February 4, 2019

Burpee Free Zone.

THE SCENE: Warm enough.

1 lonely prerucker emerged from the gloom. Woodpecker was grabbing an early mile. Also prepping for the Heavy he and YHC will do someday…


Imperial Walkers IC 15

Hillbillies IC 15

Windmills IC 15

Daisy Pickers IC 15


Flobee said his shoulder was hurting. YHC said no burpees. 

Start at 1 BBS and 20 Air Squats separated by 30 yards. Total for each rep is 21. Go up on the BBS and down on the Air Squats. 

Forward Skips 30 yards.

Lateral skips 30 yards. 

Little-man-in-the woods IC 25. 


WWI situps 15 IC

Dying Cockroach 15 IC

Pickle Pounders 15 IC
Flobee, Woodpecker, Wallbuilder, Commie, Orange Julius (QIC)
Have been reading a book on Leadership by Jack Welch. 

Jack Welch rose from humble lower middle class origins and  built GE from a successful large company into a global giant. He did not “personally invent new products like Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs. He did not pioneer revolutionary technologies like William Shockley or Bill Gates. He did not create a business behemoth out of his garage like Henry Ford or William Hewlett and David Packard.”

“Jack Welch distinctive contribution has been to transform the role of manager into that of leader and to remind us all that if you’re in the leadership business, first and foremost you’re in the people business.”

-In an era of services and technology, people represent the leader’s most important asset.

-Creating an environment where every person feels free to contribute and is motivated to put in extra effort is no simple task. 

-Leaders must set the tone at the top and make a personal commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. Simply declaring it as an organization policy is not enough. 

Prayers for Wall Builders M in the third trimester of pregnancy.