December 5, 2019

Can You Still Feel the Butterflies?

Road trip tunes: Clarity by Jimmy Eat World (1999). There aren’t many albums that I’ve listened to consistently for 20 years. This is one. If you throw out music my parents listened to when I was a child that I still listen to, this is the only one. It’s been with me through good times and bad. I tend to turn it on whenever life feels heavy, and the last 24 hours have been heavy. Check it out on Youtube or Spotify.

YHC (finally) arrived at Aycock Park at 0526, leaving a few moments to scope out the area and make some last minute weinke adjustments. I wanted to keep things fairly simple and mostly avoid legs. The ladder portion sucked.


SSH x20; Daisy Pickers x12 (because 12 is the perfect number of reps for that movement, Soulja Boy!); Imperial Walkers x15; Hillbillies x15; Tempo merkins x10

First up, The Dirty McDeuce. Four rounds of: run 1/4 mile, do 12 reps in-cadence of: Merkins, Squats, Flutter kicks (resting on your hands or forearms, if possible). That’s 1 mile, and 96 single reps of each movement.

Next, we relocated to the pavilion for a descending ladder. We started with 12 reps each of: Burpees; Big Boy Mountain Climbers (2 is 1, get your feet as close to your hands as possible); Dips; Derkins. Soulja Boy’s bench had a dead mouse under it. We determined that he died of a meth overdose. RIP Meth Mouse.

When each PAX finished the round, wall sit until all in. We alternated doing 20-30 second rests and shoulder exercises while holding the wall sit (overhead claps and cherry pickers).

Next round, do 11 reps of each movement, and so on. We completed the round of 8 and then did some Mary.

Old Fashioned Flutter Kicks; LBCs; Orphan Annies

5 PAX, no effin jeez

My mom’s been fighting cancer for a number of years. Over the past year, she’s been on a trial chemo drug that so far had stabilized her cancer. Yesterday, she got news that the cancer is growing again. So, she’s off that trial and they’re trying to figure out what’s next. The news hit me kind of hard. The situation isn’t hopeless, but it was a sudden reminder that she’s not healthy. Cancer sucks. It will go away or retreat for a while, then come back without warning. The ups and downs of good news/bad news have been exhausting. I’ve been struggling mentally and emotionally to deal with it. My rational side is saying that we’re all going to die and not even tomorrow is promised. My emotional side doesn’t want to lose my mom or have my kids lose their grandma. That’s a battle we all have faced or will face.

What I shared with the PAX during COT was that life is short. We often live assuming that everything will just continue like it always has, but we’re not guaranteed anything. Live your life intentionally. Don’t just coast through passively. Decide what you want your life to look like and get after it. I’m not talking about a big house or a new car or a dream job; I’m talking about legacy. I want my kids to honor me when I’m gone by continuing that legacy. I want to pass down a rock solid faith, good habits, and funny stories. And I don’t want to waste whatever time my family has left with my mom. If I let the tyranny of the urgent or bad priorities rule my days, the important stuff gets squeezed out. You’ve got to fight to be intentional!

I’m rucking the St. Jude half marathon Saturday. The timing will likely heighten the emotion of the day. I still tear up thinking about the man I saw near the finish line last year with a “Thank you” sign he made in honor of his young son who died from cancer. I imagine the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on with my mom is minuscule compared to what parents must feel when their children are going through it. I feel very privileged to be rucking for the Fight for Micah team. If you’re not participating, come out and show some support, or come to some of the 2nd F events going on this weekend.

[Aside: I’ve been thankful for the support and prayers my F3 brothers have given over the last couple of years. When I heard the news yesterday, the first thing I did was tell my mom I love her. The second thing I did was send a text to my Shieldlock, guys who I didn’t even know a little over two years ago. Without F3, I’d basically be alone with my thoughts. Find yourself men to lock shields with!]

Very enjoyable morning. It was great to meet Gemini, and Soulja Boy’s PBCs are always worth the trip.

Check the St. Jude weekend preblast for 2nd F events going on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

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