August 13, 2019

Catch Us If You Can

THE SCENE: 81 degrees, with infinity % humidity.

Mosey to the Stables (1/4 mile) for set of 7s with pull-ups and Merkins. Mosey back to flag.
Catch Us If You Can (Group of 3 people)

Partner 1 carries Partner 2, while Partner 3 performs exercise. Upon completing, Partner runs to catch up with first two guys. Partner 2 carries partner 3, while 1 performs the exercise, then runs to catch up. Then 3 carries 1 while 2 does exercise. Exercise rotated as shown below, increasing the total each time you completed all three.

Due to the number of PAX, we only one group of 3. The other two pairs alternated doing a farmer’s carry with a CMU in each hand, while his partner completed the exercise, and then ran to catch up.

At the far end of each cycle (we did 2), we did another set of 7s in the stable.

  • 5 burpees/6 burpees/7 burpees
  • 10 merkins/12 merkins/14 merkins
  • 15 LBC/18 LBC/21 LBC

YHC neglected to remind everyone to do squat jacks when we completed our first lap, so everyone did 100 OYO, at the end of our 2nd lap.

Guantanamo – 2 times around the circle

Hello Dolly  x15 IC

American Hammers x15 IC

LBC x20 IC

Bicycle V-Ups  x6 IC (U-Rock said we had Shoestring to thank for those…)

7 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Woody, U-Rock, Flipper, Spirit Stick, Blart, Swipe Right
You get out what you put in. In every aspect of your life (work, family, F3, etc), if you aren’t where you think you should be/want to be, take a look at the time and effort you are putting forth.
The guys jumped at the chance to carry CMUs, instead of do partner carry. They may have inadvertently given themselves a tougher workout. There was a lot of grumbling about sore forearms at the end.
2nd Anniversary Workout Saturday at The Mothership

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