtesy of Wide Right
  • Modified Crunchy Frog (IC) 20 courtesy of Billy Blanks

10 PAX (No FNGs)


Shared the following from the Chuck Swindoll book “The Strong Family”

“True manhood calls for discipline of character, strong determination to set a course of action, and courage to stay on task.  Brutality, vulgarity, lack of courtesy to others is weak.  Authentic men aren’t afraid to show their feelings, hug their children, cry when sad, admit when wrong, and ask for help.  These true men know where they are going and are confident enough in themselves and their God to get there.”

I love this stuff.  Had a great time Qing the PAX this AM.  The PAX worked hard, encouraged each other, and a few laughs were had.  No better way to start off your morning than to lead a group of men like that.

T-Claps to Billy Blanks for always being on point with the encouragement to other PAX.   Prayers were lifted for Swinger and his wife as they are about to have a child in the next few days and Pop’s neighbor who unfortunately has to start the cancer fight again.

Billy Blanks on Ruck Q at the Levee Friday


Tire flipping in the gloom

THE SCENE:  Upper 70’s humid and sticky

done and advised!


2 rounds of a circuit at 2 min each station then 1 min per station on rd 2

2 PAX per station

  • tire flips
  • coupon swings (50# or 20# options)
  • coupon thrusters
  • burpees
  • bear crawls
  • squats
  • merkins

ended with another quick mosey
dealers choice: @speedy  Freddy Mercuries

@billyblanks : wicked version of flutter kicks with angles based on his geometry classes
12 PAX 0 FNG
Galatians 6:2 ” Share each others burdens, and in this way obey the Law of Christ.”   No man is strong enough to go through life alone.  God wants all men to be part of an Army that fights the enemy together.  The enemy loves getting men isolated.  It is important to be part of a brotherhood that can hold you up and share in each others burdens.  Men a stronger as part of a team when watching each others backs.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

PLF Fail

THE SCENE: Warm; not terribly humid.

Usual welcome and disclaimer given.

Daisy Pickers IC x 15
Windmills IC x 20
SSHs IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 15

1.       Bataan Death March

2.       Modified Ascending Curb Crawl

Starting at the curb, PAX bearcrawled across the parking lot to the opposite curb where they did 1 incline merkin. PAX then crawlbeared back and did 2 derkins from the starting curb.  Bearcrawl to the opposite curb again and then 3 incline merkins; crawlbear back and then 4 derkins.  And so on until the PAX made it to 11 incline merkins and 12 derkins.

3.        Field of Dreams

PAX divided into four groups (home plate, first base, second base, third base). PAX at home plate completed 15 burpees while PAX on first did AMRAP squats, PAX on second did AMRAP mountain climbers, and PAX on third did AMRAP BBSs.  Once PAX at home finished burpees, they moved to first base.  PAX on first then moved to second, etc., until all PAX had completed each exercise.  Rinse and repeat.

Reverse box cutters IC x 15
Hello Dollys IC x 20
American Hammers IC x 15
Freddie Mercuries IC x 15

11 PAX (2 FNGs (Snowbird and Hydrant); 1 Willy Loman (Doubtfire))

YHC currently is reading Prayer by Timothy Keller.  In the book, Keller discusses a letter Augustine wrote on the subject of prayer (Letter 130).  YHC’s summary of Keller’s summary of the letter:

Before you know what to pray for and how to pray for it, you must understand that no matter how good your earthly circumstances, they can never bring you the lasting peace, happiness, and consolation found in Christ.

We must see that our heart’s loves are out of order – things we ought to love third or fourth are often first in our hearts. Unless we recognize this disorder and how much it distorts our lives, our prayers will be part of the problem, not the solution.  For example, if wealth is our #1 love, then when we lose our wealth and pray for more of it, our prayers will just be worrying in God’s direction.  Our prayers won’t strengthen us – they won’t help us put things in perspective and bring us to rest in God as our true security.

Once we have made God our greatest love and knowing him our highest pleasure, that will transform both what we pray for and how we pray for it.

YHC enjoyed having two high school friends who now live out of town come this morning (FNGs Snowbird and Hydrant).

Gus and Doubtfire thought YHC’s SSHs weren’t fast enough.

YHC hadn’t planned to rinse and repeat the field of dreams, but the PAX excelled.

PLF followed the BC.  YHC forgot to bring cups.

Ruck The Levee

THE SCENE:  Mid 70’s damp and sticky.  “Success, which is the achievement of one’s goals, depends on what matters most to a person.” – Willy Loman

We had three Willy Loman’s this Gloom.


The PAX was Disclaimed

  • 20 SSH-IC
  • 15 Daisy Pickers-IC
  • 15 Merkins-IC
  • 10 Arm Circles-IC: Forward and Backward
  • 15 Imperial Walkers-IC


  • The Tortes and the Hare
    • While Group 1 exercised Group 2 takes CMU and grabs the chain to ruck as a single unit.  (the rucking group all held a 20′ chain aswell as CMU’s). Once Group 1 completed the exercise they Ruck ran to swap Chain/CMU ruck.
      • The Exercise
        • To Start:
          • 10 Body Builders
          • 10 Merkins
          • 10 Flutter Kicks
          • 10 Squats
        • Omaha: (After both groups complete the exercise once)
          • 5 Body Builders
          • 5 Merkins
          • 5 Flutter Kicks
          • 5 Squats

Each Group did four sets of exercises

The Ring of Fire…. PAX circled up with rucks on. PAX help plank position while one HIM bear-crawled around the circle.  Once Him completed the circle next Him would start.  Every two complete circles the PAX would switch from Plank to AL Gore.
11 PAX, 0 FNG, 3 Willy Loman
Humble the asshole, lift up the Sad Clown. (In F3, or Family or Community)

Every man has a weakness and a strength.  as we come together as a team and/or community we are able to bridge each others gaps and move forward with success.   The chain in today’s workout was a way to unit the PAX as a single unit.

Special Thanks to the three Willie Loman……
F3Franklin: Sterno
F3Frankfort: Mystro
F3Atlanta: Blondie

Slicknut will be headed on Vacation Mission trip to Honduras, sending prays up for him and the crew as they travel…

Grow Ruck coming in September….

Battle Ropes and a Route 22

THE SCENE: I emerged from the forest and couldn’t seem to shake off the robe of humidity at 75°F.  Mental note:  Apply more Slicnut™.



Arm Circles IC X 10 Both Arms
Daisy Pickers IC X 15
Imperial Walkers IC X 15
Plank Jacks IC X 15

Mosey to the skate park
Barney blessed us with the use of his Battle Rope.

Round 1

Every 30 seconds the PAX rotated between Carolina Dry Docks and Big Boy Situps

1 PAX starts with alternating rope slap.

Once the bell rang (30 Seconds) PAX 1 goes to Bear Balls to the Wall and then falls back in line with Rest of PAX

When PAX 1 leaves the rope PAX 2 takes over.

Round 2

Same as above but…

Route 22 (Route 66 but not enough time.

Build up to 11 – Traveling from light pole to light pole
Jump Squats

Mosey back to flag


Hello Dolly IC x 15
Rosalitas IC x 15
Pickle Pounders IC X 15
LBCs IC X 15

12 PAX (0 FNG) Kotters to Megatron and 1 Willie Lowman Chowda from Richmond VA
Encouraged each PAX to be prepared to share your faith.  There are many missed opportunities that let pass because of fear etc.  Step up and give someone the opportunity to decide for themselves.  If it was easy everyone would do it.  Preparing to go on a mission trip makes you think about it, but everyday we have the opportunity to tell others what God has done for you.  Don’t let these opportunities pass.  As my pastor says, these nudges to talk about your faith are not from your flesh and they sure aren’t from satan.  So they must be from God.  Obey or not, it is your choice.

Barney’s rope ain’t no joke.  I haven’t done the rope in a while and I could tell.  Actually a few PAX may remember a beautiful dark wet morning at Tom Lee park where Bruce lead a BLOP.  We experienced the soggy wet battle ropes YHC aptly named them WOTs (Week old tampons).  Today our rope was dry except for the mist of sweat that they generated from each of the PAX.  Lots of mumblechatter today.  T-Claps to Megatron back from a back injury and Jasmine made the journey over from the Morg.

Ruck work on Friday at the Levee
GrowRuck coming in September

Ruck Blackout at The Levee

Date: 06/15/2018

AO: The Levee

QIC: Gus

PAX: Nature Boy, Bombay, Billy Blanks, Woody, Soybean, Speedy, Gomer, 1040, Meter Maid, Slicnut, Gumbo, Corky, Captain Obvious, Wide Right, Gus

Conditions: 82F – not bad



We did some side straddle hops and some daisy pickers as we waited for all PAX to gather ’round and briefly discussed how to access the football field.

* ruck with coupons around the whole dadgum school building because only one gate was open *
[The time it took to get to the football field probably saved us from actually blacking out. Sky Q knows best.]

This workout is not original and was developed from the workout found here.

First Station in the Endzone
3 Rounds
10 OH Squats
10 front ruck squats
10 Ruck Swings
Sprint 100 yards (Ruck is a coupon, so no straps) to opposite endzone.

Second Station in the Endzone
3 Rounds
20 Ruck Thrusters
20 Push ups with side ruck pulls (Ruck at your right side…do a push up and then pull your ruck to the other side with your left arm, push up, then pull it back with your right arm)
20 Burpees
Sprint 100 yards (Ruck is a coupon, so no straps) to opposite endzone.

The Worst Bearcrawl
Bearcrawl from endzone to endzone, moving yourself and ruck without wearing ruck.
[Suggested mode of travel was pulling ruck forward after one bearcrawl movement forward, alternating arms, but some PAX got creative.]

* ruck back to SP as time ran out *

Count-O-Rama (15)


COT / BOM:  “Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Moleskin: I planned for us to do the whole dang workout put out by PATHFINDER. Because we only had 45 minutes, and about fifteen of those minutes were used to travel from the parking lot to football field and back, we were unable to do that. But everyone was smoked, so Mission: Accomplished.