Sprint and Splash in the Tower of Terror

THE SCENE: Still warm and muggy, but hints of fall in the breeze…

Did it, including sharing the mission of F3


2 laps around the track followed by about 5 minutes of stretching.


***Not sure what the taper and stretch crew did after this…Bottomless knows.

Mosey over the the Tower of Terror (parking garage)

  • Perform 15 SSH (IC) to get our heart rate back up a bit.
  • Sprint up TWO full lengths of the garage (all the way up first ramp, turn the corner and keep going until you reach the top of the second ramp. It’s probably 400 meters uphill. 60 seconds of recovery.
  • Repeat up the next two full ramps to the top. 60 second recovery
  • Sprint all the way back down to startex. 90 second recovery.
  • Sprint all the way up ONE full length of the garage. 30 second recovery. Repeat 3 more times until at the top of the garage.
  • Sprint all the way back down to startex. 90 second recovery.
  • Sprint HALF way up the first full ramp. 30 second recovery while walking to the end of the ramp.
  • Sprint HALF way up the second ramp. 30 second recovery.
  • From that point, spring all the way back down to startex.
  • In total, we covered almost 2.5 miles, most of that sprinting.

From there we moseyed back to the pad at the track for some Mary.


  • Peter Parkers (IC) – 15 (started slow, got faster)
  • Crunch jacks (IC) – 15
  • Freddie Mercury (IC) – 15


Four Eyes, Beauty Shop, MIB, ISS, Doc Hollywood, Pirtle, Crayfish, Yard Sale, Blart, Snookie, Park Bench, Tomb Raider, Bottomless, Soybean, Sir Mix-a-lot, Cockapoo (FNG), Handsy (QIC)


Difference between toxic shame and healthy shame – toxic shame finds it’s identity in mistakes and shortcomings. Healthy shame acknowledges imperfection but doesn’t put it’s value or identity there. Keeps pressing on to love, serve, work hard, knowing that you are making a difference even if you make mistakes along the way.


Sprinting up the garage is ROUGH. but good.

See Pre-blast for info about all the GROWRUCK12 events this weekend! Lots of ways to participate!

Taper Ruck at The Barracks

THE SCENE: 74* and pleasant


THA-THANG: 3.2 mile ruck (2 laps around campus). One (1) 60 lb sandbag and one (1) American shovel flag were passed around.

MARY: Plank to pike position to plank to “cobra pose”


CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: During a GORUCK event, in the middle of the night, there will come a point where you will be sore, beyond tired, agitated, and ready to quit. It will be very easy to focus on those uncomfortable feelings and thoughts and then slowly fade to the back of the pack and stop helping the team. This is called “going gray.” Don’t do that! To fight against the gray man, look to the man on your left or right, think about what you can do to help him, and then do it. If your focus is on your brother, rather than yourself, you’ll be fine. And if you’re fine, we’ll all be fine. This also applies to work and family life, where sometimes we go internal and forget that we’re here to serve others, not ourselves.

MOLESKIN: Special thanks to Hitch for supplying the tunes, Teacher’s Pet for supplying the sandbag, Bookworm for supplying the American shovel flag, Shoestring for supplying some Puerto Rican attitude, and Pirtle for supplying plenty of dry sarcasm.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: GrowRuck is coming. Gird thy loins!

Barracks Traditional Track Workout

THE SCENE: Humid, with a touch of heat.  75 degrees.  The ROTC folks just added to the heat index.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Disclaimer given with enthusiasm.  Stressed the importance of stretching before and after as the workout consisted of track sprints.

1/2 mile warm-up around the track.


  • 100 crunches; 50 Left side, 50 right side
    • counting off in an odd/even cadence (Q says odd numbers, PAX calls out even)
  • Partner up; 50 throw legs each.  Partner 1 stands over 2 as he lies flat on back holding legs up at 90 degrees, Partner 1 throws them straight down, or down to one side or the other x 50.  switch
  • Stretches in odd/even cadence.  Targeted hamstrings
  • 100 yd butt kicks, 100 yd high knees

Sprint Workout:

  • 2 groups (fast/faster), 800 yd sprint (1 min rest), 400 yd sprint (30 sec. rest), 200 yd sprint (15 sec. rest), 100 dash.  Group Faster did an extra 100 yd sprint to catch Group Fast at the start.
  • Lunges, 200 yds
  • 1/2 mile cool down

No Mary, core work at the beginning covered.

16 PAX (No FNGs), Crayfish, Teachers Pet, Snookie, Four Eyes, Shoestring, Toms, Handsy, Pirtle, Yardsale, Bookworm, MIB, Mirage, Tomb Raider, Sir Mix A Lot, Doc Hollywood, ISS

Rev. 12:11  ‘They overcame him with the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their Testimony, they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

Men, as believers we should fear no darkness.  Reach out to those in need.  Come forward with needs, realy on a friend.  Challenge and encourage one another.

Death has lost, victory is won for those whose Lord is Jesus the Christ.  So we lay down our lives, as ‘our’ lives are no longer ours.  He has given His life for us, bought us for a price, and now we no longer live but He lives in and through us.

We should not shrink from death as we should not love our lives but seek to glorify the One and sacrifice for the lost.

We missed out on the “Sprint the Straight aways” section of the workout that would have really pushed us.  Not a dry patch of skin between any of us as we were soaked from head to toe.  The brief return to Memphis summer was not welcome after being spoiled all week.

The PAX successfully avoided all ROTC candidates as we ducked and weaved through many.

3rd F opportunity was announced for tomorrow (Saturday, 15th).  GrowRuck12 next week.  Join us for 2ndF at Carolina Watershed Friday night 7-10pm and a Dredd/Slaughter beatdown Saturday morning 7-8 at ECS, Cordova.

Bookworm’s Barracks Birthday Bash

THE SCENE: 70 something

Windmillx12 IC

Daisy Pickerx10 IC

Imperial Walkerx10 IC

Hillbillyx10 IC

Baby Arm Circlesx10 IC front and back

Michael Phelpsx15 IC

28 Burpees OYO


Mosey to the parking garage

Paula Abdul’s:

Run two flights up the parking garage, complete 28 merkins

Run one flight down, 28 squats

Rinse and repeat to the top

Run two flights down, 28 squats

One flight up, 28 merkins

Rinse and repeat to the bottom

Mosey back to Startex


Leg lift sequence: 6 inches, legs spread, 45 degrees, rinse and repeat

22 PAX, 1 FNG: Handsy, Crayfish, Ups, Mirage, Gus, MmmBop, Strawberry, Book It, Bottomless, Jameis, Sloppy Joe, MIB, Yardsale, Scarecrow (FNG), Beauty Shop, Four Eyes, Snookie, Toms, ISS, Doc Hollywood, Park Bench, Bookworm (QIC)
YHC shared his appreciation for the men in the circle and reflected on the past year of F3. F3 Memphis has been a place for YHC to belong and feel accepted. Let’s never lose that.
YHC has been excited to lead this workout for a while and the PAX delivered the energy. It was a great start to a great birthday.
9-11 memorial workout 5 am at The Ruins.

The Fast and the Furious; Barracks Drift

THE SCENE: Muggy, Humid, perfect conditions for my sinus infection.  An occasional breeze through the parking garage partitions gave a tantalizing respite.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Completed while Bookworm and Soybean struggled to lodge the shovel flags into the Barrack substrate.  A foreboding sign of penalty burpees to come.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Rucks on; Michael Phelps IC x 10, Shoulder Taps IC x 10, Windmill IC x 10, Imperial Walker IC x 10.

Mosey over to the parking garage to reenact the Fast and the Furious 3.

  • PAX hoisted ruck sack overhead and jogged up the ramps, one PAX carried a coupon consisting of a 5 gallon bucket filled with rocks.
  • 1st Landing; Overhead presses IC x 3, Curls IC x 3, Merkens IC x 3
  • Coupon switch and jog to the next level.
  • 2nd Landing: Overhead presses IC x 6, Curls IC x 6, Merkens IC x 6
  • Coupon switch and jog to the next level.
  • 3rd Landing; Overhead presses IC x 9, Curls IC x 9, Merkens IC x 9
  • Coupon switch and jog to the next level.
  • 4rth Landing; Overhead presses IC x 12, Curls IC x 12, Merkens IC x 12
  • Coupon switch and jog to the next level.
  • Back down to Level 4 and repeat 3 sets, 12 reps.  Continued down decreasing rep counts by 3.

Brief cool down hike around the track and headed back for a modified ‘rinse and repeat’

  • A faster paced version of the above keeping rep counts at 3 for each exercise to the top and back down via stairwell.

1 minute of American Hammer with Rucks in front.

5 PAX present and accounted for

One of my homeless friends ‘Jo-Jo’ is a pretty fun guy to be around.  He always has a goofy sense of humor like a circus clown and is very transparent.  I often ask him to pray over us before we leave.  He has a way of praying that is straight from the heart and the tears he sheds are real.

One evening he was gimping around after a convenience store manager shot him in the lower back with a 45 after some sort of failed heist? the previous week (a miracle he was even walking).  I’m not even sure why he was out on the street and not in jail but this is Nutbush.  Anyway,  we had a good visit, he prayed for all of us, the type of prayer that is a ‘direct line’ to the Big Guy and we parted ways.

I minute later we see JoJo hobbling into the Mapco convenience store.  Another minute passes before he is getting booted out by the manager, his athletic shorts bulging with lifted goods.  Batteries, transmission fluid, oil, and just about everything else is falling out of JoJo’s midrift as the manager mother f’s him to the curb.

Now, we had a sad laugh over the slightly inebriated JoJo but upon closer introspection, I can see a lot of myself in JoJo.  I steal from God, His time, His treasures, His talents.  The things that He’s given to me are often misused, abused, or neglected.  On Sunday, I’m lifting my hands in praise, entering into repentance, thankful for the opportunity to worship.  Come Monday, Thursday, I’m missing opportunities to proclaim His hope, slacking off on time spent in prayer, in the Word, in relationship.

Let us challenge and encourage us daily to prioritize the first HIM (the ‘I am’).

The PAX maintained a pleasant quit resolve throughout.  Appreciate, Bookworm calling out the rep counts in cadence.  I think the rest of us were just trying not to choke on our own sweat.  Thankfully, the shovel flags stayed firmly planted.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The homeless ministry I’m a part of is called Compassion Party on the Road (CPR) whom our very own Crayfish was instrumental in launching through Jacob’s Well.  If you, your M, or 2.0’s would ever like to hang out with our street friends in Berclair and Nutbush, we’d love to have you.  My family often comes, especially over the summer months.  the 2.0’s enjoy the swearing and rare violence.  Great life lessons in real time. 

You can come out with us, or get some folks together and supply the meals one Wed. a month, currently the 3rd and sometimes the 4th weeks are open.

We meet each Wednesday at the Walgreens (back lot), at 6 pm.  We carpool from there usually serving 30 -40 per night.

Metaphorical Running Q

  • THE SCENE: Humid as a mug. Oh Fall Where Art Thou?
    F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER welcomed & disclaimed (latecomers as well)
  • SSH x 30
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • Butt Kickers x 15
  • Windmills x 15


  • 4 Laps (1 mile) at moderate pace, Al Gore til all in -> Flutter Kicks IC x 20 -> Stargazers for 45 Seconds
  • 3 Laps (0.75 miles) at increased pace, Al Gore til all in -> Hello Dolly IC x 30 -> Stargazers for 30 seconds
  • 2 Laps (0.5 miles) at increased pace, Al Gore til all in -> Freddie Mercurys IC x 40 -> Stargazers for 15 count
  • 1 Lap (0.25 miles) all you got, Al Gore til all in -> 10 count
  • Mosey to bottom of the Tower of Terror (Curlin Parking Garage); run to the top & descend back to Startex

Didn’t close w/ her, rather incorporated her into the workout.

16 (Zero FNGs): Teacher’s Pet, Gus, Soybean, Shoestring, Pirtle, Handsy, Bottomless, Toms, Park Bench, ISS, Doc Hollywood, MIB, Yard Sale, Beauty Shop, Blart, Crayfish

Like in life, we often pick up intensity as responsibilities mount and have shorter times to rest. Realize the gift of rest (stargazers) when given time and appreciate it. 

Thought of the workout a few weeks ago. It dawns on me that I have no idea yet how precious time and rest are at this point in my life. I don’t yet have children and have not experienced yet the sleep deprivation and free time loss as product of caring for an additional life. YHC enjoyed leading workout at the AO where I VQ’ed 10 months ago. 

(though we failed to actually make the announcements)
GrowRuck 12 coming up 
Service Opportunity in South Memphis led by Chiochetti on Sept 15

Rucking with Integrity

THE SCENE: 0515 and Humid!
WARM-O-RAMA:  No Rucks for Warm up
SSH 10 IC, 10 Silent, Little arm circles 10 IC forward and reverse, Big arm circles 5 IC forward and reverse, Merkins 15 single count, Imperial walker 10 IC
THA-THANG:  Rucks on
Pax formed two lines and had 1 each 60 pound sandbag per group. Pax marched around big field and rotated the sandbag to another Pax every two minutes from the front towards the back of their line. Pax gathered at Startex for the following movements for four rounds without the sandbag. These were led by four different Pax.

  • Squats 10
  • Merkins 10
  • Walking lunges 10 each leg
  • Ruck curls 10
  • Recover for 10 seconds

Pax loaded up sandbags and marched around the big field to Startex . Pax Bearcrawled across big field and performed squats until all in. Pax marched to Startex and circled up for the following movements with the sandbag. Two sandbags were passed around the circle.

  • Bent over row 10 and hold Al Gore until sandbag returns
  • Squats 10 and hold plank until sandbag returns
  • Tricep extensions 10 and hold Al Gore until sandbag returns
  • Merkins 10

Pax marched half way around the big field and circled up for the following movements.

  • Merkins 10
  • Squats 10
  • Mountain climbers 10 IC

Pax marched back to Startex for Mary.

MARY:  With Ruck
Flutter kicks 15 IC, Overhead press 10, Hello Dolly 15 IC, Ruck press 10 IC

7 PAX, Shoestring, Hitch, Four Eyes, Soybean, Snowman, Bruce, and Nature Boy
Integrity – The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. C.S. Lewis

Live your life with purpose and integrity!


Proverbs 28:6 – Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than he who is crooked though he be rich. Q prayed for our kids and how school can be a challenge for them and us as parents. Thanks to all of the Pax that pushed through the pain! Sorry to the Pax if I left something out. Things got a little blurry! Soybean led us for 10 penalty Burpees for not having Old Glory present. Please forgive us!!
Growruck !

Running in Threes

THE SCENE: Lovely, mid-70s morning at the Barracks


SSH x20, Imperial Walker x15, Hillbilly x15, Daisy Picker x10, Windmill x10

Mosey to the track, do ~50m high knees, butt-kickers, and carioca

Mosey over to the pull-up bars. YHC had the PAX count off by 3s

But that was all wrong. I needed groups of three. *sigh*

The groups were corrected and given the following instructions:

Team member 1 (TM1) would start on the exercise circuit below. TM2 and TM3 would take a lap around the track. TM2 would then swap with TM1 on the exercises (picking up wherever he left off), and TM1 would run a lap with TM3. Then TM3 would sub in for exercises, etc. Apart from the very first lap, each PAX should do two laps then exercises. 

5 burpee pull-ups (that’s a burpee under the pull-up bars, adding a pull-up on the jump at the end)
10 merkins
15 dips
20 squats

We did that for 30 minutes, with each PAX doing 3-4 rounds of exercises. 

Next, keeping the same groups, we moseyed over to the southern straightaway. TM1 and TM2 stood on the track at the near light pole while TM3 went down to the next light pole, about 80-90m away. TM1 sprinted to TM3; TM3 sprinted to TM2, and the relay was on. What ensued was so much hand slapping and huffing and puffing and laughing and crying and asking when it would all end. Well, time faithfully passed and it was time to quit, so we went back to the pad for some Mary.

YHC can’t recall what all was done – probably some Hello Dollies, flutter kicks, and LBCs. Maybe something different? 

13 PAX, no FNGs

YHC shared some wisdom from the Q Source on Consistency. Leaders are consistent. People are counting on you to be where you say you’ll be and do not be an emotional roller-coaster. The Q Source article pointed out how one way to become more consistent is to build habits and routines into your schedule to free yourself up to focus on more important things. Steve Jobs wore the same clothes. Nick Saban eats the same breakfast and lunch. Making small things automatic will let you spend more time on things that really matter. Consider what habits/routines you can build into your life to become more Consistent.

Read More: https://f3nation.com/2018/08/20/consistency-q3-10/

The Barracks is always a good time. YHC enjoyed the burpee pull-ups even if no one else did. It was a good morale boost to get that jump start every time instead of starting from a dead hang. I had considered making it a competition for most rounds of the exercise circuit, but I couldn’t come up with a good way to incentivize the winner.  

Two out of town workouts and ruck sim. All three were successful. 

Sprints @ The Barracks


The early morning rain cooled things off and stopped in plenty of time for us to do our workout in the dry. It was a little humid but there was nice breeze. Not a terrible morning to run.


Did it including sharing the mission of F3


  • SSH (IC) – 30
  • Hillbillies (IC) – 20
  • Mummy Kicks (IC) – 20
  • 1/2 mile Mosey – 2 laps around the track at a moderate pace

We did some classic Handsy stretches to prepare for the sprints…


Sprint Workout
We split into 2 groups (one group of 6, on group of 7), one on either side of the track (Doc Hollywood stepped up as co-Q to help keep track of rest periods for group 2 – T-CLAPS!)
YHC arrived early to mark off three distances on either side of the track – 50 yards, 60 yards, 100 yards.
Do the following sprints with 30 second recovery between each sprint and 90 second recovery in between each sprint set.
  • 50 yard sprints – 10 times with 30 seconds recovery in between each.
  • — 90 second recovery —
  • 60 yard sprints – 8 times with 30 seconds recovery in between each.
  • — 90 second recovery —
  • 100 yard sprints – 6 times with 30 seconds recovery in between each.
  • — 90 second recovery —

After all the sprints we were gassed. we moseyed back to the pad for some Mary. Did plank then Mountain climbers (IC – 20) until all in.


  • Flutter Kicks (IC) – 30
  • WWI sit ups (IC) – 30
  • American Hammers (IC) – 30
  • LBC’s (IC) – 20
  • Peter Parker’s (IC) – 10


13, no FNG’s. Handsy (QIC), Bottomless, Mirage, Lipton, Doc Hollywood, Shoestring, Ups, ISS, Bookworm, Toms, Beauty Shop, Goldilocks, Sir Mix-A-Lot


There are two kinds of people in the world – Owners and Critics. A critic looks out at the world and sees problems and complains about them, makes fun of them, or just ignores them. An owner looks out into the world and see problems and asks how he can be a part of solving those problems. An example would be seeing some trash lying around the track at the Barracks. A critic thinks “Man, what a dump, can’t U of M take care of their campus?” Or “These ROTC guys are such slobs.” Or just ignore it and step right over it. An owner on the other hand thinks “Man, I bet they don’t want their campus looking like this. I’m sure it’s hard work to constantly keep this place clean. I’ll pick it up for them.”

One of the greatest owners in modern history, Martin Luther King, Jr. shares in one of his sermons from the parable of the good Samaritan. He shares that the first two to pass by the man lying injured in the road – the priest and the levite – essentially ask “If I stop to help him, what will happen to me?” He then shares that the Samaritan walks up and asks a different question – “What will happen to HIM if I do NOT stop to help?”

We are called – as men and as Christ followers – to be owners in this world. BUT – we will ultimately fail at this unless we look to the Ultimate Owner – Jesus. Jesus saw all of our brokenness and instead of complaining about it, making fun of it, or ignoring it, he stepped in to take that brokenness upon himself that we might be free. 2 Corinthians 8:9 says, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor so that you, by his poverty, might become rich.”

Let’s look to Jesus, the Ultimate Owner, and go out and be owners in this world…starting with picking up trash, and letting that lead to all areas of our lives.


Those 30 second intervals felt like nothing. Not nearly enough time to catch your breath.


Check out this week’s preblast for lots of helpful announcements.  F3 Memphis one year anniversary workout TOMORROW (Saturday, August 18th) at the Mothership – 0700 – 0800 followed by some coffee and fellowship. More info in preblast.

Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S. at the Barracks

THE SCENE: Sweaty, mosquito infested Memphis morning at the Barracks. Perfect weather to embrace the suck.

Done. No questions.

SSH x20

Imperial walkers x15

Hillbillies x15

Daisy Pickers x15

400m Warmup Ruck lap

Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS

PAX divided into Pairs. YHC went solo due to odd number of participants (Soybean on Injured Reserve). Around the track, Partner 1 starts walking, rucked up. Partner 2 starts exicon. Once one set is completed, Partner 2 runs to catch Partner 1, swap ruck, and complete his set of exicon. Exicon, completed by all PAX as follows:

  • 5X5 BURPEES X 2 PAX = 50
  • 5X10 OUTLAWS X 2 PAX = 100
  • 5X15 MERKINS X 2 PAX = 150
  • 5X20 BIG BOY SIT-UPS X 2 PAX = 200
  • 5X25 SQUATS X PAX = 250

PAX completed all sets and exercises with about 7 minutes to spare, leaving room for more. YHC opted to fill the time by having all PAX wall sit, rucks out front, while the first PAX in line ruck-ran to far end of the track. Once the other end was reached, a holler was given, signally the next PAX to follow suit. All completed with two minutes to spare.

Filled the last couple of minutes with:

Freddie Mercury x15

Ruck raises x5

6 PAX (NO FNG): Hitch, Shoestring, Bruce Wayne, Bookworm, Soybean, Blart on Q
Matthew 7:1-6

YHC shared how his struggle with anger with a difficult family situation had drawn him to the passage above. God is working in me to help me realize that I am need of just as much grace as the next guy.
Prayed for YHC, as well as travels for Hitch and his kids starting Parents’ Day Out.

Coffeteria at UGLY MUG shared by 5/6 PAX. One poured out for ol’ Bookworm.
GrowRuck in September. Hitch on Q next week for sim. See ya next time.