December 4, 2017

Captain Obvious -VQ – merica’s Pastime

AO: The Levee

QIC: Captain Obvious (VQ)

PAX: C-Lo, Woody, Meter Maid, Rabbit, Billy Blanks, Pops, Slicnut, Captain Obvious

Conditions: 50 and gloomy


SSH x 20 (IC)
Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC)
Mountain Climbers x 15 (IC)
Big arm circles x 15 (IC)
Body weight squats x 15 (IC)
Mosey to softball field, sprinkling in butt kickers and high knees

The Thang: America’s Pastime

Slugger (Run DMC: start at home, sprint around bags, exercise after you touch ‘em all)
1st Inning: Dugout Derkins x 10
2nd Inning: Merkins x 10
3rd Inning: Carolina Dry Docks x 10
Rinse & Repeat x 2 (innings 4-6 = 15 reps, innings 7-9 = 20 reps)

Around the Horn: PAX move to each defensive position in the infield and perform an exercise. Number of reps corresponds to the fielding position number (3B = 5, 2B = 4, SS = 6, 1B = 3)
National League: Burpees (lunge walk between positions)
American League: Burpos (frog jump between positions)

Mosey back to SF and partner up
Squerkins: First man in merkin position with partner behind holding first man’s legs in wheelbarrow position. First man does 10 derkins (1 for every week until pitchers and catcher report) while his partner does 10 squats using the body weight of his buddy’s legs. Flapjack, then rinse and repeat x 2.

Hello Dolly x 20 (IC)
Box Cutters x 20 (IC)
Flutter Kicks x 20 (IC)
LBC x 20 (IC)
Side Plank Leg Lifts x 10 on each side (OYO)
Freddie Mercury x 20 (IC)



COT: Hebrew language has many words for “love” while we only have one (love for M, love for baseball, love for coffee, love for burpees, etc.). Three of love words found in Song of Solomon are “rayah” (friendship), “dod” (physical/sexual), “ahava” (deep commitment/covenant). The longer we are married, the easier it is to drift away from ahava (covenantal