Super late day at the Levee

THE SCENE: Chilly but not our worst

SSH IC 4ct x 25

Tempo squats IC 4ct x 20

Hill Billies 4 ct x 20

Imperial walkers 4 ct x 20

Merkins 4ct IC x 7

Mosey to hill behind baseball fields

5 laps up with crab walk

5 laps up with bear crawl

Mosey to concession stand

x50 calf raises regular

x50 calf raises toes in

x50 calf raises toes out

5 rounds of 10 Incline merkins/10 dips

Rinse and repeat calf raises and arms round

Mosey to skate park

x20 box jumps

Arm circuit=5 rounds 10/10

Calf raises 50x each way as above

Mosey back to start

YHC talked about 1 Peter 2:13-25. Main take away was verse 17.

 Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor (respect the office=pray for them even if you don’t like them).


super late. sorry men

Truck-O-Pain 1.0

THE SCENE:  Fall is in the Air…..

  • SSH:15
  • IW:15
  • DP:15
  • Squats:15
  • Merkins:15
  • Indian run around the field twice
  • AMRAP style with tire as time keeper, once tire completed rep everyone rotated equipment.
    • Bucket Squat
    • Sandbag clean and throw
    • Slosh TubeLung
    • Tire pull (50 yards our and back)

Ring of Fire (Shoulder claps, Mountain climbers)
Pax:4 FNG:0
Set goals and complete them! Plan to post X amount of times a week and hold yourself accountable.  Have your F3 brothers hold you accountable!



THE SCENE: WET but not raining



  • SSH:15
  • IW: 15
  • DP: 15
  • Merkins: 15


  • EMOM
    • 5 Merkin, 5 Squats, 5 Man Makers
    • Every 5 min run to fence


  • 50 Flutter kicks
  • 10 CMU curls
  • 40 Flutter kicks
  • 20 CMU Curls
  • 30 Flutter kicks
  • 30 CMU curls
  • 20 flutter kicks

PAX:11 FNG:0

As the cold weather comes, continuously reach out to your brothers and get them to the gloom.  Hold each other accountable!


Service project hanging white boards

Tried to EH a crossfitter & we all paid the price

    • Nippy 47*
    • Welcomed & disclaimed
    • 10x IC Crossjacks
    • 10x IC plank jacks
    • 10x IC SSH
    • Crossfit Open WOD 18.2 – Ascending ladder to 10: burpees & team squatting a picnic table (F3 Mod for 2x 50# dumbbells/PAX)
    • Crossfit WOD: “Chelsea” Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) for 30 minutes:
      • 5 Pull-ups
      • 10 Push-ups
      • 15 Squats
  • MARY:
    • NOPE!
    • 4 PAX (0 FNGs): Zima, Mr. Wonderful, Fugitive, Granola
    • I haven’t had time to submit a reflection on GrowRuck12 until now. The PAX were gracious with my tedious recounting of the Crab Mountain evolution.
    • Crab mountain was fun, until it wasn’t. I quickly made it halfway up the hill before remembering what happened the last time I took off like this in a challenge. The MLK Light cadre had us “sprint” to a hill and back. Once I made it back, he asked me why I had abandoned the 6. I gained absolutely nothing in taking off like how I did. I ended up having to complete the sprint evolution twice, since he sent me back for the 6. That was a painful lesson I didn’t want to repeat. So, I went back down crab mountain–sometimes controlled, mostly tumbling backwards–to do what I could to help the 6. Long story short, I wasn’t able to help and ended up needing to be rescued myself. Here’s a picture O Positive took of me on Crab Mountain (or maybe of me on the log):
      Related image
    • That evolution taught me a few things:
      1. Life is a team sport: The 6 needed help. I needed help. Without help, we would probably still be out there.
      2. There’s more than one way to watch the 6: Undisputedly, what saved many of us on Crab Mountain was that some HIMs decided to summit the mountain, drop their rucks, and go back biped-style to help some weary crabs. That strategy was much more helpful than what I tried to do.
      3. My preparation/training is not about me: It became abundantly clear to me that, at best, I was barely capable of taking care of my own needs and at worst, I was a burden on the team. Training hard enough to not be a liability is one thing, training hard enough to be an asset was another. I had done neither. I arrogantly thought I could just waltz in and do things I hadn’t trained for in months. Of course, with 51 HIMs, this impact was negligible, but the lesson was memorable. Don’t just train to survive, train to serve.
    • I thought running a few WODs might help me EH a crossfitter. I was wrong, he didn’t show up, and we all suffered for it.
    • “Chelsea” is no joke. I would like to do this again sometime.
    • I like how, as far as I know, there isn’t an F3 name for pull-ups. I imagine any attempt would go something like this:
      • F3: “Hey, pull-ups, let’s call you ‘Upsy-Daisies!'” LOLOL
      • Pull-ups: “No.”
      • F3: “Cool. Cool. Ok… Pull-ups it is.”
    • It was good to meet Fugitive and to see Zima again. Not sure how Mr. Wonderful felt about leaving the Morg or about being my friend, but the Crave nitro brew was awesome!

Doracides at the Cockpit


The air was cold but Jasmine and YHC’s blood was warm due to some early morning ruck action. Ace Ventura showed up for pre-ruck at like 0510 because YHC fat fingered the time when advertising it on Slack the night before. Sue me.

Also, that was when Ace learned what rucking is. Welcome to your new addiction.



Disclaimer & F3 mission shared.



SSH x20IC/repeat

Frankenstiens x20IC/repeat

Daisy Pickers x20IC/repeat




Pax partenered up, obvi.

Teams completed 100 merkins, 200 big boi situps, and 300 squats collectively. Partner one does the exercise while partner two perfoms suicide sprints to 3 cones perfoming burpees at each cone.

The word of the day was “form focus”. (Okay, “words”of the day. Whatever)

The PAX did fureal Merkins, BBSU, and Squats. And I don’t mean those ridiculous girly “squats” where you dip down like an inch and a half. You know the kind where you intellectually lie to yourself by twerking for 30 seconds and convincing yourself that you just did 80 squats and didn’t even feel any burn. 90 degree angles were achieved and upper legs and arms were parallel to the ground at the bottom of each rep. YHC payed attention.

Proper form is the difference between getting smoked and wasting 45 minutes of your life!



14 minutes left.

Mosey to the tennis court for some 11’s involving 4 count Alternating Single Leg Baby Makers and Pickle Pounders.

Wall Builder had the idea that ASLBM should be named Russian Baby Makers. An excellent suggestion. We’re going with it.



Ace Ventura; Wall Builder; Jasmine; Soulja Boy



Nothing particular. YHC encouraged the PAX to pay attention to slack to stay in touch and in the know.

Also prayed for Bootheel’s fam and for Jasmine and his M going to India.



The Wallbuilders are having their fourth! It’s a boy!



The Wallbuilders are still having their fourth! It’s still a boy!

Eli Grow Legacy 8K November 3rd. See the weekly pre-blast or talk to Bruce for the deets.

Over Ambitious Dora Attempt

THE SCENE: A beautiful 55 degrees at the Berm

Disclaimer disclaimed real hard
SSH (15), Arm Circles (10 in each direction), Shoulder taps (20), Squats (15), All in cadence

Pax moseyed half way to “berm mountain” and then caterpillar’d the rest of the way there.

Dora 1,2,3,4,5,6 was stated as our plan and was absolutely impossible. (We will try again soon anyway.)

  • Partners work together to get to stated numbers of each exercise.

Mode of transportation… Sprint to hill, bear crawl up and down (front roll encouraged) then sprint to sidewalk and repeat on return trip.

  • 100 Burpees (Accomplished by all teams)
  • 200 Spiderman Planks (Accomplished by all teams)
  • 300 Push-ups (Accomplished by all groups)
  • 400 Gas Pumps (Accomplished 1/2 ish by all groups)
  • 500 Squats (we did 25 before sprinting back to startex
  • 600 Overhead Claps (We did 50 upon returning to startex in cadence)

Snookie, Flatland, Lipton, Yardsale, Graceland, FNG (Yellow Snow), Little John, Lil’ Nicky

2 Corinthians 12 – About God showing His power through our weakness and being willing to admit our weakness and need. 

Quote: “Life would be a lot easier as soon as we stop thinking it is supposed to be easy.”

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

“Don’t look me in the eye when doing the pickle pounder…”


Clear skies and based on the relative shrinkage, I would say around 45 degrees.


Welcomed and disclaimed.


SSH (IC) x 20
Daisy Pickers (IC) x 15
Arm Circles forward (IC) x 10
Arm Circles reverse (IC) x 10
Mosey Lap around the parking lot

Indian Crabwalk with alternating flutter kicks and BBSUs.  PAX yelled “Larry” to signal the six to start crabwalking.


Declining Pickle Pounder sets from 50-40-30-20-10 with a mosey between each set. PAX held plank until all in.  (Aforementioned shrinkage was relevant with this exercise).

Declining Box Cutter sets from 30-20-10 with a mosey between each set.  PAX held Al Gore or Plank until all in.

In partners:
(1) One partner bear crawls across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs American Hammers (2 is 1), alternating until each team performed 100.
(2) One partner lunge walks across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs Dying Cockroaches (2 is 1), alternating until each team performed 80.
(3) One partner lunge walks across parking lot from curb to light post while other partner performs ABCs (2 is 1), alternating until each team gets through all 26 letters (no penalties assessed if PAX needed to sing the alphabet song to get through the exercise).

Ring of fire – PAX were shoulder-to-shoulder in Merkin position.  One PAX would peel off and bear crawl around ring clockwise while PAX alternated the following exercises:  Shoulder Taps, Hands-free Merkin and (after flipping to six) LBCs


Just enough time for one more mosey lap around the Levee parking lot.


13: Renfro, Captain Obvious, Woody, Harbaugh, Dial-Up, Nature Boy, Meter Maid, Billy Blanks, Slicnut, Pronto Pup, C-Lo, U-Rock, 1040


Recently, my M and I were traveling to Kentucky to see my brother and his family.  For much of the trip my M was quiet which I knew meant I did something wrong.  I finally got her to open up and she told me how I always talking about locking shields and praying with other men in a men’s group I lead and how I am passionate about F3 where we also lock shields.  She noted that both of those are great things but then revealed the fact that I rarely do that with her.  Gut punch but needed.  I encouraged the PAX to lock shields with their M’s, not just praying with them or in proximity to them, but to wrap them in their arms around, fully embrace and draw them close as they seek God’s grace, mercy, guidance and comfort in navigating life.  Locking shields with your M regularly will allow the Holy Spirit to soften each of your hearts towards each other and hopefully will make navigating strain, strife and stress in the relationship easier.


I am always impressed/inspired by the effort and ability of our more seasoned PAX.

T-Claps to U-Rock coming prepared to take the Levee pic to the next level (which I didn’t think possible).  Thanks Camera Q.

Enjoyed the coffeteria with my brothers afterwards.


Do the right thing and sign up for Q slots at other AOs.

Back to Back

THE SCENE:  Slightly chilly 46 degrees

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: YHC had to do the disclaimer 3 FREAKIN TIMES because people were late.  Believe me, disclaimer was not missed!!

Daisy Pickers IC x20 (Sir Mix-A-Lot complained about too many Daisy Pickers… WEAK!)
Lap around the track doing Power skips on the straight aways.
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20

1 Mile Burpee Indian Run: Pax divided into 2 lines and the last two of each line would drop down for 3 burpees and run to the front of their corresponding line while the next pax dropped to do 3 burpees.

1 Mile run around the track with running backwards the last 100m of each lap.
Mosey to the Tower of Terror.

Tower Suicides: Pax ran to the second level of the parking garage, then back down to the first. Back up to the third level, then back down to the first.  Suicide took the remainder of the time.

None of that weak stuff.  We came to RUN.

15 PAX

After the trip to Puerto Rico, the overwhelming thing I learned was Jesus is enough.  I dont need another house, or a nice house, another car or any other THING.  Jesus is enough.  Don’t forget that these things will all go away one day and all that will be left is Jesus.  Dont trade Jesus away for these things.  Let Jesus be your all.

MIB hurt his knee but didnt go home!  He pushed through like a real HIM and continued to be a part of the workout.  Even when sitting down, he continued to stretch and do work!  TCLAPS to MIB!  Today was day 2 of a back to back Q for YHC and I am smoked.  Both days we ran over 3 miles while doing work.  Proud of the two men who were with me both days.  Shout out to Bookworm and Park Bench!

Buy a Fight for Micah patch from YHC for $15 to support St. Jude and show Micah how much we love that lil dude!

Tour de Gaisman

THE SCENE: Chilly 50 degrees at first.  Then layers started being shed

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed and done

SSH IC x30
Daisy Pickers x30
SSH IC x20
Merkins x20
SSH IC x10

Pax moseyed around the unknown official mileage of the track at Gaisman Park.  YHC wanted to show off the beautiful features of the park including 3 fully lit baseball fields that also have soccer goals, tennis court, pool, playground, running track(not a mile), and a memorial to those who served in Vietnam. To make sure the pax got the full experience we did the following:

Merkin Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 merkins on YHC count. (100 total)
Squat Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 squats IC. (200 total)
BBS Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 big boy situps OYO. (100 total)

We finished the very last set of 25 at exactly 6:15.  YHC has impeccable timing.

6 pax: Shoestring(YHC), Squeegee, FourEyes, Bookworm, Mothballs, Park Bench

YHC was in Puerto Rico the last week with my mom.  One of the things I learned was to be content and have joy where the Lord has me.  I can see how at 68 years old, my mom still doesn’t know what is next and what is her purpose or where her joy will be found. It was a reminder for me to find joy where the Lord currently has me.  He has a plan and that is for my good and His glory.  I can be ok with not seeing every inch of the plan but knowing that God cares for me and wants the best for me.  He wants more for me than I want for myself so I can rest that He is in control and find joy and comfort in that.

Squeegee celebrating an anniversary today!!  TCLAPS to him and his wife!!  Mothballs is getting hitched on Saturday!!  TCLAPS to getting married and entering a new season of life!  Praise God for that!


U-Rock Blackops

THE SCENE: 70 degrees and a little bit of rain that turned into a lotta bit of rain halfway through.


Welcomed and disclaimed. Nantan took a wrong turn and missed this part. 

20 SSH – IC

20 IWS – IC

12 Merkins – IC


  • Merkin Mile to scout out the new AO and future implements of woe
  • DORA 1-2-3
    • Partner 1 Farmer carries two CMUs down the horse show arena stairs and back up while Partner 2 does the following exercises. Once Partner 1 returns, flapjack.
      • 100 Merkins
      • 200 Monkey Humpers
      • 300 Squats

Dealers Choice Mary

Billy Blanks – 30 CMU deadlifts OYO

Barney – 30 Redneck Imperial Walkers OYO (AKA Hillbillies)

Gus – 20 Overhead Squats with CMU OYO

9 PAX – 0 FNG (

Encouraged the PAX to be selfless with their time, knowledge and resources. Don’t be afraid to let others get praise and encouragement. Spend your time pouring into others rather than hoarding what you have.

A lot of potential at this AO. Looking forward to what can be done here.

Camping trip Friday/Saturday

Billy Blanks garage sale on Saturday