April 28, 2019

Can U Q Your Own 345?? Check the rule book….



60ish and Perfect!


Done along with Disclaimer that YHC is NOT a Yankees Fan (sorry Cheesesteak)


SSH x 25 (IC) – why would we start with anything else??

Imperial Walkers x 15 (IC)

Daisy Pickers x 15 (IC and Slow)

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey around the parking lot

Brief stretch OYO

Looking for a full body workout today:

  1. CMU Circuit: Each exercise performed AMRAP for 1 minute followed by 15 second rest – alternate between upper and lower body movements
  • CMU Curls
  • CMU Sumo Squats
  • CMU Overhead Press
  • CMU Straight Leg Deadlift
  • CMU Bent over rows (30 seconds each arm)
  • Mosey around parking lot

Rinse and Repeat (replaced Sumo squats with standard CMU squat in round 2)

  1. Indian Run to Top of Hill (2 lines of PAX)
  • Flutter Kicks x20 IC
  • Several variation of plank holds (alternating arms to the sky, alternating leg lifts)
  1. Indian Run to Building (took left at top of hill and down to building on top of hill from amphitheatre
  2. 11’s
  • Started on one end of building and performed 10 merkins – ran to other end of building and performed 1 Bobby Hurley.
  • Continued this by decreasing by 1 merkin and increasing by 1 Bobby Hurley each trip (total of exercises always equals 11).
  1. Moseyed to bottom of hill to amphitheatre then formed 2 lines of PAX.
  • Staggered starts with first man in each line sprinting to top of hill on the outside of the pathway and moseyed back to the bottom of the hill down the center of the pathway
  • Rinse and Repeat (2 hill sprints done per man)
  1. Moseyed back to Startex when “all in” from hill sprints

Box Cutters IC until all Pax back to Startex

2 Rounds of Guantanomo

17 Pax (1 Irish Good-bye – Hello Kitty), Webelo, Flapjack, Slicnut fka Escobar, Rocket Launcher, Rabbit, Bailout, Rainbow Warrior, Stuft Crust, Passport, Coach K, Billy Blanks, Halpert, Crowder, Teacher’s Pet, Kilo, Steinbrenner on Q

F3 demonstrates on a regular basis that we are much stronger when we do things together rather than tackling challenges on our own….whether it’s the Crucible or just getting up early to get a 45 min or 1 hour beatdown, many of us wouldn’t do these things on our own….having other men to lean on and other men leaning on you makes it possible to accomplish more than you can do by yourself.

Take this into your lives outside the F3 workouts….get help, use the resources you have to tackle difficult projects and you will find you will not only be more successful but you will be more fulfilled when the target is reached.

I started F3 completely for myself as I needed to make some changes…now I find that helping my F3 brothers has become my motivation.

Super pumped to see Stuffed Crust and Rainbow Warrior out on Saturday for their first week of F3…welcome Brothers!

Awesome support from the brothers this week for Rocket Launcher and YHC 345 weeks…Nice work Rocket Launcher!!

Is there a better way to start your weekend than a watching the sunrise during your ruck around the lake at Shelby Farms??

The Woman of FiA have mad dedication…..the baby left behind in the stroller during their mosey and the F3 PLC was fantastic!! I know my kids would not have been as chill as that little one was…

Grow Ruck in Atltanta in late August (should be nice and cool)