January 27, 2020

Bringin’ some 305 to the 901


A moist (yeah I said it) morning, around 46 degrees. Didn’t feel the same without the coffee table and F3 coffee pot under the sole parking lot light, but our barista was on daddy duty. I digress…


PAX were welcomed and disclaimer given. I probably missed something in the disclaimer but Slicnut gave me the OK, so we moved on. I informed the PAX that the focus for the workout should be on QUALITY. I wanted every rep to be done with proper form even if it took twice as long.


SSH x 25 in cadence

Daisy pickers x 15 in cadence

Arm circles x 20 in cadence in each direction, getting progressively bigger at halfway point


Started with some legs by doing Route 66 with jump squats: Run to each light and perform Jump Squats in progressing numbers (1 jump squat at light 1, 2 @ light 2, etc until light 11).  Ran back to the flags to continue the beatdown.

Next up was slo-mo merkins: 3 count on the down motion, and then pop-up for the count. Performed 30 total with a 15 second break in the middle.

Next up was a CMU sequence: 15 plank jacks in cadence; 15 CMU curls OYO; 20 CMU overhead press OYO. Sequence repeated 3 times.

Lastly was a little exercise called the Bear Crawl Ring of Fire.  A ring of CMU’s was made and the PAX had to bear crawl around the ring. I called Pause and then the first person performed 10 merkins while the remainder of the PAX held plank. When #1 was done, he held plank with the rest of the PAX while #2 started his 10 merkins. When he finished, #3…I think you get it. After all finished, bear crawls resumed around the ring. I called pause again, and then #1 had to perform 10 diamond merkins. The same sequence occurred around the ring of fire. We bear crawled once more and then did a sequence of 10 each Carolina dry docks. Needless to say, everyone was happy when it was over.

For the final 10 minutes, we had some dealer’s choice for core. Mountain climbers, Freddie Mercuries, scissor kicks, big boy sit-ups, and pickle pounders. I might be forgetting something, but we worked the core thoroughly.

13 total PAX: False Alarm, Gas Mask, Red Light, Rocket Launcher, Boudreaux, Sundrop, Lazy Boy, C-Lo, Dial Up, Pebbles, Roots, Slic Nut, Finkle

Circle of trust emphasized the importance of quality time with your loved ones. As a new father, I have seen how amazing it is to spend quality time with my wife and daughter and just invest in their lives, which in turn makes my life so much better. In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s sudden passing, along with all the other lives lost on that helicopter, it puts into perspective our mortality and how numbered our days can truly be. Value each and every day and make quality memories with those you love.

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