This Backblast Is Boring and Not Creative

THE SCENE: Muggy, humid, moist 70-ish degrees.

Did it.

  • SSH (IC) – 25
  • High knees (IC) – 15
  • Lots of stretching
  • Butt kickers (IC) – 15
  • Leg raises (IC) – 8 each leg
  • Some more stretching
  • Mosey to parking garage


    Parking garage line drills
    Divide into 2-3 groups based on speed (8, 9, and 10 minute pace groups, though we won’t actually try to keep that pace)
    Sprint (or run as fast as you are able) up first full length of the garage, touch wall, mosey back down.
    Sprint (or run as fast as you are able) up first 2 full lengths, touch wall, mosey all the way back down.
    Do this until you’ve gone 4 full lengths.
    Once finished, run in place up downs on 10 counts until all in (from your pace group)
    Once your pace group is all in, repeat, but mosey the up hill portions and sprint downhill.
    Even the 8 minute pace group didn’t quite get through both sections. We moseyed back to the parking lot where we started for about 5 minutes of Mary.


  • Hello Dalai Lama (IC) – 30 (with a slow down count in the middle of the 20’s)
  • American Hammer (IC) – 20
  • ABC’s (IC)


Soybean, Bottomless, Teacher’s Pet, Beauty Shop, Blart, Goldilocks, Four Eyes, Vocals, Shoestring, Big City, Promise Ring, Bookworm, Hitch, Speaker, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Pirtle, Mighty Joe Young, Toms, Ergo, Handsy (QIC)


When you’re a sad clown you often don’t realize you’re a sad clown. I started coming to F3 just for the exercise. I thought I had my life together, hey, I lead a Christian ministry, right? I’ve noticed in the past few months, that some of my struggles (lust, short temper with my kids, impatient with my wife, etc.) have diminished. The more I’ve thought about it, I’ve realized I was much more lonely than I realized, and my struggles were really just the fruit of loneliness and isolation. The community that I’ve gained through F3 has really provided a group of men who I connect with regularly and who help me feel less lonely.  Therefore, I’m healthier and struggling less. And, whether I want to admit it or not, I really was a sad clown before. Feeling less and less so every day.


Breaking into pace groups for running focus workouts seems to work well.

Nothing I can think of…check the slack channel for announcements.

Sandbag Snake Ruck

THE SCENE: HUMID!!  You could almost drink the air.



Starting at one end of the parking lot without rucks do the following exercises to the other end and back.
Side hop
High Kicks
Butt Kickers
Pax circled up and put on their rucks.

Merkins x10
Squats x10
Ruck to Shoestrings x10 (Laying flat on your back with ruck above your head, lift your legs and bring your ruck and feet together.  This sucked.)

Pax completed 3 rounds and increased reps by 10 each round.

YHC connected 3 sandbags with different weights, 40#, 60#, 80# and took a lap around campus. ~1.7 miles. We moved a ton slower than YHC thought we would.  Sand is tricky… VERRRRY TRICKY!

American Hammer IC x20
Ruck to Shoestrings… AGAIN IC x20
Flutter Kicks IC x30
BBS IC x20

9 Pax (0 FNG’s)


Over the last few days YHC has dealt with a whiny kid.  My daughter has done nothing but complained, whined, huffed and sighed at every task given and every thing seems like the worst day ever.  YHC has grown extremely tired of the whining and complaining.  BUT, thank God that He doesnt treat me and get frustrated with me for all the whining and complaining I do in my life.  YHC reminded the pax that we too are whiners and need the strength of God to be able to make it through each day to love and serve others before ourselves.


The sandbags slowed us down WAYYYY more than YHC would have guessed they would.  It was a humid morning and now the stanky sweat of the pax has stunk up the car!  The M will not approve of the sandbag staying in the hot steamy vehicle all day.  The sandbag snake was tricky and took some getting used to but we can rest assured, he will show up again.

GORUCK has issued the #ruckclubcallout so be on the lookout for time and date of the ruck on the F3 Memphis Ruck Club Facebook page.

Accountability Run

Date: 05/11/2018

AO: The Barracks

QIC: Gus

PAX: Shoestring, Woodpecker, Pirtle, Toms, Big Al, Tomb Raider, Speaker, Hall Monitor, Teacher’s Pet, Mmmbop, Spock, Vocals, Soybean, Handsy, Bottomless, Gepetto, Big City, Father Abraham, Mighty Joe Young, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Beauty Shop, Gus

Conditions: 68F – perfecto



Dynamic stretching to get the blood pumping

Separate into three groups, designating leader for each
Group A – 8:00/mile pace
Group B – 9:00/mile pace
Group C – 10:00/mile pace

Run out 16 minutes; run back 16 minutes

Count-O-Rama (22)


COT / BOM:  Accountability = Ownership + Partnership

Each Man has to declare ownership of his issues before he can start to Get Right. But because each Man is flawed, he needs to Partner with another to help him Stay Right. This is Accountability.

Moleskin: The PAX had mixed reviews for the uneventful run. I believe a Man should be able to perform this basic human function with confidence, so we’ll probably do it again.

We Need A Hero!

The Scene. Yes, the scene…

Where have all the good HIM gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise Rucking team to carry all the coupons?
Isn’t there an AOQ upon the Gloomy Memphis street?
Late at night I write and revise
And dream of the Q that I need


We need a hero!
Sloshy’s holding out for a hero to walk through the night
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be smart
And he’s gotta make sure to modify

We need a hero!
Cujo’s holding out for a hero til the morning light
He’s gotta be sure
And assume all the risks
And give effort but modify


Somewhere after disclaiming
In my wildest Warm-O-Rama-ing
200 Curls just beyond our reach
A HIM reaching back for Sloshy
Racing around the Tigers and ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ on the Street
It’s gonna take a Superman to sweep Sloshy off his feet!

We need a hero!
To carry Cujo around the Campus Lights
Thirty-five pounds
And we can’t let him drop
Or we Shoulder Press twenty times!

We need a hero!
We’re holding out for a hero till the morning light
His hands must be sure
His shoulders like rocks
And He’s gotta Ruck for his life

We need a hero!
Avoiding all the cops til the morning light!

Up where the Startex Meets the Mary above
Out where Old Glory awaits for Sloshy
I could swear 50 more curls somewhere,
Await IC!
Through the wind, in the chill, or the rain
With no gloves in a flood
I can feel Sloshy’s weight like a fire in my bicep’s blood!

Eleven Heroes!
No FNG’s for the Barracks Ruck

Christ is so strong
And Christ is so wise
We need to be like Him in His delight

He is our Hero!
His righteousness displayed in the book of Proverbs
On May Manliness
And quit being such a _____

Bootheel’s a Beast now!
Beans and Worm were angry till the morning light
They got #milez before
CMU’s were a bore
And they hated the Q to the core!

Bruce was a hero!
He avoided cussing til Ugly Mug’s light
The coffee was black
The coffee was strong
And the CSAUP was fresh from the fight

We need a hero!
One who will remember announcements in time!

The Everyday Barracks Beatdown

THE SCENE:  Pleasant.  High 60s, but little humidity.



SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Hillbillies x 20 IC
Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
Arm Circles x 10 IC, reverse and repeat


Gus was kind enough to kick us off with a bit of running 101.  Many of the PAX run for “fun,” but many do not.  Gus gave pointers on posture, foot strike, arm positioning, and the like, with a couple laps around the track mixed in.  Thanks, Gus!

Toms lead the PAX around the track for a lap then lined everyone up on the near side of the field.  PAX perform burpees until QIC yells “GO!”, then PAX sprint to far side of field.  Plank until all in, then perform the number of merkins called by QIC.  After merkins, light mosey back to near side of field.  Rinse and repeat a number of times, with QIC calling on members of the PAX to lead a round.

Mosey to the parking garage.  Sprint the inclines, mosey the rest.  At top, mosey down.  Thanks to Shoestring for correctly interpreting YHC’s jumbled instructions for this part.  Thanks to Soybean for leading the PAX in Dying Cockroach at the bottom of the garage until all in.


Flutter kicks x 20 IC
Shoestring’s choice: ABCs, performed IC (i.e., correctly)
Low plank Peter Parkers (tempo) x 10 IC (1 is 1)


Soybean, Crayfish, Tomb Raider, Schwinn, Cosmo, Extended Stay, O Positive, Woodpecker, Spock, Teacher’s Pet, Bookworm, Cowbell, Shoestring, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Beauty Shop, Speaker, Bottomless, Handsy, Goldilocks, Pirtle, Gus, Toms


QIC shared some quotes from C.S. Lewis about pride and encouraged the PAX to be honest with themselves about pride, seek out God for humility, and find men in their life that can hold them accountable.

There is one vice of which no man in the world is free; which every one in the world loathes when he sees it in someone else; and of which hardly any people, except Christians, ever imagine that they are guilty themselves. […] There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which we are more unconscious of in ourselves.[…]The vice I am talking of is Pride or Self-Conceit: and the virtue opposite to it, in Christian morals, is called Humility.

… Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man… It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition is gone, pride is gone.


22 men ran about 3.5 miles to kick of Friday (and say hello to Barrack’s mascot, D-bo, as we ran over to the parking garage)


SOS spring clean 5/5

Rucked Up Merkfest

THE SCENE: 69 and startin to get muggy!
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   Delivered with precision
Start Rucking
PAX were given 35 minutes to ruck the Highland route at The Barracks (2.25 miles).

Upon failing to meet the time hack, PAX completed 15 punishment Bodybuilders OYO.

15 minute AMRAP circuit:

10 ruck merkins

10 four count flutter kicks rucks overhead

8 PAX (0 FNG): Soybean, Toms, Shoestring, Lara Croft, Rabbit, Blart, Bootheel, Bookworm QIC
Hebrews 12: 1-2    Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.

Jesus shows us what it means to endure and why it’s worth it. He endured the ultimate suffering for the joy of our salvation by remaining on the cross even though he had the power to end his suffering and run from the pain. Whether in a beatdown, at home, or at work, we will find ourselves in times of suffering that we are called to endure and remain present in. With Jesus as our model, our inspiration, our Lord, and our savior, we can endure and in that find peace and joy.

The AMRAP workout was terrible, and the PAX pushed through. We forgot all about our aching arms when Deebo, a lovable cujo, enthusiastically joined our COT. Naturally, we invited him to post again at The Barracks on Friday. YHC really hopes he makes an appearance.
Service project Saturday at SOS, 8:30-12



On Friday morn, the Barracks calls
It beckons to us “come”
We gather unaware of fate
One thing we know–we run


Toms on Q–an omaha
Due to a tardy plane
Sir Mix a Lot, in case of worst
Left Toms the text of pain


It was cool 50 degrees
When we circled round the flag
Though ground still wet with Thursday rain
A dry, foreboding track


All 6 punctual PAX were told
Disclaimer, disclaimed.  Check
The 11 men of “casual” stroll:
“We don’t have time for that.”


We started with side straddle hops
As if that’s a surprise
20 IC of that, and same for
Vader’s Minions’ Stride

(Imperial Walkers, for those of you
less than culturally inclined)
Hillbillies, and Daisypickers
a 20 count, in time

“Arm Circles. In cadence” was called
Front, then back. 10 each.
Then mosey to the pull up bars
To hear Toms give his speech


The expectant PAX gathered round
as Toms pulled out his phone
The word of the day is “Fartlek”
(origin unknown)

QIC will set a timer
30 minutes flat
Start from where we’re standing now
And then you run two laps

Push yourself just shy of max
About three-quarter speed
Once complete (and you’re out of breath)
One lap recovery

After that, perform 10 pull ups
15 dips thereafter
(Apparently I can’t do dips..
or much else for that matter)

Last but certainly not least
Burpees! Count: two dimes
That, my friends, is one full circut
Rinse and repeat til time

At 6:08, Toms’s watch went off
PAX stopped as they passed by
“Okay, men, let’s gather round.
We’re all about to die”

400 meters.  All you’ve got.
Ready, set, and go
(It was when this lap was finished
that Bookworm splashed merlot)

And now we’ve come to YHC’s
Most favorite part of all
To finish off this phone-in beast
Half a lap bear crawl.

Not a single PAX completed
(the burpees are to blame)
At 6:15, we circled up
Not a single PAX the same


There was no time to say hello
to Mary, bless her heart
We start on time.  We end on time.
And so we must depart


17 PAX stood around and
rattled off their names
Gus and Teacher’s Pet went first
Bookworm, Extended Stay

Snookie, Father Abraham
Crayfish, Beauty Shop
Mighty Joe Young, Shoestring, Blart
Our new guy, Lara Croft

Pirtle, Toms (who might I say
is really quite the guy)
Soybean, Handsy, Trophy Wife
(Our sole Irish Goodbye)


Men, there is no number to the
things that weigh us down
Wayward loved ones, long hard jobs can
make for one sad clown

Our fight is neither flesh and blood
nor death that lingers near
Nonetheless, if truth be told
I fight the most with fear

Fear of walking all my days with
no one by my side
What if I live in poverty?
What if my children die?

In truth, some days I’d rather quit
than face fear toe to toe
Or even worse, surrender fear
to One i can’t control

We live not in isolation
The gloom is proof of it
We lock our shields to share our strength
For our brothers, WE. DON’T. QUIT.

In whatever phase life finds us
Whatever path unknown
Our brothers help us carry on
For His Glory.
His alone.


Tomorrow is, at last, BrewRuck
It’s for a worthy cause
Come donate cans and ruck around
(There’s also alcohol)
Also, next Saturday (5/5)
We are serving SOS
After Mothership, come help us
Prepare them for their guests

This backblast is a tribute to
one of our very own
One weasel shaker to rule them all
Dear Soybean, gauntlet thrown

4:20 Smokefest

THE SCENE: Nice weather.  We arrived and they were setting up  a stage on the track.  We discovered a circular sidewalk exactly 1/4 mile long immediately to the north of the track, so we set up there.

(Counting was terrible as usual with Crayfish Q)

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Windmill
  • Emperial Walkers
  • Butt-Kickers
  • Short mosey


We started with a quarter mile race.  The first 9 were part of the fast group and the last 10 were part of the slow group.

Peyote Run (Like an Indian Run except crazier)
First group kept 8-9 minute pace and slow group kept 10-12 minute pace.  While the group jogs in a line, the man in the back sprints up to the front, when he arrives, the next man in the back sprints up to the front.

The first Peyote Run was two laps around the track running forward.

Marijuana Merkins (Slow merkins while taking deep breaths in and out).  We did this for a few minutes then moved on to more Peyote running.

Peyote Run Reverse
The 2nd Peyote Run was two laps around the track with the group jogging  backward, but sprinters running forward.

Dips When Pax completed Peyote runs they began dips on the curb for a few minutes.  

Peyote Run Side to Side
The 3rd Peyote Run was two laps around the track with the group side-stepping sideways, but sprinters running forward.

Carolina Drydocks When Pax completed Peyote runs they began carolina dry-docks for a few minutes.  

Free Run Two laps at your own pace


  • Hold Iron Cross for about 2 minutes
  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs
  • Dealer’s ChoiceCOUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA
    19 PAX:  Gus, Bookworm, Beauty Shop, Shoestring, C-Lo, Father Abraham, Osh Kosh, Spock, Teacher’s Pet, Handsy, Wood Pecker, Pirtle, Mmmbop,  Bottomless, Snookie, Speaker, Toms, Crayfish, 240 (FNG)
    I used to smoke weed every day.  One time on 4:20a.m. on April 20th while in a party in NOLA we smoked a joint with an ounce of weed in it.  I kept chasing after more, trying to get higher and higher but it never satisfied.  Ephesians 5:18 says, “Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit.”  This also applies to Gonja.  Since the Spirit of God has been in my life, leading, guiding, fulfilling me, I have found that gratification that I never could get from mind-altering chemicals.  I have found my purpose and my worth in the One who created me and accepted me.  And so I got up at 4:20 on 4/20 this year, not to try to get high, but to get better.  Thanks for being here with me.

The Worst

THE SCENE:  beautiful crisp morning, approx 58, with a gentle fog hovering in the distance – through which Bruce longingly wanted to Ruck
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  No FNGs, so everyone understood the drill

YHC was a little bit nervous having never Q’d a ruck workout before, so in searching for possible exercises, I found a movement stuck somewhere in the GoRuck webpage and thought, “this one will be pretty good” – little did I know…


15 Imperial walkers IC x15

5ish tempo squats with 3ish second hold at the bottom IC

15  Ruck swings OYO

The PAX looked on in eager anticipation of the workout, as the newest and now one of the awful-est movements in F3Memphis was about to be unleashed on the PAX, with a hint coming on GroupMe the night before.

YHC demonstrated the 4 movements at the beginning of each lap around the track.   the 4th being…Burpee-Ruck to Shoulder – Squats  — need a name for this beast

  • 10 Ruck Thrusters
  • 10 Ruck Swings
  • 10 Ruck shoulder to overhead
  • 10 burpee – ruck to shoulder – squats  — This tame sounding exercise involves a burpee onto your ruck, then hoisting the ruck to either shoulder and once there, completing a full squat. Sounds so innocent.

Start with aforementioned circuit of work, then Ruck 400m.  NO SWEAT, RIGHT… when back to the start, rinse and repeat, until time was up.

  •    All PAX completed 7 rounds.  Rounds 1-3 weren’t THAT bad….After 7 full rounds, time was almost up.   So all PAX finished another lap around the track (without that devil exercise) so that we could regain feeling in our arms can say we got #Milez, cause have to have >1 mile or the hash-tag would not apply


  • MARY:  Holding Ruck above the chest Flutter kicks x 25 IC, then finised with 7 (the Holy number) of ruck V-ups OYO   (I spent 10 minutes trying to get this stupid bullet point to go away but every time it did, it would smash the heading to the text above it and look confusing, so bullet point it is…#stupidtechnology #notamillenial)

7 PAX: Mamas Boy, Shoestring, Bootheel, Bruce, Soybean, Rabbit (complete with his “hop”), Bookworm
1 John 1:9 – “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”
YHC keeps being surprised by struggles that have been present in some cases for many years.  When a younger believer, YHC naively thought that just maturity/age/life circumstances would make a lot of struggles just go away, and here I am years later, still sometimes getting caught up in my own selfishness, pride and temptations.   It seems so defeating on a lot of levels, and that is when doubt and guilt come creeping in, as if God could willingly forgive me AGAIN, for that very same thing?   Yet, God in his infinite Mercy, promises us that if we do confess our sins, that HE is faithful to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from unrighteousness.  YHC constantly draws to that verse to be assured that only through Christ can my heart be cleansed.
Then the verse states we have to confess our sins, and YHC believes that has to be both to the Lord and to our Ms, and our brothers in Christ.  I am so thankful for this group of men who are so willing to bear each others burdens and encourage each other toward repentance.

BrewRuck – Saturday

GrowRuck – September

Gunny’s 10-point Memorial Workout

Date: 04/18/2018

AO: The Barracks

QIC: Gus

PAX: Soybean, Bootheel, Rabbit, Shoestring, Gus | FNG: N/A

Conditions: 63F, which was too warm and humid for my taste



Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey (AKA “Gunny”) passed away on April 15, 2018. Gunny is most famous for his role as Senior Drill Instructor Hartman in the movie Full Metal Jacket. [Link is very NSFW.] A few years ago, Gunny wrote a web article entitled The 10-Point Workout System: Exercising with the Gunny, and I figured the least we could do to remember this iconic figure was do his dadgum workout. Because it was Wednesday at The Barracks, we did everything with rucks on or used as coupons.

  1. SSH IC x 30
  2. Alternating rear leg lunges, 10 each leg
  3. LBAC IC x 10 (forward and backward)
  4. Merkins to failure
  5. BBSU to failure
  6. Superman IC x 10
  7. Pull-ups to failure
  8. Leg lifts to 45 degrees IC x 10
  9. Body builders IC x 10
  10. Ruck 2.7 miles in 44 minutes

Count-O-Rama (5)


COT / BOM:  Herb Hodges, a true High Impact Man, also passed away this week. Herb was a pastor, teacher, author, and disciple maker who influenced many of the Men in the F3 Memphis PAX. God used Herb’s influence to mature me in the faith in my teens and early twenties, and his legacy will last long after he has passed. His book Tally Ho the Fox! is worth a read and includes this meaningful quote: 

Why do church members get much more excited about a thousand other things than about God, spiritual things, heaven, hell, and eternity? The answer? No vision, thus no motivation, because motivation arises out of vision.

That principle is true in all aspects of life. We ended by asking God for a vision to help us lead our families, communities, and within F3 Memphis.

Moleskin: It was a great 60 minutes of PT and Ruckership. I was honored to have a chance to lead remembrance of two very different but important Men.