Arms Race on (Cube) Route 66

THE SCENE: You couldn’t have asked for better weather today – 46° and a gentle breeze. Research* has shown that 46 is the ideal temperature for an F3 workout.

YHC got to the Berm early to make sure I could actually do the exercises I planned. Then four of us rucked around. Once the PAX started showing up, I passed out some CMUs. We were short a couple, so Gepetto grabbed a Berm Paver Presented By Hacker and Phat Pat had a medicine ball** that Imposter ended up using.

If you don’t personally have a CMU, find $1.31 in your couch, go to the contractor check-out at Home Depot, and ask for a cinder block. Tell them Soybean sent you and we will both be eligible for a rebate***.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: I may have forgotten part of it. Co-Q was there to assist (as usual). 

SSH IC x20
Rocky Balboas IC x15
Arm circles forward and reverse IC
CMU Swings IC x10

Route 66 is a routine wherein you perform one rep of an exercise at a telephone pole, mosey to the next pole, perform two reps, mosey to the next, etc. up to 11 reps. It’s nice, BUT IT’S TOO EASY! Instead of one exercise, why not do three? Instead of body weight work, why not use CMUs? 

Estate has ~26 telephone poles, about half of which have street lights. We only needed 11, but YHC didn’t want to short-change the PAX on distance, so I strategically and expertly planned our stops in a drive-by last night. 

Here is the plan for the trip North:

Exercise Pole 1 Reps Pole 2 Reps Pole 11 Reps
Derkin (feet on CMU) 1 2   11
CMU Overhead Press 2 4   22
CMU Curl 3 6   33

If we do CMU work the whole way, that means the CMUz have to come with us. Knowing that some of us would be faster/slower than others, YHC planned a resting position for the fast ones while they wait: the side-straddle hop. At the second pole, Imposter said, upon setting down his medicine ball and commencing to SSH, “I never thought of this as resting.” Yes. Yes, indeed. 

We finished the trip North around 0600, so there wouldn’t be time for the entire return trip. Shame.

This was the plan for the trip South:

Exercise Pole 11 Reps Pole 10 Reps Pole 1 Reps
CMU Triple Crush 11 10   1
CMU Pass Around 22 20   2
CMU Mtn Climber 33 30   3

The Triple Crush is a curl to OH press to skull crusher, and is a new favorite. Unfortch, we ran up against time and just did 3 stops on the way back to the Berm (the 11, 10, and 9 pole reps). OH clap and/or SSH til all in – right at 0615, just like I strategically and expertly planned.

MARY: Pickle pounders were promised for Bookworm, but he didn’t show, so we didn’t do them. Also, we were out of time. I never cared much for Mary anyway.

12 PAX, no FNGs

YHC shared a quote from the Q Source about Sua Sponte Leadership. 

“The Q is not just a Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome. He also exercises Sua Sponte Leadership to realize Advantage for his Group, in that he initiates Movement toward Outcome in the absence of directive authority. In other words, the Q is that rare man who will Lead with or without another Leader to direct him. He is That Somebody.”

How will you be That Somebody at home, at work, at church, in your neighborhood, and within F3? Read the full post here.

Prayers for Lil Nicky, who is traveling to Serbia for a mission trip (he’s not from there). 

This morning, before most people even got out of bed, we did 20 CMU swings, 66 derkins, 132 OH presses, 198 curls, 30 triple crushes, 60 pass arounds, 90 2-count incline mountain climbers, countless SSH, and yogged about a mile and a quarter with a ~30lb weight. 

T-CLAPS to Imposter and Red Roofer for sharing the dumb medicine ball. 

+ Q School THIS SATURDAY 4/21 at The Mothership. Shoestring is going to teach us all how to lead an F3 workout. 
+ BrewRuck 901 is Saturday 4/28
+ SOS Service Project is Saturday 5/5
+ GrowRuck12 is coming to Memphis in September. Stay tuned for updates, and start training now.
+ GrowRuck Happy Hours: Monday 4/23 at East End Grill in Bartlett, and Tuesday 4/24 at Wiseacre Taproom

* Based on a controlled internal poll of a large population of F3 Memphis PAX (n=2).
** It was Phat Pat’s basketball from 5th grade filled with sand or frosted flake crumbs and half-wrapped in black tape. A sad sight – but I wouldn’t be mad if we had 6 more of them. 
*** This is a lie.  

Gunny’s 10-point Memorial Workout

Date: 04/18/2018

AO: The Barracks

QIC: Gus

PAX: Soybean, Bootheel, Rabbit, Shoestring, Gus | FNG: N/A

Conditions: 63F, which was too warm and humid for my taste



Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey (AKA “Gunny”) passed away on April 15, 2018. Gunny is most famous for his role as Senior Drill Instructor Hartman in the movie Full Metal Jacket. [Link is very NSFW.] A few years ago, Gunny wrote a web article entitled The 10-Point Workout System: Exercising with the Gunny, and I figured the least we could do to remember this iconic figure was do his dadgum workout. Because it was Wednesday at The Barracks, we did everything with rucks on or used as coupons.

  1. SSH IC x 30
  2. Alternating rear leg lunges, 10 each leg
  3. LBAC IC x 10 (forward and backward)
  4. Merkins to failure
  5. BBSU to failure
  6. Superman IC x 10
  7. Pull-ups to failure
  8. Leg lifts to 45 degrees IC x 10
  9. Body builders IC x 10
  10. Ruck 2.7 miles in 44 minutes

Count-O-Rama (5)


COT / BOM:  Herb Hodges, a true High Impact Man, also passed away this week. Herb was a pastor, teacher, author, and disciple maker who influenced many of the Men in the F3 Memphis PAX. God used Herb’s influence to mature me in the faith in my teens and early twenties, and his legacy will last long after he has passed. His book Tally Ho the Fox! is worth a read and includes this meaningful quote: 

Why do church members get much more excited about a thousand other things than about God, spiritual things, heaven, hell, and eternity? The answer? No vision, thus no motivation, because motivation arises out of vision.

That principle is true in all aspects of life. We ended by asking God for a vision to help us lead our families, communities, and within F3 Memphis.

Moleskin: It was a great 60 minutes of PT and Ruckership. I was honored to have a chance to lead remembrance of two very different but important Men.

Big Boy Balls to the Wall

THE SCENE:  62 with a good wind.  Perfect…finally.

  • Daisy Pickers (IC) x 20
  • Windmill (IC) x 20
  • Arm Circles (IC) x 15 forward/reverse
  • SSH (IC) x 25

Mosey around lake to the pavilion

12 reps of 12 exercises (OYO) unless noted.  Once all in immediately begin next exercise.

  • Box Jumps
  • Merkins
  • Squats (IC) this ended up being 24
  • Groiners
  • One leg lunges (6 each leg) rear leg on table
  • BBSUs
  • Werkins
  • Sumo Squats
  • Burpees
  • Derkins
  • Prisoner Squats
  • BBSUs

Rinse/Repeat, Rinse/Repeat

Mosey to the skate park.  Partner up.

  • P1 Balls to the Wall (side crawl against skate wall about 50 ft.)
  • P2 Dips until partner returns then flip

Rinse/Repeat above, hold plank till all in

  • P1 upside down Balls to the Wall (this sucks)
    • Modification to bear crawl if needed, and it was.
  • P2 Squats until partner returns then flip

Mosey back to pavilion.  12X12 same as before with some changes.

  • BBSUs
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • BBSUs
  • BBSUs
  • BBSUs
  • Merkins
  • BBSUs
  • BBSUs
  • BBSUs
  • BBSUs
  • BBSUs

BBSUs x 20 for good measure

Mosey back to flag.  Time.

BBSUs above took care of Mary
9 PAX (0 FNGs) Slicnut, Nature Boy, Billy Blanks, Harry Caray, Backseat, Wide Right, Cheesesteak, Woody, Snowman (QIC)
Setting goals and specifically writing them down each week is something YHC has recently started doing and has lead to improvement in many facets of life.  With regard to F3, YHC challenged the PAX to write down some goals related to our 3 F’s and gave examples of some of my goals.  Don’t stop at fitness because this is meant to be more than just a workout.

  • Fitness  – YHCs goal is to lower mile run pace by 15 seconds a week
  • Fellowship  –  YHCs goal is get to get to know at least one PAX better each week
  • Faith – YHCs goal is spend time each night as a family reviewing a few Bible passages and discussing meaning.

PAX came to work today and embraced the suck.  T Claps to the PAX.  Prayers for Wide Rights brother and wife as they are expecting a baby Monday.
Get out and ruck if you haven’t started.  Its a boost to your fellowship and fitness.  Grow Ruck is coming.

SOS service project coming Saturday 5/5 after Mothership BC

Tax Day Tennis

THE SCENE: It was a lonely 43 degrees until Speedy and Slots showed up almost right at 5:30 AM.


SSH x25 IC 4 CT
Imperial walkers squats x12 IC 4 CT
Merkins x10 IC 4 CT
Rockette Hillbillies .  x14 IC 4 CT


Mosey to tennis courts
X10 one leg burpees OYO each leg
Baseline to net suicide sprints x10
–towards net forward, to baseline backwards
Bearcrawl long lines, Crab walk baselines x2 laps
X5 down and back sprints across 2 courts (fence to fence)
X10 WMD push-ups    (10 each set)
X1 Suzane summers series (10 reg, 10 wide, 10 narrow, repeat each with toes pointed out 45 degrees)
1 min lunge hold each leg
Broad Jump long lines, Lunge walk x2 laps
X10 WMD push-ups    (10 each set)
X1 Suzane summers series (10 reg, 10 wide, 10 narrow, repeat each with toes pointed out 45 degrees)

x3 fence to fence sprints

Mosey to start
1 min lunge hold each leg


Lay on ground to get ready for hip bridges

laid down

Jk its 6:15, recover and stand up
YHC talked read 1 Peter 5. Humble yourself when you are leading. It doesn’t mean that you will be the best or fastest (thanks Speedy and Slots), but do it with a willing heart. No complaining. Emphasized verse 5. God cares about the humble.

YHC also emphasized v. 7–cast all your anxieties on Him because he cares for you. For some reason, I have been extra hard on myself for things like going back to school/not working full time to provide, frustrated on failing on little things, but I need to run to God when those come up. Don’t be afraid to confess and run for comfort. Most of us aren’t facing the extreme trials like persecution, no money, and a terrible quality of life. Work on staying in the Word, do whatever is best to stay under the protection of God. For me, its starting to take charge and wake up and read before workout. Some may have areas in their life to carve out and replace to make sure they have their time of reflection.  This COT was for me. Maybe you will take something away, but today I was selfish and told myself what I needed to hear. No need to wallow in pity. Man up. Pray. Let God lead because I can’t do this on my own.

Almost worked out solo today thanks to no love from the Morg. But the three of us worked hard and got a good sweat in the chilly weather. Thanks to slots for the quick PLC. Make sure you are taking care of yourself however that needs to be.

There was going to be  a tax for bad form on exercises, but the men today had quality since there was not a large quantity. Hope you fools didn’t just start your taxes!

SOS clean up May 5.

Brew Ruck on April 28.


THE SCENE: Breezy, cold 30F.



  • SSH x 16 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Squats x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 16 IC

*moseyed towards the soccer field (<0.25 miles)*

Continuous Movement

PAX line up single file, side by side, arms length apart.  Goal is to perform continuous movement for 1 minute, rest, then for 2 minutes, rest, and then for 3 minutes.  Movement consisted of the Q calling “run forward”, “run back”, “carioca right”, “carioca left”, or “Burpees!”.   If “Burpees!” is called, then PAX before 3 burpees.  Finished this exercise at the far end of the soccer field.


PAX performed 1 merkin on one end of the soccer field, then ran 100 yards to the other end and performed 10 big boy situps, then ran back and performed 2 merkins, then ran back and performed 9 big boy situps. So on and so forth until ending with 10 merkins and 1 big boy situp.  PAX performed various ab exercises (flutterkicks, gas pumps, hello dollies, rosalitas) while waiting for the 6. Total mileage was 1.25 miles during 11s.

*moseyed to outdoor gym area from soccer field (~0.5 miles)*

Irkins, Dips, and Derkins Oh My!

PAX partnered up.  PAX #1 performed 20 irkins, 20 dips, and 20 derkins while PAX #2 held plank.  Then PAX switched.  Rinsed and repeated with 10 reps of each.

*moseyed back to flag (<0.25 miles)*


Hollywood side crunch x 10 IC (each side)


11 (1 FNG):  Bruce, Soybean, Rabbit, Snookie, Tiny, Cowbell, Houdini, Not A Sport, Lil’ Nicky, Beauty Shop, and 1 FNG (Speaker)


Q did not have much to say since it was a last minute fill-in Q.  Q encouraged PAX to go out and engage others around him. To lead and listen.


PAX endured a good workout in preparation for the APFT on Tuesday morning. 1 PAX was a little enthusiastic and splashed merlot.

GrowRuck Q & A at Huey’s in Germantown at 5pm, BrewRuck 901 on 4/28, Berm shirts can be ordered until 4/26, SOS Service project from 0830-1200 on 5/5, and Youth Villages 5K coming up!

Reformation Day at The Morg

35 degrees.  #shortsweather

I am not a professional. You are participating at your own risk. You are responsible for your own well being. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here. 
Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


Side straddle hop (x25)
Baby Arm circles x25 forward, x25 backward
High Knees(x25)

On this day in history, April 16, 1521, the Reformer Martin Luther was summoned before Charles the V to the Diet of Worms. This was the public trial for Luther and his last chance to recant of his beliefs and public teachings of the reformation, including his 25 books and his famous 95 theses.

Teams of 2 will mosey to station 1.  1 PAX will perform exercise, while team member moseys up to street (Bartlett Blvd) and then back to finish reps. If PAX finishes reps before team member returns, they must hold Al Gore. Same with station 2, 3 and 4. Each station PAX will combine their effort completing 95 reps.

Station 1: 95 incline merkins using fence (across from bathroom)
Station 2: 95 squats (small parking lot by play ground)
Station 3: 95 dips(by picnic tables)
Station 4: 95 body builders ( big parking lot)
Rinse repeat as time allows

Pickle pounders (x25)
Alternating Low plank to high plank as PAX counted off to 95

18 PAX:  Bob Ross, Bubblegum (FNG), Choker, Granola, Jasmine, Moana, No Fuego, Orange Julius, Part Timer (QIC), Phat Pat, Sleep Number, Slots, Soulja Boy, Tree Hugger, Wall Builder, White Castle, Woodpecker, Zima

The workout was centered around tomorrow’s remembrance of the Diet of Worms (pronounced dee-et of vurms) and the Reformation. What started in 1517 with Luther nailing 95 statements to the door of the church in Wittenburg, concluded with a trial on April 17th, 1521. Luther thought he was going to defend his beliefs but he soon learned that he was only there to recant of his writings or face the consequences. His famous words still ring true…“I am bound by the Scriptures I have cited, for my conscience is captive to the Word of God.… I cannot do otherwise. Here I stand, may God help me. Amen.” The fire of Reformation would continue to blaze on.

The challenge to the PAX was to stand for truth this week without violating their conscience. Luther was a great example but Christ was the perfect example of the one obedience to the path of truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through Me.” This truth is what guides and fuels us to be men of conviction.

After a contemplation of many names for our FNG, we circled back to the theme of 31. The FNG failed to correctly state his age, which is 31, in the Name-o-rama because of the shock his body was experiencing from 95 BB’s. Since Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors, we settled on Bubblegum.

Tonight at Huey’s Germantown, 5pm – GrowRuck info session
4/28: BrewRuck
5/5: Service project immediately following Mothership – see preblast for details
Q3 (date TBD): GrowRuck

MEANingless Monday

THE SCENE: As I stepped out the back door at 5:15ish I was met with the April cold.  The April cold is one of the coldest there is.  In January when it got down to 7 and stayed below freezing for several days, now that was cold, but the April cold is worse.  Yes, it was 34 F on this Monday, but I could taste the cold as I passed the pool on my way to the back gate.  My body had already reset itself over the last several weeks to the normal Memphis spring (one day 85 the next 62).  But this morning I could feel it through my ankle length cold gear (not tights although they look just like tights).  I located the back gate of my backyard fence in the dark, wondering if my neighbor would be freaked to see a guy dressed in dark clothes wandering around with some type of black pole and an american flag.  As I stepped through the back gate I gave a quick glance in both directions before passing through to make sure I didn’t startle Larry.  I found my way through the woods to see a car parked where we used to park and thought who could this be.  As I walked up to the AO I passed three ruckers and started to feel that warm feeling all over that we all get right before posting. That warm that says I am with my brothers and I am going to work today.


I am not a professional.

You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury.
You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured (dark, uneven ground).
You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here.
Know your limits and do the best you can.
Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion.  Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion.
By working out with us today, it is assumed that you have read the disclaimer and notice on the website and accept the risks associated with working out here today.
Does anyone have any questions or objections?

Imperial Squat Walkers IC X 15
Surfees X 10 OYO
Arm Circles Small to Big IC X 10 Front then Back
Ranger Merkins IC X 10

One lap around parking lot

Burpee Dan:
50 yards between lines Start on one end travel to the other end
1 Burpee – 4 Lunges return in reverse 1 Burpee 4 lunges
2 Burpees – 4 Lunges return in reverse 2 burpees 4 lunges

Slow Mosey around lake stopping at 1/2 way point to wait on the Six (High Knees)  Return to the flag.  PAX performed Flutter kicks till all in.

Yul Brynner (7 types of Merkins)
Carolina Dry Docks IC X 10
Werkins (wide merkins) IC X 10
Merkins IC X 10
Ranger Merkins IC X 5
Diamond Merkins IC X 10
Crucible Merkins X 5
Chuck Norris Merkins X 5

Slutter Kicks IC X 20
Side Plank Leg raises IC X 10 Both sides
Pickle Pounders IC X 15
Mountain Climbers IC X 30 Dealers Choice(thank you shoestring)
Flutter Kicks IC X 20 Dealers Choice (thank you Harry Caray)

15 PAX (1 FNG Cinder Block)

Life is Meaningless – we all come to a point in workout or in a relationship or your job where we think why am I doing this?  What is the point?  The wisest/wealthiest man in the world sought to find meaning in life “under the sun”.  He enjoyed anything and everything that this world had to offer and walked away with “all is meaningless”.  Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes.  We can learn from what we experienced.  We can also understand his point.  Nothing in this world (under the sun) means anything.  But there is meaning above the sun.  Solomon understood that if we think what can this world offer we are left with “all is worthless”.  If our thoughts and actions are done with heaven in mind then all is priceless.  What ever your situation is, relationship, job, etc when you think of it with a heavenly perspective it gives meaning to everything.

Through all the mumble chatter I could hear everyone enjoying the moment and appreciating the opportunity to get better.  Apparently we have a few movie buffs that knew who Yul Brynner was.  This pushed me to my limits Omaha was in effect especially on the Yul Brynner.  Kotters to Scrooge for Posting.

Tonight 4/16 we have GrowRuck info time at Huey’s in Germantown.  Come anytime between 5 and 6 and ask questions to someone that has been through this event.  I encourage you all to check it out.  There is plenty of time between now and August to train for this event.  Hope to see you there.

Sprint Training

THE SCENE: The Barracks: Weather: Real nice. M


  1. Welcome: I am not a professional 

  2. You are participating at your own risk 

  3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing 

  4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here 

  5. Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


WARM-O-RAMA:   SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Squats, 1 mosey lap, stretch.



  1. Accelerators (Run slow to first cone about 20 yards, then faster to next cone 20 more yards.
    1. 50% – 80% of full sprint speed.
    2. 60% – 90%
    3. 80% – 100%
    4. 30 Merkins, 30 Sit-ups, 30 Squats.
  2. Sprint 100yd. (All You Got!!!) All do 5 body builders, winners do 10.
    1. 30 Calf Raises, 15 Low Bend Jumps, 15 Squat Jumps, 15 Tuck Jumps
    2. 25 Merkins, situps, squats.
  3. Sprint 100yd AYG!  All do 5 body builders, winner does 10.
    1. Chasers: partner of similar speed. P1 lay down w head in direction you will run. P2 lay down with head toward P1’s feet. On “go,” both get up and sprint. P2 try to catch P1. At other end, repeat with P2 in front, P1 tries to catch
    2. Towel Run (“plowing the field”): P2 holds 2 ends of sheet/towel that passes around P1’s waist. P1 starts to run, P2 digs in to make it tough. Struggle for 7-10 yd, then release towel and complete 20 yd run. Flapjack, rinse repeat Chasers & Plowing the Field.
    3. 20 M-S-S.
  4. Sprint 50yd AYG 2x. . All do 5 body builders.
    1. Field: count strides across, run back in less strides, repeat w less strides 4-6 times.
  5. Mosey lap (cool down)



Groiners, dr w, peter parker, flutter kick.

Circle up, stretch.


Shoestring, Phat Pat, Tater, Soybean, Teacher’s Pet, Bottomless, Handsy, Goldilocks, Costello, Browns, Spock, Snookie, Father Abraham, MMMbop, Toms, Gus, Sir Mix A Lot, Four Eyes, Hitch, Entourage, Big City.


“Whetstone” relationship is one of sharpening between two men. When two men meet together for this purpose, there are three keys to success: Proximity, Purpose, and Periodicity.

Proximity: best mentor relationships have regular face to face meetings.

Purpose: meeting together not just for beer and conversation, but for closer alignment to some agreed upon standard.

Periodicity: frequent enough to warrant a commitment, not so frequent that the men are smothered.



Tclaps to Goldilocks for huffing and puffing up to first place on some sprints. And for learning some #lexicon this week. Plenty more, and the rabbithole gets way deeper.

Non-Tclaps to Foureyes for fartsacking a few min into this workout and showing up late w the weinke. Good work getting us going, Hitch. These ideas were his brain-children.



F3 Day of Service!

May 5, SOS Spring Clean from 8:30 – 12:00, and Dia del Ninos from 11:00 – 5:00. Put it on your calendar and find some clown car compatriots.

Friday the 13th Sprint-burp ladder at the Levee

AO: The Levee

QIC: Lazarus

PAX: Slicnut, Captain Obvious, Wide Right, Nature Boy, Rabbit, Barney, Pops, Billy Blanks, Snowman, Bombay

THE SCENE: 66F and windy, beautiful!





*Sprint-burp Ladder*

Partner up with a PAX of similar running pace.  Run 100 yards, 1 burpee.  ( Burpee with merkin and jump squat only).  Run back 100 yards and do 2 burpees.  PAX were given 2 goals:  1) Go as high up the ladder as they can until QIC called time at the halfway mark, then PAX would begin descending.  2) Push hard to make it back to the bottom of the ladder before QIC called end time.




11 PAX, 0 FNGs


QIC talked about how he and other PAX compared our scores on the APFT to each other and even got a little judgemental.  It’s our nature to do this, yet that was not the point, it was to set a personal standard and goal.  Life is the same way, especially when we are following Jesus.  When we compare ourselves to Jesus, we will ALWAYS fall short!  But, with the proper perspective that should set the standard for us to always strive to be more like HIM!  And one of HIS main purposes was to teach and help people lower and weaker than HIMSELF how to get better.  (What F3 stands for. )  That heart and desire to help others to get better is what should develop in HIS followers, if one is truly following HIM.


The Levee boys are a tough group of guys who desire to get better.  It is well worth the long drive to join them and an honor to lead them!


Brew Ruck 901 coming up April 28th.  See Bruce for details.  **GrowRuck is coming to Memphis! **  QIC had the pleasure and honor to do GrowRuck 05 in Chattanooga with the brothers and it was an amazing experience. You definitely want to get in on this! There will be upcoming meetings with briefings and testimonies from us PAX that went.  Stay tuned or contact Gus, Soybean, or Bruce for details.

Dropping T.U.R.D.S. at The Turd

THE SCENE:  60 degrees and amazing.  If you fartsacked, you’re wrong.

Not a professional, know your limits, yada yada.

SSH x20 IC
Hillbillies x15 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Arm Circles x15 IC (each direction)
Capri lap to far end of parking lot and back
Mosey to field

YHC believes that B.O.M.B.S is one of the best/hardest/worst exercise routines that he has experienced during his time in F3. However, one of the things that makes F3 workouts so effective is the concept of muscle confusion – doing different things each time. So, inspired by the outstanding Cordova AO at Bert Turd Ferguson Park, this morning the PAX utilized the B.O.M.B.S framework but inserted a new set of exercises.

Partner up. Perform following exercises until team total reaches amount stated below. Partner 1 performs the exercise while Partner 2 runs to flag planted in middle of the field and back. Flapjack until complete, then move to next exercise.

T: Tony Hawk Burpees x50 (burpee with 360 degree spin during jump)
U: Upright Row (with coupons) x100
R: Ranger Merkins x150 (merkins with hands below ribcage)
D: Dan Taylors x200 (1 rep = 1 squat plus 4 lunges, alternating legs)
S: Smurf Jacks x250 (SSH in squat position)

We discovered that 200 Dan Taylors takes a REALLY LONG TIME. Halfway through them we modified to 1 squat plus 2 lunges; three quarters of the way through we eliminated the lunges altogether. Still ended up having to cut Mary a little bit short.

Mosey back to STARTEX.

Thunderstruck (High plank for duration of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC; perform merkin whenever you hear the word “Thunder”)

There was an immediate chorus of complaints as soon as YHC walked into the Mary circle carrying a bluetooth speaker. A few PAX in attendance had experienced YHC’s VQ a few weeks ago, and had very unpleasant memories of Roxanne. Much mumblechatter ensued over the next 3 minutes. The group was spared the last 2 minutes of the song due to the Dan Taylors having taken longer than expected during Tha Thang.

9 PAX: Choker, Hokie (RESPECT RESPECT), Jasmine, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, Slots, Soulja Boy, Speedy, Village People

EHing has been on my mind a lot since the recent King of the Bluff competition. I started F3 in January, and by the end of my 2nd or 3rd post I was totally hooked. It filled a hole in my life that I didn’t even know was there. Because of this, EHing was very easy. At times I’ve had to make a concerted effort to dial it down a notch to avoid becoming a pest about it. (Not that I ever take anything too far…)

But it has also recently occurred to me that I don’t show enough of this enthusiasm and fervor in sharing Christ with people I meet. This is another way that F3 is making us better; when we EH our friends to post to F3, we are exercising the same emotional muscles that we can use to share Christ with people who don’t know him. I’m challenging myself and the PAX to be more diligent about this.

Dan Taylors are not fast.
Slots, Speedy, OJ, and Soulja Boy are beasts.
The NE Kingdom is coming for that CollierTrill trophy. Be afraid.

4/16: GrowRuck Happy Hour, 5pm at Huey’s Germantown (F3 name: Burger King)
4/23: GrowRuck Happy Hour, 5pm at East End Grill, Bartlett (still a FNR)
4/24: GrowRuck Happy Hour, 5pm at Wiseacre Taproom
4/28: BrewRuck
4/30-5/1: Morg defends its KotB title
Q3: GrowRuck (date TBD)