We All Need It

THE SCENE: 30ish feels like 20ish with the windish.


Dutifully done. Lil Stretchy done.

Rucked clockwise around Patriot Lake for 2.2 miles, then turnback for 4.4 miles total. Cut a little short for time.

There’s something about Mary, she wasn’t there bc girls ain’t allowed. They came later for FiA.

5 PAX, 0 FNG: 2 *345*ers, Dial-Up and Hello Kitty, Shoestring (Shoelaces was absent), NatureBoy, QiC Photoshop

Off the cuff, so best I recollect, here’s what I shared: Encouragement. We all need it. Especially when things get difficult, which is a lot. We have a great group of fellow HIMs to push us, lift us, motivate us to be better, do better.

Pace should have been faster but my inexperience with leading a ruck made it difficult to pace it right, however, it worked out because mumblechatter was good and it allowed us to conserve for Shoestring’s Q School that was to come.

Nature Boy’s Father-in-law Dennis diagnosed with cancer. Pray for peace and health, but also that NB can connect with him and love on him.

Q Schooled on a Saturday

THE SCENE: a cloudy 32 degrees with a slight 5 mph breeze coming from the Northeast.

Disclaimed… and disclaimed… and disclaimed AGAIN. YHC went through why we do what we do on Q.  Talked about calling out exercises, cadence and other random stuff

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
SSH IC x20
How to NOT count cadence
SSH IC Silent 20 count
Penalty Burpees x10

Mosey around to the lot and up the street to the stop sign at the top of the hill.  
Freddie Mercury til all-in
Bear Crawl 50+ yards to the speedbump. Mosey back to the parking lot.
Plank til all-in.  YHC talked about different ways to lead “the thang” is partner exercises or OYO routines.  We will do both.

Partner Up…
Dora 1-2-3:
100 Merkins
200 BBS
300 Squats


Mosey and burpees… more mosey, more burpees.  We pushed ourselves pretty hard on the mosey and burpees.

American Hammers IC x30
Flutter Kicks IC x20
Hello Dolly IC x20
Mountain Climbers 30 secs. OYO

22 pax.  (1 FNG: Smoker)

As men, we need to get right ourselves before we can help and lead others.  listen to the 43 feet podcast and come to Q Source lunches to talk more about getting right in your personal Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Hello Kitty and Dial-Up KILLED it this morning to finish off their 345 week!  T-CLAPS to these HIM who pushed themselves this week.  All the men pushed themselves this workout.

Service Project

Dice, Dice, Baby @ Mothership 2/2 – Halpert Q

THE SCENE: Gorgeous 38 degrees, sunny

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Given, no FNGs, no money involved, do not hurt yourselves


SSH x50 IC

Slowwwww Daisy Pickers x10 IC

Bat wings 

OYO for one min

Mosey yog out and back to stop at base of hill


11s on the hill

Start with 1 rep squats at top work up to 10

10 reps Carolina dry docks down to 1 at the bottom

Mosey for a loop around the lot, stop by shovel flags

Dice Dice baby

In a clockwise rotation, PAX will roll the dice one at a time.  Roller can call IC or OYO of the exercise and rep count rolled.

We went 18 dice rolls.  A LOT OF REPS WERE COMPLETED.

As we mosey’d post the 18th roll, @Nature Boy called for an audible.  QIC asked @Nature Boy to lead the men to his choice next exercise.

We found ourselves doing wheelbarrows with partners on about a 200 ft loop drive opposite the Fedex Event Center.

Next, we did an Indian run to the top of the hill.  Near the top, for the last 75 yrds, we changed to two by two partner bear crawls where the PAX got to learn a bit about their partner.  

Indian runs back to ENDEX for Mary time.


Alarm at 7:55am, immediate transition to 5 minutes of Mary

C-LO led us with Thor’s to 4×16

Dealers choice until time expires.

Pops – Flutter kicks IC x25

Hello Dollys IC x25



18 PAX (0 FNGs):  Nature Boy, Rosetta Stone, Stephen King, O Positive, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Anklet, C-Lo, Steinbrenner, Dial Up, Pops, Laettner, O’Reilly, Tremor, Passport, Orange Julius


Be present with your families, concentrica, wherever you are.  Don’t be caught on slack when you’re spending time with your wife.  Same with your kids.  F3 is important and we’re better men because of it, don’t let it distract you from what you’re primary responsibilities are, what you’re getting better for, who you’re getting better for.  God, Wife, Kids, Work – in that order.  F3 and anything else that you spend time on should be spent in such a way that honors God, your wife, and kids.


I’ll say it again – 35 minutes of dice rolls and reps is tough, I don’t care who you are.  Rosetta Stone is more of a PLC guy than a BC guy.  I kid, I kid, he had traffic issues and got to BC just in time to join us for Mary.

HC now for Crucible 3/30.  You can do this.  We can do more than we think we can when we have our brothers beside us.

Pearls on a String

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THE SCENE: Clear and brisk. 30 degrees. YHC planned a whole bunch of partner exercises and spent the previous night praying for an even number of PAX to post.

7 showed up…


Delivered properly and on time.


  • Alternating Quick Feet/High Knees
  • 1,2,3 Touch the Deck x10 IC
  • ISW x10IC
  • YHC’s most favoritest stretch

PAX formed up a 2.15 mile Indian run around the perimeter of Hyde Lake stopping at selected locations to to perform the following partner exercises

  • Wheelbarrow 185 yards

7 PAX tho, member? 👆Anyway YHC singled up for some lonely bear crawls. 😔 That was when an unfamiliar figure came running up YHC grabbed his attention and invited him to git it with us. An invitation he quickly accepted. Basking in the victory of line-of-sight EHing this dude until he introduced himself as Sonic. Oh… nice to meet you Sonic. At least we have an even number now, amiryte? Moving on.

  • Partner Push/pulls. – 20 of each IC (experimental exercise. It failed hard so we made up for it with some dips. Cobains, boyz. nerr again.)
  • Partner Alternating Merkin Shoulder Taps – x20 IC
  • Partner Crawl Under/Jump Over – x10
  • Partner Carry – 80 yards then flipflop
  • Leap Frog – 100 yards
  • Partner Assisted Laydown/Standup – x10

The PAX arrived back at startex with 5 minutes to burn.

YHC’s patent pending CMU Circle-O-Greatness!

PAX on their six in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, odds holding coupon. On YHC’s command begin passing coupons in the clockwise direction until Q’s coupon makes two full revolutions then reverse. Rinse and repeat.

8 PAX, 1 Willy Loman, and 1 Capri

Reluctant Yankee (WL), Teachers Pet, Passport, Snookie, Tree Hugger, Billy Blanks, Sonic (C), Soulja Boy (QIC)


The Man in the Arena: It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. 

Great Mumblechatter this morning. Excellent to have the New Orleans Nantan (Reluctant Yankee) with us. Thanks to Sonic for being YHC’s ram in the bush during bearcrawls. YHC loves even numbers. Tclaps to Tree Hugger for joining the prestigious ranks of those in Club 345! Coffeeteeria was enjoyed at CFA afterward.

huh uh.

Wet Bombs

THE SCENE: Dark and gloomy, about 60 degrees and raining.  One pax commented that it was “nasty weather,” while another mentioned it was beautiful.  #perspective

Side Straddle Hop x 25
Front Overhead arm circles x 14
Back Overhead arm circles x 14
Monkey humpers x10
Windmill x 15
Butt kickers 45 seconds
High Knees 45 seconds
Quick feet 45 seconds

Mosey to the playground
We moseyed towards the Woodlands Discovery Playground. Some grumbled about it being uphill or some nonsense. We arrived at the Pit  with slides where the Q intended to work but alas there was a foot of water that had collected.  While that may have been a fun place to exercise YHC called an audible and opted for higher ground on a different part of playground near swings and such.

There we rested for for an explanation of the next ~35 minutes of how we were partnering up and doing lots of B.O.M.B.S. in the rain.  One partner worked on the reps while the other partner ran around the playground on the trail. Partners worked together to cumulatively perform:

  • Burpees x 100
  • Overhead Press x 150
  • Merkins x 200
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups x 250
  • Squats x 300

There was much complaining about the number of reps, but hey this is the Mothership and we had time to kill!  We ended up covering about 3.5-4.5 miles each on the runs.  YHC stopped partners while on Sit-ups and moved all of us on to squats so we could end on time.  Don’t worry, we’ll get them all in before its over.

Everyone finished those 300 squats about 15 minutes before the hour we moseyed back, pausing halfway there for some plank and–for those who chose to–more merkins.

When we arrived back at the flag we sat on our 6 and completed those big-boy sit-ups with the help of one another.  Then we proceeded to do the following until 8am:

  • Iron Cross for about 60 seconds
  • Flutterkicks x20
  • LBCs x25
  • Hello Dolly x10

1 for pre-run:  O Positive
6 for BC:  Crayfish, Snookie, Pirtle, Tremor, Nissan, O Positive

“Go unless you get a no” is something I learned from Irwin McManus in his book, Chasing Daylight.  Too many sit on their hands waiting for a sign before they get out there and do that which they were made for.  The 6 of us overcame that obstacle this a.m. when we came out and worked despite the rain and gloom.  May this be incentive for doing it in real life.  What challenge/opportunity/calling do we have some sense of but are not taking action on?  Waiting until the perfect opportunity is presented or for when we have all of the information is too late.  Go unless you get a no.  Don’t be stupid–get counsel, pray about it, etc. but don’t wait to take steps of action despite discomfort, lack of time, excuses, and all the rest.  Get off your hands and go do something with your life.  That is all, amen.
Prayed for Micah and Pirtle’s family as they prepare for scans at St. Jude this Wednesday.  Prayed for Pax at Battle of the Bulge that they would be safe and work hard.
MLK Convergence on Monday.  No OF

Saturdays for the Boys

THE SCENE: Coldish start in the 40s, finish in sunny high 40s
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER welcomed & disclaimed

  • SSH  x50
  • Daisy Pickers x19
  • Mummy Kicks x19
  • Imperial Walkers x19
  • Polka stretch x19
  • Mosey 1 lap

We started out with doing 12 rounds of 5 burpees every 30 seconds (60 burpees)

  • INDIAN RUN – From there we moved by way of Indian Run up hill (Great View Drive), took a left and finished at the Visitor’s Center
  • 11s – In front of the Visitor’s Center, we started with 10 BigBoySitUps and ran 50 yards for 1 Bobby Hurley, then back for 9 BBSUs and down for 2 Bobby Hurleys…finished with 1 BBSU & 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • Post-11s – Mosey down paved pathway to the theater to finish out our Burpee Downpainment. We did 8 more rounds of 5 burpees every 30 seconds (well we did 10 in 60 seconds to finish out 91-100).
  • Moseyed to the Kitchen (RIP) Benches for 10 Derkins, 10 Dips, 10 Erkins.
    • Pops said, “Thanks sir, can I have another?” so then we rinsed and repeated for 10 more of each.
  • Moseyed back to STARTEX for MARY


  • LOLs – Each side x15 for “Ls;” for “Os” we did clockwise x8, counter clockwise x8
  • LBCs x19
  • Gas Pumpers x19
  • Dying Cockroach x19

22 PAX (2 Starkville FNGs – BabyBop & Clueless)

The Pre-Ruck had 1 FNG -> Blue

PAX read on Q Source about Disruption and admitted this was a growth area in his work. Needs to rely on others and receive disruption without being bothered. 


YHC appreciated the turnout amidst other options like 3AM Ruck Sim and the 4AM Star Course Ruck Training. Great mumblechatter and turnout by midtowners/inner-loopers (TCLAPS to Park Bench and Lodge!). The event was highlighted by 5 completers of Club 345: One and Done, Jailbait, Pops, Lipton, and O Positive.


Date: 01JAN2019

AO: Mothership

QIC: Gus

PAX: U-Rock, Roomba, Granola, Bookworm, Cowbell, Sonic, Lodge, Park Bench, Teacher’s Pet, Anklet, Tiger Lily, Grimace, Commie, Rousey, Cheddar, Dial-Up, Soybean, Choker, Potiphar, Mile High (visiting from Dallas TX), Bottomless, Pops, Billy Blanks, Tree Hugger, Bombay, Altar Boy, Nature Boy, Casio, Lipton, Tremor, Halfpipe (visiting from Jackson MS), Crayfish, One & Done, Snowman, O Positive, Jail Bait, Rabbit, Black Diamond, Lazarus, Speaker, Stephen King, Orange Julius, Halpert, Pablo, Rosetta Stone, Gus | FNGs (4): The Sizzler, Guess Who, Nissan, Homebody

Conditions: Clear and 48F; B-E-A-utiful!


DISCLAIMER (given, with apologies, after the first two exercises of Warm-o-Rama)

SSH IC x 19
Pike walkouts OYO x 10
Daisy Pickers IC x 19
Side Stretch (hold each side 30 secs)
Annie IC x 10 (each side)
Groiner Stretch (hold each side 30 secs)
Fire Hydrant IC x 10 (each side)
Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (forward & reverse)
Windmill IC x 19

* Mosey nearly one lap around parking lot; partner up *

100 Merkins
150 Squats

* Mosey north to small hill; find a partner with similar body type *

PAX 1 carries PAX 2 up the hill.
Mosey back down.
PAX 2 carries PAX 1 up the hill.

* Mosey to visitor center *

(Combined reps always add up to 19.)
10 HSPUs; 9 squats
9 HSPUs; 10 squats
. . . .
2 HSPUs; 17 squats
1 HSPU; 18 squats

* Mosey back to SP parking lot; Monkey Humpers along the way just for good measure *

Flutterkick IC x 19
Hello, Dolly! IC x 19

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Count-o-Rama (50)


COT / BOM: In the coming year, don’t let external conditions determine your level of Commitment.

MOLESKIN: The Sky Q blessed us with a beautiful morning, and the PAX showed out. Only a couple complained of their physical status before the workout began, which led me to believe that the PAX rang in the new year without over-indulging. Those who partied with F3 Memphis at the 2018 New Year’s Day Convergence were familiar with many of the elements of today’s workout, but we were about 40 degrees warmer than one year ago. The difference in temperature is what inspired my challenge to the PAX–meet your commitments regardless of external conditions. Today was pleasant, but the storms are coming.

T-claps go out to…

  • Rabbit, who long ago EH’d a Texas Man, who eventually posted in Dallas and was named Mile High. Mile High ended up posting today and bringing two FNGs, which means Rabbit is credited with three PAX! The Man knows how to multiply.
  • U-Rock, who took some amazing still images of today’s workout. You can tell he used to work at Olan Mills.
  • Halfpipe, who probably only posted because his little brother asked him to.
  • Snowman, for carrying my Six up that hill.
  • O Positive, Bradshaw extraordinaire, for bringing food and beverage for Parking Lot Coffeeteria.


THE SCENE: Mild morning

ssh, imperial walkers, Indian run around parking lot a couple of times, probably something else.
We modified 11s to be 15s, with merkins and SSHs. Always ran to SSHs but did various exercises on the way back. Pax held plank til all in on SSH side so we could return to merkins together.

Did Mary.
14, 5 FNGs (Cheddar, Rousey, Qualified, Tumbleweed, Tremor
Show respect to those closest to you. Don’t be abusive.

2018 F3 Reindeer Games

THE SCENE:  beautiful, crisp December morning, just above freezing,  amazing sunrise
SSH x 25 IC, Daisy Pickers x 15 IC, Imperial walkers x 15 IC, stretch what ails you.

Being December 22nd, Santa has been getting his reindeer into shape for their yearly flight around the world.  YHC was able to watch the exercises that Santa put each of them through, and modified these for the PAX.
Divided the PAX into 3 teams, each reindeer game was a competition between the 3 teams…it was going to pay to be a winner, but time was getting short.

Let the team pick the order by reindeer…I think this was the order.

Comet – 10 jumping lunges, 10 carolina dry docks, 10 BBSUs, – 3 rounds

Blitzen – 11s as a group, Merkins and Squats

Cupid – Tunnel of Love down and back appox. 25 yards one way

Donner – Ruck overhead pass backwards down, then sideways back, approx 25 yards one way, start over if ruck hits the ground

Prancer – Power skip indian walk with rest of PAX doing SSH (note: this is the point where the reindeer games started to unravel with much SSHopping forward in an awkward manner)

Rudolph – Burpee broad jumps down and back as a team, approx 25 yards one way

Dancer – Lunge walk indian run, with rest of PAX holding Al Gore, down and back

Dasher – shuttle run relay

Vixen – Bear crawl indian run while rest of PAX do mountain climbers.

Originally had 12 exercises that the winning team would pick the number and the losers would perform the work (think modified 12 days of christmas), but after 3 hill runs, 1 lap around the parking lot, 12 monkey humpers, 5 burpees, time was getting short, and there were some questionable reps by the “winning” teams…so we had to nix the extra work.  The PAX weren’t necessarily sad.

Let the Willy Loman from nashville pick the first exercise, he picked Freddie Mercuries.   we did about 40ish in cadence.
In honor of O Positive wearing his warrior kilt, we did hello dolly’s last.

18 PAX – Judah, Gaylord Focker (willy lowman from nashville), flatland, tiger lily, Teachers Pet, Anklet, Pirtle, handsy, bottomless, orange julius, rosetta stone, OP, rabbit, Pigtails (FNG), C-lo, Halpert, billy blanks, mama’s boy (Q)
During this christmas season, our family has been going to several events with very talented people using their gifts to bring joy into the world, whether it being singing, playing instruments, or dancing.  As Christmas nears, and we are giving gifts to those we love, I have been thinking about the gifts God has given all of us.  Starting with his son Jesus, God has bestowed on all of us some amazing gifts, that we don’t deserve, namely our faith, the ability to workout, a community, our jobs, and even this group of men that we call F3 memphis.    YHC wanted to encourage the PAX to take a little time to reflect on the gifts that He has given us, and to encourage one another how to use those gifts to better the lives of others in our families, our vocations, and each other as well.

Congrats on 3 men finishing Club 345 this week.  T-claps to Judah, Flatland, and Handsy.
Convergence on new years day at the Mothership, Gus on Q

Twelve Days of Christmas

THE SCENE: There are swarms of birds circling looking for food as is customary when tigers are hunting. 47, misty, dark and friggin damp.


22 Imperail Walkers IC
21 Daisy Pickers IC
11 Arm Circles forward and 11 backwards IC

With Christmas less than 10 days away, today we will celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. As the song goes, you will complete item one, then two and one, then three, two and one and so on till we complete all 12 rounds of Christmas.
The movements are as follows:
  1. Run a lap OYO around the parking lot
  2. BBSUs IC
  3. Squats IC
  4. Flutter Kicks IC
  5. Merikans IC
  6. Lunges – IC
  7. Burpees – OYO
  8. Eight-Count Body Builders – IC
  9. Bobby Hurley – OYO
  10. Plank Jacks – IC
  11. Calf Raises – OYO
  12. Monkey Humpers – IC
8 PAX, no FNGs

With the holiday season upon us, the music at the mall announces that folks are dreaming of a white Christmas. That may be true. But in reality, many men are dreaming of something else white: a little more white space on our December calendars!

Pageants. Parties. Shopping for the M. Wrapping nights. At every turn there are people to see, things to do, stuff to buy. The hustle and bustle of this supposed-to-be-happy season can knock the holly-jolly right out of our holidays and replace it with hurried-up headaches instead.

As a result, our calendars become overloaded, crowding out the spiritual significance of the season.

Was hurriedness present the night Jesus was born? We might think that it was not. But actually, there was hurry present that night. However, it wasn't to the mall or grocery store that people were rushing.

"So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger." Luke 2:16 (NIV)

In the midst of our holiday hustle and tasks, we could stop. We could slow down long enough to hurry in another direction. We could put our activities on hold so we might quietly meet with our Lord. We could be settled and silent in the presence of Jesus.

As a result we just might discover an unhurried holiday: a season that will strengthen us spiritually instead of sapping our energy and joy.

Here's to more "white space" this Christmas; space that creates more room in our days for meeting with Jesus!


Shout out to Yardsale for pushing himself and completing 345 today. Great job! As he said F3 is incredible and a great chance for us men to push ourselves and get better each day.


Today is the Wearth Ruck at the Memphis National Cemetary. If you did not sign up, still show up and help out. This is open to the public and everyone can show up, only those that signed up will get a patch though. For those that have not done this before, it is a great chance to slow down and remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we have this holiday season.