Chuck Norris and Colt 45s

THE SCENE: Generally awesome fall weather somewhere in the 40s.  It was not a miserable sweaty mess as soon as you step foot outside your vehicle, and this was a great thing.


Yep.  Done.


  • SSH IC x 15

  • Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (forward and backward)

  • Shoulder Scissors IC x 10

Rucked up and headed to first wooden rail on the outer driving loop for the following exercises:

  •  Chuck Norris Derkins x 25 (minus ruck) OYO
  •  Squats (with ruck) IC x 15
  • Colt 45s using ruck OYO

Rucked to next destination which was the last wooden rail barrier on the bridge near the ball fields

  •  Incline Merkins with rucks x 15 IC
  •  Squat ruck press IC x 10

Rucked up and headed toward main entrance to The Morg.  Where the pavement begins to start to incline, we lunged up the hill until we reached the gazebo to the left. At the main entrance to The Morg, PAX had the task to carry their own ruck as a coupon however they wished (minus on the back), back to startex.

Core work was done.

  • Bay City Scissors IC x 10
  •  Hello Dolly IC x 10
  •  Flutter Kicks IC x 10

BAM! (QIC), Birds-R-Real, Choker, Dawson, Granola, O’Reilly, Rabbit, Soulja Boy, Woodpecker

Shared personal testimony of a friend who EHd me into F3 and talked about the importance of investing in the lives of other men.  Keep up the good work, PAX and keep reaching out!  Prayed for Birds-R-Real’s M and Rabbit’s M.

Never call SSHs Jumping Jacks.  That’s what FiA does.  (This also settles the nerves of a first Q.)


Back to Neverland

THE SCENE: An absolutely beautiful Friday morning. Weather could not be better.

SSH – 20 IC.        Arm Circles – Little, big, forward, and reverse. 8 each IC.       Daily Pickers – 15 IC

  • 13s – Merkins and wide stance squats.
    • In light of the Cardinals crushing 13 run victory over the Braves, we we going to do 13s. However, we started with 13, so they were really 14s…
  • Group Dora sorta thing
    • One PAX dragged a big log half the length of the parking lot up the hill. At the top, did a bear sprawl once around the CMU. Then dragged the log back to the group.
    • Rest of the PAX did AMRAP style of the following in order: flutter kicks, Supermans, heels to the heavens, low plank leg raises (alternate every 5), flutter kicks, then choose your own for the last.
  • Mosey to pavillion
    • 50 Tricep dips OYO
    • Tree pose to a 20 hold in a figure 4 squat. Repeat for other leg.
    • Warrior 3 for 10s to Half moon for 10s. Repeat for other leg.
  • Mosey to playground.


  • PAX were asked to choose their favorite exercise for the group to do.
    • Beeflog – do 15 Gorilla Canoodlers
    • IceCube – do 10 more Gorilla Canoodlers
    • Croissant – 60 flutter kicks
    • Toucan – bear crawl across the playground and back
    • (ran out of time for rest of PAX)

7 PAX – Miracle Ear (QIC), Croissant, Zima, Beeflog, Ice Cube, Toucan, Old Yeller
Lot of sickness going around. Be sure to be good to your families and your M’s. Family comes first, F3 comes after. Stay healthy!
I really enjoy Neverland. The playground is very pleasant to work out on.
See Slack.

Pyramid BOMBS at Old Forest

THE SCENE: Brisk. Dark in the Forest!



  • SSH x25 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15 IC
  • Michael Phelps x10 IC
  • IW x10 IC
  • Forward Arm Circles x15 IC
  • Reverse Arm Circles x15 IC
  • Hillbillies x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC

We moseyed to Memphis College of Art for Tha-Thang, stopping twice for 10 tempo merkins IC at each stop. 

  • Burpees
  • Overhead Press
  • Merkins
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
    • Box Jump up the stairs
  • Squats
  • Rinse and repeat

Ascend the pyramid: 5 reps of each, then 10, then 15, then 20, then 25

Descend the pyramid: 20 reps of each, then 15, then 10, then 5

We ran out of time as several PAX were reaching 25 reps, and we began our Mosey back to STARTEX, pausing a couple of time for American Hammer OYO.


  • American Hammer x15 IC
  • Boat – Canoe
  • LBCs x10 IC

11 PAX: TLC, Frisky, Stripes, Spicy Cash, Barnum, Dewey, Bartman, Altar Boy, MIB, Bottomless, Easily Amused (QIC)

Cultivate gratitude. What are you grateful for? Take time to be present and aware to the gifts in your life. In our age of cynicism and hopelessness, nothing combats cynicism and inspires hope like gratitude.

I especially enjoyed 2nd F today. Probably in part because hot coffee is finally appealing in this (finally) chilly weather!  Mostly because relationships are being formed by newer and older Old Forest regulars. 2nd F is the glue! 

Inner loopers, check out the Sandlot on Tuesdays! Check the preblast for more announcements.

Cardio Circuit

THE SCENE: Fallish temps and a bit blustery

  • SSH
  • Windmills
  • Cherry aka Daisy Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

We moseyed over to the old football stadium track and went 1/2 way around to the exercise area

2 rounds OYO

  • 5 pullups
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 squats

Take a lap around the track

2 more rounds – RINSE and REPEAT

Mosey to track entrance and partner up

  • Partner 1 runs to the first pole of the fence and back
  • Partner 2 begins the circuit consisting of:
    50 burpees
  • 150 merkins
  • 200 BBSU

Then we moseyed back to the starting point

Time for 11s

Merkins and BBSU were the exercises of choice with the mode of transportation being lunge walks.  We got done with 90% of it and then TIME!!!!!!!

No time for that

Rabbit, Bell Ringer (QIC)

Thankful to have Rabbit come down and work out with me.  We had some great mumblechatter.

Check Slack

Monday Barracks

THE SCENE: Shoestring and Passport were waiting at the AO when YHC pulled up. Tremor and Gus pulled up shortly before 0530. I had several workout ideas bouncing around in my head, but none solidified. They all could accommodate up to 6 PAX, so I was pleased with our 5 piece. We grabbed two 60# sandbags, a 35# kettlebell, and a 30# ruck plate, and headed for the pull-up bars.  

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: given while walking

Short warm-up: SSH, tempo squats, daisy pickers, tempo merkins

First up, some circuit work. 4 rounds of: 20 SSH, 15 merkins, 10 dips, 5 pull-ups in 2:30.

[2:30 was a tad too long, probably should’ve been 2:00.]

Next, the PAX and weight were arranged on the track. 

Lane 1: 1 PAX shouldering a 60# sandbag
Lanes 2-3: 2 PAX farmer carrying the kettlebell, 60# sandbag (between them), and ruck plate.
Lanes 4-5: 2 PAX

Lanes 1-3 picked up the weight and headed counter-clockwise. Lanes 4-5 did burpee broad jumps clockwise. When the group met, the PAX rotated. The broad jump PAX typically covered 50-75 meters, with the weighted PAX covering ~350 m each round. We did one full rotation.

After the last round, we headed back to the pull-up bars for one final round of our first circuit. Then we headed to the far corner of the track for a brief Mary: 15 big boy sit-ups, 15 V-ups. 


I have an anger problem. I get frustrated easily, lose my patience, and take it out on my family. Saturday night, I lost it on my daughter at bedtime and left the room. I went back a few minutes later to apologize and ask her forgiveness. She was upset and crying, but we were able to talk and reconcile. It struck me that some of my most vivid memories of my mom as a young child are outbursts of anger. I recently learned that my grandfather would do the same things towards his kids. Are these hereditary? I was frustrated feeling like I’m just always going to have this issue. I talked with my daughter again Sunday and told her about my family and my own memories. I told her that I’ll probably lose my temper again sometime, but I hope the memories she has of those times include me apologizing and seeking reconciliation. How do you respond when you fail the ones you love? 

Farmer carries are great for grip and forearms. Do them.

“Stupid Duckwalks” -Granola

THE SCENE:  It was like 40 something out but it felt warmer since Bam had just finished bringing it at #ao-blue-colar 10 minutes earlier. Half of the Blue Collar crew equaled half of the Morg crew. The other half of the Blu Collar PAX sipped hot coffee and watched us grunt. Photo evidence below.

Look at em! They’re not even embarrassed!

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   Dat got did.

QIC:   Soulja Boy


  • Gorilla Canoodlers x15 IC  (You can thanks Birds-R-Real for those.)
  • SSGTs x10 IC

Part one consisted of five partnered rounds. Partner 1 performs the designated number of a stationary exercise while partner 2 plows advances down the parking lot* 50ish yards via the designated mode of travel. Once P1 completes  exercises, pop tall and sprint to catch up to P2 and switch. There and back.

Sets were as follows:

  • Lunge walk/burpees x5
  • Bear crawl/SSH x20
  • Duck walk/merkins x20
  • Broad jump/squats x20
  • Crab walk/CDD x15

Cool down lap around the parking lot


  • American Hammers x15 IC
  • Leg raises x15 IC
  • LBC x15 IC
  • Heel Touches x30 IC
  • Crunchy Frogs x10 IC
  • 100s IC

Rabbit, Granola, Orange Julius, Ratio, Choker, Gym Shorts, Woodpecker, Soulja Boy

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:   YHC tried right up until COT time to drum up something epic and inspiring to talk about that would resonate in the hearts and minds of the PAX for all time.


MOLESKIN:   We’re all eagerly waiting to know if Choker was able to successfully call in “tired” and if Rabbit’s 2.0 has had any life altering epiphanies we can benefit from.

Dolly Parton writes children’s books.

*  We were originally gonna do this in the grass but YHC was too sissy to roll around in the cold dew. You’re welcome.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Weren’t none.

If I get out of this hole, I’m going to Tupelo

THE SCENE: Woke at 0420, out the door at 0435 to meet a waiting Soulja Boy. We sat in the car waiting on Choker, who showed up at about 0438. On the road by 0440. YHC found a classic rock road trip playlist on Spotify. It was basically Choker’s Favorite Songs of All Time list. Perfect. The drive took about 90 minutes, which wasn’t bad at all. We arrived at the AO and the wind was a-blowin’ and it was chilly. There was a running car in the lot, with a couple of inhabitants. Sleeping, we think? Or maybe something more. The park has a local history center with some historic buildings, including an old diner named…Dudie’s Diner. The morning included many good “Dudie” jokes. Several F3 Tupelo PAX were out of town, but Pterodactyl (aka PT) showed up and we started…


SSH; Imperial Walkers; Daisy Picker; Windmill; Hillbillies; maybe something else I’m forgetting…

Mosey to the nearest soccer field with it’s very short grass and very neat lines. 

First up, BOMBS. Partner up. P1 starts on exercises. P2 backpedals across the penalty box, performs one star jump, runs back to start. 

50 burpees
100 overhead claps
150 merkins
200 big boy sit-ups
250 squats

Next up, Four Corners. PAX assembled at one corner and did the following together:

5 burpees, bear crawl across field to next corner
10 merkins, side-shuffle length of field, switching directions halfway
15 LBCs in cadence, lunge walk across field
20 squats, sprint length of field

Rinse and repeat Four Corners.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for some Mary. 

Flutter kicks, Gas pumps, Shoulder taps, low plank hold.

4 PAX: Pterodactyl, Choker, Soulja Boy, Soybean (QIC)

Faith, the Third Eff, is not about about adhering to a specific religion; it’s about not living for yourself. The High Impact Man lives to serve his neighbor. 

Awesome morning in Tupelo. Ballard Park is a great AO. Also, great coffeeteria spot at Strange Brew, a Starkville import. BOLO for a PT VQ coming soon!

3 more launch weeks ahead. Come get you some!

Light Yog at the Cockpit

THE SCENE:   Perfect weather. Dark and quiet. As usual, YHC arrived just in time to high five the normal early morning walking group on their way out. Orange Julius “strolled” in “leisurely” (he was driving like a bat out-o-hell) about 7 minutes late because some idiot had the bright idea to invent traffic lights.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   Quickly and haphazardly fumbled through


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Quick Feet/High Knees
  • Tempo Squats x10 IC
  • Bend & Reach x10 IC

Merkin Mile + Squat Jump Mile

Total of 2 miles ran, 100 merkins, and 100 squat Jumps.

Time ran out before the planned Mountain Climber Mile.


Orange Julius, Soulja Boy

Discused the recent loss of Toby from F3 Cape Fear. Prayed for his family and his F3 brothers.

Even the most moist PB/banana muffins out there are dry as sand after a workout. Had a fragment go down the wrong pipe and nearly coughed up my internal organs. washed it down with scalding hot coffee though so… GTG.

I miss Tree Hugger… and Ace Ventura.



THE SCENE:  Straight up tasty.


  • 20 SSH
  • 10 imperial walkers
  • 10 East TN Hillbillies
  • 400 mosey with straight aways high knee then butt kicks
  • 400 mosey’n


  • 2×400 Sprint straight aways
    • 10 squats after each sprint then 20 Squats
  •  2×400 again
    • 5 squat jumps (its like a thing where you squat then jump) after each sprint then 10
  • Indian, caterpillar, tomahawk, something else run x 800


  • Butt up feet flat bridges
  • Pulse it!
  • Tip toes butt up
  • Tip toes calf raise
  • Tip toes knees apart

some sexual back stretching

10 (1 IG), no FNG’s. Two FARTSACKS (Pleasant Valley & Bubble Toes)


Father shows us our identity which leads us to obey. Dont get it backwards.


my legs hurt

poptart was back in the toaster oven

ROTC wishes they could be us. I think they learned a thing or two

I need to stop dressing identical to the Air Force ROTC

Bestest newest AOQ is Upgrade!!


VQ no more!

Variety is the Spice of Life

THE SCENE: Low 60s, and overcast.  There was some sort of witchcraft at play in Cordova this morning, causing the flags to dance and flap, that had Slots most perplexed. Rain is coming, but we wouldn’t allow it to start, until we were done.

SSH 25x IC, Imperial Walkers 15x IC, Arm Circles 20x forward IC, Arm Circles 20x backward IC
YHC explained at the start that we would be doing a slight variation of the merkin mile, and the change was that there was no mile, just merkins.

Merkins 50x OYO  (quick mosey to far side of parking lot, to shake out the arms)

Circle of Fire: Everyone holds high plank, and go around the circle doing 1 merkin each, then around the circle and everyone does 2 merkins, etc. (We made it up to round 8, for a total of 36 merkins, and ~5 min of holding high plank)

Mosey up to playground, and partner up. Partner 1 does 10 Travolta merkins, while Partner 2 did AMRAP swerkins, and switch. We did 2 rounds.

Mosey back to shovel flag for 11s. Diamond merkins and Wide merkins, with 50 yard run between each set. 1 Diamond/10 Wide, 2 D/ 9 W, 3 D/8 W, all the way up to 10 D/1 W.

Merkins 25x OYO, quick mosey to shake out shoulders, Merkins 25x OYO

At this point, we had 60 seconds left. I gave Gun Show the option of one more set of merkins, or mystery exercise behind door B. He chose door B, and was rewarded with two 50 yard sprints.

No time, too many merkins.
8 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Speedy (AOQ), Gun Show, Gomer, Slots, Tremor, Lager, Big Green (FNG)
Attack your weaknesses. Whether at F3 workouts, work, or at home, we tend to identify things that we struggle with, and try to stay away from them.  Do the opposite. Take every opportunity you are given to improve in those areas. At the end of the day, it will make you a more well-rounded person, with fewer “holes in your game.”
Tremor is a merkin machine! The rest of us were bitching having trouble just holding plank by the end of round 7, but he could have gone around to at least 12.

In his last time to post at the Annex, Slots had asked for some variety in his workout, so I hope 6 different types of merkins was sufficient to satisfy this request.

In a shocking twist ending, fit for an M. Night Shyamalan movie, the Ghost Flag was plundered at the end of today’s festivities. Congratulations to District 5  Wolfpack  Arcadia for scrounging up 5 PAX to raid the ‘Dova.
AOlympics at Mothership tomorrow, Slots on Q. Who will win the Gold!?