December 19, 2018

Boot Camp at the Berm, December 18

THE SCENE:  Gloom abated. Not as foggy as the day before (you wouldn’t know that by Lipton’s camera skills). 36 deg. Wet-ish ground. Just enough to be uncomfortable but not completely suck.

Done x 2

SSH x 20 IC
EW x 15 IC
Hillbillies x 15 IC
Merlin x 10 IC
1 Lap around the Building

10 PAX counted off.  In order, each PAX called an excercise then threw an illuminated ultimate frisbee “IUF” as far as possible.  Once it landed, QIC called “Go!” and PAX sprinted to said IUF.  QIC counted seconds until last PAX arrived at the IUF.  If less than 30 yards, a bear crawl occurred in lieu of sprint.  If less than 15 yards, a crab walk occurred.  Excercises varied as we went 2.5-3 rounds.  Reps of burpees, body builders, squats, LBCs, leg swings, merkins, etc varied from 8 – 26 count.

Ended with Guantanamo, but Mary was found throughout the workouts

9 Total PAX (2 FNGs) – Blackout, Lipton, Judah, Tomb Raider, Bailout, Flatland, and Beauty Shop. FNGs Echo and Warden

Simple contemplation on the idea of the power and the glory of The Creator humbling himself to a helpless state. Juxtaposed with the idea that the being that created everything with a word would do that for us, astounding. Keep that in mind this holiday season as we focus on the birth of Christ and what that means in contrast.

Super fun. Complete ripoff of Bailout’s precious workout of this. But hey it was better than a burpee mile! Good effort. No splashes. Newer guys chose their exercises in core and cardio, whereas vets picked burpees and other nonsense. Good mix of momentum. Kept it flowing well.

Reminders of Whetstone.

Q: Beauty Shop