February 19, 2018

Bloody Mary Go Round

THE SCENE: So hot and “moist” we were choking on air (63ish…) – Part Timer on VQ!

Part Timer on top of the Disclaimer!

Side Straddle Hop x20 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Van Damns x10 IC (sort of) – Made up exercise by PT whereby we looked like 3 year olds fighting oddly shaped little people on all sides of us
High Knees x10 IC


Bloody Mary Go Round
There are 4 stations around the Shovel Flag, each with a stationary exercise and a “traveling” exercise. PAX evenly break up into 4 groups. One group at each station. The group must perform the stationary exercise AMRAP while each PAX takes a turn traveling to the flag and back. Once all PAX in a group complete the trip to the flag perform Side Straddle Hops until all groups are in. Then Mosey to the next stop on the circle of pain.

1st Station – Squats & Spider Crawl
2nd Station – Angle Grinders & Squat Jumps
3rd Station – Burpees & Bear Crawl
4th Station – Merkins & Squat Lunges

We went two full revolutions and 3/4 of a third one before Q called time for Mary.

Pickle Pounders x10 IC
Baby Makers x10 IC (Pastors obvs have more free time for LP9)
High Freddy Mercurys x10 IC
Low Plank Hold (10 count, repeat 20 count)

Shoestring took us to school at the end with a little ABC’s.

12 PAX, no FNG’s

Great word by Part Timer – Hebrews 5:12-6:1 – We are encouraged by the work F3 does for our bodies and minds, but we can’t forget to push ourselves in our walk with God to grow into the image of Christ. Don’t fartsack your spiritual life! Our bodies will eventually whiter, but our soul work will go on into eternity.

Phat Pat was a jerk and kept moving the flag on Soybean, but Beans liked it. War Daddy Kate was pushing hard and inspiring the PAX. Shout out to Stitch who was the scariest looking spider on the last round of pain. Part Timer has not taken kindly to the Pastor jokes and punished the PAX accordingly this gloomage.

VAPE session this Saturday for Coffeeteria
Prayers Soybean’s Mom & Choker’s friends (who lost a baby)
Remember victims in Florida and a Russian church shooting
Soulja Boy VQ this Thursday!