Green Mile Launch

Date: 20JAN2019

AO: Green Mile

QIC: Gus

PAX: Tomb Raider, Speaker, Nature Boy, O Positive, Meter Maid, Gus | FNGs: N/A

Conditions: 27F; pretty dang cold



*** Four-mile Mosey ***

Count-o-Rama (6)


COT / BOM: Reflection on the difference between an amateur and a professional

MOLESKIN: Most of us ran four miles in the cold. Some of us wore shorts. Meter Maid ran almost ten lonely miles.



Ruck 1 mile every 15th minute on the minute

6 PAX: One and Done, Bookworm, Soybean, Jailbait, Nature Boy, Snowman
Prayed it up.

**UPDATED: Birthday Q curse almost strikes again for Park Bench.

THE SCENE: Cold, not dry, and cold.
SSH x 20 IC, slow mosey lap, static stretching OYO

We ran 4 400m laps.  With the first lap, we sprinted the straight then jogged the remainder of the lap. Second lap: sprint both straights with jogging in the turns.  Third lap: sprint straights and one turn with a jog in the other turn. Fourth lap: sprint the whole lap.

After, split the PAX into 2 teams of 8.  2 PAX from each team would go to 1 of 4 different exercises.  At the completion of each exercise, the PAX would cycle to a new exercise.  We completed this circuit twice.

  • Wall Sit
  • 1 lap
  • 100 yard shuttle run (25 back, 50 back, 75 back, 100 back)
  • Bear Crawl slide (50 yards): place mat on the ground and slid hands forward on place mat in bear crawl position to 50 yards and flapjacked with partner. My children’s food place mats were perfect for this exercise.

No time
16 PAX (1 FNG – Mouth Breather)

Today is my 34th birthday.  Yesterday evening, I was asked by a friend if I had accomplished everything in my life that I had planned to at my age.  The question was asked as a joke, but it did make me think about it.

This morning as I was getting ready for BC, I read this story that Clay Travis shared about Jalen Hurts.  An 8th grader was competing in a spelling bee and was in the final 2 and he misspelled the word that would have won the competition.  Immediately after losing, the young boy walked straight up to the winner, shook his hand and congratulated him on winning.  This kids gesture left a strong impression on everyone watching and they asked him where he learned to show such sportsmanship.  His response, “Jalen Hurts”.

We might not have accomplished every goal that we have for ourselves.  We might fail, underachieve, fall short, etc.; however, we are always leaving an impression on those around us.  Jalen had no idea that this 8th grade boy was watching how he responded to adversity; however, his ability to demonstrate character and sportsmanship in the struggle left a strong impression on this young man and disrupted what would have otherwise been a different trajectory.  My challenge to the PAX was that no matter what you have done or what you want to do, your actions, inaction’s, words, demeanor have a significant impact within your spheres of influence whether you mean them to or not.  Be HIM (High Impact Men).  It will make a difference.  (The hyperlink to the tweet is included.  There is a video.  It is great.)

Thankful for the PAX coming out to wish me a happy birthday, but more importantly, to encourage and push each other to be better.  This is why we do it.  There was a lot going on on the track today and it got a little chaotic moving between stations in the circuit, but no one complained and everyone kept pushing and making the most of every moment.  Really encouraged, as always, to be a part of this group and thankful I was able to lead the workout on my birthday.

On a more distressing note, Park Bench needs to retire from Birthday Q’s at the Barracks.  First time, he had a health issue.  Today, he lost the only key to his car and had still not found it even after coffeteria.  Prayers for Park Bench as he figures that out.  Sorry brother! ***UPDATE: The keys were found.  In a dramatic turn of events, Park Bench located his keys in the most unlikely of places.  After 30+ minutes of searching, the key was “further down in his short pocket than he realized.”  The “Birthday Q curse” has been lifted for Park Bench…tread lightly though.***

Highland (Levee) Creamery is open…let the oatmeal+ ice cream indulgence commence.

MLK convergence at the Ruins on Monday 1/21.  No BC or pre-ruckership at OF. Equinox Challenge…do it.

Speed Ruckin’ at the Barracks

THE SCENE AND EVERYTHING ELSE: Cold. Dark, but the ROTC field lights were warming up. YHC pulled into the lot at 0511. There were several cars and some PAX were talking or exchanging contraband out of someone’s trunk. Other PAX were sitting in their cars keeping warm. NO TIME! YHC rucked up, grabbed the shovel flag, and hustled up to the track. 

0514, staring at the time. 

Bookworm comes shuffling up at approx 05:14:50. The clock struck 0515, I hit “Start” on my handy interval timer, and we were off. 

I’m not a professional. I am not being paid. You are exercising at your own risk and assume all liability of injury. Modify as necessary. 

At 0517, the alarm sounded and we started our first minute-long shuffle. The intervals continued through 19 cycles of 2 minutes walking, 1 minute shuffling.

At approx 0520, five other PAX came galloping up and we made a b-line for the road. 

I’m not a professional. I am not being paid. You are exercising at your own risk and assume all liability of injury. Modify as necessary. 

YHC proceeded to explain the interval to the PAX and outline some shuffling basics. Head up, shoulders back, back straight, feet shuffling. 

We made one big loop around Highland, one smaller loop around Patterson, and about a full lap around the track at the end. Tiger Lilly peeled off after the first big loop.

We were able to maintain around a 12 minute mile pace for the whole hour. Great work, gentlemen!

Seven PAX, no FNGs

YHC borrowed from Gus’s COT from the day before. The Pro is Prepared. Often, YHC does not prepare to come home after work and be an engaged husband and father. Instead, I put myself on the throne of my tiny kingdom and let my wrath fall on any and all who don’t behave as I think they ought. Don’t do that! Prepare!


CMUacides at the Berm

THE SCENE: 30 degs, frosty, and running on four hours of sleep. YHC arrived on the scene at 0520 to set up cones and mutter a quick prayer of protection over the Berm PAX. A season of pain would soon be upon them.

Also, YHC ate a pear in the hoopty on the way there. It was delicious. More on that later…



Stuff about the mission…

Not a profesh…

Not paid/not forced…

You get it…


Quick Feet/High Knees 30sec each

123 touch the deck x10

ISW x10

Daisy Pickers x10

PAX count-off. Odds run and grab a CMU from the Berm’s secret squirrel CMU stash while evens head over to startex and perform burpees until odds get back.

CMUacides: a fusion of two things YHC loves (CMU exercises) and hates (Suicide sprints).

P1 AMRAPs the exercise while P2 does suicide sprints 10, 20, & 30 yards then flapjack. Complete 150 of each collectively

Part 1:

  • Offset Merkins x150
  • CMU Squats x150
  • Reverse Crunches x150

The PAX were pretty smoked at this point so we took a little break to knock out YHC’s patent pending CMU Circle-O-Greatness!!. (imagine :awe_yeah_lit: right here)

PAX on their six in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, odds holding coupon. On YHC’s command begin passing coupons in the clockwise direction until Q’s coupon makes two full revolutions then reverse. Rinse and repeat.

Part 2:

  • CMU Curls x100
  • CMU Lunges x100
  • CMU Kettle Swings x100

This is where the pear YHC ate in the car tried with every ounce of it’s little pear strength to escape from it’s doom of being digested.


Not today…  🤢

Yo, Wrap It Up, B!

CMU sit ups. Partner up. On your six facing each other and lock legs. Perform sit ups passing the CMU back and forth until both PAX complete 20 sit ups. (10 with CMU and 10 without)

Odd number so YHC did lonely reverse crunches off to the side and longed for the day he would be reunited with the PAX.

V-ups x10

60 sec Plank

5 Pax: Tomb Raider, First Class, Photo Shop, Laetttner, Soulja Boy

YHC talked about the difference between given respect (that which is owed someone with positional authority) and earned respect (self explanatory) and challenged to PAX to EARN respect from their peers, subordinates, and superiors.

2F this morning was🔥. Enjoyed being out at the Berm and meeting Laettner and First Class.

YHC Misses the old BB editor like he misses GroupMe. 😢

Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Circuits @ The Berm

THE SCENE: Pleasantly cool

Windmills IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Baby Arm Circles IC x15

Reverse Baby Arm Circles IC x 15

30 seconds to stretch what you need to.

Circuits are fun!

Circuit 1:

25 Merkins

20 Burpees

15 8-count Body Builders

Repeat three times, less five of each exercise each time around.

Total Merkins: 60

Total Burpees: 45

Total Body Builders: 30

Circuit 2:

All with the newest and shiniest coupons in all of F3 Memphis courtesy of Yardsale

30 Rows

30 Curls

30 Overhead Presses

30 Skull Crushers

Repeat four times, less five of each exercise each time around.

Total Rows, Curls, Overhead Presses, & Skull Crushers: 90 of each

YHQ had a third circuit for the legs, but decided a half mile run around the running trail followed by a sprint across the soccer field would be more enjoyable. YHQ somewhat regrets the decision.

Plank till Endex (about 1 minute)


7 total Pax: Bruce, Flatland, Judah, Lipton, Snookie, Tomb Raider, Yardsale,

God is great. God is good. In the first four verses of Jonah we see a great city, a great storm, a great wind, and a great fish. Yet God judges and controls them all.

Thanks for Tomb Raider for reminding YHC he was on Q. Otherwise, YHC’s default workout when he is unprepared is a good old Laz Bear-Burp 45 minutes of getting better. Lots of mumble chatter.

VAPE was yesterday. Sorry if you missed it.

Crucible challenge in March involving 14 miles of running and 80 minutes of beat downs. You know you want to.

Equinox is in full swing. Jump in if you haven’t.

GMO free QP w/cheese extra Gloom

THE SCENE: 36° feels like 30° presence of a sole rucker evident and the MW AOQ.

: Welcomed + Disclaimed.

Arm circles x 20
Reverse arm circles x 20
Daisy Pickers x 20
SSH x 20


Quarter Pounder, half with cheese, half without.

With Cheese (carrying CMU while running and for squats)

  • Sprint 25 yards and do 25 merkins, run BACKWARDS to start.
  • Sprint 50 yds and do 50 squats, run BACKWARDS to start.
  • Sprint 75 yds and do 75 Mtn Climbers (2 is 1), run BACKWARDS to start.
  • Sprint 100 yds and do 100 SSH, run BACKWARDS to start.

RINSE and REPEAT without Cheese.

Return to Startex for:
Ascending Curb Crawl
Run from one curb to other, then Bear Crawl up the hill, jog back to start to complete one Derkin. Rinse and Repeat adding 1 more Derkin each trip.

Freddy Mercury x 30 IC (led by Laettner)
Imperial Walkers x 30 IC (led by Tombraider aka Lara Croft)
Guantanamo x 2

7 PAX : Tombraider (AOQ), Photoshop (QIC), Yardsale, Judah, Interweb, Laettner, Snookie

“What pushes you?”
What are we to do with our gifts that the Lord has provided us with? In order to answer that question, you must first analyze yourself. What am I good at? What makes me happy? In what environment or position can I be more helpful and efficient? Your answers to these questions will determine what your “it” is.
Your “it” is your passion. What motivates you? What gets you out of bed in the morning, and what keeps you up at night? Do you have a passion for listening to and helping others? Do you have a passion for working with your hands and building things? Are you an artist? These are things that you need to know about yourself to better understand where God wants you to be.

Everyone has something to offer the world, everyone has an “it” that they need to acknowledge. This will be easy for some, but very difficult for others to grasp. Your “it” has to be something strong. Something that you constantly think about. Something that brings you joy, and allows you to bring joy to others around you. Find out what motivates you, and use it to your advantage.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6

I love cones and CMUs. Needed more core work to balance out the pain across the whole body, as noted by Interweb.

Equinox Challenge
Volunteer ideas for service
VAPE session – 1/15 8:30pm @ RP Tracks
March 30 Crucible Challenge CSAUP

Hadley – not improving, pray for joy and peace, but also healing
Yardsale – Abused family who was displaced has a home currently. One of the boys had charges dropped.
Snookie – 3 month old wearing daddy down
Babies forthcoming

Crucible 2019


noun: crucible; plural noun: crucibles
a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.
“their relationship was forged in the crucible of war”

Get ready for the Crucible, an event that will challenge the pax of F3 Memphis to come out the other side better MEN.

March 30, 2019 the pax will gather at Old Forest at 0600 for our first Crucible.  We will travel(RUN) to 5 different AO’s across the region(14+ miles) with a 20-minute beatdown at each AO, led by the HIM of F3 Memphis.
Begin preparing your souls for a 3+ hour endurance event hosted by Shoestring, our 1stF Q.  We will run as a group with no man left behind. We will have a Q for each of the 20 minute beatdowns at the designated AO’s.  There is no fee for entry and this will test the pax physical abilities.
The AO’s we will visit:
Old Forest (startex)
Bermuda Triangle
Blazing Saddles (endex)

The Blue Mile – and the Blue-er Mile

THE SCENE: 31 and lovely

50 SSH
15 IW
15 Hillbillies
all in cadence
200 yards of running warm ups: sidesteps, butt kicks, high knees, hops


THE BLUE MILE: in honor of U of M and the emotional state you find yourself in during TBM

100 yards of sprinting and 10 reps every 100 yards in this order:
Jump squats
Hand Release Merkins
Pull ups
4x (completes a mile)

Plank till all in

200 yards of sprinting and 20 reps every 200 yards of the following:
Big Boy Sit-ups
Dips or Aussie Pull-ups

Cool Down/Stretch:
15 windmills
15 daisypickers
in cadence

14 PAX

Dealing with difficult people. The most difficult person we deal with on a daily basis is ourselves. Starting with them position of humility, lean into your difficult people. Look for the image of God in them. Know that many times the reason they are so irritating to us is they are like us or they tend to expose our vulnerabilities. Difficult people provide the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to produce great fruit in our lives!

CMU Dora 123 with a 21 for good measure

THE SCENE: A balmy 31 degrees sans wind and rain… really quite comfortable

SSH – 25 IC

Daisy Pickers – 15 IC

Windmills – 15 IC

Mosey around the building


Dora 123 with CMU

Partners perform excercises as a team. P1 starts with 10 Merkins while P2 planks, then switch. Continue switching between Merkins and plank until 100 total Merkins reached.

P1 does CMU Squats, P2 mosey around the building, then switch. Continue switching until all 200 squats are completed.

P1 does 30 CMU Curls while P2 does wall sit, then switch. Continue switching until 300 total curls are completed.

P1 does 20 LBCs while P2 performs a 6″ leg hold until P1 is finished, then switch. Continue switching until all 200 LBCs are completed.

P1 performs Burpees.  P2 mosey around the building, then switch. Continue switching until 100 Burpees are completed.

MARY: Guantanamo and Boat Canoe

13 PAX – 2 FNGs (Hurdle and El Bano) Snookie Flatland Interweb Photoshop Little John Tomb Raider Lipton Altar Boy Blackout Bailout The Dude – QIC


Last wednesday everyone in my youth group was handed a little bookmark and had to write a word down on it to help them throughout the year. I thought for a while of what my word would be and I finally wrote down the word courage. I chose this word because I want to lead and put forth more than I have in the past. I actually didn’t want to Q this morning but I decided to take the reigns and do the best that I could. It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and in order to do what needs to be done. And that is what i will be working on this year.

I feel that it was a successful VQ