September 27, 2017

Building the Wall

AO: The Old Forest

QIC: Hitch

PAX: Phat Pat, Bookworm, Pirtle, Crayfish, Oz, Cargo, Shoestring, Four Eyes, Lazarus, O Positive, Soybean, Slick Billy, Gus, Radio, Splice, and 2 FNGs (War Eagle, Sir Mix-a-Lot)

Conditions: Dark skies, 296 K, 87% Humidity (yeah right), Fitness level 200 Proof




Side Straddle Hop x 5 IC

Neck Skretches (side-side, up-down, left-right) x 6 each IC

Count off into 5 teams while:
Shoulder Rolls OYO (Forward-Backward)
Arm Circles OYO (F-B)
Side Bends OYO (left-right)

Mosey to a nice dark place in the forest (2 min)

Hula-Hoops x 8 IC

Wide Hula Hoops x 6 IC

Romanian Dead Lifts (RDLs) x 10 IC

Squats x 10 IC

Mosey back to Parking Lot (2 min)



Plant the Flag, Build the Wall (PAX circle up). Resting position chosen: SQUATS. Rest in the bottom of the squat waiting on the 6.

Set 1

Round 1: Team 1 in the middle resting for 20 count. Remaining PAX in the wall doing Merkins while the 1s rest. 1s call “All Rested!” with rejuvenated lungs and rejoin the wall. Entire PAX rests for 10 count.

Round 2: Team 2 in the middle resting for 20 count. Remaining PAX in the wall executing Big Boy Sit-ups while 2s rest. 2s call “All Rested!” with invigorated hearts and rejoin the wall. Entire PAX rests for 10 count.

Round 3: Team 3 in the middle resting for 20 count. Wall emulates Super-Mans while 3s rest. 3s call “All Rested!” with revived spirits and rejoin the wall. PAX rests for 10 count.

Round 4: Team 4 in the middle resting for 20. Wall reps Glute Bridges (Pelvic thrusts to the moon – aka Baby Makers) while 4s rest. 4s call “All Rested!” with recovered minds and rejoin the wall. PAX rests for 10.

Round 5: Team 5 rests for 20. Wall practices Carolina Dry Docks while 5s rest. 5s call “All Rested!” with renewed strength and rejoin the wall. PAX rests for 10.

Q calls for Bear-crawl scatter, PAX scatters ever’-which-way for 10 count. Q calls “BUILD THE WALL!” PAX rebuilds the wall for set 2.

Set 2

2s rest first, then 3s, then 4s, then 5s, then 1s. Middle rests for 20, PAX rests for 10. Merkins, BBSs, Super-Mans, Baby Makers, CCDs. Crab-walk scatter for 10 count. “BUILD THE WALL!”

Set 3

3s, 4s, 5s, 1s, 2s. Middle rests for 15, PAX rests for 10. Ms, BBSs, S-Ms, BMs, CCDs. Sprint scatter for 10 count. “BUILD THE WALL!”

Set 4

4s, 5s, 1s, 2s, 3s. Middle Rests for 10, PAX rests for 5. Ms, BBSs, S-Ms, BMs, CCDs. Stargazers for 15 seconds


Abbreviated Captain Thor OYO: 1 Hammer + 4 BBS x 10 OYO (no progression)

Tank Tread: Line up hip to hip, sit down alternating face, heals off ground, pass CBUs along length of line, last man runs the CBU back to the front begins again x 10.




Today’s workout pays homage to Nehemiah’s efforts to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem while Israel was in exile under King Artaxerxes. The wall and gates were in ruins and Israel’s enemies surrounded them. God used Nehemiah to lead Israel back to Himself.

Nehemiah 4:14 (ESV) And I looked and arose and said to the nobles and to the officials and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.”

The men learned to work with one hand and carry a sword in the other. Nehemiah and his men were ever vigilant. The wall was rebuilt and Israel returned to the Lord, for a time.

We are reminded that as men one of our duties is to protect our families, our brothers, our neighbors, our city, and our nation. The enemy is all around us but rather than contending with Ammonites, we must content with Satan. We must sharpen ourselves to work with one hand and keep the sword of the Spirit in the other. We must bring God’s Word to the nations that they may enter into the protection of the wall to rest.

MOLESKIN:  18 PAX (2 FNGs) showed up for a Hitch’s VQ in the Old Forest. He intended on moseying to the Greensward but got lost and ended up going back to home base. Oh, and the PAX corporately rested for 4500 squats…