There’s a Reason Tony Hawk Doesn’t Play Golf

The Gloom is getting darker and cooler.  Fall is the best time of the year, and I’m looking forward to both weeks of it here in Memphis.  Mr. Wolf jogged by as I was planting the Shovel Flag.  We exchanged pleasantries; nobody was accused of condescension or bigotry, so we’ll call that a win.

Full version for the first 3.  Brief version for Tremor after he rolled up during the SSH.  Nonexistent version for Speedy after he rolled up 5 minutes before the end of the workout.

SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Hillbillies x16 IC
Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)

F3 Golf: a series of 5 minute sets, with 1 minute of rest in between.  Each set consisted of 2 exercises. The PAX would perform 12 reps of each exercise OYO, then 11 reps of each OYO, and so on until 5 minutes expired.  At the end of each round, each person’s score would be the lowest number of reps that were successfully completed for both exercises.  For example, if time expired while you were still working on 4 reps of exercise 2, your score for that round would be 5.  Lowest score at the end of the Thang wins.

Set 1:  Merkins/BBSU.  Winners: 3 tied with 1 point
Set 2: SSH/Flutter Kicks.  Winners: Gomer (1)
Set 3: Tony Hawk Burpees*/WWI Situps.  Winners: Gomer and Tremor (10)
Set 4: Mountain Climbers/Squats.  Winners: 3 tied with (1)
Set 5: Werkins/Monkey Humpers.  Winners: 3 tied with (1)
Set 6: Carolina Dry Docks/LBCs.  Winners: 2 tied with (7)

*I can’t let a Turd Q go by without incorporating Tony Hawk in some way.  He puts the T in Turd.

Final Scores:
Tremor and Gomer: 22
Choker: 26
Gun Show: 41
DHL: 50
Speedy: 8 (for the one round he actually showed up for)

Flutter Kicks x35 IC

6 PAX:  Choker (QIC), DHL, Gomer, Gun Show, Speedy, Tremor

For the CoT I had planned to heap some praise on Speedy.   But then he RUINED EVERYTHING by fartsacking 95% of my Q.  Oh well, too late to come up with something else.

Somehow, Speedy came up with this crazy idea to get everyone hooked on post-workout bananas.  Once this was in full effect, he had a bananaized version of the Gadsden Flag created and has been posting it at the Turd every since.  Being a part of Memphis, the flag comes with a set of its own #MemphisRules.  There are a number of different goals/challenges for the PAX to complete, and upon completion of each one that person gets to sign the Nanner Flag.  Whoever has signed it the most by the end of the year gets to keep it.

This is such a great idea.  It’s silly.  It’s fun.  But it serves a very serious purpose.  It has given the AO a distinct personality.  It encourages regular attendance.  It incentivizes volunteering to Q.  It drives PAX to get involved with all of the regional challenges/CSAUPs/etc.  Stuff like that is what I think of when I think of F3.

Speedy is a top-drawer AOQ and we’re lucky to have him.  When he remembers to set his alarm, that is.

Tony Hawk makes everything better.  And by better, I mean much, much worse.

Sign up for Shield Lock.  Then sign up to help #PlantTupelo.  

Mario Kart – Slam Ball Circuit


Hot and shockingly clear. The moon was bright, the stars were out. @WannaCry joined me at 0450 for a preruck and to set up the race track


Push yourself. Don’t hurt yourself.


  • 25 x SSH
  • 20 x Tempo Squat
  • 25 x SSH
  • 20 x Tempo Merkin

Mosey to start of track

Inspired by Mario Kart, we did a three lap circuit around a 1/4 mile track.

Lap 1

  • Bearcrawl 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Side shuffle 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Broad jump 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Sprint 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball

Lap 2

  • Bearcrawl 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Power Skip 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Lunge Walk 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Sprint 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball

Lap 3 (Speed Lap)

  • Sprint 100m
  • Do two slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Sprint 100m
  • Do two slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Sprint 100m
  • Do one slam ball with a 50 pound ball
  • Sprint 100m
  • Do two slam ball with a 50 pound ball


Round 1

  • Circle up on 6 with back to center.
  • Lean back into active position to engage abs.
  • Pass four 50 pound slam ball to left or right at Q’s call
  • Add overhead press with ball

Round 2

  • Series of planks for 4 minutes. Low, high, right arm, left arm, cycle.

9 PAX. WannaCry joined separately for PreRuck.

Shoestring, Speedy, Gun Show, Gomer, Tremor, Chyna, Couch Potato, DHL, Chuck E. Cheese (QIC)

Sign up for Shield Lock. Accountability is a powerful good.

Prayers were said in confidence. Continue to lift up if you were there.


  • Crucible on Oct. 26
  • Read Slack Announcements

Winter had better be Coming at the Annex

THE SCENE:  The hottest, thickest dang morning ever. IIRC, the hottest day of the year to this point. If you or any of your loved ones know the wherabouts of the stupid wind, contact Robert Stack immediately.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Not shouted because Gun Show was afraid of my Dad voice. Delivered to Sonic a little later

SSH IC x 20 (because we have rules)
Arm Circles IC x20 Fwd, x20 Rev
Daisy Pickers IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 20
Windmills IC x20

We mosey over to the east side of the parking lot near the 400m/quarter mile loop for the Sword Coast Relay. I had orginially planned on doing the Relay race that I did at the Morg, Marc Cohn style – in the middle of the pourin’ rain.  But I think I needed about 8 PAX total for that to work, so I defaulted to an older game.

The Game:

  • PAX Circle up and remember their spot in the order. We start with Gomer and go around the circle.
  • PAX #1 rolls a 12-sided Exercise die (I found the good one. Miss me with that yoga die). He then runs clockwise around the loop, bearing THE BATON (Which was a NERF Sword. NERF OR NOTHING!).
  • PAX do the exercise the die winds up being. Difficulty ranges from “Water Break” to “20 Burpees”.
  • Once All In, PAX #2 rolls and runs Counter Clockwise, getting the sword from the previous PAX.
  • Once All In, PAX #3 rolls and runs Clockwise, getting the sword from the previous PAX, and so on…
  • After you hand off the sword, finish your loop and return to the circle and recover until the next roll.

No Rerolling this morning (except when I got tired of side planks and made an executive decision). Also, as people keep trying to tell me, fall is at hand, so the sun rises later, so the loop was super scurry and dark. To help the brave pax navigate the treacherous running paths of Ye Olde Cordova, I taped a flashlight to the hilt of THE BATON. Gun show immediately noted it was a lightsaber now! Is this what it’s like to be out-nerded? I don’t like it! 42! CUCUMBERS ARE FRUITS! g=9.81m/s^2! There. Better. Good eye Gun Show. Proud of ye you temporary AOQICHIM.

B-B-But what of the PAX that are running in the dark without the lightsaber? That’s what the disclaimer is for.

5 of the 6 PAX in attendance already knew this game and DHL learned the rules at next-day-air speed! T-Claps Sir! Everything went smooth, no shenanigans, so clearly the problem last time was Speedy and Grimace, as usual. Sonic and Tremor always impress me by finding ways to fit in extra reps, joining in the exercise when they finished their lap instead of recovering.

Gomer Dropped the Sword at one point, resulting in…Nothing. Didn’t have a rule for that.. Next time, Gomer…next time. Back at the ranch the Die just kept landing on Tuck Jumps, side planks, and jump lunges, so the core and legs got some good work that morning.

At about 6AM, Sonic Irish Goodbye’d to get to school. Go bench press some kids, you hoodied beast.

About 24 die rolls were made, but not a single water break. The probability of such a thing is approximately…whack. Oh well. On to Mary

Flutterkicks IC x 10
4-count LBCs IC x 10
American Hammers IC x 10
4-count BBSU IC x 10

Gomer, Tremor, Sonic, DHL, Gun Show (Acting AOQ),  Roomba (QIC)

I had my first sermon to preach the weekend after this, so I gave the 45-second version: Just because you are technically allowed to do something with impunity, doesn’t mean you can be obnoxious about it. Whatever your faith, or creed, or vocation is, you should make it as approachable as possible, because stumbling blocks will make it harder for others to come to you and what you’re doing.

Prayers for DHL’s job search, for traveling PAX, and family health.

Gonna need to get some headlamps from the Hazard Frought – I mean…Harbor Freight if I’m gonna encourage more running. I think everyone would be fine, but I’d feel much better. Of course, the sun may rise later, but It’s still hot and thick as anything. GAWD, I am tired of summer and it’s death grip on September. Be Gone! Gun Show done good as AOQ in Speedy’s absense, and even snagged us a Ghost Flag! Glad the mere thought of a Roomba Q scared everyone off (which is surely what happened). Also, with Sonic out for Name o Rama, we improvised (our efforts were blessed by the crow):

Kids, Shine your tire sleds and don your weighted vests, because next Tuesday, the 24th, The Grimace Cometh. Evanescence and pain are going to have you seeing Purple and cursing the Hamburger Witch that borne him! Start Hydrating now.


THE SCENE: Perfect weather for beating the body into shape and 345 finale

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER welcomed and disclaimered

DP x 10 IC, SSH x 20 IC, Michael Phelps x 10 IC

Burpee Mile Part 1
Run to top of hill in direction of playground (.25mile),  12 Burpees
Run to playground parking lot (.25 mile), 12 Burpees

Dora 1-2-3-2-1
P1 Reps toward goal
P2 Run down to big tree, return by back pedal

100 Merkins
200 LBCs
300 Imperial Squat Walkers (initially 2 is 1, but due to time switched to 1 is 1)
200 Reverse Crunch
100 Carolina Dry Docks

Burpee Mile Part 2
Run back to top of hill in direction of STARTEX (.25mile), 12 Burpees
Run to grassy knoll by Event Center circular drive (.25 mile), 12 Burpees

Still time, but didn’t want to subject Pronto Pup and others to 11s, so run behind Event Center and do Step Ups and Box Jumps up steps and back down for about 5 rounds.

Return to STARTEX.

20 American Hammers
30 Freddie Mercuries
20 Shoulder Taps
PAX shared things they are thankful while holding Plank until time

11 PAX: Pronto Pup (345er), Dawson (sub-AOQ), Photoshop (QiC), Dial-Up, Corn Dog, Hot-n-Ready, Abba, O’Reilly, Steinbrenner, Snowman, Soulja Boy

Uncommen Words of a Leader
Numbers 14:5-9 – “5 Then Moses and Aaron fell facedown in front of the whole Israelite assembly gathered there. 6 Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, who were among those who had explored the land, tore their clothes 7 and said to the entire Israelite assembly, ‘The land we passed through and explored is exceedingly good. 8 If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us. 9 Only do not rebel against the Lord. And do not be afraid of the people of the land, because we will devour them. Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them.’”

In the midst of people second-guessing God, Joshua stood his ground and stated “…The Lord is with us. Do not be afraid…”

There are many things I love about Joshua. But the best part of this passage is that Joshua wasn’t just stating his opinion but rather testifying to what he had seen and what God said He was going to do for the people of Israel.

A leader isn’t just the loudest of the group, and he is not the biggest of the group. He is the person who God has positioned and prepared for the role of leadership. While it may not have been anticipated, it was a seamless change of leadership from Moses to Joshua because God had prepared Joshua ahead of time. Notice that Joshua stated his view and challenged the Israelite assembly. He didn’t insult them or intimidate them… he spoke the truth!

What kind of leader are you? Are you the most forward in the group and the first to step up? Or do you only seek the role of leadership when no one else will? While leadership skills may be built into your DNA, those skills have to be honed to be a benefit for others. How many times do you hear Jesus yelling at people to get their attention in the Bible? People would gather around pushing and shoving just to get near him and listen to what he had to say.

Leadership comes in many forms, and you may find that your family is waiting for you to lead. Your career is waiting for you to lead. Do so in boldness with faith without fear.

Double RESPECT to Pronto Pup for taking on the 345 Challenge and knocking it out!

.22 Sounds Light, But It’s Still Deadly

THE SCENE: What a beautiful morning. A slight taste of pre-fall hung in the Delta Fair tainted air. Shorts weather but a sarong is now acceptable for PLC.
Properly given to all by YHQ and then an addendum was delivered for our late package arrival by DHL.
Short, Sweet, To the point.
SSH x20
Arm Circles 10 Forward 10 Back
Daisy Pickers Slow and smooth until all Pax joined in. 10?, 20? Who knows? Chaos rulz!
Imperial Walkers x20

A 1,2,3 trip around the street side of the park with 2 sets of 11’s on the famous Annex hills making for a “.22 cal beatdown“. A light load on paper but still able to get the job done. “That first part was deceptive,” said Gomer…. ah out of the mouth of babes.

  • Mosey West to Library Circle Drive 10 Patty Cake Merkins, 20 SSH, 30 Squats
  • Mosey North to Park Entrance (Tremor was literally in the street) 10 Patty Cake Merkins, 20 SSH, 30 Lunges
  • Mosey East up the street and hold AlGore(Climate-Liar-Tennessee-Traitor) till all in.
  • BIG hill for 11’s – burpees, crawl bear, squats, bear crawl
  • Mosey South over to the Small hill for 11’s – merkins, run hill, squats, repeat. Planned to do more bear crawls but chaos (and time) rule here!
  • Oh yeah, Farmer learned today that the door to the bathroom is locked.
  • Run 400M loop back to startex (Good sprint by all to get back in time for Mary)

As promised – Stargazers for Aprox 15 seconds or something like that.
Who knows? Chaos was in control.
6 PAX (0 FNG)
DHL, Tremor, Iceberg, Farmer, Gomer, Gunshow (tAOQIC)
The seasons are changing. Always.
Everyone you meet today is going thru something. Everyone’s needs/emotions/situation are always in flux. Be watching for those around you who are going thru problems. Be willing to listen to those around you. Come along side, support a brother,  just be watching for what others are going thru and not focused on just yourself. You have no idea what others are facing today if you don’t ask.
With Speedy giving YHQ the flags for a few days, the ample supply of geese in the park could/should become part of PLC! A quick estimate suggests an easy 200lb harvest of meat. Sauté with butter, add some PLC and men’s breakfast would be historic! (There was mention of Beans having a heart-attack – so a secondary goal may need to be staying off the evening news)
I think something was mentioned … but I’m sure it wasn’t important.  Oh yeah YHQ forgot to announce the VAPE dinner at that second rate BBQ place Thursday or Friday or whenever.

Mighty KOTB push

THE SCENE: perfect?
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER. Given….. 5 principles of f3

20 SSH, 10 Windmills, 10 Daisy pickers, 10 Hillbillies all IC
Merkin Mile. pause every quarter mileish for 25 Merkins. We had a fortune teller in our midst that was doling out free fortunes for the group. At each stop we read….. our fate. Sprinkled in were an additional

  • 24 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 31 Merkins
  • 64 Squats
  • 67 Burpees
  • and alot of jump lunges and alligator merkins while waiting on the 6

20 IC Freddie Mercuries, Billy Blanks – Reverse crunches 20 oyo, Slots – OG AOQ Redlight Green Light Yellow Light
15 Pax, video wasn’t recording… fail. Gomer, Gunshow, Tremor, Slots, Rosetta Stone, Rainbow Warrior, Land Line, Inova, Farmer, Billy Blanks, Beetus, Chuck E Cheese, Iceburg, Speedy (qui), and DHL (FNG….. billy blanks stated he may have thought this was his kick boxing class)
T claps to Chuck E Cheese, and Gunshow who made a valiant effort for KOTB this month. Honestly their effort has given me pause to how i view the KOTB flag, and probably need to send more respect its way. Dismissal isn’t a healthy way to go. Tremor brought more Banana Bread…… it was eaten.

Heavy lifting Annex style

THE SCENE: normal shorts weather

20 ssh, 10 arm circles forward and back, 10 daisy pickers, 10 hillbillies all IC
Stations 1 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) then switch, everything was modifiable with a coupon or as you see fit

  • 30# curls
  • 65# squat thrusters
  • Rope…. make the waves from a squatted position
  • 130# farmer carry….. grip strength for days
  • Slam Balls, #30, or #80
  • Sled 90#, push it real good
  • Tire flip, choose light or heavy tire
  • Sledge hammer on tire that wasn’t in use

Gomer, Gunshow, Tremor, Rosetta Stone, Farmer, Couch Potato, Speedy (qic)


Modify As Needed Just Keep Moving.


The Motherest of all Ships; warm and clammy



Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey to bottom of The Great Hill (TGH)


Merkins x 25 OYO

Indian Run to Halfway Point of TGH

Burpees x 25 OYO

Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey to S end of middle parking lot



  1. DORA (1, 1.5, 2.0): Round 1
  • Squats x 100
  • Merkins x 150
  • Mtn Climbers (2:1) x 200
    • 1-100: plank
    • 101-200: low plank

Partner 1 runs length of parking lot S to N then returns to relieve Partner 2

Partner 2 AMRAP designated exercise until relieved by Partner 1

Rinse and Repeat until finished with all reps

Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey lap

Round 2:

Same as above but instead of running length of parking lot, Partners would run E to W to parking spot to parking spot, drop down and do Merkins on the concrete girders, recover then relieve Partner doing reps:

  • RD 1: 5 Merkins on each girder
  • RD 2: 4 Merkins
  • RD 3: 3 Merkins
  • RD 4: 2 Merkins
  • RD 5: 1 Merkin

Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey

THA THANG-Part Deux:

  1. SSH x 100 (2-ct) IC
  2. SSH x 100 (2-ct) IC
  3. SSH x 100 (2-ct) IC
    1. 1-50: IC
    2. 51-100: Radio Silent


Assfault Snow Angels x 18 IC until time expired

14; Tremor, Rosetta Stone, ABBA, Ratio, J-Date, Farmer, Carter/Carver, Choker, Thundercat, Mayberry, Beetus, Chuck E Cheese, Corndog and O Positive (YHC)



Own your failures. Use them positively. Keep moving forward in the right direction.


PAX came ready to work.  YHC showed up 1 minute late. Overslept for the first time in a very long time. Grateful for HIM Choker stepping up to lead COP. YHC was prepared for much deserved ridicule. We got to work, modified as needed and got better together in the end. 


See: Preblast

JV Ultimate Frisbee Action

THE SCENE: plenty humid, but not too bad out!

  • SSH x25
  • Daisy Pickers x15
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Polka Stretch x15
  • Arm Circles x 32

Mosey to Amphitheater field for ultimate where we splits into teams. Whenever someone drops the disc, there is a penalty. 1st Half was 2xburpees; 2nd Half was 2xJump Lunges. At halftime (0730) we took a water break. When a team was scored on, the losers would power skip; a second consecutive point against resulted in losers bear crawling; third=sprint. Scoring team would alternate between flutterkicks & gas pumpers

Team 2 donning the blue bandanas won the game 7-4. Mosey back to “Startex”


  • LBCs x25
  • 30 Second Plank

20 (1 FNG: Ringo)


YHC shared about Concentrica and need for himself and others to recognize where priorities are placed. YHC burdened by seeing others misplace their most important relationships with things that should be in the center.


  • MVP: Wicket, Jiminy’s 2.0
  • Most impressive catch: J-Date
  • Most Yards After Catch*: Rosetta Stone

*One is not supposed to move after catching frisbee. Supposed to freeze then throw the disc to a teammate 🙂

Dealer’s Choice


Annex. Hot and humid.


*Follow Me: Capri Mosey


SSH x 23 IC


  • Dealer’s Choice
    • Taking Turns, clock-wise rotation:
      • 1 PAX would Bear Crawl to center of circle
      • Reach into Cap’n Merkin’s cranium and pull out a playing card
      • Announce the Exercise written on card
      • Q the exercise either IC or OYO (Dealer’s Choice)
        • Ex:
          • WW II Sit-Up x 12
          • Squat x 25
          • Flutter Kick x 25
          • American Hammer x 25
          • Hand-Release  Merkin x 15
          • Mtn. Climber x 25
          • Plank Jack x 25
          • Burpee x 25
            • Mosey
          • Monkey Humper x 17
          • LBC’s x 17
          • SSH x 25
          • CA Dry Dock x 14
          • Merkin x 25
            • Mosey
      • Once done Q’ing the exercise, PAX would exit the circle by Crawl Bear back to spot in outer circle
      • PAX to his left would go next
      • Rinse and Repeat


Rosalita x 23 IC

9; Iceberg, Farmer, Inova, Gun Show, Rosetta Stone, Couch Potato, Speedy, Gomer, and O Positive (YHC)





Great to see the PAX flourish when presented, 1 by 1, with the opportunity to Q an exercise.  The rotation allowed for the men to knock off the nerves and fail in a safe space. Very proud of my brothers.


See: Preblast