March 26, 2018

Burb on Burb Crime

THE SCENE: The Levee was 49 and fine°, and the PAX were supple and keen to make their #DOWNPAINMENT

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: More like misclaimer, AMIRITE?

Hillbillies IC x 15
Seal Jacks IC x 15
Merkins IC x 15
Capri Lap

THA-THANG: DOVA Destroyer: Each exercise spells out DOVA, the city of residence for YHC. Also, the number of reps often correspond to 38018 … which is a postal code for those of you who may not know that type of thing. 

Dip & Dive
– Dips IC x 19
– Dive Bombers IC x 19

One Legged Burpees
– Right leg OYO x 9
– Left leg OYO x 9

– – -INTERLUDE: Indian Run to the football field parking lot- – –

Vacuum Cleaners OYO x 18
– Partner work, but not the kind another Levee PAX is apt to do

Absolutions IC x 18
– We did these in the grass, because YHC is a kind and merciful Q.

– – –Return mosey to Startex- – –

Captain Thor 1:4 ratio OYO until 10:40
Evil Lance Armstrong IC x 10 each leg
Hello Dolly IC x 10
Rosalitas IC x 10

12 PAX were there: Moneybags, Royal, Nature Boy, Snowman, Meter Maid, Anklet, Rabbit, Billy Blanks, Slicnut, Pops, Wide Right, Captain Obvious (QIC)

YHC has had countless instances over the last few weeks of negative, draining energies … both inside and outside of work. Complaining, rumormongering, expressions of hopelessness and even a grown man berating his team of 11-year-olds after they defeated YHC’s team 10-5 in a game of America’s Pastime because they still didn’t meet his asinine expectations. Sad!

The HIM will defy this path in life and instead SPEAK LIFE to those in his proximity. Here are five ways you can speak life into someone (borrowed from a blog I read on the topic):

1. Speak Words of Praise
2. Speak Words of Gratitude
3. Speak Words of Validation
4. Speak Words of Honor
5. Speak Words of Encouragement

Proverbs 15:4 – Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.

With the return of the MLB season this week, YHC feels as if he missed a golden opportunity to run the PAX through a baseball-themed beatdown. Another time, PAX. Another. Time. But, save Billy “Partner” Blanks, the rest of the men got their first taste of DOVA. I knew it was going to be a good morning when the verbal reps count began petering out around 11 during Dive Bombers. Unsurprisingly, the PAX bore down and finished strong. At one point, Wide Right appeared to go Bruce Banner on his shirt to defy the suckage of the Vacuum Cleaners … but it turns out he was simply using his shirt to protect his hands because he still hasn’t bought gloves. Who knew an NFL lineman’s hands could be so tender? Or that members of National Championship teams from the University of Alabama are banned from Lowe’s, Home Depot or literally any store where protective gloves are sold? Life is mysterious, my friends.

Snowman VQ on Wednesday. It’s gonna be frosty.