THE SCENE: 75 degrees and just above dew point at the shiniest AO commanlly know as Neverland.

SSH x 50 IC
Abe Vigoda x 15 IC
Arm Circles (forward) X 15 IC
Arm Circles (backwards) X 15 IC
Daisy Pickers X 15 IC
Finkle Swings X 10 IC
Mosey to the stage for some major BLIMPS action.

  • Burpees x 15 OYO, followed by a run to the gazebo
  • Lunges x 30 (30 each leg) OYO, followed by a run to the gazebo
  • Imperial Walker x 45 (45 each leg) OYO, followed by a run to the gazebo
  • Merkins x 60 OYO, followed by a run to the gazebo
  • Plankjacks x 75 OYO, followed by a run to the gazebo
  • Squats x 90 OYO, followed by a mosey to the flag

Hurricane Hoedown x 7 down to 1 IC

Merican and Shoulder press circuit x 1 up to 7 IC

2 PAX  (Zima & Tiger Lily)
100% turnout for the best coffeteria anywhere.
GrowRuck 12 kicks off tonight!

Winning or seeking to win?

THE SCENE:  69° and 85% humidity at the shiniest AO in F3Memphis

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: They were welcomed and disclaimed

SSH IC x20
Daisy Pickers IC x15
IW IC x15
Small arm circles IC x15 (+ reverse)
0.5 mile mosey

Decided to come up with my own WIB, so we did CHADS – a circuit workout at each station and on your own:
Carolina dry docks x15
Hand-release merkins x15
Alternating shoulder taps x25
Dumbbell clean and press (30#x2) x15
Squats x30

Each PAX started at a different station while one PAX carried something heavy ~100 yards, circling the gazebo, then back. Continued circuit until each PAX had completed the heavy carry twice with each item. Loop distance was ~1/8 mile.

Heavy carry 1: 40# dumbbell x2 (these things got heavy)
Heavy carry 2: 40# sand bag

Dealer’s choice:
No Fuego: flutter kicks
Private: mountain climbers
Zima: WWI sit-ups 

Private, No Fuego, Zima

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – Sun Tzu

It’s far too easy to set your life on auto-pilot and cruise along instead of attacking each day and becoming better prepared to be victorious.

How are we preparing ourselves to be victorious warriors every day? We strengthen our bodies in F3, but what are we doing to sharpen our minds? How are we strengthening our spirit so we can confidently enter the daily battles we face, already confident in our victory?

Consider this, seek out your weaknesses and attack them so that they can become strengths. But continue to work on your strengths as well, so that you can be confident of your victory before the battle even begins.

All three PAX that showed up today are regular lifters, this was a good thing. Everybody needs some weightlifting in their life, but not everyone would have been ready for this one.

Also, my shoulders are toast.

Errbody needs to sign up to take food to Gilligan.

full body circuts

THE SCEENE  60degrees and in the gloom
15xssh 15xdp 15xssh 20x arm circles

  • 8 dif stations, 3 workouts for 30 secs each while doing them 3 times over.  #1  jump squats, high knees, side lunges  #2 merkins, curl cmu, Carolina dry docks #3 mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, flutter kicks #4 burpess, renegade rows, cmu press #%5 explosive lunges, ssh, imperial walkers #6 cmu curls, merkins, dry docks #7 baby crunches, bicycle crunches, hello dollys #8 burpees cmu press, plank jacks

5 pax no fngs
don’t be a energy vampire
In life you will run into 3 dif types of people. uplifting people, neutral people, and non uplifting people. Uplifting people make u feel good. Neutral people make you feel the same about yourself. Non uplifting people can drain you. Try to be an uplifting person to someone. Don’t be an energy vampire. Prayer for Gilligan , and Ufo
ANNOUNCEMENTS Growruck and meals for Gilligan

9’s and 11’s on 9-11

A perfect 63 degrees. Overcast and still very dark out. I was not 100% sure I was in the right place.  But then I scanned the area and saw that Rabbit was nowhere to be found, so I knew I’d made it to Neverland.

Fully disclaimed, then fully disclaimed again when a FNG arrived midway through the Warm-o-rama.

Merkins IC x8.  Zima immediately speculated that I might be an impostor.
SSH IC x46.  Mumblechatter started around count 31.
At 8:46am ET on 9/11/2001, American Airlines Flight 11 traveling from Boston to LA struck the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Merkins IC x9
At 9:03am ET on 9/11/2001, American Airlines Flight 175 traveling from Boston to LA struck the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Merkins IC x9
SSH IC x37
At 9:37am ET on 9/11/2001, American Airlines Flight 77 traveling from Dulles to LA struck the Pentagon Building in Washington, D.C.

Merkins IC x10
At 10:03am ET on 9/11/2001, United Airlines Flight 93 traveling from Newark to San Francisco crashed in a field near Shanksville, PA.

In honor of the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, today we did 9’s and 11’s.  A cone was placed at the start point and the Shovel Flag was placed about 40 yards away.

9’s:  Bodybuilders/BBSU
Run to SF for 8 Bodybuilders, run back to cone for 1 BBSU
Run to SF for 7 Bodybuilders, run back to cone for 2 BBSU

Run to SF for 1 Bodybuilder, run back to cone for 8 BBSU

At this point we interrupted the workout to reflect on the interruption that was 9/11.  Each PAX shared where they were at the time of the attacks and how it changed their lives.

11’s: Burpees/WWI Situps
Run to SF for 10 Burpees, run back to cone for 1 WWI Situp
Run to SF for 9 Burpees, run back to cone for 2 WWI Situps

Run to SF for 1 Burpee, run back to cone for 10 WWI Situps

The last few rounds of the 11’s had to be cut for time.


5 PAX (1 FNG):  Choker (QIC), Flobee, Tree Hugger, Wolfpack (FNG), Zima

It is amazing how our brains take an exact snapshot when tragic events occur.  Our grandparents remembered every detail from the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked.  Our parents know exactly where they were and what they were doing when JFK was assassinated.  For us, the morning of the 9/11 attacks is burned into our memory.  My hope and prayer is that our kids can grow up without their own life-changing tragedy to remember.

Nitro #coffeeteria never disappoints.

Shout out to Foxtrot at F3 Cape Fear for his backblast from 9/11/2017 which inspired today’s Thang.



THE SCENE: Neverland (Playground of Dreams in Arlington), 72 and everything is wet after the storm rolled through last night.


Mtn Climbers x15 IC

WW1 Sit Ups x15 OYO

Merkins x15 IC

BoxCutters x15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Reverse Crunches x15 OYO


Run a small lap

1st Work: 5 mins

Mtn Climbers and LBC’s (pax 1 performs 15 LBC’s while other pax are busy with Mtn Climbers, rotate)

Run a small lap

2nd Work: 30 each pax

Plank and Merkins (pax 1 performs 5 merkins while other pax awaits their turn in the plank aka Leaning Rest position, rotate)

Run a small lap

3rd Work: 30 each pax

90 and Reverse Crunches (pax 1 runs 30 yards and performs 5 Reverse Crunches, then runs back to relieve other pax who are waiting patiently on their backs feet straight up in the air, rotate)

Run a small lap

4th Work: 30 each pax

Imperial Walkers and WW1 Sit Ups (pax 1 performs 5 WW1 sit ups, while other pax does what seemed like an endless amount of Imperial Walkers, rotate)

No lap here

5th Work: 30 each pax

Plank Jacks and LBC (pax 1 performs 5 plank jacks, then relieves other pax from the never ending amount of LBC’s)

Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Flobee, Zima, Tiger-Lily. FNG: None
Cover me in times of war. As life decisions are upon us, be sure that we take time to just be still and trust God knowing that he has our best interest and knows way more than we could ever.
2 of the 3 made it to the best coffeteria anywhere.
GrowRuck is in two weekends. Make sure you push hard this week to have a lighter week the week of the event.

Zima: refreshing citrus flavored adult beverage or… war criminal?

THE SCENE: Humidish 72° at the shiniest AO in F3Memphis.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX were welcomed and disclaimed.

SSH IC x25
Daisy Pickers IC x15
IW IC x20
Arm circles IC x15 (+ reverse)

PAX lined up for the Bataan Death March around the park (0.7 miles). There was much rejoicing.

    PAX then performed Zima’s favorite WIB – BOMBS! PAX partnered up and shared the workload – while one performed the exercise, the other bear-crawled 15 yards, crab-crawled 15 yards, did 10x SSH, then backwards ran back to the partner performing the following exercises:

  • Burpees x50
  • Overhead Claps x100
  • Merkins x150
  • Big Boy Situps x200
  • Squats x250

Teams that completed all rounds early were encouraged to spread out and assist other teams until all accounts were settled.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Seriously, we finished the BOMBS at 6:15 on the nose…

12 (0 FNGs): Faceplant, Thundercat, Wall Builder, UFO, Woodpecker, Choker, Tiger Lily, Gilligan, Bob Ross, Red Roofer, Flobee, Zima

A man who takes his wife for granted must confront her unhappiness when he gets home at night. A man who is inattentive to his children will quickly confront their need for his sacrifice no matter how hard he might try to ignore it.

In this way, the first two are inherently configured to warn him if he is committing relationship malpractice. But the third ring, the Shield Lock, is different. If a man’s horizontal relationships with other men are Decelerating (or worse, non-existent), there will be no jangling alarm to warn him of the danger. Gradually, he will become accustomed to trying to hunt and defend alone, despite how unsuccessful and unfulfilling the effort is. Such a man may not even realize that he is not Right until he finds himself completely un-Prepared for the unexpected. Then, like the Amateur he is, he will wonder why all his friends have “abandoned” him when the truth is that it his own negligence that is to blame. 

By locking shields with other men, the HIM hedges his brother’s peak against his own valley, and vice-versa. He knows that his valleys will tempt him to the Flux, and that he will need the strength of his brother’s peak to maintain Acceleration. Likewise, he knows that it will be his peak that provides his brother the bulwark he will need when a valley draws him toward the Flux. This, not companionship, is the ultimate Purpose of the Shield Lock and its primary distinction from a Club.

The Shield Lock must come together periodically to be Effective. For the HIM, this is a form of preventive maintenance. The Amateur waits until the needle is on empty before he stops for gas, but the Pro fills his tank periodically—regardless of where his needle is pointing at any given moment. By meeting periodically, the Members of the Shield Lock recognize each other’s incipient valleys and proactively initiate the fight against the Flux as a Team. In this way, the Shield Lock parcels out the pain felt by the man in the valley and bears it together as a team.

Pain is finite. The more it is parceled, the easier it is to bear.

Nice seeing some new faces at Neverland, everyone pushed hard today, but Woodpecker brought it. Props.

Horseflies are the debbil.

None, got out of dodge due to the debbil-fly that was terrorizing all.

#ArlingTough sportsball (Tiger Lily VQ)

THE SCENE: Neverland (Playground of Dreams in Arlington), 75 and stupid humid and the most impressive thing ever spotted in Neverland – a member of the Leporidae family.

1 Welcome: I am not a professional despite my appears (not sure why but most pax laughed at something)
2 You are participating at your own risk and everything is a suggestion
3 You are responsible for yourself
4 You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
5 Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


SSH, IC x25
Arm Circles, IC x20
Daisy Pickers, IC x15
Bataan Death March around the medium park loop twice with last pax doing a single burpee. Ensured we maintained a slower pace during this evolution as we warmed up!

Gathered at the pole to explain that this is the start of the best weekend (college football kick off), so everything will be sports themed.

Everyone lined up in the sidewalk and each person took turns throwing the frisbee across the field. While in the air, each pax sprinted after the disc. Once it landed everyone dropped and bear crawled to where the disc landed. This is the moment we found out that Rabbit cannot throw a frisbee.

Everyone moseyed back to the flag pole where each pax got a sports ball (footballs, basketball or soccer ball) and then moseyed to the far end of the field.

10 lunges each leg forwards while holding the ball and twisting to both sides
10 lunges each leg backwards while holding the ball and twisting to both sides
25 prisoner squats IC with ball overhead
25 partner twists sitting back to back
30 Big Boy Sit-ups passing the ball back and forth with your partner
While holding a single arm plank 10 each arm make a figure 8 with you and your partners down arm
15 American Hammers IC with the ball

10 merkans on the ball
Mosey back to flag
10 burpees
5 merkans with one hand elevated on the ball
5 merkans with other hand elevated on the ball
10 burpees
10 merkans on the ball

40 Freddie Mercuries, followed by a little “Phat Pat” style Mary.

Five (0 FNGs): Gillian, Smee, Rabbit, Zima, Tiger Lily

Trust in God. As life decisions are upon us, be sure that we take time to just be still and trust God knowing that he has our best interest and knows way more than we could ever.

3 for 5 for the best coffeeteria in all of the F3 nation!

Something, something, GrowRuck, something, something, coffeeteria

Double Diamonds at Neverland

The weather was calm and about 72ºF


Side straddle hops x 20
Imperial walkers x 20
Arm circles (forward and reverse) x 20

Four cones were setup in a diamond formation on the grass.  At each cone, there was an instruction to complete two different exercises.  All exercises were initially 20 reps each; two of the cones had CMUs.  Q instructed PAX to pick a cone to begin.  After the completion of the the exercises at a cone, PAX were instructed to move clockwise to the next cone via either bear crawls or lunges.  The exercises at each cone included the following:

Cone 1 – Arm Curls (w/CMU), Shoulder Taps
Cone 2 – Merkins, Big Boy Situps
Cone 3 – Burpees, Flutter Kicks
Cone 4 – Squats (w/CMU), Nolan Ryans

After one round was completed, PAX moseyed on the track to an area with handrails; PAX did 20 reps of dips and erkins.  PAX moseyed back to the cones and did a 15-rep set of exercises at each cone.  After the 15-rep set was completed, PAX moseyed to some benches where PAX completed 20 dips and 20 box jumps.  PAX moseyed back to the center of cone area and stared Mary.

Q called on PAX to lead a dealer’s choice Mary; exercises included flutter kicks, american hammers, freddy mercury’s and baby crunches.

7 PAX (No FNGs); PAX included tree hugger, flobee, duct tape, gilligan, short timer, hook, and zima

I discussed what I learned from a recent study of Jonah.  Primarily the fact that God had mercy on the people of Ninevah despite their wickedness; it was ironic that Jonah essentially despised the fact that the people of Ninevah turned from their wickedness and were not punished.  God loves all people and wants everyone to come to know him.



Phat Pat brings HOOKs to Neverland

THE SCENE: Awesome! Second star to the right, follow til morning. 




YHC hid Tinkerbell (30lb CMU) about 100 yards away at the playground. Each Lost Boy took a turn running to the playground and checking one spot for Tinkerbell. If found, perform 30 CMU Curls.

The rest of Lost Boys perform HOOKS:

Hand release Merkins x20
Overhead Press x50
Overhead Claps x50
Kicks, Flutter variety x25 (four count)

It’s a timed round. If Tinkerbell wasn’t discovered by all Lost Boys in time then perform 40 penalty Burpees.

Round 1 – 40 penalty Burpees
Round 2 – two less minutes, COMPLETED!
Round 3 – one less minute, COMPLETED!

PhP stretches – 4 minutes

4 PAX (0 FNGs): Tiger Lily, Zima, Flobee, Phat Pat (QIC)

Said some smart stuff.

100% Coffeeteria for best coffee in the land. Have sinister ideas to make HOOKS harder next time for the Lost Boys.

GrowRuck n stuff.

Neverland AMRAP

THE SCENE: It is quite at the only AO outside the outside loop!

  • 25 SSH: IC
  • 20 Daisy Pickers: IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers: IC
  • 2 Min AMRAP: BBS
  • 2 Min AMRAP: Hand Release MErkinsTHA-THANG:
    AMRAP: Tire pull used as time keeper.
  • Sandbag bearcrawl pull
  • Bucket run 25 yards with 10 squats (Rinse and Repeat)
  • Slosh Tube 25 Yard Run with 10 squats (Rinse and Repeat)
  • Once HIM finished with tire pull, the Pax would rotate to a new coupon.


  • 6 Captain Thor
  • 15 Flutter kicks IC
  • 1 Min AMRAP: BBS
    4: PAX 0: FNG

    Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; Keep her, for she is your life. Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of evil. Avoid it, do not travel on it; Turn away from it and pass on.”  Proverbs 4:13-15

    4 for 4 for coffeeteria!
    None were given….