March 29, 2018

Bootheel’s Baseball Beatdown at the Berm

AO: The Berm

QIC: Bootheel

THE SCENE: 58 Degrees and Wet Everywhere

1. I am not a professional
2. You are participating at your own risk
3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing
4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
5. Know your limits and do the best you can


R-Rocky Balboa x15 IC
B-Bobby Hurley’s x15 IC
I-Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Mosey to top of the mud hill


At the top of the mud hill PAX found a baseball diamond ready for MLB opening day. Why should all the high paid athletes get all the fun?  We play for free.

F3 Baseball: PAX counted off by fours and teams took to the bases. Each team starts at its own base. Teams must complete a cumulative number of reps of different exercise at each base and then move using different modes of transportation to the next base. Each time a team passes the base it started on, it gets a run. Team with the most runs wins!

Home: 142 Burpees / Gorilla Crawl to 1st
1st: 142 Merkins / Lunge Walk to 2nd
2nd: 142 Crab Cakes / Side Shuffle to 3rd
3rd: 142 Squats / Bear Crawl to Home

Seems impractical for a 4 way tie, so no one won. Everyone got better. There was some mumble chatter about 142 Burpees.

Line Drive Relay: Pax split into two teams. One Pax from each team starts with a sprint from Home across the infield to Second. At Second the PAX must call back the name of an MBL team and then sprint back. If PAX doesn’t know a team to call back he does 1 Happy Jack and the sprints back to home. Finish when all PAX have gone twice.

These guys know their teams, so no penalty Happy Jacks. Bruce doesn’t like to lose and led the losers in penalty Bodybuilders x10 IC. (Felt more like Mud-Hut-Builders as YHC kept sliding and getting stuck in the mud).


Pax Choice:
Mountain Climbers (counted off by 2’s with plank)
Twist Ups
Flutter Kicks
Gas Pumps/Hello Dolly/Rosalita/Someone Else Related to Dolly

8: Bootheel, Bruce, Promise Ring, Toms, Lipton, Snookie, Hanson, Lil Nicky

YHC confesses he is not much of a sports fan, but is a Jesus fan.

We discussed the events on Thursday before Christ was crucified. Thursday was a busy day for Jesus (i.e. Last Supper, intense prayer in Gethsemane, betrayed by Judas, arrested, sent to the Sanhedrin, and denied by Peter). The whole time Jesus knew what was happening and what was coming. Long before this, in Luke 14 He told his disciples if they wanted to be like Him they would have to carry their own crosses. Jesus’ response to it all “Father let this cup pass, nevertheless, not my will but Your will be done.” True example for times of suffering.

MOLESKIN: 142 burpees split 4 ways (approx. 36 each). 142 burpees split 2 ways (71 each). Moral of the story the more who post, the better for everyone.


Battle for the Bluff next week!
Job Posting: Berm looking for AOQ on Monday and Wednesday. Submit applications and references to Bruce.