The Grinch Hates Bingo

THE SCENE: Freezing



SSH x 9 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Windmill x 15 IC
Arm Circles x 9 IC
Reverse Arm Circles x 9 IC

Mosey to playground


The Grinch.
– Pullups x 25
– Squat Jumps x 25
– Hand Release Merkins x 25
– BBSU x 25
– Run half mile

We got through 3 rounds


Fingers to Toes x 10 IC
Freddie Mercury x 10 IC
Elevated Pickle Pounders (feet on wall) x 10 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  5 PAX.  Soybean.  Park Bench.  Orange Julius.  Squeegee.  Toms.

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  YHC encouraged the PAX to focus striving to be a man as lived out by Jesus–a man of humility, mercy, and gentleness–rather than getting caught up in what our culture tells us it takes to be a man.

MOLESKIN:  Fill in Q for Bookworm, but we went with his workout plan.  Thanks for the pull-ups, Book.  Hope your drive was relaxing.


Solo Game of Bingo (I won)

THE SCENE: 52 and windy

YHC disclaimed himself.
Ruck to playground.

25 pull-ups

Ruck 2 miles AFAP

25 pull-ups

1 PAX: Bookworm
YHC said a quick prayer for St. Jude, its patients, and everyone participating in the marathon.
M berated me upon return for working out solo. “What if some crazy person runs up and stabs you?!?!” Smh.
Whetstone; Grinch

Way Back in 1621

THE SCENE: A beautiful, crisp 33, clear skies, perfect Thanksgiving gloom.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  disclaimed, although in 1621 America there weren’t really lawyers yet

In 1621, the pilgrims and Native Americans (henceforth referred to as Indians so that YHC doesn’t have to keep typing Native Americans over and over) celebrated the first harvest in the new world, thanking God for his provision. Today’s workout, is  a recreation  a tongue-in-cheek parody of this glorious day.

Nobody could tell the pilgrims what to do as they were seeking freedom and a new start in a new land, so for today, no cadence work, everything is OYO.

WARM-O-RAMA:  1/2 PAX SSH, while other half down and back of Jog, Frankensteins, and Butt kickers.  Followed by 16 cherry pickers, 21 arm circles, 16 squats, 21 air presses


In 1620ish, the Indians were simply living their lives on their native lands, minding their own business…
PAX performed the Crazy Indian on the wall of the bingo hall. (

Midwife noises abounded.

Meanwhile, the pilgrims were on a long, long journey crossing the Atlantic ocean, so PAX performed a Burpee catch me if you can lap around the park (~0.8 miles)

Then of course the pilgrims made it to the new world and came upon the Indians doing their thing…

Rinse and Repeat – CRAZY INDIAN against the wall.

At this point, the Indians wanted the Pilgrims to have their own land, so the Pilgrims found a place to start their own colony.

PAX performed RAILROAD TRACKS to the exercise area of the park (felt like approx 12 miles)

It was in their own settlement that the hard work began of clearing land, planting crops, building tools and settlements, etc. Therefore, OYO, PAX performed the following:
16 pulse lunges per leg, 21 squats

16 inverted rows, 21 merkins

16 Jump lunges, 21 step-ups

16 dips, 21 static curl holds.

initial plan was to rinse and repeat, but time was short.  So had to be flexible and deal with the situation much like the pilgrims did when encountering the difficulties of the new world.

(Unfortunately for the Indians, prior settlers had unknowingly brought over a more sinister enemy, that was more difficult to fight. Link provided for your thanksgiving perusal  )

Mosey back to Startex.  At the 1st thanksgiving, there were 90 Indians, and 53 Pilgrms…

90 Freddie Mercuries (one is one)

53 Flutter kicks

Mama’s Boy (Q), Squeegee, Chiochetti, Moth Balls, Bookworm
“Give thanks to the LORD for he is good, His love endures forever”  – YHC really learned about this phrase when I was senior in high school, and i learned, very terribly, how to say it in Hebrew.  Now sure how or why that phrase has stuck with me all these years, but it has become one of my favorite verses repeated throughout the old testament.

Given the Thanksgiving holiday, it is important for us to know that the Lord is good, and that He has blessed us all beyond measure with his Love.  As a Christian, YHC believes this Love has no greater expression than Jesus being sent to earth to save us.  But God’s blessings aren’t simply an anonymous gift…they are from God himself.  Pastor Tim Johnson, the pastor of our new church plant called The Avenue Community Church, reminded YHC recently that we should continue to be Thankful for all we have, but that we should also remember the one who gave us those gifts.

This thankful heart will lead us to GRATITUDE, which is a place where our lives reflect just how thankful we are to God for all of his blessings to us.  A friend, mentor (and one time poster to the Berm, Nomad) Steve Nash, constantly reminds us in a small group to keep a list of all of the things for which we are grateful.  The list can contain anything, big or small – the M, 2.0 (s), the ability to work hard, laughter, or even sometimes trials that help shape us into the men we are today, etc etc.  Then when we are walking through difficult times, we can pull out our lists and be encouraged.

Finally, YHC is thankful for the men of F3, men who in this past year have become good friends and brothers.  I am thankful for the encouragement both in the gloom and in walking through daily life, thankful for the difference I see you HIM making all throughout our city,  and thankful for the ways God has used this organization to make me a better man.
Happy Thanksgiving PAX!

2nd F gathering tomorrow at the Mothership.

Unnamed Workout at The Bingo Hall

THE SCENE: Bingo Hall Giasman Park
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER   This was my first Q. I may not know all the F3 lingo but we will get a work out.  I have lead military units at physical fitness so I believe I will be okay to lead you fellas.  Today we will focus on legs and core work.

Side Straddle hop IC x20, Oblique Twist 8count excercise IC x12, Cherry Picker IC x20

Mosey to small fitness area by ball field.

After explaining some of the excercises we took part in a circle work out.  Each man starting at each station

25 – high jumpers, 25 Step up or box jumps, 25 squats, 25 elevated crunches, 25 reverse crunches and 25 mountain climbers

We did the circle 3 times

Mosey the .78 mile paved trail around Giasman Park avoiding “nut bush lake”

Light pole(jog) to next light pole (sprint) rotating the length of the parking lot to Mary.. Flutter Kicks ICx30,  Ankle touches ICx20, Ab stretch 10 by the 1 thousand,  Downward dog 10 by 1 thousand  and while in Downward dog  Tap your ankles and stretch out calves.

6 PAX   0 FNG
Know matter the situation you are handed, take it in stride. There will always be the critics and nay sayers.  Take those comments place them in your back pocket and move on.  Embrace the Lord and follow his word.
This was my first Q and I was honored to be given the opportunity.  Sure, I forgot things or missed, we did have a great workout and moment with the Lord
We have a new church developing in the area of Summer Ave and Perkins..

CMU Supersets at The Bingo Hall

THE SCENE: Bout 50 degrees, squirrels throwin’ acorns

Imperial Walker


Daisy Pickers


Arm circles

3 sets:

Handstand Merkins x 10

Low squat x 15

1 set: 25 CMU OH Squat

CMU Mosey to Playground

1 set: 25 CMU OH Squat

3 sets:

V pull-ups x 10

Uneven merkins on CMU- 10 left; 10 right; 10 both

3 sets:

One-legged squats x 10 each leg

CMU straight arm front raise x 10

3 sets:

Overhead press x 10

Triceps Extension x 10

1 set: Curls to burnout

CMU to shoestrings x a lot

CMU American Hammer x a lot

5 PAX- Shoestring, Four Eyes, Toms, Squeegee, Bookworm
A friend recently shared about her dad’s health problems and it got YHC reflecting on the brevity life. We really don’t have a lot of time here, and yet YHC lets fear rob him of the freedom and abundant life that the Sky Q offers. Use your body while you can. Your mind while you can. And be emotionally present with others while you can. One day our minds and bodies will deteriorate and things will change. Make the most of each moment.
This workout sucked. It was fun to suffer through with brothers.
AO Battle Saturday

Merk N’ Burp

THE SCENE: A chilly 55F



SSH x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Contra Burpees x 5 OYO


Descending Merkin Mile:

PAX do 1 mile loop. Each time Q calls stop do 20 merkins, 19 merkins, 18 merkins, all the way down to 1. Total is 210 merkins.

*Mosey to playground*

Taste of Burpees:

Swerkins x 10OYO

Burp-ups x 10 OYO

Double Shots of Jack Burpees x 10 OYO

Hugh Hefner Burpees x 10 OYO

*Bear Craw over to other swings*

Slow Motion Burpees x 10 OYO

*Mosey to benched nearby*

BOGO Burpees x 10 OYO

*Mosey back to parking*

Burpee Suicide to Finish – 5 burpees at each line (3 lines total for 15 total burpees)


Hallelujahs (flutter kicks with hands in the air) x 30 IC

Big Boy Sit-ups x 30 IC

Jane Fonda x 15 IC (each side)

Hollywood Side Crunch x 15 IC (each side)

6 PAX (0 FNGs): Shoestring, Toms, Squeegee, Bookworm, Heavyweight, and Bruce Wayne

Didn’t prepare a COT, but encouraged PAX to post and go out and be HIM in their communities.


Arms were smoked today…good luck at work.

Eli Grow Legacy 8K in Tullahoma, TN on 11/3 at 10am

Veterans Day Service Ruck at Memphis National Cemetery on 11/11 from 2-5pm

Tour de Gaisman

THE SCENE: Chilly 50 degrees at first.  Then layers started being shed

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed and done

SSH IC x30
Daisy Pickers x30
SSH IC x20
Merkins x20
SSH IC x10

Pax moseyed around the unknown official mileage of the track at Gaisman Park.  YHC wanted to show off the beautiful features of the park including 3 fully lit baseball fields that also have soccer goals, tennis court, pool, playground, running track(not a mile), and a memorial to those who served in Vietnam. To make sure the pax got the full experience we did the following:

Merkin Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 merkins on YHC count. (100 total)
Squat Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 squats IC. (200 total)
BBS Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 big boy situps OYO. (100 total)

We finished the very last set of 25 at exactly 6:15.  YHC has impeccable timing.

6 pax: Shoestring(YHC), Squeegee, FourEyes, Bookworm, Mothballs, Park Bench

YHC was in Puerto Rico the last week with my mom.  One of the things I learned was to be content and have joy where the Lord has me.  I can see how at 68 years old, my mom still doesn’t know what is next and what is her purpose or where her joy will be found. It was a reminder for me to find joy where the Lord currently has me.  He has a plan and that is for my good and His glory.  I can be ok with not seeing every inch of the plan but knowing that God cares for me and wants the best for me.  He wants more for me than I want for myself so I can rest that He is in control and find joy and comfort in that.

Squeegee celebrating an anniversary today!!  TCLAPS to him and his wife!!  Mothballs is getting hitched on Saturday!!  TCLAPS to getting married and entering a new season of life!  Praise God for that!


Wall Things at Gaisman

THE SCENE:  55 degrees or so.  It felt cold at first, which was super nice once we got moving.



SSH x 25 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Arm Circles x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC


Bear Balls and Squats – PAX place feet on the wall and walk themselves up to Bear Balls to the Wall.  Walk it back down, then perform Squats x 10 OYO.  Rinse and repeat for about 10 minutes.

Wall of Fire – In rotating fashion, one PAX performs 10 Merkins, 10 LBCs, 10 Burpees while the other PAX hold People’s Chair on the wall.  Rinse and repeat for about 10 minutes.

Escalator – Jump-ups x 10 OYO, Burpees x 20 OYO, Merkins x 30 OYO, Squats x 40 OYO, Lunge Walk x 50 (each leg) OYO.

Bear Balls and Squats – about 5 minutes.


Pickle Pounders (with feet elevated on the wall) x 15 IC
WWI situps x 20 IC (feet were touching wall, and PAX had to touch wall on the “2” count of each rep)
Peter Parkers x 10 IC (this was initially performed with feet on the wall, but at count 5 we omaha’d to standard form since YHC was having trouble keeping any discernible cadence)
People’s Chair to Endex (about 30 seconds)

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  3 PAX – Soybean, Bookworm, Toms

  YHC encouraged the PAX to identify things in their life that keep them from focusing on things that require their attention.  The race is long, so shed the weight that you can.

MOLESKIN:  Good reminder this morning why I love small workouts.  High hopes for Gaisman as a Thursday AO.  High hopes that they empty the trash soon.


9 Rounds with Shoestring – Black Ops

THE SCENE: Gaisman Park!  YHC had to walk 100 yards to the park.  I now know how Slicnut feels being able to walk into the gloom.



SSH IC x20
Daisy Pickers IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x15
Mosey to the playground

YHC was inspired by a Bruce Lee workout I found online but slightly modified so death did not come upon us.  Even with the modification, death nearly came upon us.
9 Rounds with Bruce Lee
The goal was to complete 9 rounds of the following:
– Pull-ups x10
– Hanging leg lifts x10
– Burpees x10
– Squats x10
– Box Jumps x10
– 200m run
Rinse and repeat…

(Side note: Nobody finished 9 rounds.  Four Eyes was the closest with 7 I think. We also modified the pull-ups.  We all nearly died.)

Flutter Kicks IC x20
American Hammer IC x20
Gas Pumps IC x15

4 PAX came to Nutbush, a.k.a Berclair to do hard things.

YHC read from Matthew 16 where Jesus asks the disciples, “who do people say I am?” and “who do you say I am?” There was a conversation YHC had with the 2.0’s the other night that led to personal conviction.  Do I truly live my life in a way that declares what I say with my mouth of who Jesus is?  Do I actually act like Jesus is the Son of God?  Do I love others in light of what the gospel has done for me?  Not always.  It was a gut check for my spirit when talking with my 2.0’s and motivation to set an example for them on what a life with Jesus as Lord really looks like.  I fail often, but I hope to be a better example and leader.

Sooooo thankful that the pax came and worked out with me.  We took our picture in YHC’s front yard with the Puerto Rican flag in the background.  Great Black Ops at Gaisman.  This AO has tons of potential.  I believe Heavyweight, Meatball, and Bookworm would love the convenience and so would YHC!!

I also loved the smaller workout of 4 pax!  Led to some awesome and honest prayer request.  Really encouraging watching Teacher’s Pet smack around that routine! There was ZERO quit in him today!