January 25, 2021


THE SCENE:   Lots of trees. I had some company pre-rucking but they preferred fartsacking in the gazebo and smoking a stogy on the bench.  I should have EH’d them.  What are their names? and can we help them?

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Disclaimed, welcome the FNG (forgot).
WARM-O-RAMA:   High knees x 10 IC, Butt kicks x 10 IC, Burpees x 10 IC, Stretching routine IC

THA-THANG:  Mosey into the woods.

Relay sprints, two lines, 30 yds x 2.

Partnered up, Burpicides.

5 cones, spaced out like a bouncey ball court.  Suicides but doing burpees at each cone.  Rep counts (1st foul line – 4, mid-court – 3, far foul line – 2, far baseline – 1).  1 partner does the burpicide, the other does AMRAP LBC’s.

R&R 4 rounds.

Bear-Crabicides; bear crawl out to 1st foul line, walk crab back, bear crawl to mid-court, walk crab back, . .. . . . until complete.  Switch (1 round)

SSH’s x 25 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Relay Sprints x 1 round.

MARY:   Throughout.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 13 PAX, 1 FNG (Chimneysweep), Barnum, Teachers Pet, Scarecrow, Billboard, Four Eyes, Rabbit, Spicy Cash, Swanson, Altar Boy, Squeegee, MIB, Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:   Where is your heart?

I do not know what the condition of your heart is but I can share mine.  My heart currently is clouded with frustration.  The frustration is stealing my joy, and limiting my influence.

I am frustrated about politicians who seem to only seek more power and personal gain over representing the people who voted for them. I’m frustrated with people putting their trust in a small piece of fabric or paper over their face (or not).  I’m frustrated with school administrators who are so anxious that they’ll keep our public schools closed despite plummeting assessment scores and 1st and 2nd graders left home alone.  I’m frustrated with people acting like fools instead of recognizing them as brothers and sisters fearfully and wonderfully created.

But who cares what I’m frustrated about.  The point is that its corrupting my heart and taking away my mission as a believer in the Way.  There is only one cure for my heart condition and that is to get into the Word and prayer time consistently.  I need a re-alignment and I hope that you do not.  I do appreciate many of you telling me you recognize the same fault in yourself and we will be praying for each other.

MOLESKIN:   I always enjoy the Old Forest PAX and the 18 minute commute really isn’t that bad or that long (same as some Germantown commutes).  We had a lot more PAX than I expected and there wasn’t enough room for all of us on the double lane paved path, so we partnered up.  For some reason, I didn’t have us do this on the wet ground citing roots and depressions as an excuse.  The bear-crabicides should have been done at shorter intervals.  It has been my observation that we modify away from these two exercises way too often and way too soon.  More core work is needed? Possibly, but I also think we just need to mentally commit and follow through.  (previous injuries notwithstanding).  Squeegee crushed us all on these and it was an inspiration to see him do so.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Please be praying for Squeegee and Scarecrow’s M’s as they continue to recover or adjust to new medication.  Please be praying for O’Reilly whose neighbor just pass away leaving a wife and son.   Get in touch with O’Reilly to see how you can help.  Good news from Billboard who just had to interviews, pray that he’ll get a second or better yet a job offer from both.

Tomb Raider
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