Heads or Tails?

THE SCENE:  Ruins; 48 degrees and damp



  • Arm Circles (fwd) x 17 IC
  • Arm Circles (rev) x 17 IC
  • Arm Circles (straight ahead-clockwise) x 17 IC
  • Arm Circles (straight ahead-counter clockwise) x 17 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 17 IC

THANG: Heads or Tails

  • 3 Rounds
  • Flip Quarter: Heads (H) =Certain Exercise; Tails (T) =Different Exercise; 25 reps
  • After 4 Flips…PAX run down/up nearby steps (x 1=3 flights Down/3 flights Up) then reconvene at Quarter Flip area
  • Round 1: H=Merkins; T=Prisoner Squats
  • Down/Up Steps x 1
  • Round 2: H=Carolina Dry Docks; T=Dips
  • Down/Up Steps x 2
  • Round 3: H=Plank Jacks; T=Penny Hardaways (identical to Bobby Hurleys but with different name)
  • Down/Up Steps x 3
  • Mosey around parking lot (4 corners) x 2 laps
  • *Total=6 Down/6 Up=18 Flights Down/18 Flights Up

2 (0 FNG); MIB and O Positive (YHC).

Attitude of gratitude.

YHC sat in his truck watching the raindrops fall on his windshield as minutes passed and no one showed.  His mood was dampened.  His mind raced to how unhappy he was that he was alone and gonna get a little wet doing a BC solo but then remembered that the farmers who need this rain are quite grateful as their livelihoods and families depend on rain.  And YHC is grateful for the farmers. It quickly changed YHC’s perspective and his attitude improved.

YHC challenged the PAX with ‘what are you thankful for’ today? If it is someone, go tell them that.


YHC was about to do the BC solo then MIB rolled up.  YHC and MIB pushed each other and got better together.

2 for Escalators

THE SCENE: Dry, Dark, and 54 DEGREES.
30 SSH, 10 Daisy Pickers, 15 Imperial Walkers, 1 Minute Free Stretch, and 10 Burpees (penalty, cause YHCdidn’t have a flag)

Moseyed down to the river and began by the pull-up bars. While one PAX (there were only 2 of us) ran about 100yds, the other completed the following exercises. After each round, PAX increased reps by 5. PAX completed 4 rounds.

  •  Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s

Then 20 flutter kicks to finish off the time by the river.


20 American Hammers, 25 Box Cutters, 30 seconds of hip stretch.

2 PAX (0 FNGs) Fishbowl, Chioccetti

After Christmas, M and I discussed how to be more intentional with our family during the holidays. Basically, how can we set goals for Christmas (daily devotionals with family, intentional time with family members, and ways to decrease the stress). YHC shared frustration with the holidays in the past and how reading scripture really helped refocus YHC’s heart on Christ.

Grateful to get to know another PAX this morning in a 1 v 1 bootcamp.


Taking It To The Limit

THE SCENE: A little wet.  Far from a tequila sunrise, but the temp was comfortable.



Squats x 15 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
Arm Circles x 10 IC
Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC

Mosey to rails in front of Spa Ware.


Start with feet on the ground, facing away from the rails.  Perform Merkins x 5 OYO.  Place feet on first rail, perform Merkins x 5 OYO.  Lift feet to second rail, perform Merkins x 5 OYO.  Lower feet to first rail, perform Merkins x 5 OYO.  Lower feet to ground, perform Merkins x 5 OYO.

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the other edge of the parking lot.  Line up on the border of the parking spaces.

  • Bear crawl to first parking space line, perform Burpee x 1 OYO, then reverse lunge walk back to start.
  • Bear crawl to second parking space line, perform Burpee x 2 OYO, then reverse lunge walk back to start.
  • Bear crawl to third parking space line, perform Burpee x 3 OYO, then reverse lunge walk back to start.
  • Bear crawl to fifteenth parking space line, perform Burpee x 15 OYO, then reverse lunge walk back to start.
  • (If you are Jailbait, bear crawl to sixteenth parking space line, perform Burpee x 16 OYO, then reverse lunge walk back to start.  If you are everyone else, do better.)


Hitch led the PAX in plank variations until we had to move to avoid getting run over by the trash truck.  Because of that, we technically stopped working out at 0614.  Get over it.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  Soybean, Jail Bait, Chioccetti, Doc Hollywood, Sir Mix-a-lot, Altar Boy, Catechism (FNG) Nature Boy, MIB, Hitch, Toms


YHC gets wrapped up in his own needs a lot.  I tend to spend too much time at the safe and want others to pour into me instead of focusing on how I can pour into others.  I want to hoard the best of my love for my own benefit.  Often times, we don’t get to choose our stories, our circumstances, our suffering, and our experiences.  Nor should we think it our place to choose how God may use those things in the lives of others.  Life isn’t always about me/you.


I can’t tell you why, but that was tough.  One of these nights I’ll actually go to bed on time so I’m not beat in the morning.  In the long run, it was far from wasted time.  Jail Bait was living life in the fast lane this morning.  I was going to tell him to take it easy, but he was already gone.


Christmas workout at Barracks, 0500.

21’s at the Ruins – 12-13-18


Cool, 50* – NO RAIN!


Did it


  • SSH (IC) – 25
  • IW (IC) – 15
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Body Builders OYO – 5
  • Mosey half lap to SW patio – perform 5 Aussie Pull Ups in cadence
  • Mosey back to Startex


21’s with merkins (in parking lot near the cars) and aussie pull ups (from railings in front of Spaghetti Warehouse. Run backwards to SW, run forwards back to Startex.

We finished with just enough time to try a deconstructed body builder in a circle. First PAX completes one section (1 of the 8 count…1 – hands on ground in low squat, 2 – legs back in plank position, 3 – down merkin, 4 – up merkin, etc…) of the exercise one at a time in succession around the circle. When it gets back to first PAX, he moves to section 2, etc. There was much groaning, but we made it through 5 total body builders.


  • Hello Dalai Lama (IC) – 15
  • Box cutters (IC) – 15
  • Peter Parkers (IC) – 15
  • Mtn Climbers (IC) – 10


6 – Handsy (QIC), Bottomless, Crayfish, Jail Bait, MIB, Fishbowl (FNG)


YHC shared how I’ve been consistent in readying scripture but have felt like I’m in a drought in terms of my own walk with Christ. I’m learning the importance of the commitment to the habit of reading scripture and seeking God through prayer even if/when you don’t feel/see immediate results. It’s a discipline of time, trusting God’s promises are true even when you don’t feel it.


Sometimes the simplest workouts can be the hardest….doing a total of 120 merkins and 120 aussie pull-ups with little recovery time in between was tough. But it was great trudging through it with these men. And Fishbowl did a great job pushing himself on his first time out!

Find everything you need to know about upcoming events, workouts, and 2nd and 3rd F opportunities on the weekly PRE-BLAST.

Nearly Ruined

THE SCENE: 31 degrees…felt like 28.


SSH IC x30
IW IC x20
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Hillbillies IC x20
Lined up at one end of parking lot and performed the following crossing the lot: (Sir Mix-A-Lot finally arrived)
Power Skips
Broad Jumps
Butt kickers

Mosey up and down the steps x3
Mosey down to towards Big River Crossing. Stop and perform
Merkins IC x10 & Smurf Jacks IC x20
Mosey back towards Bluff Hill
Merkins IC x10 & Smurf Jacks IC x20

Starting at the bottom of the hill perform 50 reps and run backwards up the hill and back down and plank til all-in.
Big Boy Situps

Mosey back to startex.

American Hammers IC x30
Flutter Kicks IC x30

8 PAX! Zero FNG’s

The Q Source is a gold mine of awesomeness.  As we look at Preparedness, the Q Source talks about Getting Right, Living Right, Leading Right, and Leaving Right.  When I look at the Christmas season and the coming of Jesus, it makes me think of the second coming as well.  When Jesus comes back, will I be “leaving right”?  I think we need to make sure we have been working on the other levels of getting right, living right and leading right and that will set us all up to leave right.

YHC nearly splashed merlot. So did Chiochetti.  It was close.


Dora In The Snow


Cold, 30*, no wind in the parking lot, but plenty of it down on the bluff


Did it.


  • SSH (IC) – 25
  • Squat Jacks (IC) – 10
  • Mosey – 2 laps around parking lot
  • Hillbillies (IC) – 15
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Stretching


Mosey to the bluff and north along the sidewalk until we get to the top of “the big hill.” Crab walk forward down the stairs to the bottom.

Dora in the snow. PAX paired off. 1 of each pair would sprint (crawl?) up the snowy bluff hill then crab walk down the stairs. While 1 of each pair did this, the other worked their way through the following at the bottom of the hill:

  • Reverse lunges (2=1) – 100
  • Squat jacks – 200
  • Ballerina squats (toe squats) – 300

Pairs took turns until all reps were complete. Then all PAX did one last hill sprint together back to the top then moseyed back to parking lot.


  • Burpo circle (all pax circled up in low squat position. 1 pax would jump back into high plank and hold. Each pax one by one in the circle followed suit. When we got back to the first pax, he hopped back into low squat position. the rest followed in order. Kind of like a deconstructed burpo (a burpee without standing and jumping at the end). We went around the circle probably 10 times. Much mumble chatter.
  • Mountain Climbers (IC) – 10
  • Pickle Pounders (IC) – 10


8 – Jail Bait, Chioccetti, Doc Hollywood, Goldilocks, Bottomless, MIB, Crayfish, Handsy (QIC)


Psalm 119:71 – “It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes.”

YHC doesn’t like hard things big or small. I often exert a ton of effort to control my circumstances to mitigate challenges. But, of course, there is so much in life that I cannot control. And when I get to that point I usually respond with lots of anxiety and/or rage that is rooted in fear. Then I usually complain a lot to myself or have a pity party that things aren’t going how I hoped/planned/imaged, etc.

When I read this passage from Psalm 119, I was reminded that it is in difficult times where we can actually experience and know God on a deeper level. I challenged myself and my fellow PAX to lean into God in times of challenge and suffering and not get caught in a cycle of complaining. Let those challenges help us know God and his statutes more deeply. Let them lead us to truly see his faithfulness.


It was a blast working out with these men this morning. Throughout the workout everyone was cheering on anyone doing their hill sprints. Lots of laughter and lots of fun. And lots of hard work. My legs are still shaky.

Check the PRE-BLAST for all important announcements.

The “I thought we’d have lightning” Grab Bag

THE SCENE: 62 and light rain to start, 62 and no rain to finish. I really thought we’d have lightning.

25 x SSH / 20 X Daisy Picker / 30-45 seconds of stretching each major muscle group.
Much to my surprise, there was no lightning happening, despite the alleged 100% chance of such a thing being reported by “meteorologists” the night before. Luckily, The Ruins is the most resource-rich AO in the land, so we still caught that beatdown.

  • easy mosey to monkey bars
    • ‘5 rung’ pullup ladder (1 PU, 2 PU, 3 PU, etc up to 5 and back down)
  • mosey to Beale St Landing
    • plank walk on handrail entire length of covered pavillion X2
      • on 2nd rep added a merkin/move
    • (still no lightning, so we…)
  • Sprint up BSL Hill (X2)
  • 5-rung-ladder of durkins w feet on handrail
  • STILL NO LIGHTNING SMH – so, we moseyed to push up bars
    • 5 merkins/bar
  • Mosey to Tom Lee Statue
    • 25 box jumps
  • (mary – see below) then….
  • mosey back to stairs, sprint stairs (hitting every step), mosey back to STARTEX.


  • Mosey to sit up benches for a 3pronged (quick) Mary (because we were sure we were about to get some lightning (but we didn’t)
    • 20 incline BBS
    • 20 extreme incline LBC’s
    • flutter kick until 2 sit up stations rotate.

3 PAX (Jailbait, MIB, Sir Mix a Lot
When things look bleak or boring or like they can’t improve – keep pushing and trusting God. Joseph wasn’t handed money and power because he found an extra high favor with the Lord – God knew what it was going to take to make Joseph into the man who could handle such power and money wisely and built him into that man through struggle, strife and learning to have integrity that doesn’t turn off

Hill circuits at the Ruins FTW.

THE SCENE: Comfortable fall morning in downtown Memphis with no rain
Started with SSH x 50, Daisy pickers x 20, Windmills x 20, Merkins IC x 10 with transition to alternating calf stretch; child’s pose with side lat stretch

After completion of warm-o-rama, PAX mosey to the hill at Beale St. Landing.  QIC split PAX into 2 groups of three.  One group would perform a hill circuit while the other group would perform a recovery exercise.

  • Hill Circuit – Stutter step run / Recovery – flutter kicks
  • Hill Circuit – High knees / Recovery – mt. climbers
  • Hill Circuit – Full sprint / Recovery – superman
  • Hill Circuit – Backpedal / Recovery – squats
  • Hill Circuit – One leg hop R & L/ Recovery – polka stretch
  • Hill Circuit – Broad jump / Recovery – LBCs
  • Hill Circuit – Burpee Broad jump / Recovery – flutter kicks
  • Finished with 3 hill sprints as a group

Moseyed back to STARTEX for COT

Integrated into Tha-Thang
6 PAX (no FNGs): Jailbait, Handsy, Crayfish, Chiocetti, MIB, Bottomless (QIC)
Discussed the concept of preparedness and the role of the Q as a man who takes responsibility for the outcome.  Discussed Dredd’s talk during GR12 about preparedness and how too often we are preparing with the idea that all things will be ideal.  That the situation will be perfect.  He used the example of hitting golf balls on the driving range only from the well manicured grass.  While he was hitting golf balls, he noticed another guy over off to the side hitting golf balls from the trees and from the sand trap.  He went over and asked him what he was doing and he said he was practicing these types of shots because he was noticing that he spent most of his time hitting from those particular types of areas and he wanted to be more prepared.  Dredd then likened that to our daily lives challenging us to not only be prepared in a situation for what we feel confident in handling, but also being prepared for alternative outcomes that we might not feel so comfortable engaging.  YHC confessed to the PAX that I have been guilty of engaging my kids and my wife with the idea that they will respond the way that I want them too and when they don’t that I react emotionally instead of out of a controlled preparedness.  My challenge was for the PAX to prepare like Dredd challenged us sot that we can take full responsibility for the outcome.
Great group and always enjoy my time at the Ruins.
APFT at the Barracks on Friday; Eli Grow 8k with registration info on Slack; MIB’s 43 birthday is on 10/26 so we need to celebrate

Crab Mountain / Bear Valley

THE SCENE: Low 50s with a light breeze.



Squats x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
SSH x 25 IC
Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

Mosey due north to bottom of stairs (east of Riverside), looking up at the bluff.


Crab Mountain / Bear Valley:

  • Beginning at bottom of the hill, PAX Crab Walk up hill.  Squats x 25 OYO.
  • Mosey down stairs.  Merkins x 20 OYO.
  • Sprint up hill.  Squats x 25 OYO.
  • Bear Crawl down stairs.  Merkins x 20 OYO.

Rinse and Repeat until near time.

Mosey back to Startex.

MARY:  Flutter kicks x 10 IC.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  6 PAX (0 FNG).  Jailbait, Sir Mix-a-lot, MIB, Crayfish, Soybean, Toms (QIC)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  YHC has been incredibly stressed the past couple of weeks, particularly concerning finances.  Recent unexpected bills have pushed me well beyond my “comfort” level and brought into focus my reliance on material resources for security.   John Piper has said: God has made us to be conduits of his grace. The danger is in thinking the conduit should be lined with gold. It shouldn’t. Copper will do.  I want to serve and love God, but I want to do so with a lot of money in the bank, a functioning car, nice clothes, whatever food I want to eat, and while my kids are healthy, well fed, well clothed, and going to the “best” school.  I want to be lined with gold.  Copper will do.

MOLESKIN:  I love seeing the bridge lights reflecting on the river.  Sunrise has yet to be dethroned as king of the coffeeteria.  Jailbait got a top shelf Santa Mug.  Too bad he hates Santa, the author and perfecter of ou… wait…


RiverFit Ruins-style

THE SCENE: First cool morning of the season!  58 degrees and loving it.

Side Straddle Hop x 20
Windmill x 10
Monkey humpers
Butt kickers 60 seconds
High Knees 60 seconds
Front Overhead arm circles x 10
Back Overhead arm circles x 10


We moseyed down the first set of stairs then turned LEFT.  We then ran down to the next set of stairs and headed down to the ground.  We continued our mosey to the Eastern most exercise station on the river.
At each station to HIMs did the exercise at hand while one HIM sprinted North to the street and back, then swapped with one of the men (2nd HIM sprinted to street & back while #1 & #3 exercise).  When all three finish, we moseyed to the next exercise station to rinse and repeat.  Here were the stations:
  • Dips
  • Stump Jumps
  • Decline Big Boy situps
  • Pull-ups
We completed all four, then moseyed up the stairs, circled back around to the beginning but found the sprinklers had turned on.  If warm outside this would have been a welcome surprise but it is the first cold morning of the year!  So we modified and alternated Stump Jumps & Merkins until time was up.  We headed up the stairs again for Mary.

Iron Cross
Hold legs a foot off the crown and lean back at 45 degree angle.  Not sure how long we held, but it was a long time.
LBCs x 25
Flutter-kicks x 7
Micro Flutter-kicks x 5
Macro Flutter-kicks x 5

3 – Crayfish, Chioccetti, Jail bait


Today I wanted to share two leadership lessons that I’ve been learning over the last few years.

Solo Heroic -> Team Leadership
My tendency is to do things myself, not delegate, and work alone. This stems from trust issues, perfectionism, and other fears. But when the organization we lead grows and/or the people we are leading increases, we reach our limit and must move beyond solo heroic leadership. Also, God intends for us to work together. As a hand and foot have different functions, they must work together to make the body work.

L1 -> L2 -> L3 -> L4
Training and mentoring others does not come naturally to me. 3DM taught me a really helpful and simple way. L1 – I do, they watch. L2 – I do, they help. L3 – They do, I help. L4 – They do, I watch. My tendency is to go from L1 straight to L4. This short circuits the process and isn’t fair to the one I’m mentoring.

When going down the stairs we passed a man who asked if we were the “fabled men in black” who he’d heard of.  We felt famous and secret agentish if only for a moment.