May 15, 2020

Burpee Milez at the Levee

Warm. No Rain. No Lightning. No Clouds. Despite the forecast looking bad 6 hours prior to arrival.


Uh huh. Failed to say keep your distance. It might show in the photo.

SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walker IC x 15

Hill Billy IC x 15

Daisy Picker IC x 10

Arm Circles Forward IC x 16

Arm Circles Backward IC x 15

I spent all week thinking about this workout. It was a process to come up with. Wednesday at the Levee, when Landline was trying kill us (or at least make our arms not work), Halpert asked what we were in for on Friday (which reminded me I was on Q and should start thinking again about what to do), I responded by saying that there would be running and burpees. Dial Up heard me and said he would NOT be in attendance.

We ran (1.8 miles?). We burpeed (90). We merkined (135). We crunched little babies (180). Legs were fluttered (more by Hobo and Halpert… #BeatHobo).

Took off from Shovel Flag clockwise. Ran to bathroom building on West side of the park to stop for Round 1 of 10 burpees, 15 merkins, 20 LBCs. Took off again and I called for Hobo to tell us when to stop again for Round 2. He contemplated out loud whether to stop immediately or run until time. We stopped quickly. Hobo chose Black Diamond to pick the next stop. Round 3 occurred at the loop on the West side of HHS. We did have to move out of the road for the dump truck entering the drive. Black Diamond picked Halpert. Halpert chose the sidewalk along Wolf River in between the 2 HHS entrances. Next up was Red Light. He threatened to take us to Houston Levee. Round 5 happened just inside the East entrance to HHS. I debated whether we should try to hit another 5 rounds or just run til 6:15. Round 6 (GOING FOR IT!) Happened after my mind told me that my body would survive, which was probably to longest running stretch to this point. Then Hobo called for Round 7 about 50 yards into running from the last stop. Black Diamond called for Round 8 back at the parking lot close to the Shovel Flag. Then Halpert happened. Apparently he has weekly running goals and decided that he would use this opportunity to get more in. So we ran around the whole “southern loop” of the park. Arrived back at started with a few minutes to spare, where he stopped us to perform Round 9. Round 10 didn’t happen… Missed it by that much. Flutter kicks for 60ish seconds. Hobo called for the last 10 seconds at least 2 times. I called him on it. He acknowledged what he did without apology.

A “good” time was had by all. I think. Those who didn’t show up missed out. Apparently Hobo was trying to avoid running today. Sorry bro. I’m not known for running workouts.

LBCs throughout and 60 seconds of flutter kicks to close her down.

5: Black Diamond, Halpert, Hobo, Red Light, Slater

Guys need help. Step up to help with AOQ responsibilities where it is needed. Post a HomeWOD for Chuck E. Cheese. Be patient with those aren’t yet comfortable to come out. Be kind. Love your brothers.

Red Light is so consistent in posting at the Levee. He is always a joy to speak with. Hobo discussed his streak of posts pre and post COVID shutdown. He MIGHT have a spreadsheet to track all of his F3 activity. It had something like 63 (64?) consecutive posts tracing back to before COVID hit and then picking back up a few weeks ago. Then apparently he overslept and showed up late at Arcadia. He is at 3 now. What a guy! Black Diamond is always quiet, but a pleasure to work alongside. He puts in the work for sure. And Halpert, what can I say… He’s always there to encourage and keep guys motivated.

Big day at the Levee next Friday. Come celebrate with Halpert. Fill in some open Q spots wherever you can, even if you have to drive a little outside of the normal area you post.

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