November 30, 2018

Capri Suns Driveway

THE SCENE: Moist and an ironic 65 degrees


Easy peasy lemon squeezey


34 side straddle hops, 14 windmills, watch Meter Maid fly in 3 minutes late, proceeded to tell Meter Maid to run a mile for being late.  He did not.

Driveway Sesh:
*CMU’s were required
*22 yards in car park (curb to curb)

  • Run – Sprint 22 yards, mosey back to start. 5x
  • 50 CMU over-head press
  • Run – Sprint 22 yards, mosey back to start 5x
  • 50 CMU squats
  • Run- you get the idea
  • 50 pickle pounders (feet on CMU)
  • Run ^
  • 50 merkins – hands on CMU
  • Run ^
  • 50 CMU lunges (back foot rests on curb)
  • Run ^
  • 50 pickle pounders (feet on CMU)
  • Run ^
  • 50 CMU curls for the girls
  • Run ^
  • 25 Executioners (hands behind head, standing position to knees on the ground, back to standing position)
  • Run ^
  • 50 side oblique pickle pounders? (25 each side – and you’re ready for Friday night, am I right?)
  • Run ^
  • 50 CMU Squat thrust and over head press
    = 1.25 miles of sprints, 1.25 on moseying about + 500 of the other stuff

7 minutes to spare.  Moseyed about more.  Finished on some core work

6 #HIM – Sparky, Billy Blanks, Cheesesteak, Captain Obvious, CapriSun, and…………MeterMaid made it just in time

For my VQ COT, I actually pondered/fretted for over 2 months (since joining) what I would talk about or how I would use my short time to inspire my fellow HIMs…. I coach sport for a living, on a daily basis I am to motivate, inspire, and impact others.  I’ve been doing that for 12 years now.

Instead, one morning a few weeks back – I woke up for another F3 session and nearly told myself to go back to sleep.  But the bladder called and I had to go the bathroom.  I decided since I was already up, I may as well go.  It was Billy Blanks wet shrimp fest in the outfield.  I hated every second of it, but I loved being out there with all of you.  That was my AH HAH moment.  “My Why?”  Where for the first time in a long time, I self-reflected what I was doing in life and why was I suffering with you all 🙂 Since joining you all around Labor Day, I have self-reflected more in my life than ever. Something I needed to do.  I have been inspired by you all when sharing deeply personal stuff to our group in the COT.

Because of F3, I have been able to reflect on how I am doing as a husband, father, friend, etc. and that work is minor in life.  May 7th, 2016 I lost my mom to a very terrible and short bout to cancer,  1 month later I got married, and 1 year later we had our first son.  I let work get in my way and turned most of my focus to work to distract myself from mourning my mom, and being the husband and father I am capable of being.   However, all the men I work out with in the gloom have reminded me what is more important and you all have become good friends.  In this short time I have learned from all of you and have practiced it at home.  I promise to self-reflect more and speak about it.  Thank you.

Looking forward to more Q’n!

#HIT100 is monday, get the FNGS out!