Ruck Friendly Coupon Bombs – #Anti-Taper

THE SCENE: Perfect for some sweatin’
x15 Windmills
x15 Daisy Pickers
x15 Imperial Walkers
x15 slow squats


Coupon BOMBS

Cones have been spaced out so that there are four vertical lanes with a distance of 100 yards.  Pax formed four groups of two.

Group #1 – One pax asked to overhead carry a CMU to cone 100 yards away and jog back while other pax are doing BOMBS at startex.

Group #2 – One pax asked to cradle carry 40# sandbag 100 yards away and jog back while other pax are doing BOMBS at startex.

Group #3 – One pax asked to shoulder carry 60# sandbag to cone 100 yards away and jog back while other pax are doing BOMBS at startex.

Group #4 – Two pax asked to farmer carry 80# sandbag to cone 100 yards away and jog back while other pax are doing BOMBS at startex.

(B.O.M.B.S.  (20 – Burpees, 20 – Overhead Claps, 20 – Merkins, 20 – Big Boy Situps and 20 – Squats)

Pax will rotate to next station in numerical order.

Pax did bearpees to pavillion.  Once at pavillion we did the following:

x20 OYO Derkins
x20 OYO Dips
x20 OYO Shoulder Taps

30 seconds of flutter kicks with rucks pressed over chest.
10 Boat/Canoes
10 Supermans
Dealer’s Choice: Zippin Pippin dished out the pain suggesting Burpees. But we only had enough time left for five.

8 PAX (0 FNG) Choker, Casio, Flobee, Carport, Sleep Number, Woodpecker, Ramrod, ZippinPippin

YHC talked about how it only takes water to bring life out of a seed.  Soil and Sunlight are needed to provide growth of that life but the life activator is only water.  YHC compared us to the seed stating that we have potential inside us and the water could be whatever that brings that potential out.  We have the choice to grow or stay a seed and never sprout!

GrowRuck 12

MorgRuck Finale

It was I forgot to look degrees and Gloomy.  It’s the day before GrowRuck and the PAX already have that “Oh crap, what did I sign up for” look in their eyes.

Did it.

It was pretty warm out already.

Ruck up. Walk 3 miles.

A little stretching at the end for a final prep for GrowRuck.

Shoulder Shrugs x30 seconds
Triceps into Back x15 seconds each arm
Arm/Shoulder Stretch x15 seconds each arm
Seated Hamstring Stretch x30 seconds
Seated Groin Stretch x30 seconds
Calf/Achilles Stretch x15 seconds each leg

6 PAX (0 FNG): Choker (QIC), Flobee, Gilligan, Mr. Wonderful, Orange Julius, Sleep Number

Borrowed heavily from Soybean’s recent backblast from a Barracks ruck about “going gray” during the GORUCK event.  Encouraged the PAX to focus on the needs of their brothers when they hit that point.  If you’re thinking about how to help your buddy, it will take your mind off of your own pain.  We’ll complete the event together, as a team.  That’s the only way.

In addition to some final GrowRuck prep, the PAX also received a couple of graduate credit hours in Biochemistry.  At some point Mr. Wonderful asked Orange Julius a question about how the body reacts to the keto diet.  OJ replied “I’m not 100% sure, but…” and then vomited out a highly technical dissertation worthy of a professor at Johns Hopkins.


  • GrowRuck is here!
  • 2nd F event 7pm tonight at Carolina Watershed – all are welcome (you don’t have to be signed up for GrowRuck)
  • Convergence bootcamp tomorrow with Dredd on Q – do not miss it!
  • GrowSchool following bootcamp tomorrow – don’t miss that either.
  • Next week, Friday workouts at the Morg go back to regular bootcamps starting at 0530.


THE SCENE: 72 Degrees, under the stars.

Preruck with Choker, Bam and Commie. Had to pick Bams brain for any last advice for GrowRuck. “Mainly, don’t let the Cadre catch you high fiving at 5 am.” Ok.


Imperial Walkers IC 15
Hillbillies IC 15
Overhead Claps IC 15
Shoulder Taps IC 15

Pax lined up next to the curb. While 1 Pax performed CMU curls, the rest performed the following:
Uneven Merkins 20 each side.

Once all Pax had performed CMU curls, Indian run to the pavilion.
Performed the following:
Mountain climbers on the bench 25 OYO
Dips 15 OYO
Picnic table pull-ups 20 OYO

Rinse and repeat.

Picnic table windshield wipers
Indian run back to Startex.
20 CMU curls this time Pax performed long step lunges.
Mosey lap around the parking lot.
20 CMU curls this time with short step lunges.

Dying Cockroach IC 10
Aw Yeah IC 10 each side (Choker)
Plank for 80 seconds (Commie)

Insert PAX Count 8 Pax, Ramrod, Woodpecker, Commie, Carport, Flobee, Wall Builder, Choker, Orange Julius (QIC).

Excerpt read from Stephen R. Coveys “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

The Have’s and the Be’s

One way to determine which circle our concern is in is to distinguish between the have’s and the be’s. The Circle of Concern is filled with the have’s:
“I’ll be happy when I have my house paid off.”
“If only I had a boss who wasn’t such a dictator…”
“If only I had a more patient husband…”
“If only I had more obedient kids…”
“If I had my degree…”
“If I could just have more time to myself…”
The Circle of Influence is filled with the be’s—I can be more patient, be wise, be loving. It’s the character focus.
Anytime we think the problem is “out there” that though is the problem. We empower what’s out there to control us. The change paradigm is “outside-in”–what’s out there has to change before we can change.
One of my favorite stories is one in the Old Testament, part of the Judeo-Christian tradition. It’s the story of Joseph, who was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers at the age of seventeen. Can you imagine how easy it would have been for him to languish in self-pity as a servant of Potiphar, to focus on the weaknesses of his brothers and his captors and on all he didn’t have? But Joseph was proactive. He worked on be. An within a short period of time, he was running Potiphar’s household. He was in charge of all the Potiphar had because the trust was so high.
Then the day came when Joseph was caught in a difficult situation and refused to compromise his integrity. As a result, he was unjustly imprisoned for thirteen years. But again he was proactive. He worked on the inner circle, on being instead of having, and soon he was running the prison and eventually the entire nation of Egypt, second only to the Pharaoh.
I know this idea is a dramatic paradigm shift for many people. It is so much easier to blame other people, conditioning, or conditions for our own stagnant situation. But we are responsible—-“response-able”—-to control our lives and to powerfully influence our circumstances by working on be, on what we are.

Nothing but good old-fashioned hard work at The Morg today. Great job men!
2nd F Opportunity at Carolina Watershed Friday Night.

Leisure Ruck

Date: 09/14/2018

AO: The Morg

QIC: Gus

Conditions: 72F – I’ve had better.



I intended to start with a 1-mile ruck to get the blood pumping. Phat Pat convinced me to keep going, so we did. Two and a half miles later, we did something else.

10 derkins OYO at each light pole to reach the SP for Route 66.

Route 66 (ascending reps 1-11)
Overhead press

Curb Work
Bent-over Row IC x 25
Lateral Front Raise IC x 10
Derkins OYO x 20
Alternating Toe Taps x 60 seconds

Bleacher Work
Leg Drivers OYO x 20 (each side)
Derkins OYO x 20

Flutterkicks IC x 20

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Circle of Trust
Count-O-Rama: 9
Name-O-Rama: Doubtfire, Orange Julius, Phat Pat, Sleep Number, Choker, Carport, Woodpecker, Tree Hugger,  Gus | FNGs: N/A

BOM: Are you humbly grateful or grumbly hateful? Have an attitude of gratitude.

Moleskin: Doubtfire (from Knoxville) told me earlier in the week that he would be in the Memphis area for this morning’s workout. Slicnut told him that The Levee was a ruck workout, so Doubtfire decided to post at The Morg with me. SURPRISE! We were also doing a ruck workout.

Phat Pat tried some mind tricks to get me to help him “taper.” (He doesn’t need “help.”) Lucky for him, I like to ruck and don’t love ruck PT.

“Doritos” (aka Dora-Dos)

THE SCENE: 66°, light rain.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcome and disclaim-ations provided.


SSH IC x 20
Daisy Pickers x 15
Baby Arm Circles IC x 15 (+ reverse)


The PAX moseyed around the parking lot back to the field and then lined up in front of the fence about 50 yards back at the shovel flag and then split up into pairs.

DORA 1-2-3 time! Each team will cumulatively do:

  • 100 x Merkins
  • 200 x Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • 300 x Squats

While one PAX performed the exercise, the other PAX sprinted to the fence and back. Once a team was done, they joined up with any other teams to help them complete their reps.

Once all in, I stopped for a brief discussion about my first day with F3. My first work out was DORA 1-2-3 and I remember thinking it was insane. I was modifying before it was over. I remember being shocked when Phat Pat told us to do it all over again. But that’s exactly what we did today, too!

So, all in? Let’s rinse and REPEAT.


For round 2, we did mix it up a little bit, though. Instead of the prior exercises, we did the following:

  • 100 x Carolina Dry Docks
  • 200 x Little Baby Crunches
  • 300 x Squat Jumps


With about 5 minutes remaining, I opted to go with dealer’s choice for Mary:

Flobee – Freddy Mercury
Orange Julius – World War One Situps
Choker – Aw Yeahs


Gilligan, Commie, Woodpecker, Mr. Wonderful, Flobee, Carport, Chelsea, Casio, Short Timer, Orange Julius, Bootheel, Choker, Wall Builder


The Q today was my best attempt at my first experience with F3 back in April. We did it because I was curious at how difficult it would be now… because it was insane during my first workout. I’ve grown significantly since then – I’m writing my own “Was Now” story just as every HIM that is a part of F3 has… but I want to stress that neither my story nor theirs is done yet. My F3 brothers know me as Wall Builder, so I want to encourage everyone to build up your walls… and then tear them down. Find the next obstacle that is holding you back and break it down… even if you have to do it a brick at a time. If things are easy for you, then build up a bigger wall. Keep pushing and challenging yourself and your brothers.

Continual improvement. Here in the gloom. In your family life. In your careers. In your spiritual journey. Everywhere.


Gilligan has a baby due on Sunday – we determined he should be named “Skipper”.



Nolan Richardson at the Morg

THE SCENE:  Low 60s felt so nice.



Today’s workout:  Nolan Richardson.  Aka “40 minutes of Hell.”

Windmills x 20 IC, American Hammer x 20 IC

Mosey to the flag in the middle of the field.

Routine:  Partner 1 performs exercise as Partner 2 backpedals to fence, performs a ” Bobby Hurley”, and jogs back to continue the exercise from the count accumulated by Partner 1.  Switch and continue until all reps are accounted for.  Exercises:

  • Burpees x 150
  • Squats x 300
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups x 150
  • Little Baby Arm Circles x 300 (150 forward, 150 in reverse)
  • Merkins x 150
  • Imperial Walkers x 300 (2 is 1)


    Woodpecker, Wall Builder, O’Reilly, Choker, Red Roofer, Gilligan, Commie, Thundercat, Phat Pat, Orange Julius, Toms


YHC recently read an article that stated our will always follows our true wants.  We may have fantasy wants that motivate us to start working out, read more, binge less, but when difficulty comes (and it always comes), our will follows what our hearts truly desires.  YHC challenged the PAX to be cognizant of what their core wants and not lie to themselves.


I heart this weather.  I heart Gus’s throwback backblasts.


None.  Cobains.

Morg People Ruck a Quarter Pounder

THE SCENE: Humid,  pleasant

YHC didn’t plan in advance, nor does he own a high quality bluetooth speaker, but he did create a playlist to listen to while reading this backblast and reliving the glory of the Morg. Something for everyone, even Choker.


SSH IC x28 (to celebrate Bookworm’s birthday), Daisy Picker x10, Windmill x10, Imperial Walker x15, arm circles forward and backward. Took a short mosey while waiting on Johnny-come-lately Carport to get his gear together.

YHC learned the quarter pounder from Proton at the Levee. Slicnut, who happens to be Proton’s brother-in-law, introduced YHC to the quarter pounder with cheese at the Berm. It was raining and glorious. Today, YHC decided to up the ante by throwing rucks into the mix. 

Choker and myself arrived early with our laser distance meters and USGS professional grade conical area markers and marked off an *exact* 100 x 20 yard field, with markers at 25 yard increments. 

Starting at Cone 1, the PAX bear crawled to Cone 2, dragging their rucks between their legs. At Cone 2, we did 28 ruck burpees (burpee holding the ruck, then pressing it instead of jumping). The plan was 25, but we had to celebrate Bookworm’s birthday again! Rucks overhead and mosey back to Cone 1.

Bear crawl to Cone 3 (50 yd), dragging rucks – RUCK UP! 25 4-count merkins in cadence. Rucks overhead and mosey back.

Bear crawl to Cone 4 – RUCK UP! 75 squats on your own. Rucks overhead and mosey back.

Bear crawl to Cone 5 – RUCK UP! 100 SSH on your own (absolutely miserable). Rucks overhead and mosey back.

Next, PAX partnered up, with Choker offering to be the odd man. Instructions were to fireman carry your partner 50 yards. YHC could not manage to get Carport high enough on my shoulders, so we reverted to piggy back. Once we were all in, we held our rucks over our heads and did 20 4-count flutter kicks in cadence. Partners flapjack and carry each other 50 yards back. Carport accomplished what YHC could not.

With 10 minutes left, we took a short lap on the walking track and got back to the flag. 

WWI Sit-ups, Freddy Mercuries, and, to round out the morning, a few pickle pounders. 

7 PAX, 1 FNG – Fanny

YHC shared from the Q Source about Jester, the temptation of the flesh that hinders a man’s acceleration. I shared about my perception about my own Jester. A really helpful concept from the article is the five lies the Jester tells us. 

1 – “You are the boss of me – you’re in control and can quit when you want to.”
2 – “You are what you do – this is who you are intended to be”
3 – “You are relatively not that bad of a guy – at least you aren’t smoking crack like Jonny”
4 – “The Jester and Virtue can coexist – you can compensate for your Jester by being especially Virtuous”
5 – “You can’t live without me – there is no hope of changing.”

None of these are true – and the fact is that your Jester will always hold you back from being the High Impact Man you really want to be. 

YHC encouraged the PAX to do three things:
1 – Identify your Jester
2 – Identify what triggers your Jester (might be time of day, certain emotions, feeling rejected or not appreciated, stress) – if you know your triggers, you can prepare to face them.
3 – Lock shields with a brother who will truly hold you accountable. You can’t beat your Jester alone, and you don’t have to try.

The Morg People held it together this morning. I hated myself and my ideas. They probably hated me too, but they didn’t verbally say it, so who knows? I was really impressed by the effort put in by the PAX. Special thanks to Hitch for providing unprompted counts when necessary. 

BLIMPS with a Little Heavy Lifting

THE SCENE:  76 and nice


SS Hops IC x 15

Daisy Pickers IC x 15

Overhead Press IC x 15 w/ CMU

Curls IC x 15 w/ CMU

Overhead Press IC x 15 w/ CMU


BLIMPS – A circuit workout at each station and on your own. 

Burpees x 5

Lunges x 10 (2 is 1)

Imperial Walkers (2 is 1) x 15

Merkins (Hand release) x 20

Plank Jacks x 25

Squats x 30

We had 9 Pax that were brave enough to show up, so we split up into teams of 3. 

2 Pax would perform this circuit while the 3rd Pax carrying something heavy for 100 yards and back. Then they would rotate where the next Pax would carry the load down and back. And so on. We would continue this until each team member carried the load twice. 

We would rinse and repeat for 2 more stations. 

Station 1: Farmer carry a 45# plate in each hand. 

Station 2: Carry 40# bag

Station 3: Carry 60# bag

Pickle Pounders IC x 3. Yep only 3. Ran out of time

9 Pax ( 1 FNG – Ramrod)

Choker, Flobee, Carport, Orange Julius, Red Roofer, Ramrod, Phat Pat, Sleep Number, Woodpecker


A lot of times we begin projects or we have good intentions to do things and for some reason when we are half way through we ( or at least I) slack off or quit with a job not finished. When that happens understand that’s not how God has created you. He wants you to finish what you start and to finish strong. The only way you can do that is through The Lord. If you find yourself in that situation pray about it and lean on your brothers for strength. Finish what you start and finish it STRONG!

Pay attention to the time. I almost ran out of time on this workout.
There is a GrowRuck event later this month

A Ladder and a Half


Disclaimer disclaimed.  PAX were warned that anyone attempting to bear crawl with a paving stone on their back would receive a strongly worded letter.

WARM-O-RAMA and F3 Pop Quiz:
First we started with SSH, because it’s the law.

  • 20 SSH; 10 IC and 10 silent.
  • 10 Burpees OYO because counting is hard.

PAX were then advised that it was pop quiz time.  For each question answered correctly, a standard warmup exercise would be administered.  For each question answered incorrectly, that exercise would be replaced by 10 burpees OYO.

  1. What is the mission of F3?  The correct answer was given after a  joint effort by Flobee and Sleep Number:  The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Daisy Pickers x10 IC.
  2. Name one of the 5 core principles of F3.  Correctly answered by Flobee:  Free of charge.  Windmills x10 IC.
  3. Name another one of the 5 core principles of F3.  Correctly answered by Flobee:  Ends in a Circle of Trust.  Imperial Walkers x10 IC.
  4. Name another one of the 5 core principles of F3.  Correctly answered by Flobee:  Led by members on a rotating basis.  Hillbillies x10 IC.
  5. Name another one of the 5 core principles of F3.  Correctly answered by Orange Julius:  Open to all men.  Arm Circles (forward) x10 IC.
  6. Name the last remaining core principle of F3.  Correctly answered by Wall Builder:  Held outdoors, rain or shine.  Arm Circles (reverse) x10 IC.

Great job Morglians – perfect score on the pop quiz!  Capri lap to the big field for The Thang.

Merkin Ladder.  Shovel Flag was planted on one end of the field and the King of the Bluff flag was planted approximately 50 yards away.

  • Sprint to the KotB Flag and perform 20 merkins.
  • Sprint to the Shovel Flag and perform 19 merkins.
  • Sprint to the Shovel Flag and perform 1 merkin.

After every 4th set of merkins, the PAX were instructed to perform SSH or squats until the six caught up.  We started as a group and ended as a group.

At some point near one of the low 1-digit sets, someone from Casio’s end of the line made a comment expressing relief that this was almost finished.  Casio replied “Yeah, but it’s only 6am.  There will be some other form of torture waiting for us.”

Casio was correct.  Since the PAX were so efficient at completing the ladder, I served up another.

BBSU Ladder.

  • Sprint to the KotB Flag and perform 20 BBSU.
  • Sprint to the Shovel Flag and perform 19 BBSU.
  • Sprint to the Shovel Flag and perform 1 BBSU.

We only made it about halfway down this ladder before it was time for Mary.

It wouldn’t be a Choker workout without a selection from the Jukebox of Pain:  Chumbaburpee.

“Tubthumping” by Chymbawamba was played; at every “I get knocked down” the PAX performed a burpee.  Whenever burpees were not being performed, PAX performed either SSH or squats.

11 PAX (1 FNG):  Carport, Casio, Choker (QIC), Flobee, Gilligan, Maverick, Orange Julius, Shocker (FNG), Sleep Number, Thundercat, Wall Builder.

This week’s QSource is on Courage.  It defines courage as “Setting aside fear to turn Hardship into Grace.”  It doesn’t define courage as having no fear, because *everybody* has fears.  Courage is about overcoming your fear in order to do what needs to be done.  From the QSource:

Courage begins with the recognition that while peace should always be our goal there are some threats that confront the Community that simply must be fought. The Virtuous Leader is able to set aside his fear of danger sufficiently that he can Influence other men to fight with him rather than flee when such threats arise.


No man can set aside fear with his hands on his knees, his head down and his lungs on fire. That is not a battle position, it is the posture of surrender. It is for this reason that the King, the daily discipline of physically training the body, is one of the very first QPoints. A man whose physical fitness is Decelerating is ill-equipped to confront Hardship. His tortured flesh will scream out for oxygen and divert it from the brain, the organ he needs to have fully engaged to set aside his fear.

By taking the DRP and posting regularly, the F3 man is conditioning his body so that he’s physically prepared to confront that hardship when it comes.  I encouraged the PAX to keep posting so we’ll be ready when (not if) that day comes.

Prayers were offered up for Flobee’s friend who recently lost their 2.0, for Slots’s new 2.0, and for Maverick’s brother undergoing chemotherapy.

A moment of silence was observed for the NE Kingdom PAX who acquiesced to the fartsack and denied the Morg the opportunity to achieve a very winnable first back-to-back KotB victory.  May the Sky Q have mercy on your souls.


Merkin Mile March

THE SCENE: Gorgeous darling! Gloomy, with a sweet smell of timeliness and what would be a future spicy kolache. Roughly 80 (degree symbol) minus about 7 (degree symbol), and somehow less humid and just better than how the innerloopers weather felt.

We were a small but tight-nit group of men this morning. Shout out to Carport who has been killing it lately and taking this GrowRuck thang super cereal!

This was performed with a little ally oop from Choker. YHC couldn’t remember the opening phrase (I AM NOT a professional)! 

Not really, but we did start our Merkin Mile March by performing 20 Merkins with Rucks on. After just that beginning I believe the comment from the peanut gallery was, “I know what I’m going to be working on going into GrowRuck.” Yes. Yes you will. Starting right now, even.

Start Rucking fools!

We rucked ~3 miles and did 265 Merkins with our Rucks on. We rucked ~3 miles and did 265  Merkins with our Rucks on. We rucked ~3 miles and did 265 Merkins with our Rucks on.

Oh sure, there were some penalties, like such as, farmer carries, overhead carries, etc. and so forth along the way. But basically we rucked 3 miles, did 265 Merkins with our Rucks on, and talked about life and GrowRuck.

It was the perfect way to start the day, except Moma’s being closed. —> <—


4 PAX, no FNG’s, EH’d a few running brothers, and spotted Granola’s mom (she was rucking like a boss).

I confessed to the men that I hadn’t thought about COT until roughly five minutes before EndEx so I hit ’em with the GWABBAFARN. (Gus’s Words About Being Better Always Forever Always Right Now!) “Do better. Just. Be. Better. Work harder. Never stop never-stopping. Go the extra mile. Pick up your brother. You can cry about it later, alone, in a closet, for a minute. Until then… JUST BE BETTER!”

Wookpecker said he could probably only do 5-10 of those Ruck Merkins (Rurkins?) 6 months ago. Today he did Two Hundred Sixty-Five of them! I love seeing this guy in the gloom. #WasNow
Cadre was almost late. The PAX almost had 20 8-count bodybuilders for the Cadre almost being late. But alas, he was on time. Like always.
Choker noticed Bartlett Donuts Tip Jar asking for tips a la Jeb Bush style. Probably the lowest energy tip jar you ever saw. Believe me.

Pray for Carport’s possible adoption.
Moma’s BBQ might have a seller. Need to negotiate our terms with new guy soon.
The beginning of the end of GORUCK starts tomorrow!