The Carry On

  1. THE SCENE: 75 degrees with a tang of humidity hanging over the morg.

I did it.

•15 burpees

•15 arm circles

•15 reverse arm circles

•20 side-straddle hops

•went for a little mosey

•20 modified big boy sit-ups with cmu
•Indian run with cmu’s to pavilion area.

•40 dips

•run with cmu to soccer field

•we partnered up, one person fireman carried his partner to the opposite end of the field and held a plank/al gore. While the partner who carried his buddy held a plank or al gore his counterpart knocked out 50 flutter kicks. After the flutter kicks are completed the partner who was carried now carry’s his buddy to the opposite end of the field. Once there the partner doing the fireman carry will hold either a plank or al gore until his partner knocks out 100 curls with the cmu (this process was done until each person carried their partner 3 times)

•with the same partner, one works on doing 300 curls with the cmu while his partner runs to the other end of the field, does 5 burpees and returns. Once the burpees were done and he returned to his buddy, the he would take over until his partner did the same thing. This process was repeated until 300 curls were completed (we were not able to complete all 300 curls due to time restraints)

•ran back to where we started with our cmu’s

No Mary was done due to lack of time.
15 PAX (no FNGs)

Choker, Zima, Orange Julius, Green Monster, Wallbuilder, Fleabag, Flobee, Shoestring, Woodpecker, Mr. Wonderful, Hamburgler, Part-Timer, Giant, Rabbit,
We all push ourselves harder when when we are around others. But what about when no one is watching? Do you still push yourself. When it’s a tough situation, do you still do what’s right? or slip up and take the easier way. Yesterday a guest speaker spoke at my church and he briefly elaborate on the word “touched”, for whatever reason it peaked my interest. Touched comes from the Greek word Haptomai which means to touch or handle, to fasten to or lay hold of. And from the word haptomai comes the word hapto which means to modify or change by touching, touching that influences…impact touching.

In Luke 7:11 the Bible says that Jesus approached the the gates to the city of Nain. As Jesus neared the gate he saw a funeral taking place and it’s here in verse 14 that it speaks to me. It says “then He came to the coffin and touched it and those who carried it stood still. And He told the young man ‘I say to you, arise, and the young man sat up and began to speak.” If the touch of Jesus can raise a man from the dead than his touch can influence, fasten to and modify your situation. Whether it be a personality trait, not always giving 100% or a hard time in your life. We cannot be high impact men without feeling that impact first ourselves. And no one is better at high-impact touching than God. In times of difficulty it’s His touch of influence that’s guides and changes us and our perception of the world and it’s problems around us.

I’m going to finish with this question- where do you need to be touched, to be influenced by Gods change to be that high-impact man…pray for that encounter and fasten to it.



I Stole This Routine From Episode 10 of “Goruck Training”


The scene started last night (err… early this morning) as YHC lie sleeplessly in bed as the Qdreniline of Qing my first ruckout began to flow early.  Exciting times!

80 something degrees, still dark out (thank the Sky Q), and stupid humid. YHC Swam up to the Morg at at 0505 to do some stretching due to the lingering stiffness resulting from Choker’s AMRAPalooza Q yesterday at the Cockpit. Cobains Chocker.

Commie was already there. After watching him cumbersomely don his ruck and buckle up from sternum to waist like he was leaving the atmosphere YHC told him to doff it as we would be warming up with rucks in hand rather than on shoulder.

Like two minutes later Choker, Bam, and Bam’s cujo arrived, polishing off the pre-ruck ruck. Bam had to split but it was good to share a quick fist bump with a PAX YHC hasn’t seen in some time.



SSH x20 IC (ruckless)

Large Arm Circles x10 IC the reverse

15 Ruck Swings OYO

10 squats w/ ruck on front. pause for 5sec at bottom of rep.

Rucks on, boys! Let’s get moving!

Move for 1/4 mile at about 15 minute pace then doff rucks.

  • Flutter Kicks with ruck overhead x25 IC
  • Overhead Press x15 IC
  • Ruck Squats x15 IC
  • Ruck Merkins x10 IC

Rinse with another 1/4 mile movement then repeat above mentioned circuit four times. That adequately smoked the PAX so the rest of our time was spent getting distance for a total of 2.56 miles.

Made it back to startex with about two minutes left and knocked out some BBS until time was up.

Choker, Commie, Soulja Boy.

Lowest number the Morg has ever seen. I a lot of Morglians are running and chugging donuts this morning. Not jealous.

Another real life SB story. LatelyYHC’s 2.1 has been in the newly formed habit of assaulting his younger brother when he gets annoyed. Hitting squeezing arms and whatnot.

My immediate response has been to get upset yell a little and tell him not do do it again with the intended result of him stopping and life being better. never works but if it did it would only serve as behavior modification and the real problem would go unchecked.


Anger in the heart is is an ever present struggle for us humans. It’s worse than most of us realize. When you punch the gas and whip around the person in front of you on the road to show them that they weren’t driving fast enough for YOUR taste, you anger just manifested itself in that.

Jesus equated anger in our hearts to murder. Matt 5:21-22. A concept difficult to grasp by people looking at those to actions through the lense of man made laws. Anger toward our neighbors, like any other thing which dishonors Christ and elevates our desires above His glory is a serious offense deserving of God’s wrath. This is terrible news to a lost and dying race of sinners.

The good news, that His wrath has been laid upon the wiling shoulders of Jesus Christ. Those who are in Him, though we will struggle through the rest of this life, can rest assured in the forgiveness we receive through Him.

The Challenge: Throughout your days, weeks, years, life, recognize the times that anger in you heart threatens to control your actions, words and thoughts. If you are in Christ, God is no longer angry at you. Let go of your anger and forgive.

Prayed over the PAX IRT the topic of COT. Granola sent a dozen KK donuts to the PAX at the Morg via Bam. YHC hates KK donuts. I had two.

GrowRuck and the recent shipment of patches were covered in conversation during the ruck.

Pigskin drills and skills

THE SCENE: 76 degrees with a crescent moon hanging over the Morg.


This was going to be tough from start to finish. That’s the way football is. its also the way life is.  A “game of inches” or so says Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. But it started well with a Pre-ruck led by Choker. BAM was back in action along with Woodpecker and Commie. (Thanks Commie for taking a detour to set out the cones.)
Daisy Pickers IC 15
High Knees IC 15
Crossovers IC 15
The professor showed up at this time, SEC, easily fitting in for this obsession over an 11-inch piece of leather.

The importance of working together, playing as a team, functioning in harmony can never be understated. We had to hold onto the football, and not let it hit the ground. If the football hits the ground 2 burpees for all PAX. Because football, like life, is not played in solitude.

1 mosey lap around the parking lot tossing the football from PAX to PAX. Lots of burpees.

Burpee Punts
1 PAX punts the football. If the football is not caught, then 10 burpees. We worked our way down allowing for each PAX an opportunity to punt the football. Also, worked our way down the penalty burpee with 1 less burpee with each PAX. Ended up to be ~50 burpees.

This consumed more time than YHC suspected. Time to speed things up with a running game.

Barry Sanders
Pax split into 2 groups about 80 yards apart. 1 Pax sprints with the football to the other end then hands off the football. The PAX on the receiving end then runs back in the opposite direction. Complete 2 sprints for each PAX. If there was a fumble there would have been more  burpees but none were needed.

For half-time we moseyed to the pavilion.
10 dips
10 incline merkins
10 derkins
10 BBS

YHC had planned some more drills but we called an Omaha and split into two teams for 4-down football. No run, no rush, just hike it and throw. Stoppage when caught and then line set. A turnover meant 2 burpees for the team on offense. Lots of sprinting, little scoring. Green-Monster may have been the only one to haul in a TD. Hamburgler had an uncanny knack of getting open deep but alas, YHC under threw him. Flobee and O’Reilly have clearly spent more than a Saturday afternoon on a football field. Part-timer (in his zeal to avoid overtime) pointed to his watch. But the ever calm, cool and collected Carport said there was still time for a…

BBS IC 25.

Today we played American Football a game dearly loved by YHC. Much of what is fascinating is the Head Coaches. In the 1980s Bill Walsh won multiple Superbowls with a high-throwing offense, tormenting defenses in ways that had never been seen before. Tom Landry used analytics and numbers long before sabermetrics became popular. Bill Cowher fashioned very tough, defensive-minded teams that outperformed what the players individual abilities would have suggested.

However, one of the all-time greats is Marv Levy, head coach of the Buffalo Bills. He demonstrated an amazing moment of not just resiliency but also of true leadership to his players the evening of the devastating loss to the NY Giants in Superbowl 25. This was a game that came down to the final seconds. With the score 20 to 19 in the Giants favor, the Bills had the ball on the Giants 29-yard line the field goal sailed infamously wide-right.

Marv Levy would later recount the words he discussed with his dejected team afterwards. He recited an old poem from which read:

“Fight on, my men,” Sir Andrew said “A little I’m hurt but not yet slain.
“I’ll just lie down and bleed a while, “And then I’ll rise and fight again.”

This poem helped him get through some of the life’s toughest defeats. Instead of getting upset at other people, he challenged himself every time to improve, and while he never won a Superbowl, and the his team saw an unprecedented 4 straight defeats, Marv Levy would consistently demonstrate defiance in the face of defeat and resiliency in the face of set backs. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continuing to move forward.


Prayer Request

 Pastor Phil Newton  and his family of Southwoods Baptist. Church He has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. 


12 PAX no FNGs. Soulja Boy, Choker, Green Monster, O’Reilly, Hamburgler, Flobee, Orange Julius, Commie, Woodpecker, Carport, SEC, Part Timer

Growruck 12 September 21-23rd.

Walk the BEAR Plank


Did it, slight homage to OP, in terms of length and comprehensiveness.

What a great honor to have 2 FNGs workout with us. Always be EH’n!!


  • SSHx20 IC
  • Capri Lap
  • Daisy Pickers x13 IC
  • Big Arm Circles x20 each way IC

Mosey to Trail start


I demonstrated what a bear craw actually was but then demonstrated what we do as a bear crawl. There were some complains that “Yeah, we are F3 we do it our way”

Breakup in teams of two. PhatPatty volunteered to stay solo because he is awesome!

First partner does bear crawls to light pole while second partner runs to pole and back to partner and repeats till complete. Then flapjack.

Flutterkick till on in

During this if a walker crosses your path the in any direction you must clear the path and hold plank until they pass yelling out F3. Since there were disasterlessly few walkers I would call it out “F3” and make the PAX clear the asphalt path.

Completely winded YHC included maybe even especially, I asked Wallbuilder to give us a

It was at this point I exclaimed. Ohh snap we went too far. And explained that we’d need to go back. To this I heard some grumbling!

We moseyed to into the wet grass and between the baseball fields, again more grumbling.

I asked for a 20 count from Hamburglar. He counted too fast in my opinion

Once at the bathroom between the baseball fields ( go sports team).

  • Pax alternated wall sit with 10 Mericans four sets

Surprisingly no one made the connection between the bathroom and the position we were in. …DISAPOINTMENT… If Zima had been there. I know this shortcoming would not have been realized.

Mosey to sports bleachers. PAX left teams and lined the front

  • Three count step-ups IC 20ct
  • Three count BBS IC 20ct

I explained I chose this because I can’t do them otherwise. (We placed our feet under the bottom step, some of us fatties have such substantial abdomens that we can’t lift out top half with out the bottom half rising like the Katrina waters in 2005)

Short Mosey to parking lot

  • Performed Plank-Lunge walk Indian Inchworm

PAX formed two lines head to toe plank. Rearmost PAX lungewalked to the front and rinse and repeat. We completed between two parking islands and called time for Mary.


  •  Shoulder Blaster x20

Stupid PhatPatty added part 4 to this which I did not like.

Dealer Choice

  • Commie 50 sec Plank

I limited him to 50 seconds because gosh darn it, we planked all morning…

  • Wonderful 30ct Flutter Kick
  • Rielly 20ct Reggae Count Maintain Climber
  • Hamburglar 20ct Merkins
  • Choker ABC’s


13PAX (2 FNGs)

O’Reilly, SEC(FNG), Pine Nut(FNG), Wall Builder, Mr. Wonderful, Woodpecker, Green Monster, Choker, Phat Pat, Orange Julius, Commie, Hamburglar, Jasmine


Sometimes we hear about people complaining about how a church is run or some scandal going on in a church. We might even hear about it in the news. Often times people take to social media to garner support for their camp of the opinion. I was thinking about this recently inlight of what 1 Cor 3:13-15 says.


Now if anyone builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw— each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. If the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward. If anyone’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire.

My question is instead of evaluating the ministries of the church and their effectiveness first one needs to evaluate one’s own ministry. Is it an outreach that is rooted in sharing the Great news of Christ or of social aspirations? Are you laying into your ministry with Gems or with simple straw that will burn up?






GrowRuck Deposit only 75$ for Sept 21-23

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5 PAX, 3 Laps, 1 Goal

THE SCENE: 72 but cooler than lately

Been there. Done that.

Big arm circles forward and reverse IC 10

Shoulder taps IC 10

3 laps around the track at the Morg

  • Lap 1 included 15 SSH and Bolt 45s.
  • Lap 2 included modified pull-ups at the playground (15 IC) and an Indian Run for half a lap (rucks on, of course)
  • Lap 3 did not have any extracurricular fun because of something called time.
    30 BBS with rucks on front thanks to Commie
  • 2 Minute plank rucks on back (Woodpecker)
    Commie, Woodpecker, Flobie, Orange Julius, O’Reilly
    The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper.
  • Chapter 20: To Deliver us From the Present Evil Age
  • He gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father. Galatians 1:4
  • Until we die, or until Christ returns to establish his kingdom, we live in “the present evil age.” Therefore, when the Bible says that Christ gave himself “to deliver us from the present evil age,” it does not mean  he will take us out of the world, but that he will deliver us from the power of the evil in it. Jesus prayed for us like this: “I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one” (John 17:15).
  • The reason Jesus prays for deliverance from “the evil one” is that “this present evil age” is the age when Satan is given freedom to deceive and destroy. The Bible says, “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19). This “evil one” is called “the god of this world,” and his main aim is to blind people to truth. “The god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:4).
  • Until we waken to our darkened spiritual condition, we live in sync with “the present evil age” and the ruler of it. “You once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:2). Without knowing it, we were  lackeys of the devil. What felt like freedom was bondage. The Bible speaks straight to twenty-first-century fads, fun and addictions when it says, “They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved” (2 Peter 2:19).
  • The resounding cry of freedom in the Bible is, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2). In other words, be free! Don’t be duped by the gurus of the age. They are here today and gone tomorrow. One enslaving fad follows another.
  • The wisdom of this age is folly in view of eternity. “Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is folly with God” (1 Corinthians 3:18-19). “The word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing” (1 Corinthians 1:18). What then is the wisdom of God in this age? It is the great liberating death of Jesus Christ. The early followers of Jesus said, “We preach Christ crucified…the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Corinthians 1:23-24).
  • When Christ went to the cross, he set millions of captives free. He unmasked the devil’s fraud and broke his power. That’s what he meant on the eve of his crucifixion when he said, “Now will the ruler of this world be cast out” (John 12:31). Don’t follow a defeated foe. Follow Christ. It is costly. You will be an exile in this age. But you will be free.
    Prayers for employment for O’Reilly.
  • Prayer for Flobie and his current job.
  • Mothership BC tomorrow 7/7/2018
  • GrowRuck in September

Embrace the Ruck


The Morg: 73 degrees with a picture-perfect sunrise

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

>Rucks on
*SSH x 29 IC
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 29 IC
*HILL BILLIES (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 29 IC
(29 reps=29th day of month; go figure. Classic OP)

THA-THANG:  Basic Training

>Rucks on
>YHC had the PAX assemble in 2 columns, single file line; 1 column: 5 PAX, the other: 4 PAX
>Column on Right, facing north: Flag Bearer of Old Glory shovel flag (always remained in front)
>Column on Left, also facing north: Flag Bearer of F3 shovel flag (rotated front-back, back-front, never stationary)
>YHC led the PAX on Ruck March, as follows, with a sprinkling of beatdown:

  • PAX marched .33 mile…stopped…columns faced each other
  • PAX performed exercise: x 25 Squats IC
  • PAX rotated man in front; would hand shovel flag to man behind him and proceed to the rear of the column, back in formation; PAX who was previously 2nd from front assumed lead position in front of column. PAX resumed march.
  • PAX repeated this as follows:
    • Next stop (another .33 mile)/exercise: x 50 Squats while holding rucks against chests (arms through shoulder straps) as if these HIM were pregos but we know that can’t happen. At least not with this PAX. #Science
    • Next stop (another .34 mile)/exercise: 75 Imperial Walkers Squats
  • YHC led PAX over a bridge and paused for the PAX to plant shovel flags and secure some real estate for:
    • x 25 Dips IC
    • x 25 Incline Merkins IC
  • Resumed march. Stopped at .5 mile/exercise:
    • x 50 Hill Billy Squats
  • Resumed march. Stopped at .5 mile/exercise on bridge:
    • x 25 Dips IC
  • Resumed march. Arrived back at STARTEX.
    • Rucks off
    • Total milez: 2.2


*Big Boy Sit-Ups x 8 IC

9; Commie, Choker, Mr. Wonderful, Flobee, Bootheel, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, No Fuego and O Positive (YHC)


F3…has changed YHC’s life.  In so many ways to count.  YHC shared how Q’ing has helped build a renewed confidence in YHC’s ability to lead.  YHC highlighted how he struggled with recent anxiety over a large project-and I mean LARGE-at work but by asking for his own 15 year old son among others,  to pray for him-settled into a state of assured, self-confidence that F3-by God’s grace-has helped prepare him to tackle the project at hand.  And he did just that.  For that, YHC feels it a true privilege to lead a bootcamp with his brothers as he sees and feels his personal leadership developing, in the gloom which is carrying over into many other areas in his life, personally and professionally.  Admittedly, YHC is very intentional to step up and Q every other week/avg.  Being the Q-to YHC-means being ‘fully present’ and owning the opportunity.  Failure and fear to fail-Q’ing a workout-should not deter a man from Q’ing.  YHC challenged the PAX to step up and lead if they never have.  To step up and lead if it has been awhile.  Step up-with confidence-and lead their families, companies and communities.  #FreedToLead

Also reminded the PAX of the F3 Mission and the reason why the F3 Mission is important to remember.  With 450 +/- and counting it has become increasingly evident that not many can confidently and accurately recite the Mission and Core Values.  YHC challenged the PAX to consider, “Don’t get caught up ‘in the current’ (posting to work-outs out of habit) if you don’t know why you are ‘in the water’ (to grow and develop your leadership skills) in the first place.  YHC read Spurgeon passage from YHC’s daily devotional, ‘Morning and Evening’. 

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

This is a solid AO with PAX ready to work. This ruck work-out was a test drive.  YHC wanted to see PAX engaging one another in 2ndF during the march; hence the 2 columns.  It didn’t feel forced and fellowship was aplenty.  Beatdowns were challenging as the ruck was worn/used during each one.  And a little fun, too.  Really impressed with the PAX’s discipline to follow strict instruction-readying these PAX who might be participating in upcoming GrowRuck. Well done, brothers.  And the nice young woman *whoever you are*who stopped and saluted the Stars and Stripes during our march…Thank You.


  • Service Project: Chick-fil-A Family Picnic and Field Day on 6/30/18; see YHC for details.
  • GROWRUCK is coming to the Bluff City…9/21-9/23.




Got Our Kicks on Route 66

THE SCENE: Too hot for 0530.  On pace to hit “Why do I live in Memphis” temperatures by mid-morning.  But at least it was crazy humid.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.

SSH x20 (10 IC and 10 silent)
–10 Penalty burpees OYO, because as Captain Obvious pointed out last week, math is hard.
Windmills x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles x10 IC each direction

This morning we took a few trips down Route 66.  PAX were instructed to partner up with someone that they did not know prior to joining F3.

The road from the back of the park out to the Veterans Memorial has 19 light poles along it.  We started at a big tree in the parking lot (point 1) and did 1 rep of an exercise.  Then we ran to the first light pole (point 2) and did 2 reps.  Every odd pole after that became stops 3-11, for 3-11 reps.  Total reps for one circuit = 66.  PAX were also given a discussion assignment for each circuit in order to get to know their partner a little better.

Circuit 1:  Exercise=burpees; discussion=first car
Circuit 2:  Exercise=BBSU; discussion=favorite movie
Circuit 3:  Exercise=squats; discussion=favorite band/artist
Circuit 4:  Exercise=merkins; discussion=favorite tv show

Circuit 1 was as described in the paragraph above.  Circuit 2 was the same path in reverse.  At the completion of Circuit 2 I realized that we would not have time to complete a second set along the same path, so Circuits 3 and 4 utilized the 11 light poles along the main Morg entrance.

PAX held plank as a group while each person reported on what they had learned about their partner during their road trips.  Halfway through sharing time, we switched to flutter kicks.

14 PAX (2 FNG): Green Monster, Zima, Sleep Number, Carport, Wall Builder, Granola, Orange Julius, Slim Shady, Woodpecker, G-String, Puck (FNG), Animal (FNG), Fleabag, Choker (QIC).

From this week’s QPoint on Trust:

“Reliance is the heart of Trust. For a Team to be Dynamic, the Members must implicitly and fully rely upon each other to Competently perform their part of the Team’s Mission-essential Tasks. It is not enough for a man to tell his Team Members that he can do his job. They have to see the man in action under stress for reliance to build.

The most efficient method to gauge the strength of something is to stress test it under a controlled environment to find the point at which it breaks. We do this with a footbridge by jumping up and down on it at a point where it spans a place that won’t kill us if we break through. If a bridge can hold the jumping-me ten feet over the ground, then I assume I can rely upon it to hold the walking-me fifty feet over the gorge.

F3 has an acronym for the dirty, dangerous and difficult things we do to build Trust. We call them CSAUPs, which stands for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless. This is satirical on our part because a CSAUP is neither stupid nor pointless, it is a very efficient way to share pain. A CSAUP can be an obstacle race or a GORUCK challenge or anything else that provides the opportunity for dirt, danger and difficulty. Completing it together tells the participants something about themselves and each other—that they are men upon whom others may safely rely.”

PAX were encouraged to take advantage of the CSAUP coming our way in September – GrowRuck.

Zima and Woodpecker kept complaining about how sore they were from some little walk they took Friday night.  Big babies.

Prayers were requested and lifted up for the son of G-String’s neighbor who recently attempted to commit suicide.  Please add this young man and his family to your personal prayer list.

Neverland AO launches tomorrow!  #giveitaway

4th of July Convergence on Wednesday – Ruckership at 0500, workout at 0600 at the Mothership.  All other AOs will be closed.

Math is Hard

THE SCENE: Remember when you were a little kid and would act up in church and your mom would come down on you, half-whispering/half-growling with her hot, GrapeNuts Flakes-scented breath? No? Just me? Well, trust me- it was unpleasant. Much like the weather on Wednesday.

No sign of the Creeper Van. Disappointing, as that was 85% of the reason for YHC traveling to Barflett. Oh well. Might as well make the PAX sweat.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: YHC was eloquently succinct, yet thorough.

Plank Jacks IC x 10
Mountain Climbers IC x 10
Cobra Squats IC x 10

***INTERRUPTION: FNG rolled up three minutes late. He posted because the ladies of FiA EH’d him. Appreciate them scratching our backs, but they need to know we start at 5:30, not 5:33. Typical women.***


WARM-O-RAMA (cont’d):
Plank Jacks IC x 10
Mountain Climbers IC x 10


– PAX ran around exterior fence of tennis courts, pausing at each end for either Merkins or Squats
– Reps ascended or descended at each end, always adding up to seven
– No stop the first lap around the courts in order to begin with seven and work our way down to zero on the last lap
– NOTE: math is hard (apparently)

 – CrossFit Merkins at one end … SPRINT TO OPPOSITE CURB … Pickle Pounders on other end (eye contact allowed, but not encouraged)
– Ladder down from 10, reducing reps by two each round

 – R1: P1 does Groiners/Carolina Dry Docks/SSH while P2 side shuffles to opposite curb and back … then flapjack
 – R2: P1 does Derkins/LBC/Mountain Climbers while P2 backward moseys to opposite curb and back … then flapjack

Hello Dolly IC x 15
Flutter Kicks IC x 15
Freddy Mercury IC x 15
Rosalita IC x 15

12 dudes  hung out: Commie, Part Timer, Orange Julius, Wall Builder, Sleep Number, No Fuego, O’Reilly, Choker, Woodpecker, Soulja Boy, Helen Keller (FNG), Captain Obvious (QIC)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Doing hard things means sometimes you have to wade into the messes of life. YHC typically avoids confrontation at all costs, seeking balance and peace. However, a recent situation forced a confrontation/intervention. The PAX were encouraged, as HIMs, to run toward the fight instead of away from it, to seek what is right instead of what is comfortable. Never easy, always worth it.

MOLESKIN: Can I be real with you? The PAX at the Morg are not great at math. Suggestion for future Qs: bring an abacus if you want them to add up anything past five. It was not an encouraging start, but we prevailed. Choker, taking his life in his hands, approached a beast of man from the rear prior to Startex to invite him to participate in the pain. The man removed his studio-grade noise-cancelling headphones and declined the AOQ’s solicitation. Probably a good thing (for now). Commie, The Juice and Peckerwood were beasts all morning. Those dudes got after it. Soulja Boy attached himself to Helen Keller (FNG), pushing and encouraging him throughout the duration of the beatdown (#HIM). Part Timer was a full time stud (FTS) during partner work. Wall Builder and Sleep Number competed against themselves all morning with #DFQ attitudes (TCLAPS). No Fuego was the fittest dude in Bartlett that morning … and also the most cunning, doing his best to lure the PAX to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch next week for the launch of the Arlington AO (and KotB competition). Helen Keller kept moving. Welcome, brother! Choker almost broke his ankle. He should talk to Commissioner Monster about ridding the Morg of uneven surfaces. What else is he doing all day from his ivory tower of political power?

Bill Pullman (Soybean) and Will Smith (Phat Pat) will be saving the Mothership from aliens during the Independence Day convergence.

Deck of Roulette Show and Tell

THE SCENE: The Morg: 74F with innocence in the air.



Side Straddle hop x 30 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Arm Circles 20 Forward

Arm Circles 20 Backwards


Slow Mosey around parking lot

Show and tell workout with CMUs (60lb sandbag, 40lb sandbag, cinder boxes, ruck sacks, ruck plate)


Deck of Cards

One set then switch to the left:

Spade: Side Straddle Hop

Diamonds: Sprint

Hearts: Burpees

Club: Clean and Press

1 Joker: 50 Situps

1 Joker: 100 Squats


Order of Cards:

2 Clean and press

3 Clean and press

Sprint to 4

5 Burpees

100 squats

50 situps

5 Clean and press

10 Side straddle hops

Sprint to 10

Sprint to 5

10 Side straddle hops

10 Clean and press

4 Side straddle hops

Sprint to 6

11 burpees

10 Side straddle hops

10 Clean and press

4 Clean and press

8 Burpees

3 Side straddle hops

Sprint to 3

3 Burpees

9 Burpees

Sprint to 8

11 Side straddle hops

10 Clean and press

7 Burpees

6 Side straddle hops

6 Burpees

2 Side straddle hops

11 Clean and press

Sprint past walkway

Sprint to 2

9 Clean and press

5 Side straddle hops

7 Clean and press


Flutter Kick x 15 IC

Big Al, Granola, Giant, Green Monster, Woodpecker, Orange Julius, Mr. Wonderful, Part Timer, Wall builder, C-Lo, FNG- Lil Trippin



A lot of mumble chatter as things got started which quickly died down when everyone found out that C-Lo did not show up to play around. We did not get to finish the deck. We completed all but 4. One day I will complete the deck an AO.


Facing Truth

“Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name.” Psalm 86:11

Facing up to the truth always produces a loss of some kind of income, a pastime you enjoy, your image in the community, a wrong relationship, or the companionship of certain friends.  Jesus knows a man must risk, but He also knows what’s waiting on the other side: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for gospel will save it” (Mark 8:35).

When we are confronted with the truth about where God wants us to go in our spiritual journey, we can choose the paths that leads to health, wholeness, and God’s glory.  Furthermore, we then have the confidence and humility to keep making the needed adjustments for Him.

God is in the business of confronting us for our benefit, to heal us from our bondage to whatever, guilt, shame, depression, and hatever brings us into self-absorption.  These surgeries of the soul require faith in the Surgeon and His promised outcomes.  Those who accept “going under the knife” often make the necessary changes to turn things around in their lives.

Winston Churchill once said, “Personally, I am always ready to learn although I do not always like to be taught.”  His point is that coming under the direction of another person has it‘s own built-in tension, despite the value of the truth to be discovered from the experience.  At least Churchill was being honest. Seeing and accepting truth requires action, but action – doing something – often produces tension.


The Price We Pay for Greatness (an Homage to the KotB Flag revisited)

THE SCENE: A pleasant 75°, cloudy skies, air was a bit wet…

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: There was much disclaiming – an attorney was present to make sure all i’s were crossed and all t’s were dotted.

* SSH x25 IC
* Large Arm Circles x15 IC / reverse
* Daisy Pickers x15 IC
* Break into groups of 6-7 (three teams) for an Indian run to the pavilion, “leave the CMUs in the lot, don’t need them yet…”
* At pavilion, “oops, first time Q’ing, my bad – we do need the CMUs, so since we need to go back, we’ll reverse Indian run back to the lot…” *YHC chuckles to self at the groaning*

The shovel Flag was placed at near end of the field and the KotB flag at the far end.

Part 1:
* Squat w/ coupon x10
* Coupon curl x10
* Overhead tricep extension w/ coupon x10
* Throw your coupon as far as you can in the direction of the KotB flag (bench-press throw from the chest, no slinging it). Run to it’s landing spot. Repeat circuit until the KotB flag is reached.
* Once each PAX has completed the task hold plank or Al Gore. YHC was somewhat disappointed in the lack of mumblechatter at this point, but was pleased by the amount of heavy breathing.

Part 2:
All PAX gather their CMUs and mosey (not a slow mosey, let’s move!) back to start flag. PAX on their sixes in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, holding coupon. Starting with the PAX on YHC’s right every other PAX discard their coupon. On Q’s command begin passing coupons overhead in the clockwise direction until Q decides they’ve had enough. Rinse and repeat in the opposite direction. YHC was quite pleased at the groaning during this exercise.

Part 3:
We had a couple of extra minutes before Mary, so what else does a Clydesdale on Q decide to do than another Indian Run – this time a race between the three teams to the pavilion and back. At the half-way point, YHC realized why he was considered a Clydesdale and not a gazelle, but pushed through. (*Special note: this was not YHC’s favorite part of the workout, but Shoestring said he almost started sweating by this point, so YHC considers that a win.)

Dealers Choice. Each exercise was required to be led IC by the PAX called on by the Q.
Orange Julius – WW1 situps, ICx10
Woodpecker – Big boy setups, ICx10
Commie – plank (2 mins) (*Special note to self: never call on Commie for Mary again…)
Shoestring – ABCs

17 PAX, 2FNGs (G-String, Lukewarm), Four Eyes, Bootheel, Wall Builder, Choker, Giant, Green Monstah, Woodpecker, Teacher’s Pet, Shoestring, Gus, Orange Julius, Carport, Commie, Jasmine, Zima

We all try to be the best in all we do, but we have to admit we each have strengths & weaknesses. This past Saturday I participated in my first Goruck challenge, a Light. The thing that struck me the most was not my weaknesses, of which I was already aware, but how my weaknesses were balanced by the team; likewise how my strengths benefited the team. Early on, during the BC portion, my weaknesses were revealed – lack of core strength and cardio. But the later 2/3 of the event I was able to use my strengths to help the team, which include carrying heavy loads and grinding out miles. There were few there that were strong in both aspects – most had specific areas in which they excelled.

The same is true in our lives – relationally, in our work, in our spiritual life. For example, while I’m generally a gregarious person, I’m a happy introvert for the most part. I’m not very social and don’t rely on social interaction to feel validated, important etc. I consider that a strength. But on the flip side, it also means that I’m not naturally motivated to reach out to new people and make them feel welcome, such as visitors at church or new neighbors. It’s simply not a strength of mine, in fact I’d consider it a weakness regarding helping people see Jesus in my life.

So this weekend I walked away from the Goruck event feeling happy that I survived, that I earned the patch, but more importantly, I emerged more aware of the fact that I have weaknesses that I need to address in all parts of my life – if I wish to be the best HIM I can be, I need to be proactive in working to improve my ability to help people see Jesus.

Prayed for Granola’s health, he’s hurt and unable to post, and Teacher’s Pet’s neighbor, Ed, who is having surgery.

It made me proud that some PAX had planned to celebrate my VQ with a cooler full of Zimas – I had literally never had one in my life (and quite honestly could have gone another (almost) 46 years without tasting one), but enjoyed it nonetheless as my brothers brought them out in celebration. Cheers!

Shameless plug for the Arlington AO launch on Tuesday, July 3rd, will be offering BC workouts on T and F each week.

Reminder that on Wednesday, July 4th we are having a convergence at the Mother Ship.