February 15, 2019

Cardio for Captain O

THE SCENE: 49ish – Fair
Dynamic/Cardio Warm UP
– SSH x 25
All other stretches done while moving feet (jog in place)
– Leg Swing FWD (hammys)
– Leg swings side to side (groins)
– Donkey Kicks
– Knee Up donkey kicks
– 12 push-ups, just because

Well, all this time I’ve had all my training equipment in the back of the Truck, so may as well use it.

Cardio circuits in the Car Park
Groups of 4, pair up with people in similar fitness levels or someone you can push to beat – Each Group at a circuit for 4:30 minutes then move on to next one.

#1 – 80 yard CMU shuddle run (sprint 80 yards, grab CMU, run and carry CMU 80 yards back to start -then partner goes)

#2 – Wheel Barrel Push-Up.  (using 5 parking spaces) hand walk 3 yards, do 1 push up, 3 yards, 2 push ups, 3 yards, 3 pushups, all the way to 5.  Then Pushupper runs back to start with wheelbarrel holder on piggyback. Switch partners. (bear crawl to modify)

#3 – Resistant Band 40 yard sprints.  (2 bands, partner holds band, while other partner sprints forward with band around waist. Switch partners every 40 yards)

#4 – Agility Ladders.  Race partner through agility ladder, sprint thru line.  If you lose you’re down for a burpee. (change up footwork)

#5 – LA GALAXY RING LADDERS.  2 sets of 6 rings were set out for two lines to compete with other group of 2.  6 rings were all 3 yards apart, forming two squares.  2 items placed inside the front two rings to start.  Runner must manuever items diagonally and indivudally to the end and back.  All items must be placed in the ring to count.  When finished next person in line is released to go.  (lots of footwoork, cutting, turning, shuffingly, squatting, happening here) Lots of mental work here.

Mosied back to StartX. Ended exactly on time!

17 PAX
ProntoPup, HaxSaw, Whachitah, Captain Obvious, Coach K, CheeseSteak, Peek-a-Boo, Hello Kitty, Nissan, SlicNut, Sparky, CapriSun, Pops, Kilo, C-Lo, Billy Blanks, Dial-Up

Just spoke about a weakness I know I have and the importance to spend more time with family and most importantly my wife.  Having the courage and need to shut everything out and just spending time with them and her!  Work is important, but family is more important.  Easier said than done sometimes.


Soccer style work-out, brought out the old lets make fun of the SOCCER GUY jokes!
SlicNut said he looks like a European.  German!?
CapriSun got Donkey Kicked by ProntoPup during wheel barrel pushups.
MeterMaid was neither there nor late.
Sparky slipped on ladders, faceplanted.  I told him to lift his feet.
CapriSun kept referring to DialUp as Slots by accident, he went with his for most of the workout.
More bad soccer jokes. A ball wasn’t even involved!

Only a couple weeks left on F3 shirt order.