October 24, 2018

Carport 54, Where Are You?


50 degrees, clear, and beautiful.  I had arrived at 0445 for some early Ruckership with Bam, Commie, Granola, and (most importantly) Cujo.  We did the usual 2 laps around the Morg while solving the world’s problems and being dudes.  We arrived back at the Shovel Flag at 0520, just enough time to snap a ruck pic and for Granola to apply a salve to soothe his moonburn.  We were all excited about Carport’s Q, and went to our cars to retrieve the CMUs that he had announced were necessary the previous night on Slack.  By 0529, it occurred to us that Carport was not in the circle.  I quickly double-checked the schedule, thinking maybe I was mistaken and that Rabbit was actually on Q this morning.  Granola and I spent the next 45 seconds devising a plan for what to do with these CMUs.

Welcome to F3, my name is Not Carport.  I am not a professional, etc etc…

SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Windmills x15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Little Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)

Each of these warmup exercises were followed by a brief scan of the park entrance to check for a speeding Carport.  Each brief scan was followed by a few seconds of sadness and despair.

The typical thing for an AOQ to do when he has been Rabbited is a BOMBS workout.  But Granola pointed out that if we went and did BOMBS, passers-by would be confused by the CMU Stonehenge that would be left at STARTEX.  Plus, Granola is not happy unless things are harder than they have to be.  So, we did CMU BOMBS.  PAX paired up and completed the following exercises as a team, one performing the exercise while the other ran to the other side of the parking lot and back, then flapjack.

B:  8-count Bodybuilders with CMU x50
O: Overhead Press with CMU x100
M: Merkins, inclined on CMU x150
B: Bent-over Upright Row with CMU x200
S: Squats with CMU x250

It wasn’t quite time for Mary yet, so Granola brought a little extra CMU torture.

CMU Kettlebell Swings x30 IC
CMU Curls x25 IC
CMU Deadlifts x10 IC

ABCs IC (because we are Morglians, not barbarians)
Aw Yeahs x10 IC (each side)
Flutter Kicks x15 IC
Freddie Mercurys x15 IC

9 PAX:  Chauffeur, Choker (Co-Q), Commie, Gilligan, Granola (Co-Q), Orange Julius, Ramrod, Red Roofer, Tree Hugger

Always have a backup plan in place.

Carport was very penitent; after the workout I saw text messages, Slack DMs, and some nonsense in the Morg channel about him doing this on purpose to make us mentally stronger.  All I know is if it happens again I’m changing his name to Bugs Bunny.

Any of you millennials who don’t get the title reference, ask O Positive or Zima.

QSource lunch on Friday, 1130 @ Whole Foods in East Memphis.  Topic: Disruption