September 4, 2019

Burpees, Crawls, Sprints & Horse Flies

THE SCENE: Hot enough out there today that the sweat from your undercarriage could irrigate a small turnip patch.

SSH in really funky cadence x 25

LBAC IC x 20 (10 forward 10 back)

Daisy Pickers IC x 10

Imperial Walkers IC x 10

HR Merkin Mile-ish. Stop every .2 or so to do 20 HR Merkins. Total distance traveled .85.

Mosey to left field line of softball field and partnered up for Dora 1 1.5 2. PAX swtiched partners for each round.

  • P1 Burpees, P2 bear crawl 20 yards out, lunge walk back. 100 burpees 
  • P1 Jump Squats, P2 run to center field fence and back. 150 jump squats 
  • P1 LBCs, P2 sprints 30 yards out, brisk walk back. 200 LBCs
  • Run to center field fence as a group. Sprint hard back to the flag

Dealer’s choice Lazy Boy – Freddie Mercury IC x 25, Halpert – Captain Thor’s 5×20,  YHC – Guantanamo to finish

14 PAX – Roots, Lochte, Halpert, Finkle, Boudreaux, LinkedIn, Rocket Launcher, Corn Cob, Shoestring, Peeping Tom, La-Z-Boy, Pebbles, Slicnut, Spirit Stick (QIC)

Like many of us, when I first started coming to F3, I was only concerned with the first F. I would workout and leave shortly after the Amen was said. It was only after I started hanging around chatting with people, getting to know the men that push each other on a weekly basis that I would understand that the magic of F3 is in the 2nd and 3rd Fs. If you aren’t engaging in the fellowship and faith that goes along with the fitness, I challenge you to do so. It’s a game changer.

This same approach can be applied to our personal lives as well. It is so easy to get caught up in the tasks and chores of the day. It’s easy to  attack each day like a checklist that needs to be completed. If we do it that way, we are neglecting the fellowship and faith leadership with the ones we love most. Take the time to fellowship with loved ones and be a leader in faith. If we do that, we will be better husbands, fathers, sons, friends, colleagues, etc.. 
Lochte and Roots were attacked by a massive horse fly. The fly met his ultimate demise after landing somewhere in the vicinity of Slicnut’s, well, nuts. Corb Cob delivered the fatal strike. After falling to the ground in pain, Slicnut was able to rise for the standing 8 count. 

Thanks to the PAX for giving max effort for my VQ
Memphis Custom Tough Ruck tonight @ 6

VAPE session Thursday, 9/12, 8-9 at Central BBQ on Summer