December 27, 2019

Burpees, CMU Thrusters

THE SCENE: The Sandlot. 47 degrees, perfect.


We are not professionals, you exercise at your own risk, you are responsible for your own well being, anything I say out here is merely a suggestion. 


SSH, Squats, Imperial Walker, Daisy Picker, Merkins, Squats, stretch.

CMU carry to bleachers. 

Wait for six, plank or flutter kick. 

CMU carry to skatepark. 


5 rounds of ten each, burpee get overs, CMU thrusters. (Modify burpee box jumps, or just burpees)(modify 40 rows, or modify CMU swings)

Wait for six: rounds of 5 absolutions, 10 CMU swings, 15 overhead press. 

All complete a round or two together. 

CMU carry back to startex. 

Shortened Dora 1,2,3:

P1 exercise, P2 cross parking lot and back (but can’t run forward).

One round each of: 

Sit Ups, Merkins, Squats.


Side dips, groiners, flutter kick. 


Psalm 8 – We get to practice having Dominion over what God created and put us in charge of. Causes me to feel humility and also like I better do a good job. Yesterday I felt this when I got my kids to help clean off vine clippings from our chain link fence. Dominion says, vines be damned. I feel this when I think about vacant houses, should be able to help others keep their homes. Very humbled that Good would make something incredible and then put us in charge of it. 

Four Eyes
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