October 13, 2017

Burpee Mile and Coupons

AO:  The Levee

QIC: Escobar

PAX: Billy Blanks, Rabbit, Escobar

SSH IC x 20
Wind Mills IC x 20
Hill Billys IC x 20

The Thang:
Burpee mile – 5 Burpees at each 0.25 mile

Mosey Back to start

Coupon 1/2 mile – Change coupon position every other light pole.
Normal side run position
Overhead position – “Touchdown”
Arms out position – “T”

Box Cutters IC x 15
Flutter kicks IC x 15
LBC IC x 20
Mountain Climbers IC X 10

COT: Romans 2:17-29 Paul is discussing hypocrisy and the attitude that the Jewish people had.  They were the Chosen, they were circumcised and they were given the covenant.  They had a lot to be proud of and could claim this as their ticket to heaven.   How are we influencing the world?  Would someone call me a hypocrite?  Do I think too highly of myself?

Moleskin: Great first ever Friday on the Levee.  Many regulars not in attendance due to being HIMs.  Spending time with the M and 2.0s during Fall Break.  Congrats to Meter Maid on his new 2.0 and also to Billy Blanks being accepted to Onion University Nursing Program.