Barracks 9-18-19

THE SCENE: Need it just a few degrees cooler

Without ruck…
SSH IC x30
IW IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Windmill IC x15
Ruck up.

Ruck 1 mile
Ruck .5 miles with 60lb sandbag being rotated between 3 pax
AMRAP of the following exercises in 30 second intervals. After 30 seconds, rotate to the next exercise.
– Merkins with Ruck on
– Squats with 60lb sandbag and ruck
– Overhead Press with Ruck

After 2 rounds, we rucked 1 mile.  Then returned for more AMRAP.

Rucked .5 mile then finished with bear crawls with rucks.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Bookworm, Tomb Raider, Shoestring(QIC)



Tupelo and stuff…

Barracks Miles for Breakfast (VQ)

THE SCENE: Somewhere between soupy and pleasant. Shared the track with ROTC groups.

  • SSH x30 IC
  • Arm Circles (F&B) x20 IC
  • Inchworm x5 OYO
  • IW x15 IC
  • 400m warmup mosey


  • Merkin Mile:
    • 4x400m with 25 merkins following each lap
      • Last two laps faster than first two
      • Hold plank after final 400 until all in
  • “Pull Up” Mile:
      • 4x400m with 5 pull ups and 20 squats following each lap
        • Last two laps faster than first two
        • Hold plank after final 400 until all in
  • Strides:
      • 2 laps (800 meters total)
        • “Stride” 100m straightaways at mile race pace (ease in for first 5 seconds, ease back down for last 5 seconds)
        • Jog 100m between straightaways for recovery
        • Focus on form during each stride

Ran a tad bit short on time. Abbreviated Mary:

  • Low Plank x30 OYO
  • LBC x30 OYO

12 PAX present: Upgrade, Altar Boy, Park Bench, COBOL, Four Eyes, Pop Tart, MIB, Chioccetti, Squeegee, Doc Hollywood, Easily Amused, Peekaboo


Word to focus on today: Discipline

    • Definition:
      • Control gained by enforcing obedience or order
      • Orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior
      • Self-Control
    • According to Jocko Willink (decorated SEALS commander, Motivator, Speaker, Author) Discipline equals Freedom. Check out his podcast.
      • The only way to get to a place of freedom is via discipline.
      • If you want financial freedom, you have to have financial discipline. In order to have more free time, you have to follow a more disciplined time management system. You also have to have the discipline to say “No” to things like clickbait on social media, procrastination, unhealthy food, negativity, wastefulness, too much coffee, etc.
    • 2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.
    • Encouraged the PAX to think about how this can by applied in their lives today. Whether it be with food self-control, spiritual growth, at work, with finances, child raising, etc. I know I have a need for more discipline in all of these areas.

Learned a lot by VQing. Great support and suggestions from the PAX.

Berm Active Recovery

THE SCENE: After suffering through sweltering hot days the 75 degrees felt cool and pleasant with a nice mist hovering over the grass.

Approximately 20 reps of each:

Daisy pickers
Imperial Walkers
Arm circles

Mosey to grass closer to the school at the start of the 400m loop
Butt kicks in place
High knees in place
Hip flexor stretch (similar to runner pose)
Lying hamstring
Low back (on back with knees to chest)

Combo mile:

  • 400 meter loop
  • 25 Merkins
  • 400 meter loop
  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 400 meter loop
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 400 meter loop
  • 25 Mountain climbers
    (1 extra loop for some of the more motivated guys)

Freddy Mercuries
J Lo’s
Boat canoe

10 PAX (no FNG’s) Rabbitt, Homie, Warden, Gepetto, Gus, Photoshop, Tomb Raider, Pop Tart, Searcy, Big Top

Today’s workout was a different pace than most F3 workouts.  It was slower, it not as intense, it was not as hard as a usual F3 workout.  Today was planned to be an active recovery workout.  Sometimes in life we need to change the pace also.  You can’t go at top speed everyday and be your best.  Sometimes you need to slow down and have recovery days or transition days.  Today was a transition day for me.  I am still sore from the Iron Pax Challenge last Friday and I know that I need lighter exercise days to help me recover so I can do the Iron Pax Challenge coming up this Friday.

Iron Pax Challenge is ongoing.  Even if you are not signed up and have not participated you could still come out and do the IPC workout on Friday at the Berm.

1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps, 1 rep

THE SCENE: Humid enough to get me sweating biking to the AO. Quiet otherwise at the Berm.

THA-THANG:   Mosey’d over to the lacrosse field where YHC had set up 6 flagged lines spaced roughly 5 yds apart.

  • Beginning on the start line PAX sprinted to the first line, performed 1 rep of the prescribed exercise.
  • Sprinting to the 2nd line, performed 2 reps of the same exercise.
  • Sprinting to the 3rd line, performed 3 reps of the exercise.
  • Sprinting to the 4rth line, performed 2 reps of the exercise.
  • Sprinting to the 5th line, performed 1 reps of the exercise.
  • Sprint back to start line.  Rinse and Repeat with a different exercise.
  • Total of 9 reps.

Exercises (10) per round:  Burpees, Jump Junges (2=1), Merkins, Mt. Climbers (2=1), Carolina Dry Docks, 180 Jump Squats, Hand Release Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, Shoulder Taps, High Jumps.

Total Rounds completed = 4.  36 reps of each exercise.

MARY:   Boat canoe, American Hammer x 25 IC, Super man, J-Lo x 25 IC
COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  4 PAX (1 FNG*); Snookie, Beauty Shop, Charmer (FNG),  Tomb Raider
CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:   Frustration.

Take care not to allow your frustration to turn to anger.  A vicious cycle that traps us all from time to time.  I feel into it myself the night prior with my 2.0 ‘helping’ with math homework.  Take the time to break off the engagement, regroup, and refocus.

MOLESKIN:  low reps, short sprints, continuous movement keeps your heart rate up.  FNG had to leave early for the 2nd day in a row.  Suggested names if he would ever complete were: Ground Hog Day, Purgatory, Limbo, or Eternal FNG.  Gus names him Charmer the next day.

Snookie announced his engagment.  She said yes!! Congrats brother!!
Lock into a Shield lock.  Sign up for Whetstone.

Carpe F3


The Greenest of all Miles; 76 and danky



Get loose. Get loose. Get loose, get loose, get loose.


Partner up into 3 pair.




*Each pair was assigned a challenge to discuss the “F” that their pair represented during the 4 mile run; F1 to discuss fitness’, F2 to discuss ‘fellowship’ and F3 to discuss, you guessed it, ‘faith’. As in, discuss, what does that ‘F’ mean to them, what successes and/or challenges are you having and any words of encouragement they could share with the PAX at the conclusion of the run by designating a spokesman from his respective pair.


THA THANG: Run 4 miles

  1. Mile 1: Run 1 lap  counter-clockwise around lake
  2. Mile 2: Run 1 lap counter-clockwise around lake
  3. Mile 3: Run a different route, turn around and on the way back upon arriving at the bridge, each PAX did Merkins x 25 OYO then sprinted over the bridge and hold Al Gore while awaiting the arrival of your partner
  4. Mile 4: Run 1 lap clockwise around the lake; 4 PAX did Dips x 25 OYO on a rando park bench while awaiting PAX to catch up
  5. Finish up run at shovel flag



8, including 2 Ruckers who joined for COT and PLC; Sparky, Speaker, Upgrade, Slater, Billy Blanks and O Positive (YHC) + Ruckers: Snowman and Nature Boy (WOO!)



Personally, Professionally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Grow. Learn. Prepare (do the work). Seize your opportunity.

Where are you? Accelerating, Idling or Decelerating?


Miles. Then PLC.


See: Preblast

Out of towners at the Barracks

THE SCENE: Perfect temp.  Full moon.  Perfect gloom.



SSH IC x30
IW IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Mosey around the track(high knees and butt kickers)

Mosey 400m & 10 Merkins
Mosey 800m & 10 Merkins, 10 BBS
Mosey 800m & 10 Merkins, 10 BBS, 10 Squats
Mosey 800m & 10 Merkins, 10 BBS, 10 Squats, 10 Burpees

Mosey to the Parking Garage.

Parking Garage Suicides. Mosey to next level, 3 burpees at the top of the ramp. Mosey back to the bottom.  Rinse and Repeat til you reach the top level.

LBC’s IC x20
American Hammers IC x10

13 Pax.  1 Willy Loman from Durham, NC- Dial Up. 2 FNG’s- Dry Rub and Duck Master

YHC has to preach this weekend and in the sermon, the scriptures for this week include the question of all questions from Jesus. First, Jesus asks, “Who do people say I am?” and then “Who do you say I am?”  It is a question we should ask ourselves if we say we follow Jesus.  Who do we truly believe He is? As men, we also ask that question of ourselves.  “Who do people say I am?” is a thought YHC has often.  We all get to rest easy in that answer if we believe that Jesus is the Christ.  We find our identity in Him, not in who people say we are.

Dial Up from NC reached out to YHC earlier this week and asked if we could do a little more than just running since he was bringing two FNG’s.  YHC obliged.  We did run quite a bit(3.5 miles) and did some PT mixed in as well.  Dial Up went Beast Mode on the workout! Altar Boy was dead set on naming one of the FNG’s “Memphis BBQ”.  YHC wasn’t feeling that name for our FNG, so we compromised with “Dry Rub”.  I feel like we all won.

I forgot.  Like always.

Two Years Since

THE SCENE: What a scene! It’s definitely still Summer.

Two years ago today, I showed up to my first F3 workout at Sea Isle Elementary. I saw no cars as I approached the school. Upon passing the school and turning around, I saw a truck pull around back, so I followed. What I saw was a dozen or so men standing around in a dark parking lot in the middle of a tropical depression.

Irma had made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane in Southern Florida, then slowly churned through the state, into Georgia, across Alabama (hurricanes really DO hit Birmingham), and finally into West Tennessee. 

Around the same time Irma was making landfall, my friend Jared told me about a new workout group in Memphis. Our mutual friend Rob (AKA Granola) had been and told Jared about it. My fitness had been very inconsistent. I’d run or lift for a couple months, then stop. Ride a bike for a few months, then stop. I never really enjoyed any of it. Group fitness did not appeal to me, but nothing else was working. As an introvert, I had some apprehension about showing up in a dark parking lot, in steady rain, with a bunch of strangers. Jared had promised to be there, and indeed, he was, along with two other new guys. I got out, joined the circle, and tried to do what the Q said to do.

Today’s workout was heavily inspired by that workout, which happened to be Four Eyes’ VQ. I added some things, because we’re all a bit fitter these days, and I left some things out, because the ankle scratchers are still the worst. You can read more about that day here:


During the Disclaimer, YHC noticed Four Eyes’ shoes were untied. YHC instructed Fourest to tie them while we all held plank. Once the shoes were tied, we took a quick mosey to the Sea Isle Elementary rear parking lot, where it all began. 

Toms: “You meticulously researched the original backblast, didn’t you?”
YHC: “You know it.”

SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x16
Windmill x10
Cotton Daisy Pickers x10
Four Eyes did “Split Straddle Hops”, but I don’t know what those are, so we skipped them!


Just as we were approaching the playground, one of Memphis’ Finest was checking out the area. At first, I assumed we’d been reported for being on the school lot. We’d been kicked out of there in the past, but that seemed like an awfully quick response time. He was shining his flashlight around. YHC and Photoshop approached him. 

Officer: “Have you seen a man and woman walking around?”
Photoshop: “No.”
YHC: “No, just a single female dog-walker.” 
Officer: “Alright, if you do, give us a call. Sorry to bother you all.”
YHC: “Sure thing, no problem.”

Such a gentleman. Even apologized for interrupting my weinke!

Partner up! Snookie and I teamed up (half of the 9/12 quadruplets). I don’t know how he did at this routine last time, but I know I sucked at it. Today, we knocked it out! 

Partner 1 started on exercises. Partner 2 ran to the dog park fence (RIP baseball!), executed a single star jump (shouting “I’m a star!”), and ran back. 
Burpees: 50
Overhead Claps (holding Al Gore): 100
Merkins: 150
Big Boy Sit-ups: 200
Squats: 250

During the merkins, a couple was approaching on the track. They had a dog or two. They never passed us. The Officer didn’t say anything about a dog, so we assumed it was not the fugitives.

There was some chatter about teeth brushing. I don’t know what that’s about. Everyone brushes their teeth!

Flutter kick until all-in. 

Next up, P1 executed 5 burpee box jumps (burpee in front of a bench, then jump onto the bench) while P2 flutter kicked. Flip-flop for 4 rounds total.

Mosey back to the shovel flag. Around halfway, we stopped for some shoulder taps.

Shoestring (I think): “No one does these anymore.”

Alternated Carolina Dry Docks and wall sits. 
10 CCD, wall sit, 10 Overhead Claps
9 CCD, wall sit, 9 Moroccan Night Clubs
8 CCD, wall sit, 8 OHC?
7 CCD, wall sit, 15 Cherry Pickers (7 is too few!) (insert obligatory complaints about patterns from Gus)
6 CCD, wall sit, 16 Cherry Pickers to 0615

16 PAX, one Irish Goodbye

Sua Sponte Leadership – This is when a man leads “of his own accord.”

From the Q Source: “In F3, a Sua Sponte Leader is a man who has been freed to Lead. He is a Leader who exercises Individual Initiative (I2) by taking action in furtherance of his Group’s Articulated Purpose without specific instructions. He initiates Movement toward Advantage for his Group in the absence of explicit authority because he is that rare man who will Lead with or without another Leader to direct him. He is That Somebody.”

Are you That Somebody? There are plenty of opportunities to lead that way in F3. Are you leading that way at home – in your marriage, in your parenting? Are you leading that way at work? In your community? Stop waiting for orders and get to work.

We balled up, offered thanks to the Sky Q, and asked his blessing on our day. 

During my first workout, I could barely get through the BOMBS routine. I was partnered with Jared (two FNGs should never be partnered together!), and he definitely did 75% of the reps. I don’t remember doing any burpee box jumps, so I assume I was just laying on the ground hoping to die. I didn’t, and in the COT, Jared was trying to get me named Bean Counter. When I said I was from Martin, Gus or Bruce or both suggested Soybean. Jared named himself Phat Pat somehow. Snookie got named Snookie cause he’s from Jersey. The other FNG was named Way Way Back because of station wagon road trips, I think. 

At F3, I’ve found what I was looking for in consistent fitness – the workouts are usually fun and the accountability keeps me posting. What I didn’t know about myself two years ago was how isolated I was from meaningful male relationships. Most of my best friends are men I’ve met in F3 in the last two years and the number of men I’m in relationship with has grown massively. That’s what really keeps me engaged and it’s been a huge encouragement for my life in general.

Today was fun. I enjoyed the company and the mumblechatter. Thanks to Photoshop for bringing coffee and doughnuts. Thanks for showing up. Keep posting!

VAPE tonight. VAPE forever!

Well, there goes my workout…

THE SCENE: Pleasant.  If it were July.  In the Serengeti.  But it’s not.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER- given twice 

  • SSH x30 IC
  • Arm circles forward x10, backwards x10 IC
  • Michael Phelps x10 IC
  • Windmills x10 IC

While we are still in the dog days of summer, might as well keep up those beach bods.  So arms and abs…  But start with a little cardio-

1 mile Indian Run around the track

Finish up and go to get CMUs… only they are gone.  All of them.  Somebody must have had a lot of dead bodies they needed to stay at the bottom of a lake.  Or maybe the city took them out of their park, probably a better explanation.  So that shot the rest of my CMU based workout.  But not to worry, F3 is more prepared than the Boy Scouts.  So with ruck weights and random CMUs in trunks (for those emergency CMU situations… like this one… it’s a real thing), we got enough to continue almost as planned.

On with the show!

Partner up for a Mini Dora

  • 50 CMU overhead press.  Do a set of 5 while partner holds CMU straight out, then switch
  • 100 CMU curls.  Set of 10 while partner holds CMU at 90 degrees, then switch
  • 150 CMU chest press.  Set of 15 while partner holds legs 6″ off ground, then switch

Big Dora- one partner performed exercises while other partner moseyed with CMU about 50 yards and back

  • 100 BBSU
  • 200 Shoulder taps (2 is 1)
  • 300 American Hammers (1 is 1)

Flutter kick for 1 minute until 0615

Ups (QIC), Tomb Raider, Gus, Gepetto, Pop Tart, Warden, Photoshop

Irish Goodbye- Farmer, and 1 FNG (not named because he left early)


Romans 5:1-5

We all struggle and suffer at times in our lives.  The Bible says several times we should “rejoice” in our suffering, not because we should enjoy it or that it’s fun, but some good can come from it.  In this passage it mentions perseverance and hope.  Going through one difficult period allows us to better handle the next one (which will come), or maybe help someone else through their tough times.  Pax encouraged to support those who are struggling.

Huge TClaps to those who saved my bacon with the magical disappearing CMUs.

YHC suggestions for our our no-name FNG who left- Voldemort (he who shall not be named), or Red (“Why do they call you Red?” “Maybe it’s because I’m Irish”…. Name the movie…)

Launching the Bullseye

THE SCENE: Cool and calm in the gloom. YHC arrived early to scout the AO for some details to finalize the weinke.



SSH IC x20
Daisy Pickers IC x20
IW IC x20
Arm Circles IC x20

Mosey to the track for a Merkin Mile.
YHC switched up the style of merkins after each quarter mile as follows:
Diamond Merkins
Wide Merkins
Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to the playground. YHC loves the monkey bars!!
AMRAP of the following:
5 Pull-ups
10 Hanging Leg Lifts
15 Burpees
Run a lap around the playground.

Mosey back to the parking lot.  60lb. sandbag clean and toss across the parking lot.

American Hammer IC x30
LBC’s IC x30

2 pax, YHC and Jailbait.

This workout partly came from a warm up of Bruce Lee(one of my heroes!!).  It was a WARMUP for him.  It reminded me that there is always someone better and people have different strengths.  When it comes to those we love, we should cover their weaknesses with our strengths instead of pointing them out to them all the time.  Especially when it comes to our M, we should help cover their weaknesses and use our strengths more effectively.

At first we were disappointed we were the only ones there but we did work and actually felt bad that the rest of the pax missed out on an ass whoopin’!


A Bridge to Nowhere at the Barracks

THE SCENE: Standard Memphis Summer. Muggy, warm, dark. 
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Implied and understood
THA-THANG: Ruck up, grab a 60# sandbag, move out. South on Curlin and made our way to the new bridge. Crossed said bridge, up the new parking garage. Down the ramps, up the stairs, down the ramps, up the stairs. Down the ramps to the bridge and made a bee-line to the shovel flag so Book wouldn’t be tardy.
COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: Two PAX: Bookworm and Soybean (QIC)
CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: We talked throughout the ruck about the following topics: social justice, multi-ethnic churches, multi-ethnic workouts, the inerrancy of Scripture, denominational and pastoral structure, nantannery, English teaching.
MOLESKIN: The Moravians are a Protestant group with roots in 1400s Bohemia. Missionary work has been a key tenant of theirs from the beginning. Their emblem is a favorite of mine: The Lamb of God, carrying a flag with a cross, with the words: “Our Lamb has conquered; let us follow him.” Amen.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: VAPE on 9/12; lunch today; lunch tomorrow; Black Ops Saturday at the Barracks 0530 for Bookworm’s birthday