November 4, 2019

Blue Collar Super 21

THE SCENE: 41°F and shovel flagless.  At 1 min till YHC quickly grabbed spare shovel flag from vehicle and planted.  Just then O’Reilly pulled up!

  • 21 SSH IC
  • 6+7+8=21
    • Daisy Pickers IC x6
    • Alternating Lunges IC x7
    • Imperial Walkers IC x8
  • Short Mosey to far parking lot with CMUs


Super 21s CMU squats and CMU (kettlebell) swings.  Start with 1-1 and increase by 1 rep each round.  These rounds were done in a 2 count cadence

  • 1CMU Squat / 1CMU swing
  • 2CMU Squats/ 2CMU swings
  • 3CMU Squats/ 3CMU swings
  • 4CMU Squats/ 4CMU swings
  • 5CMU Squats/ 5CMU swings
  • 6CMU Squats/ 6CMU swings
  • 7CMU Squats/ 7CMU swings
    • Break: Mike Tysons 4 count IC x21
  • 8CMU Squats/ 8CMU swings
  • 9CMU Squats/ 9CMU swings
  • 10CMU Squats/ 10CMU swings
    • Break: CMU Curls 4 count IC x21
  • 11CMU Squats/ 11CMU swings
  • 12CMU Squats/ 12CMU swings
  • 13CMU Squats/ 13CMU swings
    • Break: American Hammers 4 count IC x21
  • 14CMU Squats/ 14CMU swings
  • 15CMU Squats/ 15CMU swings
  • 16CMU Squats/ 16CMU swings
    • Break: Upright Rows 4 count IC x21
  • 16CMU Squats/ 16CMU swings
  • 17CMU Squats/ 17CMU swings
  • 18CMU Squats/ 18CMU swings
    • Break: LBCs 4 count IC x21
  • 19CMU Squats/ 19CMU swings
  • 20CMU Squats/ 20CMU swings
  • 21CMU Squats/ 21CMU swings
    • Curb Dips 4 count IC x 21
    • Supermans 4 count IC x21
  • Slow mosey to Endex with CMUs


  • Burpees OYO x21
  • WW1 Situps 4 count IC x21

3 PAX, O’Reilly, Farmer, Dawson (QIC)

  • Be patient and present with others in our lives.  YHC has been working on this with my 5 year old daughter.  This weekend YHC focused on patience and also spending extra time playing and being present.   It resulted in a great weekend.  Very motivated for a good week (even after this beatdown).


  • Super 21 == 231 reps of CMU squats and CMU sings
  • Lots of short 21 count breaks between sets today, which were much needed by YHC.  Especially after the burpees, very close to merlot splashing!
  • YHC has wanted to lead a beatdown using lots of IC exercises.  This was the first attempt at that, only exercise not IC were the burpees at the end.  We all stayed together and pushed ourselves! Good work men!

Get with Farmer about the Christmas party planning.  Also Soybean has issued a challenge to do 100 pushups a day for November.  If you haven’t started on it yet, no time better to start than now!