July 26, 2018

Catch Me If you Can / With CMU

THE SCENE:  Cool Cool Weather 70 if i’m not mistaken. Barely any dew on the grass… could it be any better.


YHC, Jasmine alarm failed to wake him fortunately his 2.2 woke him and his M up and he was able to make a mad dash to the Annex where a whole was sinking.


YHC, Jasmine, showed up late, but early enough that only 2 warm up exercises had been performed.

  • Toy Soldiers x20 IC
  • Capri Lap
  • Merkins x20 OYO
  • Annie x20 Left x20 Right


CMU Chase Me If you Can

Partner-Up. While one partner lunge- walks with CMU while partner does 20 Squats

To the other side of park Flapjack

Flapjack One – Insert WWI Situps and Side-shuffle for trasport

(We Reached the other side)

G-String Gave 20 Count to catch breath for all..

Plank Inch Worm Bearcrawl with CMU

I told all the PAX we were going to SLOW mosey to park pavilion picking up extra CMU’s for all.

About halfway across I thought better.

Catch Me if You Can Round Two

Flapjack Two – LBC with High Knees for Transport

Mosey to pavilion

Perform Step-ups with CMU x20

Shoulder Shrugs with CMU x20


Ring of Fire – All plank while each PAX did 5 CMU curls. We went around twice.

Dealer Choice:

G-String –  Reverse Situps x20

Bootheel – Hello Dolly x20

Speedy – Red Light / Green Light / Yellow Light


Jasmine, G-String, Speedy, Bootheel,


I recently took a new job where in a am up and down ladders all day lifting ceiling tiles to mount J Hooks so that I can run wire on these hangers. While above the ceiling tiles it is interesting to see all the junk that is left up there. It is also frustrating how the same electrical codes are not being followed by all contractors who work. I often see gross violations wherein wires are often strewn across the tops of the tile grid or otherwise. Vermin droppings and other refuse often finds its eternal resting spot above the ceiling.

I got to thinking about the stark contrast between the above the ceiling tiles and below them. This image is not that different than our lives often – we look all put together on the outside but beneath our largest organ often lays the dirty addictions, proclivities, and habits. We must strive as men to be that don’t just do the right thing when people are watching but when no one is watching.

2.0 Workout This Sunday with FiA at 1500

GrowRuck Sim this Saturday at 0300