February 10, 2019

Bobcat Hunt

THE SCENE: 37 with light rain
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER -quick claimed

oyo — 5/7 for a 6.5 mile trail Pre-Run
2.25 mile run to the bamboo fields and back. (4.5 total)

*no bobcats were spotted this morning but we did see a couple dozen deer,  a large flock of black birds and one proud buck.

We carried a 12 pound medicine ball the whole time.

In order to pass the ball you must stop for 20 squats and then catch up to the group.

The catch-up run was great for getting the heart rate up.

7 PAX – 0 FNG

Sparky-Q, Forrest, Speaker, Nature Boy, O-Positive, Squeegee, Meter Maid

I almost overlooked the cot and nor due to my excitement for the plc and chocolate milk.

This week was the first week since early 2018 that my head was free from the noisy cloud of sadness that I had become too familiar with thanks to some family drama. Time was the ultimate healer but how I responded and how my faith grew during the process is what I most proud of. I am certain that the 3x F’s are responsible for my growth so I thank you all!

All of this was realized while prepping for this cot. I was going to include some life lessons learned from bamboo since we ran through it. I’m glad I didn’t go there.

Today was a lot of fun and some great chatter was mumbled.

MeterMaid was in beastmode logging pre and post milage.

Prayers for some of our brothers that are facing stressful times and are about to make some big decisions regarding their occupations.

Forrest’s in-laws are dealing with a string of deaths in the family. Please keep them in your prayers.