August 24, 2017

Breaking (In) the Levee

This was not us.

AO: Houston Levee Skate Park (AKA “The Levee”)

QIC: Escobar

PAX: Escobar, Brady, O Positive, C-Lo, Toms, F-150, Pops, Rhabdo, Billy Blanks, Woody, Gus, & 3 FNGs (Scrooge, Megatron, and Nature Boy)

Conditions: Clear and 67F




Good Mornings IC X 15
Abe Vigoda’s IC X 15
Air Squat IC X 15
Plank Windmills IC X 15
Mountain Climbers IC X 15
Carioca across top of Sk8 park X 2
Lunge Walk across top of Sk8 park X 2

The Thang

Mosey to Baseball Field Parking lot (0.25 miles)
Catalina Wine Mixer – Plank to elbow and back up then 1 mercan X 15
Chilly Jacks IC X 15
Cheerleader IC X 15
Around the world Lunges X 10

Partner work
Part 1 = SSH
Part 2 =
10 Merkins
Crab Walk 25 yards
10 Merkins
Bear Crawl Back

Part 1 = SSH
Part 2 =
10 Merkins
Crawl Bear
10 Merkins
Side plank walk 1/2 way right 1/2 way left

Mosey back to Sk8 park – (0.25 miles)

Flutter Kicks IC X 15
Hello Dolly IC X 15
Side Plank Leg Lifts IC X 15
V-ups IC X 15
Box Cutters IC X 15

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to Endex




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