Wet Bombs

THE SCENE: Dark and gloomy, about 60 degrees and raining.  One pax commented that it was “nasty weather,” while another mentioned it was beautiful.  #perspective

Side Straddle Hop x 25
Front Overhead arm circles x 14
Back Overhead arm circles x 14
Monkey humpers x10
Windmill x 15
Butt kickers 45 seconds
High Knees 45 seconds
Quick feet 45 seconds

Mosey to the playground
We moseyed towards the Woodlands Discovery Playground. Some grumbled about it being uphill or some nonsense. We arrived at the Pit  with slides where the Q intended to work but alas there was a foot of water that had collected.  While that may have been a fun place to exercise YHC called an audible and opted for higher ground on a different part of playground near swings and such.

There we rested for for an explanation of the next ~35 minutes of how we were partnering up and doing lots of B.O.M.B.S. in the rain.  One partner worked on the reps while the other partner ran around the playground on the trail. Partners worked together to cumulatively perform:

  • Burpees x 100
  • Overhead Press x 150
  • Merkins x 200
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups x 250
  • Squats x 300

There was much complaining about the number of reps, but hey this is the Mothership and we had time to kill!  We ended up covering about 3.5-4.5 miles each on the runs.  YHC stopped partners while on Sit-ups and moved all of us on to squats so we could end on time.  Don’t worry, we’ll get them all in before its over.

Everyone finished those 300 squats about 15 minutes before the hour we moseyed back, pausing halfway there for some plank and–for those who chose to–more merkins.

When we arrived back at the flag we sat on our 6 and completed those big-boy sit-ups with the help of one another.  Then we proceeded to do the following until 8am:

  • Iron Cross for about 60 seconds
  • Flutterkicks x20
  • LBCs x25
  • Hello Dolly x10

1 for pre-run:  O Positive
6 for BC:  Crayfish, Snookie, Pirtle, Tremor, Nissan, O Positive

“Go unless you get a no” is something I learned from Irwin McManus in his book, Chasing Daylight.  Too many sit on their hands waiting for a sign before they get out there and do that which they were made for.  The 6 of us overcame that obstacle this a.m. when we came out and worked despite the rain and gloom.  May this be incentive for doing it in real life.  What challenge/opportunity/calling do we have some sense of but are not taking action on?  Waiting until the perfect opportunity is presented or for when we have all of the information is too late.  Go unless you get a no.  Don’t be stupid–get counsel, pray about it, etc. but don’t wait to take steps of action despite discomfort, lack of time, excuses, and all the rest.  Get off your hands and go do something with your life.  That is all, amen.
Prayed for Micah and Pirtle’s family as they prepare for scans at St. Jude this Wednesday.  Prayed for Pax at Battle of the Bulge that they would be safe and work hard.
MLK Convergence on Monday.  No OF

Simple fun at the Annex

THE SCENE: a beautiful chilly gloom



SSH IC x30
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Mosey around the lot
SSH IC x30
Mosey around the lot

This is where it got FUN…
Bring Sally Up: In a plank position and when sally goes up, we jump, when sally goes down, we perform 1 merkin.  Essentially, burpees.
Mosey around the lot.
Bear crawl and Merkins every two parking spots. (rinse and repeat)
Broad jump and merkins every two parking spots. (rinse and repeat)
Sprint across the lot.
Mosey around the lot.
Squats!  Lots of SQUATS! 50-40-30-20-10 reps
Mosey around the lot.
Crab walk and merkins every two parking spots. (rinse and repeat)
Mosey to startex for Mary.

American Hammer IC x50
LBC’s IC x25
American Hammer IC x40
LBC’s IC x25
Flutter Kick IC x30
Mountain Climbers IC x50


6 pax (Speedy, Boba Fett, Roomba, Woodpecker, Grimace, Shoestring)

My daughters love a song by Andy Mineo about friends.  YHC reminded pax the importance of true friends and what it means to be a friend.  We need friends in our lives as well as being a true friend to others.  True High Impact Men are true friends!

LOVED being with the pax from the Annex.  Boba Fett gave me a look during BC that I think he cursed my children’s children.  All the pax had fun and mumblechatter was on point.  Plenty of midwife noises happening.

VAPE session tonight.
March 30th Crucible Challenge!!  Start conditioning TODAY!!

Losing is Winning

THE SCENE: 34˚ felt like 28˚ Crisp, clear Gloom. Sonic showed up at tail end of WoR so we fit a few more SSH to get him in the right mood.


Arm Circles x 20 IC, Rev Arm Circles x 20 IC, Daisy Pickers x 20 IC, SSH x20 IC + 10 more for Sonic.


Bear Crawl 1-2-3-2-1
Partner up. P1 does exercises towards goal, while P2 Bear Crawls 10yd up slight incline and then 10yd back down. If finish before ALL IN, start over on the 100 Merkins until all in.

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBCs
  • 300 Squats
  • 200 Lunges, 1 is 1
  • 100 SSH

A few of us got to enjoy some Reward Merkins.

Freddy Mercury x 30 IC, Imperial Walkers x 30 IC (thanks Speedy)

6 PAX: Speedy (AOQ), Photoshop (QIC), Boba Fett, Roomba, Grimace, Sonic (IG)

“Losing is Winning”

Alabama recently lost to Clemson. Old Forest ‘lost’ to Levee in KotB. Losing stinks. Everybody wants to win.

Luke 9:23-25
Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will LOSE it, but whoever LOSES their life for me, will SAVE it. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet LOSE or forfeit their very self?”

If we LOSE our life (deny self), then we WIN (gain eternity and the victory that Jesus already won).


  • Boba Fett: quick recovery for daughter’s jaw surgery
  • Third Wheel: knee issues, healing
  • Photoshop’s brother Mike had cyst removed, quick and good recovery. Also for Mike to join F3 in NC where he lives to help improve his health (physical and spiritual).

Grimace and Sonic are beasts on Merkins and LBCs, but Bear Crawls are truly the Great Equalizer, as everybody struggled with those.

Equinox Challenge: get it.
Volunteer service ideas for PAX to do for 2nd F and 3rd F

1-8-18 Never go Full Bronson

THE SCENE: Warm! Wet! but not actively raining!

20 IC SSH, 10 IC Arm Circles Forwards then Back, 15 IC Daisey Pickers, 15 IC Hillbillies. Mosey round the lot ….. then to starte………. who is that????? ITS someone else!!!!…… it’s ROOMBA. ….. Back to flag….. SSH while Roomba exits vehicle blabbering something electronic….. keys…. car locked…. late…. huh??? Unplugged Roomba while we SSH and gave disclaimer. Plugged in Roomba, got some SSH in. Little Mosey back to the startex. …. Wait… more headlights… another car…. sweet….. Annex game time… booty call or drug deal. (spoiler alert…. they were just working out… but we did say Goodmorning)
A little extra Bronson. It was more than 100 yards sprinting, and our end zone was enormous. (i think)

50 Reps of an exercise. Sprint to first set of cones, bear crawl to 2nd set of cones, mosey to star and hold plank or Al Gore till All In.

  • SSH
  • LBC
  • JUMP SQUATS (We all Jump on…. alright already we all…)
  • Merkins

20 IC Freddie Mercury,  RED GREEN YELLOW light…. We also explored flashing lights….. it was a great addition adding hello Dolly to the position… brutal
3. The Roomba, The Grimace, YHC Speedy

I had this filled out, but could not figure out how to change overwrite…. such a shame. Basically….. In Biblical times a king would typically rule his people and decide what was right and wrong. The king was god like and would make images (idols) of himself. God commanded his people to not make images or idols of God and they were not to even have a king or ruler. God had already made images of himself in humanity. God created man in his image and set us to rule his creation. We are images of God. Be Images of God

YHC is highly appreciative of all the pax that continually show up week after week. It makes me want to be better.
Discussed the Equinox challenge over PLC.  The ever changing Annex Achievement flag has been active for a week.

Saturdays for the Boys

THE SCENE: Coldish start in the 40s, finish in sunny high 40s
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER welcomed & disclaimed

  • SSH  x50
  • Daisy Pickers x19
  • Mummy Kicks x19
  • Imperial Walkers x19
  • Polka stretch x19
  • Mosey 1 lap

We started out with doing 12 rounds of 5 burpees every 30 seconds (60 burpees)

  • INDIAN RUN – From there we moved by way of Indian Run up hill (Great View Drive), took a left and finished at the Visitor’s Center
  • 11s – In front of the Visitor’s Center, we started with 10 BigBoySitUps and ran 50 yards for 1 Bobby Hurley, then back for 9 BBSUs and down for 2 Bobby Hurleys…finished with 1 BBSU & 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • Post-11s – Mosey down paved pathway to the theater to finish out our Burpee Downpainment. We did 8 more rounds of 5 burpees every 30 seconds (well we did 10 in 60 seconds to finish out 91-100).
  • Moseyed to the Kitchen (RIP) Benches for 10 Derkins, 10 Dips, 10 Erkins.
    • Pops said, “Thanks sir, can I have another?” so then we rinsed and repeated for 10 more of each.
  • Moseyed back to STARTEX for MARY


  • LOLs – Each side x15 for “Ls;” for “Os” we did clockwise x8, counter clockwise x8
  • LBCs x19
  • Gas Pumpers x19
  • Dying Cockroach x19

22 PAX (2 Starkville FNGs – BabyBop & Clueless)

The Pre-Ruck had 1 FNG -> Blue

PAX read on Q Source about Disruption and admitted this was a growth area in his work. Needs to rely on others and receive disruption without being bothered. 


YHC appreciated the turnout amidst other options like 3AM Ruck Sim and the 4AM Star Course Ruck Training. Great mumblechatter and turnout by midtowners/inner-loopers (TCLAPS to Park Bench and Lodge!). The event was highlighted by 5 completers of Club 345: One and Done, Jailbait, Pops, Lipton, and O Positive.

Bring Sally a Tire

THE SCENE: Little bit O’ spit, but not enough to make us stay under the pavilion.


All were welcomed and disclaimed, and then Roomba showed up, so he was also given an abbreviated disclaimer and welcome. Covered the mission of F3 and  stumbled through the 5 components of each workout.


  • Side Straddle Hops IC x 50
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 10
  • Windmill IC x 10
  • Squats IC x 10
  • Tappy Taps IC x 10
  • Mosey


Played Flowers (Bring Sally Up) by Moby. On “Bring Sally Up,” PAX moved the high plank position. On “Bring Sally Down,” PAX moved to the low Merkin position trying to keep chest and knees off the floor as long as possible. We were all at muscle failure halfway through 🙂

PAX took turns pulling seat belt straps that were connected to a chain, that was connected to a tire that had a CMU on it. While the lead PAX pulled the tire and CMU, the other PAX performed an Indian Run behind the lead PAX until he could no longer run and pull the tire. After each PAX went, we would perform an exercise. Those exercises were:

  • Side Straddle Hop IC x 20
  • Squats IC x 20
  • 10 Burpees OYO

After returning to our SP, we abandoned the CMU, but grabbed a 30 ft battle rope, and moseyed with the tire and battle rope to a hill. PAX took turns pulling the tire and battle rope up the hill while the other PAX did an exercise of the puller’s choice until the puller pulled the tire to him. Repeated this 8 times so each PAX got 2 pulls.


Bring Sally Up again, but with partner BBS. PAX interlocked feet across from their partner and on “Bring Sally Up,” PAX went up, and on “Bring Sally Down,” PAX went half way down.

4 PAX. Roomba, Sonic, Speedy, Grimace
Discussed the adoption process that my wife and I are going through, and the challenges we’re facing. Referenced James chapter 1 and how trials of various kinds produces perseverance, and perseverance, faith.
The Annex has a new flag. You should post so you can see it. It’s bananas.


Date: 01JAN2019

AO: Mothership

QIC: Gus

PAX: U-Rock, Roomba, Granola, Bookworm, Cowbell, Sonic, Lodge, Park Bench, Teacher’s Pet, Anklet, Tiger Lily, Grimace, Commie, Rousey, Cheddar, Dial-Up, Soybean, Choker, Potiphar, Mile High (visiting from Dallas TX), Bottomless, Pops, Billy Blanks, Tree Hugger, Bombay, Altar Boy, Nature Boy, Casio, Lipton, Tremor, Halfpipe (visiting from Jackson MS), Crayfish, One & Done, Snowman, O Positive, Jail Bait, Rabbit, Black Diamond, Lazarus, Speaker, Stephen King, Orange Julius, Halpert, Pablo, Rosetta Stone, Gus | FNGs (4): The Sizzler, Guess Who, Nissan, Homebody

Conditions: Clear and 48F; B-E-A-utiful!


DISCLAIMER (given, with apologies, after the first two exercises of Warm-o-Rama)

SSH IC x 19
Pike walkouts OYO x 10
Daisy Pickers IC x 19
Side Stretch (hold each side 30 secs)
Annie IC x 10 (each side)
Groiner Stretch (hold each side 30 secs)
Fire Hydrant IC x 10 (each side)
Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (forward & reverse)
Windmill IC x 19

* Mosey nearly one lap around parking lot; partner up *

100 Merkins
150 Squats

* Mosey north to small hill; find a partner with similar body type *

PAX 1 carries PAX 2 up the hill.
Mosey back down.
PAX 2 carries PAX 1 up the hill.

* Mosey to visitor center *

(Combined reps always add up to 19.)
10 HSPUs; 9 squats
9 HSPUs; 10 squats
. . . .
2 HSPUs; 17 squats
1 HSPU; 18 squats

* Mosey back to SP parking lot; Monkey Humpers along the way just for good measure *

Flutterkick IC x 19
Hello, Dolly! IC x 19

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Count-o-Rama (50)


COT / BOM: In the coming year, don’t let external conditions determine your level of Commitment.

MOLESKIN: The Sky Q blessed us with a beautiful morning, and the PAX showed out. Only a couple complained of their physical status before the workout began, which led me to believe that the PAX rang in the new year without over-indulging. Those who partied with F3 Memphis at the 2018 New Year’s Day Convergence were familiar with many of the elements of today’s workout, but we were about 40 degrees warmer than one year ago. The difference in temperature is what inspired my challenge to the PAX–meet your commitments regardless of external conditions. Today was pleasant, but the storms are coming.

T-claps go out to…

  • Rabbit, who long ago EH’d a Texas Man, who eventually posted in Dallas and was named Mile High. Mile High ended up posting today and bringing two FNGs, which means Rabbit is credited with three PAX! The Man knows how to multiply.
  • U-Rock, who took some amazing still images of today’s workout. You can tell he used to work at Olan Mills.
  • Halfpipe, who probably only posted because his little brother asked him to.
  • Snowman, for carrying my Six up that hill.
  • O Positive, Bradshaw extraordinaire, for bringing food and beverage for Parking Lot Coffeeteria.

Merkins all around (11-16-18)

Dark, early, and cold.

All welcomed; disclaimer given.

Abe Vigodas x15 IC
Arm circles x10 IC
Reverse arm circles x10 IC

Merkin Mile

Ascending curb crawl (bear crawl to curb, 1 incline merkin, crabwalk back to first curb, 2 derkins – repeat until up to 7 incline merkins)

Aiken Legs (20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges)

Aiken Arms (20 Carolina dry docks, 20 dips, 20 alternating shoulder taps, merkin wheel)

LBCs x20 IC

7 PAX (Gus, Speedy, Woodpecker, Grimace, Boba Fett, Third Wheel, Meter Maid (QIC)).  No FNGs.

YHC challenged the PAX to give their Ms a night off to do something fun.

Gus missed the Merkin Mile, but enjoyed the crabwalks.
Bananateria with coffee enjoyed by all.

A gross and a half for 2018

THE SCENE: Friday 12-28-18. Un-Seasonably Warm and Damp

18xIC SSH, Daisey Pickers, Hillbillies, armcircles, Mosey around lot and up to the pavillion.
YHC lost his Winkie and is having difficulty remembering what fun things  filled this morning.

To send off 2018 We participated in a modified Gross….. modified to 18 reps of 18 exercises. …. and I’m going off my memory here….. which is horrible even when its not 0530 hours.

  • Derkins
  • Box Jumps
  • Body Builders
  • Werkins
  • Squats
  • BBSU
  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Dips
  • IC Freddie Mercuries
  • Tempo Merkins (these hurt YHC who had to pause at 12)
  • Tempo Dips
  • Jump Squats
  • Burpees
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Lunges (2 is 1)
  • Turkish Git Ups
  • Tempo Squats
  • bulleted
  • lists
  • are
  • handy. (yes they are bulleted list suggestion… yes they are)

That brought us to time
7 Pax Grimace, Billy Blanks, Third Wheel, and Welcoming FNG’s Monocle, Sonic, and Padre. Speedy on q
Pour yourself where you are needed or where you can make the most impact.



THE SCENE: Mild morning

ssh, imperial walkers, Indian run around parking lot a couple of times, probably something else.
We modified 11s to be 15s, with merkins and SSHs. Always ran to SSHs but did various exercises on the way back. Pax held plank til all in on SSH side so we could return to merkins together.

Did Mary.
14, 5 FNGs (Cheddar, Rousey, Qualified, Tumbleweed, Tremor
Show respect to those closest to you. Don’t be abusive.