August 15, 2019

Bombs 365

THE SCENE:    Mid August in Germantown- everyone knows the scene was muggy
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  push yourself – don’t wreck yourself

Mosey to top of the hill behind baseball field

15 ssh

10 daisy pickers

365 bombs

Partner up

P1- start working towards 365 high->low plank (aka Colombian neck tie – the burpee)

P2- run down and back up the grass field

Change partners

P1- start working towards 365 BBSU

P2- down and back up hill

3 min of squats

3 strints up the hill

Mosey back to the lot for some more core work.

15x box cutters

15 Freddie Mercury’s

45 second Stargazer

Pops, Halpert, Wachita, MeterMaid, Boudreaux, Slater, Sideline, Linkden,  Lochte, John Padbury, Spirit Stick, Peeping Tom, Pablo, Double Vision, Pronto Pup,  U-Rock,  Sparky-Qic
This last year was full of surprises. The F3 community is so much more than I thought it was when I first started. I have benefited in many ways and made some great friends. Working hard with you fine men in the gloom has been priceless. I love you all and can’t wait to see what another year of F3 will bring.
I don’t think the guys enjoyed this one too much but the majority of them put their head down and got it done. Nice work fellas!
Prayers for Backseat’s family and for Mr. Blanks and his growing family.

I still can’t tag guys in the backblast. Sorry