THE SCENE:  This Arcadian GLOOM, while perfect,  seems to have noticeably fewer spirit animals than other top quality AOs. Shorts weather for sure.

Legal minimum delivered at the Utopia STARTEX.

SSH x25 IC
Daisy Pickers x19 IC
Hillbillies x20(ish) IC

The lively looking PAX were visibly unnerved by YHQ’s poor cadence calling. As @DREDD would say “stay in your lane and do what you do best”. So we got through that awkwardness and moseyed to the Wolf Den.

During Mosey to Wolf Den (School Field), I overheard confusion about the perfect AO name choice:

  • 5 burpees OYO

Communes love to Partner up and run off with your money so we did a fast-moving 300. Partners swap out runs around Basketball Court while teammate completes:

  • 100 SSH / 100 BBS / 100 Carolina Dry Docks (had to stop this when most were around 80 Dry docks because this is not Carolina and there are just too many places to explore in Arcadia today!)

During Mosey to District5 (Hockey Rink), I overheard more confusion about the perfect AO name choice:

  • 5 burpees OYO

I saw a rumor this was a beast week or something odd so in District5 we looked for ducks (mighty or otherwise) and did animal flavored runs:

  • 4 corner run – (slide run (snake), bear crawl, reverse slide run (snake), crawl bear) followed by calf raises  x30
  • only repeat x3 because 100 Calf Raises are just stupid.

Hearing no further confusion about the wonderful AO name we quickly moved on to Wack-A-Mole (alternate between a ready position for SSH/Merkin/stargazer) Repeat until PAX seem to dislike the word “Stargazer”.

As we moseyed from District5 it became clear the New Levee (Baseball Bleacher) was going to be our last stop on the tour of Arcadia. Hearing no further confusion about the AO name, we split into 2 perfect divisions of unity:

  • 1/2 of the PAX dips x20 while 1/2 of the PAX calf raises  x30
  • only repeat x3 because 100 Calf Raises are just stupid.

Moseyed back to Utopia STARTEX because we now know – THIS IS ARCADIA!

Started out with some communal enjoyment of American Hammers with YHQ providing only slightly better cadence x10. So to make YHQ do better we all did 5 burpees OYO. Then in proper commune style, we went to dealer’s choice. That generated @Gomer Flutter Kicks x20ish; @Rabbbit OhYEAHs x20ish; some weird hippy/Yoga thing to stretch our glutes and abbs by @Bailout x2; @Grimmace Leg climbers x20; @NatureBoy tempo merkins x2 min.

12 PAX: Grimace, Landline, Bailout, Rabbit, Gomer, Rainbow Warrior, Mardi Gras, Hot-N-Ready, Chuck E. Cheese, Nature Boy, one Willie Loman: Super8 (Chicago), QIC: Gun Show, 0 FNGs

As HIM we are to be a pile of stones visibly standing next to the chaotic waters of life – but we can never forget that while we enjoy the benefits of standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, there are many rocks below those waters. ISI – I would not be in F3 today if not being EHd by @bailout. Many can say the same. Whoever got us into F3, or whatever your “WHY” might be, that is something we should “pile up stones” to remember.

I have a long, long way to go before I consider myself 1stF ready, and I’ll get better at cadence calling, less HONEYPOTTING and better timing the workout, but I’m already better for being here! 

Events are not needed for this perfect AO. But we will remember in our prayers: @Rabbit’s M’s medical issues and lots of PAX and their 2.0’s who are traveling.

Slip Sliding Away!

THE SCENE: The ground was moist but it wasn’t raining like it was supposed to be.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcome and Disclaimed


  • SSH IC x 25
  • Daisy Pickers IC X 10
  • Hill Billies IC x 10
  • Mosey to field behind school

Counted off 15 PAX.  PAX in turn would accept hand held luminescent orbital discus, call an exercise, then PAX sprint to the discus.  How every many seconds the PAX took to get to the discuss would determine the rep count.    If the throw fell short of YHC standards, then alternative transport mode would ensue.  Bearcrawls, crabwalks and power skips occurred.  Buprees, merkins, monkey humpers, lbc, derkins are just a few of the exercises that were performed.

Completed during Tha-Thang, but had time for ABCs back at start point.

15 PAX ( 1 FNG – Innuendo): Bailout, Mardi Gras, Webelos, Captain Obvious, Nature Boy, Beauty Shop, Rocket Launcher, Landline, Watchita, Rainbow Warrior, Chuck E Cheese, Chaperone, Slots, Runner-Up

Dad of the Year is not a title many of us carry.  We all mess up.  We aren’t perfect.  But…don’t beat your self up.  Think about how Lot treated his daughters.  To protect guests that he had, he offered his virgin daughters up to the ravenous crowd.

I do encourage you to focus on spending time with your kids.  Career is important, but the kids will remember when you played with them more than the brand of their shoes.

I love it when PAX that have not done this workout do it thinking we are just going to play frisbee.  This work out involves so many sprints and reps that is usually smokes me.  I think that occurred for most of the PAX and it is fun to watch.  The most fun was had by watching the sliding of Nature Boy as he hit a slick spot in the field.  That guy fell with style!

Naming of the new AO.  Options voted on were 1.  The Tree House 2.  The Wolf or 3. Arcadia.  Arcadia won by a landslide.

My Last Riverdale Q

THE SCENE: It was not too hot but way too humid.
Read the whole thing straight from the website. All of it.
SSH – 5 IC
Merkin Mile – quick!
Once we got back we split up into pairs and each went to one of 8 stations. YHC was odd man out.

2 pax at each station – 1 minute each station, two rounds:

  1. Derkins
  2. CMU Curls
  3. Merkins with one hand on CMU – 5 Reos then switch hands
  4. Tire Sledgehammer Swings
  5. APFT Sit-ups
  6. Stationary Bear Crawls (resistance band around ankles and get in bear crawl position. Keep ankles apart and alternate lifting one foot off of the ground.
  7. Ruck Squats
  8. Dips on the fence
  • 5 minutes of planks
    • 1 min high plank
    • 30 sec low plank
    • 1 min one leg plank (30 sec each leg)
    • 1 min side plank (30 sec each arm)
    • 30 sec high plank
    • 1 min low plank
15 Pax – Rainbow Warrior, Gun Show, Gomer, Watchita, Woody, Speaker, Rabbit, Black Diamond, Culture Club, Landline, Beauty Shop, Chuck E Cheese, Barney, Slots and U-Rock (QIC)
Just finished read a book with a colorful title. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***. Despite the title and colorful language, there were a few great points.
  1. You aren’t that special. The problems you are facing aren’t just happening to you. You aren’t the first to ever go through this. Stop acting like it is the end of the world.
  2. Even when it’s not your fault it’s still your responsibility. Take control of the situation and fix it.
We as men have a responsibility to take care of our wives, families and communities. When sucky situations happen instead of moaping around and acting like life is terrible, jump into action and get to work.
I am digging this new AO. These men put in some work today! T-claps!
Collecting money for pax dealing with the floods. Get with Woody for info.

Whose Line (or workout) is It Anyway?

Q: Billy Blanks


THE SCENE: Sunny. Very warm (80’s) and bad air quality via weather channel app


Team effort 


Ssh x 20

Tempo squats X 15

Oyo dead lifts x10 each leg

Ssh x15

Stretch 60 sec


Follow leader jog to treehouse

Groups of 4

4 stations: fence, bars, swings, roamers

Each station had 3-1 minute rounds. You did all exercises in station before rotating to new station:

Fence: Dips, decline Spidermans, dips

Bars: Pull-ups, Hang and hold, Knee tucks while hanging

Swings: Inverted rows, Tricep extension, Merkin with knee tuck

Roamers: Swish swish lunges, bear crawl, crab walk

Mosey to open patch

1 min of alternating SSH and squat

1 min of alternating SSH and merkin

(10 burpees due to sass)

Billy shoulder boulder blaster

Mosey around playground and through the trees

2 30 yard sprints

Bear crawl 30 yards

Crawl bear 35 yards

Jailbreak sprint to flag


3 reps of reverse crunches (stopped quickly due to being shanked by thorns all over body)

Hold a lunge 35 sec each leg

Benjamin Button (FNG), Slots, Gus, Landline, Photoshop, Rainbow Warrior, W
Shared from Ephesians 4:25-32. Look at the passage and find at least one area you need to work on. We should not act as our former selves. Strive to be HIM and leader.

Prayer requests:

Photoshop’s M:  Hurt her back

Billy Blanks and his boo: Adoption process. Pray for peace and guidance

Way to push through the day! While it seemed like chaos, I truly didn’t mean to swipe Slot’s swing workout from the Annex last week. We laughed, we worked hard, but the jokes were slung even harder (TWSS). Always good to be in the company of those who like to enjoy ourselves and do more than just blow smoke. We only did 10 burpees. If I wanted the minute of work to be called that, I would have. My original plan was tossed due to a high number of PAX so I was scavenging. I think we made it worth our time and effort.

None. Come back on the next 2 Mon and Wed so Slots and others don’t cry for at least showing up to a workout somewhere else.

Why a Black Ops Loop around the Lake?…Why not?

THE SCENE: Much better than our original date which was postponed due to lightening.  The lake trail was utilized (instead of the trails) for accessibility of LIFOs and those pre-rucking.


Put Ruck on your back x 6

Lock Your Car x 6

Start Tracking Devices x 6

6 PAX performed a 12 mile timed ruck.  Due to a released dog, Mardis Gras was late which left him 1/2 mile short of the Pathfinder requirement of 12 miles in < 3.5 hours.  The other 5 PAX completed the last 1/2 mile with Mardis Gras.

Mothership Pre-Ruck PAX joined us for a couple of laps in this midst of the longer ruck.

Posted result was 12 miles in 3 hours and 5 minutes.   NOT TOO SHABBY.

YHC and Soulja Boy jumped in with Mothership Mary to complete:

  • Side plank 30 seconds then switch
  • American Hammer x 10
  • ABC’s
  • Hold Plank until 8:00 am

Other 12-mile PAX watched and sipped their coffee…discussing very important things.

6 PAX – Bailout, Choker, Mardis Gras, Nature Boy, Snowman, Soulja Boy

Porn has a grasp on many, many men.  It grabs our boys, sometimes our girls.  Be alert.  If you have kids, filter what you can.  It comes down to a heart issue.  Work on the heart.  Teach your boys to be men.  HIM.

It was cool to mix up the groups today.  Enjoyed getting to know some guys better…and some guys really for the first time.  Nice day for a ruck!

Pathfinder class is still open if you want to join those of us doing it!

Black Ops @ FTK

THE SCENE: Brisk morning
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER – Welcomed & disclaimed

  • SSH x 31 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Windmills x 15 IC

Indigenous peoples run around the Camp for a few minutes and return to the basketball court

  • Wilt Chamberlains 
    • 100 LBCs, run to opposite baseline
    • 100 Squats, run to starting baseline
    • 100 Lunges (50 each leg)
    • (YHC forgot the flutter kicks!)
  • Elevens: Carolina Dry Docks & Merkins
  • Another Indigenous Peoples run until we ended up at a hill where we did 8 or so hill sprints then 2 or 3 backpedals up the hill


  • Big Boy Sit-Ups x 15
  • LOLs x 12

5 (2 FNGs)


With new guys, introduce F3 & shared how YHC has been impacted by the 3 f’s

U-Rock Blackops

THE SCENE: 70 degrees and a little bit of rain that turned into a lotta bit of rain halfway through.


Welcomed and disclaimed. Nantan took a wrong turn and missed this part. 

20 SSH – IC

20 IWS – IC

12 Merkins – IC


  • Merkin Mile to scout out the new AO and future implements of woe
  • DORA 1-2-3
    • Partner 1 Farmer carries two CMUs down the horse show arena stairs and back up while Partner 2 does the following exercises. Once Partner 1 returns, flapjack.
      • 100 Merkins
      • 200 Monkey Humpers
      • 300 Squats

Dealers Choice Mary

Billy Blanks – 30 CMU deadlifts OYO

Barney – 30 Redneck Imperial Walkers OYO (AKA Hillbillies)

Gus – 20 Overhead Squats with CMU OYO

9 PAX – 0 FNG (

Encouraged the PAX to be selfless with their time, knowledge and resources. Don’t be afraid to let others get praise and encouragement. Spend your time pouring into others rather than hoarding what you have.

A lot of potential at this AO. Looking forward to what can be done here.

Camping trip Friday/Saturday

Billy Blanks garage sale on Saturday

Wall Things at Gaisman

THE SCENE:  55 degrees or so.  It felt cold at first, which was super nice once we got moving.



SSH x 25 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Arm Circles x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC


Bear Balls and Squats – PAX place feet on the wall and walk themselves up to Bear Balls to the Wall.  Walk it back down, then perform Squats x 10 OYO.  Rinse and repeat for about 10 minutes.

Wall of Fire – In rotating fashion, one PAX performs 10 Merkins, 10 LBCs, 10 Burpees while the other PAX hold People’s Chair on the wall.  Rinse and repeat for about 10 minutes.

Escalator – Jump-ups x 10 OYO, Burpees x 20 OYO, Merkins x 30 OYO, Squats x 40 OYO, Lunge Walk x 50 (each leg) OYO.

Bear Balls and Squats – about 5 minutes.


Pickle Pounders (with feet elevated on the wall) x 15 IC
WWI situps x 20 IC (feet were touching wall, and PAX had to touch wall on the “2” count of each rep)
Peter Parkers x 10 IC (this was initially performed with feet on the wall, but at count 5 we omaha’d to standard form since YHC was having trouble keeping any discernible cadence)
People’s Chair to Endex (about 30 seconds)

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  3 PAX – Soybean, Bookworm, Toms

  YHC encouraged the PAX to identify things in their life that keep them from focusing on things that require their attention.  The race is long, so shed the weight that you can.

MOLESKIN:  Good reminder this morning why I love small workouts.  High hopes for Gaisman as a Thursday AO.  High hopes that they empty the trash soon.


Taking 3 F’s to Little Rock

THE SCENE: Little Rock, AR. YHC took the M and 2.0s over the night before for a short getaway. Five other Memphis PAX were clown-carring over Saturday morning. YHC had thoroughly scoped out War Memorial Park on Google Maps ahead of time. I had not, however, checked about events at the stadium. I arrived at the park at 0600 to put the finishing touches on my workout plan, only to be greeted by some municipal employees who were closing the road to our parking lot! 

Me: “What in tarnation are you doing??”
Worker: “We’re closing the roads.”
Me: “For why?”
Worker: “The Salt Bowl is today.”
Me: *blank stare*
Worker: “It’s the annual Bryant and Benton football game.” 
Me: *rolls eyes dramatically…leaves to find a new meeting spot*

Instead of spending the next 45 minutes in blissful peace, putting the final touches on my weinke, YHC was texting, tweeting, attempting to facebooking to make sure people knew about the change. Did it work? Perhaps. We had 4 FNGs show up (one left less than 10 minutes into the workout). YHC can only assume 15-20 drove to the original meeting spot and were turned away. 

Once the Memphis PAX arrived, another municipal worker came to warn us that police might be coming to close more roads and that would be followed by millions of tailgaters. We decided to stand our ground, come what may. 

In the end, there were no tailgaters or police. We had other things to sweat over – like burpees. 

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX were welcomed and disclaimed

SSH x20, Imperial Walker x10, Hillbilly x10 (Choker: “These should feel more natural.”), Daisy Pickers x10, Windmill x10

Lil’ mosey over to a field.

B.O.M.B.S. – The PAX partnered up. P1 started on reps while P2 moseyed about 30 yards to a retaining wall, did 5 SSH, and moseyed back. Cumulative rep targets were: 50 burpees; 100 overhead claps; 150 merkins; 200 big boy sit-ups; 250 squats.

Next, we took a little mosey down the walking trail (stopped for flutter kicks while we waited on the six), carefully crossed the road, and came to a stone retaining wall. Here we did dips, step-ups/box jumps, and derkins – repeating some, forgetting others. 

Another mosey, circling back around to our start point. We stopped for some plankage, then did some core work near our BOMBS field: hello dolly, rosalita, BBSU.

Next, mosey to path near start point – ATMs (10 IC shoulder taps, 10 IC slow-count merkins, 10 fast merkins OYO), WWI sit-ups, ATMs, LBC, pickle pounder, J-Lo.

Shoulder blaster at lot, courtesy of Phat Pat. He’s a slow runner, but great at telling people where to point. 

9 PAX (3 FNGs – Welcome to Milli Vanilli, Brendanawicz, and Safe Room)

YHC shared the concept of Sad Clown Syndrome and how my own life has been impacted by F3. Hopefully we’ll get things going in The Natural State very soon!

Whatever happens in Arkansas in the future, this was a good time. The PAX pushed through and the FNGs didn’t miss a beat. We had 100% retention for coffeeteria at River City Coffee (coffee ice cubes are super), and hopefully planted some seeds for F3 in central AR. 

9 Rounds with Shoestring – Black Ops

THE SCENE: Gaisman Park!  YHC had to walk 100 yards to the park.  I now know how Slicnut feels being able to walk into the gloom.



SSH IC x20
Daisy Pickers IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x15
Mosey to the playground

YHC was inspired by a Bruce Lee workout I found online but slightly modified so death did not come upon us.  Even with the modification, death nearly came upon us.
9 Rounds with Bruce Lee
The goal was to complete 9 rounds of the following:
– Pull-ups x10
– Hanging leg lifts x10
– Burpees x10
– Squats x10
– Box Jumps x10
– 200m run
Rinse and repeat…

(Side note: Nobody finished 9 rounds.  Four Eyes was the closest with 7 I think. We also modified the pull-ups.  We all nearly died.)

Flutter Kicks IC x20
American Hammer IC x20
Gas Pumps IC x15

4 PAX came to Nutbush, a.k.a Berclair to do hard things.

YHC read from Matthew 16 where Jesus asks the disciples, “who do people say I am?” and “who do you say I am?” There was a conversation YHC had with the 2.0’s the other night that led to personal conviction.  Do I truly live my life in a way that declares what I say with my mouth of who Jesus is?  Do I actually act like Jesus is the Son of God?  Do I love others in light of what the gospel has done for me?  Not always.  It was a gut check for my spirit when talking with my 2.0’s and motivation to set an example for them on what a life with Jesus as Lord really looks like.  I fail often, but I hope to be a better example and leader.

Sooooo thankful that the pax came and worked out with me.  We took our picture in YHC’s front yard with the Puerto Rican flag in the background.  Great Black Ops at Gaisman.  This AO has tons of potential.  I believe Heavyweight, Meatball, and Bookworm would love the convenience and so would YHC!!

I also loved the smaller workout of 4 pax!  Led to some awesome and honest prayer request.  Really encouraging watching Teacher’s Pet smack around that routine! There was ZERO quit in him today!