Rocky Road

    • Not dry
    • Not freezing
    • Not warm
    • Not private property
    • Not sure if it’ll be just OJ & me

    • Not a professional
    • Not being paid to lead
    • Not accepting payment to participate
    • Not liable or aware of any injuries
    • Not trying to get anyone injured

    • Circle of Pain
      • 10x Imperial Squat Walkers
      • 20x Bobby Hurleys
      • 30x High Knees
      • 40x Butt Kickers
    • Bear Crawl to tennis courts
      • 11s: Squerkins & broad jumps
    • Partner Wheelbarrow (~300 ft)
    • Crab walk (~200 ft)
    • Mosey to ditch to retrieve basketball-sized rocks

  • THANG:
    • Carry rocks 0.5 mi feet round trip and
      • 10x Plank taps with rock
      • 10x Rocky Balboas with rock
      • 10x Uneven Merkins (hand on rock)
      • 10x Deadlifts with rock
      • 10x Mountain Climbers
      • 10x Wall Mountain Climbers (hand on rock, feet on wall, even-ish with body)
      • 10x Decline Mountain Climbers (hand on rock, feet on wall, above body)
      • 20x Rock slams (at playground, so as to not destroy the grass)

  • MARY:
    • Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder we passed the rocks back and forth a couple of times before chucking them back into the ditch.

    • 2 for pre-ruck: The Streak and Granola
    • 5 for bootcamp: The Streak, Orange Julius, Marrow, Laettner, and Granola (QIC)

    • We in the F3 and GoRuck communities are no strangers to “Embracing the Suck.” A good friend of mine who is going through a terrible situation added some color to this idea for me. We had seen each other in passing at church for several weeks. I could tell he was carrying something heavy in his soul, but I couldn’t figure out how to break through the small talk without being nosy. Somehow or other we connected and he shared his very bad situation. He seemed almost serene in the recounting of awful details.

      I asked him what was keeping him anchored during this storm. He pointed to God’s goodness. He said something to the effect of he is choosing to accept this awful situation as a good gift from a good God–though incredibly painful, it must be for his own good in ways he can’t understand. I was blown away by the power of his story: his visceral pain, his tangible faith. At the very real risk of trivializing his pain, my encouragement is to embrace the suck in AND out of the gloom. If you’re going to find excuses, find excuses to give thanks. 

    • Prayed for families going through difficult times.
    • Should have prayed for our delegation of GRTs headed to Nashville for #BotB
    • Orange Julius is a fantastic AOQ. I forgot I was on Q today and didn’t have my head in the game. PAX were gracious as always.
    • If I could do it all over again, I’d shorten Warm-o-Rama and go the full mile I had planned.
    • Missed some of the Morg regulars, but thankful for OJ & The Streak.
    • Awesome seeing Laettner again and meeting Marrow. 

AMRAPalooza VI: The Undiscovered Burpee

30 degrees.  Gloomy.  But thanks to getting home from last night’s VAPE at a very reasonable 11:30pm, I got a full 4.5 hours of sleep. So I had that going for me, which was nice.



Gave my standard WOR for whenever FNGs or newish guys are in attendace.  I informed the PAX that the Warm-o-rama would consist of 6 exercises, each of which would be a set of 10 burpees.  However, a correct answer to a trivia question for each one would result in changing that burpee set to a more standard warmup exercise.

Question 1:  What is the mission of F3?  Correctly answered by Orange Julius:  “To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.”  Reward:  SSH x20

Questions 2-6:  Name one of the 5 core principles of F3. All were correctly answered by various members of the group, with all participating.  Rewards:  Daisy Pickers x15, Imperial Walkers x15, Windmills x15, Hillbillies x15, Little Arm Circles x10 (each direction).

AMRAPalooza:  As Many Reps As Possible for one minute for each of the following exercises.  In between each exercise, the PAX were given a rest break consisting of a 0.2 mile mosey around the parking lot.

Flutter Kicks
WWI Situps
Hand Release Merkins
Freddy Mercurys

There was time for one more lap, but I gave the PAX the opportunity to skip it if they could give the F3 Credo.  Orange Julius answered correctly: “Leave no man behind; but leave no man where you find him.”


7:  Choker (QIC), Commie, Megadoodoo, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, The Streak, Wall Builder

Deep, meaningful COTs are nice, but not required.  Short and sweet is fine, too.  You don’t have to write a sermon.  Don’t let the lack of a great COT idea prevent you from signing up to Q.

Happy birthday, Sleep Number!

QSource lunch, Fridays at East Memphis Whole Foods.

Full body circuit workout at the Morg

Calm and finger-numbing cold morning at the Morg.



10 IC SSH double time
10 IC SSH triple time


Circuit with 10#, 20# and 30# dumbbells, 5 gallon gas can with 45#s of water, balance disk, perfect pushup and exercise bands. The following stations were setup with signs that gave the station name and description of the exercise.

  1. High Plank on balance board
  2. CMU Squats
  3. Chest Press – Bench press two 20# dumbbells
  4. Strength band – Hold both ends behind upper back extend arms and hold.
  5. CMU Overhead hold – Hold 30# CMU overhead with arms extended.
  6. Walking Lunges
  7. Curls – 10# dumbbells
  8. Merkins on “The Perfect Pushup”
  9. Chest Push Outs – Hold 15# dumbbell with both hands against upper chest, extend arms and hold for 3 seconds.
  10. Long Jumps – Jump from cone to cone about 5 feet.
  11. Strength band – Put foot on center of band, extend arms out to side parallel with shoulders and hold.
  12. Lying down Chest Press – Hold 30# dumbbell with both hands against upper chest, extend arms and hold for 3 seconds.
  13. Skull Crushers with 15# dumbbell
  14. 45# Carry – Five-gallon gas can filled with water around circle of PAX.


1 minute of leg raises.

7 PAX – Choker, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, Woodpecker, Flobee, Bruce and Carport (on Q).

Spoke to pax about the Prodigal son story told in the book of Luke and asked to the pax to reflect which son they were more like.



Merkinfest at the Morg

The rain fartsacked so it was a perfect morning in the low 50’s..



15 IC Overhead Claps
10 IC Big Arm Circles
15 IC Daisy Pickers
10 IC Squat Jumps
Mosey around the parking lot

Cardio is a great thing but this morning, I wanted to focus on building our upper body and what better exercise for your shoulders, chest and arms than Merkins, Derkins and Irkins.

1 minute plank

10 merkins, 9 merkins, 8 merkins, 7 merkins, 6 merkins, 5 merkins, 4 merkins, 3 merkins, 2 merkins, 1 merkin

1 merkin, 2 merkins, 3 merkins, 4 merkins, 5 merkins 6 merkins, 7 merkins, 8 merkins, 9 merkins, 10 merkins

1 minute plank

Mosey to Pavillion.

10 derkins, 9 derkins, 8 derkins, 6 derkins, 4 derkins, 3 derkins, 2 derkins, 1 derkin

Rested with wall squats against pavilion posts

1 derkin, 2 derkins, 3 derkins, 4 derkins, 5 derkins, 6 derkins, 7 derkins, 8 derkins, 9 derkins, 10 derkins

10 hand release merkins

Rested with wall squats against pavilion posts

10 irkins, 9 irkins, 8 irkins, 7 irkins, 6 irkins, 5 irkins, 4 irkins, 3 irkins, 2 irkins, 1 irkin


5 (2 is 1) IC Partner High-five Merkins

1 irkin, 2 irkins, 3 irkins, 4 irkins, 5 irkins, 6 irkins, 7 irkins, 8 irkins, 9 irkins, 10 irkins

10 Carolina Dry Docks, 9 Carolina Dry Docks, 8 Carolina Dry Docks, 7 Carolina Dry Docks, 6 Carolina Dry Docks, 5 Carolina Dry Docks, 4 Carolina Dry Docks, 3 Carolina Dry Docks, 2 Carolina Dry Docks, 1 Carolina Dry Dock

10 OYO Hand Release Merkins

Mosey back to parking lot

Total :

185 Merkins
110 Derkins
110 Irkins
55 Carolina Dry Docks
5 minutes planking

11 PAX (1 FNG) Choker, Leonardo, Woodpecker, Nurse Diesel(FNG), Orange Julius, Beetus, Red Roofer, Sleep Number, Gilligan, Granola, Carport

What are your life priorities like?  YHC related to pax about how he doesn’t give God the time and effort he should.  Asked any pax to raise their hand if they were brave enough to agree.

Kotters to Beetus and Leonardo.  Great work Nurse Diesel(FNG) who kept up with us in the rain.

Camp out at Gus’ parents land this Friday.

Gridiron BOMMS

THE SCENE: Unbelievably warm for January! No way was this was weather going to waste. YHC arrived to the eager strides of 7 preruckers. No wait, make that 8. Tabor had now received a ruck for Christmas!

Always and forever.

Imperial Walkers IC 15

Hillbillies                  IC  15

Crossovers             IC  15

Windmills                IC  15

Big arm Circles   (forward and reverse   IC  10 each)

At this point YHC asked the PAX how many had been watching football over the weekend? Since most seemed to have seen at least some of the NFL action a few trivia questions seemed appropriate.

Question 1: Which NFL team has won the most Superbowls of all-time. A lot answers such as “Cowboys” and “Patriots” to “Yankees and “Alabama.”

Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers at 6.


Capri Lap around the parking lot.

Pax counted off into 2 groups. Pax line for 2 lines about 40 yards apart. 1 Pax runs with the football to the other end then hands off the football. That Pax then runs back in the opposite direction. Complete until both groups are on the opposite side from the starting line. The rule was that if the football hit the ground, all PAX performed 2 burpees. For some reason Granola thought this was fun and intentionally grounded the football not once but twice! 4 total burpees for all PAX.

Question 2: Which NFL coach has won the most games of all-time? Again, PAX came up empty. Don Shula at 347 games.


Skipping one B out of Bombs because the Q hates Burpees.

Partner exercises:


Overhead Claps-100


Mountain Climbers-150

Flobee saved the Pax 50 Mountain climbers by correctly identifying the only NFL team that has lost 4 straight Superbowls: Buffalo Bills


Question 4: Which NFL receiver holds the record for most receiving yards all-time: Jerry Rice at 22, 895.  

Suicide Sprints

2 rounds.


Carolina Dry Docks IC 20

Pickle Pounders IC 10

Flutter Kicks IC 20

60 Second Plank
19 PAX; No FNG. Choker, Commie, O’Reilly, Shingle, Phat Pat, Granola, Soybean, Imposter, Sleep Number, Beetus, Bootheel, Carport, Sputnik, Red Roofer, The Streak, Tree Hugger, Wall Builder, Flobee, Orange Julius (QIC)

From Future Grace by John Piper
Atheism: the Ultimate Pride

When you take all three categories of temptation to self-reliance-wisdom, might and riches-they form a powerful inducement toward the ultimate form of pride, namely, atheism. The safest way to stay supreme in our own estimation is to deny anything above us. This is why the proud preoccupy themselves with looking down on others. “A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you. But to preserve pride it may be simpler to proclaim that there is nothing above to look at. “The wicked, in the haughtiness of his continence, does not seek Him. All his thought are, “There is no God” (Psalm 10:4). Ultimately, the proud must persuade themselves that there is no God.

Prayers for The Streaks friend undergoing a Carotid Endarterectomy.

Prayers for Flobees patron with stage IV pancreatic Cancer.

Continued prayers for Red Roofers family.

Prayers for Sleep Numbers Mother.

PAX were awesome today. YHC was really invigorated after this Q!

Also, it just feels good to tag Phat Pat in a BB!

Log and Core

THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.


15 Daisy Pickers IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Little Arm Circles IC each direction

Today we did a version of Annie (a standard crossfit workout), which was the following together:

  • 50 SSH IC
  • 25 BBSU IC
  • 40 SSH IC
  • 20 BBSU IC
  • 30 SSH IC
  • 15 BBSU IC
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 BBSU IC
  • 10 SSH IC
  • 5 BBSU IC

Next we partnered up and competed against the other groups doing the following:

With a running clock each partner perform 20 secs of the following movements one person working at a time followed by a 20 sec break after each movement.

Round 1:

  • Merkins
  • Big boy situps
  • Burpee

The losing team had to drag the log to the far end of parking lot and back to the start, while the winning teams bear crawled and crawl bear’d back across half the parking lot.

Round 2:

  • Squats
  • Flutter kicks
  • Dips

This time the winning team drug the log across the parking lot while the other teams lunged to the middle of the parking lot and back.

Round 3:

  • Lunges
  • Plank Jacks
  • Rows

The only remaining team (2nd on each round) preformed the log drag, while the other two team sprinted the width of the parking lot.

Introduced Hurricane Hoedown to the Morg today. But due to timing we only went from 5 to 1.

6 PAX & no FNGs

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:13-14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

As we start the New Year let’s set some goals but be willing to let God adjust them as needed.

It was awesome to be able to A at the Morg today. I’m amazed at the 2f aspect of F3 even when it’s not your home AO.

BotB Sim Saturday morning at 0300 at Shelby Farms!

Deck of Death at the Morg

THE SCENE: Rain free and 56*

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

Daisy Pickers x10 IC 

Big Arm Cicrles x10 IC each way 

Coupon Pass with 10 curls


Heavy Deck of Death (all exercises done with CMU)
Hearts:  curls
Diamonds: squats
Clubs: LBC
Spades: blockee
Completed 3/4 the deck.  I think the blockees were a Pax favorite.

No time.

6 Pax:  Bootheel, Orange Julius, Mr. Wonderful, Wallbuilder, the Streak, and Commie.

Brief word about not needing to wait for New Years to make a change when needed.  Also share lyrics to “24” by Switchfoot.

Twenty four oceans
Twenty four skies
Twenty four failures
Twenty four tries
Twenty four finds me
In twenty-fourth place
Twenty four drop outs
At the end of the day
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty four hours ago
Still I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And I’m not who I thought I was twenty four hours ago
Twenty four reasons to admit that I’m wrong
With all my excuses still twenty four strong
See I’m not copping out not copping out
When You’re raising the dead in me
I am the second man
I am the second man now
And You’re raising these twenty four voices
With twenty four hearts
With all of my symphonies 
In twenty four parts
But I want to be one today
Centered and true
I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
You’re raising the dead in me
I am the second man now
And You’re raising the dead in me
I want to see miracles, see the world change
Wrestled the angel, for more than a name
For more than a feeling
For more than a cause
I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And You’re raising the dead in me
Twenty four voices
With twenty four hearts
With all of my symphonies 
In twenty four parts.
I’m not copping out. Not copping out.

While listening to the Q’s BC soundtrack Commie wondered “Why does everyone hate Nickleback?”

Convergence tomorrow at the Mothership, 7:00.

Circles to Nowhere

THE SCENE: Mild, upper 40s, moist but not raining.

Great Pre-ruck with Commie, The Streak, and Bootheel. 1.8 Miles.

Disclaimed as always.

Windmills  IC  10

Daisy Pickers    IC  10

Imperial Walkers    IC    10

Daisy Pickers            IC    10

2 lap ruck around the inside track of the Morg.

Completed 1.8 Miles, (3.6 Miles total when added to the pre-ruck.)


Rucks on SSH IC 10

Rucks on Merkins IC 10.
Woodpecker, Commie, The Streak, Bootheel, Orange Julius (QIC)

2 Peter 3:10-11

10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

We tend to live our lives without regard to our own mortality. Yet nothing physical about us is immortal. Even the physical world around us has a lifespan according to scripture. Being cognizant of the reality of our demise is oftentimes something we are naturally blinded to but crucially important if we are to really live our lives to the fullest.

Christmas with the WON’T Crank

THE SCENE: A cool and gloomy Morg with a small yellow car conspicuously parked in the distance. (12/21/2018)

Cross Jacks 60x IC
Abe Vigodas 10x IC
Red Bull Smurf Jacks 20x IC
Indian Run to car push startex

Car B.O.M.B.S
Basically B.O.M.B.S behind a car that is being pushed forward. And safety, safety, safety!

12 PAX – 5 teams – 1 loner (the QIC) – 1 Official Chauffeur (PhP)

Burpees – 50
Outlaws –100 (a bump up from Overhead Claps)
Merkins – 150
Big Boy Sit-ups – 200
Squats –250

Bodies weighing…let’s say some more than others and a 1980 Canary Yellow Triumph Spitfire weighing 1,600lbs.

PAX divided into teams of 2. Each team took turns pushing the car 2 lampposts forward while the remaining teams did B.O.M.B.S.. So 4 teams on B.O.M.B.S. and 1 team on car push at any given time. All teams advanced forward when car reached next designated lamppost. I jumped in where I could and Phat Pat valiantly over came his injuries and managed to steer the car for the entire Thang.

Map of indian run and car push.

Little Baby Flutter Crunches 16x IC
Reverse Crunches 16x IC
Plank till end (@2mins)

12 PAX – Sleep Number, Laettner, Commie, Potiphar, Tree Hugger, The Streak, Granola, Woodpecker, Choker, Orange Julius, Phat Pat, Mr. Wonderful (QIC).

“Life is a lot like pushing that car today. It can be hard, painful, and filled with freeloaders.” That was my icebreaker for the PAX in the CoT as we circled around the little yellow car. PhP, still reclined inside the Spit and being a good sport, forced a laugh that came natural to the rest of us. But the real point here is that life can be painful and it can suck but we should push through the trials anyway, carry a load, because in so doing lies your purpose and to quit is to lose it.

The mumblechatter for this entire Q was YUGE. From the PAX badmouthing PhP for not showing up, to Sleep Number complaining about having to follow instructions, to Potiphar and The Streak almost killing our Chauffeur for his snide remarks, to Granola constantly Qing the QIC, to team A complaining about feeling “friction” just before accidentally push starting the car, and I could go on. The takeaway here is twofold. Firstly, it is obvious that we finally found the perfect F3 role for Phat Pat: an Irritant Q who does no actual work. Secondly and in Sleep Number’s defense, the verbal instructions were convoluted at best yet the PAX took the initiative and turned a wanting VQ into an epic one. Strong work!


Double Trouble

THE SCENE: Crisp, clear and cold. Good day to Co-Q the Morg with none other then the Cockpit AOQ, Soulja Boy.

Did That.
WARM-O-RAMA: (Soulja Boy)

Quick Feet/High Knees. 123 touch-the-deck.
Ass Kickers
Daisy Pickers
Chest Stretch


Mosey to the Play ground.

Pullups 10 Diamond Merkins 10 Regular Merkins Carolina Drydocks.

Circle the entire playground with the mode of transportation being bear crawl, crab walk, lunge walk. (performed 3 times)

Aiken legs: no rest between 20 squats, 20 high knee jumps, 20 Lunges (2=1), 20 Smurfjacks.

Pullups 10 Seal Merkins 10 Wide arm Merkins 10 Shoulder Taps 10.

Butkus on the picnic tables: 1 minute with right foot leading 30 sec rest.

1 minute with the left foot leading 30 sec rest rinse and repeat

Pullups 10 Dips 10 Derkins 10 Regular Merkins 10 Wide arm Merkins.

Mosey to Startex.


Ballerina Squats IC  15

LBCs IC 20

WWI situps IC 15

Plank 90 Seconds
Choker, Commie, Fleabag, Sleep Number, Soulja Boy, Orange Julius, The Streak, Granola.

Borrowed from July 10 Q Source on Vision by Dancing Idiot.

Definitely worth the read.

Prayers for Bailouts Father.

Prayers for Sleep Numbers work situation.

Was good to have Fleabag back at the Morg!