February 14, 2020

Bullseye tire flippin

The Scene:  Frozen grounds, mid 20s

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer: Done, YHC  is definitely not a professional


  • SSH IC x25
  • Imperial Walkers IC x15
  • Tempo Squats IC x10
  • Tempo Merkins IC x10


Mosey to playground

Part 1: Series of 11s Pull-ups/bench box jumps

Part 2: Tire flips: partner up, P1 does 5 tire flips and the mosies back.  P2 is doing AMRAP of prescribed exercise then both partners bear crawl to the tire. Swap P2 tire flips while P1 exercises.

Exercises: Merkins, squats, Carolina dry docks, lunges

4 full rounds

Part 3: mosey to track, sprint straightaways, for 1 lap. Then mosey on waking track back to Endex

Mary: growing pains

  • LBC IC x30
  • BBSU IC x15
  • Supermans IC x15


No inspired input today YHC appreciated (as always) spending time with Photoshop.


keep on pulling #MFP,  see slack for other input

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