August 20, 2019

Bubba Gump Merkin Day

THE SCENE: Locked myself out of the house this morning, so I had to knock on the window by my wife’s side of the bed at 5:10, to get her to bring me my keys…

Much more comfortable than it’s been the last couple weeks

15 penalty burpees, right at 5:30, for the passing train

SSH  25x IC, Merkins  10x IC
In between each different set of merkins, we moseyed from one end of the park to the other (~0.25 miles) to let the chest and shoulders recover.

Travolta Merkins  15x  OYO

Clock Erkins: with hands on edge of fountain, a time of day was called out. Walked hands around the edge of fountain until you reached the time for the minute hand, and then did the number of merkins for the hour hand. (Eg: 6:30, walk around to opposite side of fountain, and do 6 merkins)   Times called: 6:30, 4:15, 2:15, 18:45

Ring of Fire: PAX hold plank in a circle, while everyone takes turns going around the circle and doing one merkin. Then two. Then three, etc. We went up to 6, and Tomb Raider took his sweet time finishing his last few reps on round 6.

11s: Diamond merkins by shovel flag, run to other end of parking lot for wide arm merkins.

T-Bombs  15x IC, V-Up Bicycles  10x IC, 60 seconds low plank, SSH  25x IC, Flutter Kicks  20x IC, American Hammer  10x IC
10 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Woody (AOQ), U-Rock, Chastain, Flipper, Swipe Right, Rainout, Blart, Tomb Raider, Screen Savior (FNG)
This past weekend’s convergence for the 2 year anniversary was truly eye opening at what a huge brotherhood the F3 community really is in Memphis. It was great to finally meet some of the guys who I only knew from silly Slack comments.
Woody accused of only using two exercises, every time I am on Q, and today I wanted to change it up. So we only did one exercise. Forrest Gump’s friend, Bubba, knows 100 different ways to cook shrimp, and we looked for 100 different ways to do merkins!

By my count, all told, we did 196 merkins!