January 4, 2021

Blocks, Bunny Hill Murder Bunnies, and Partner Work to ring in the new year.

Brisk and clear morning….ideal.



Mosey around the parking lot to the north side open space for a series of warm up movements.  Sweep the floor, high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, and some upper body loosening.

Partner workout – preferably find a fella that you’ve not worked with before.

Round 1 – 15 minutes

Mosey on over to the hill with trusty CMU

  • Partner 1
    • Rifle carry CMU to the top of the hill – leave it there
    • Run back down
    • Murder bunny to the top of the hill
    • Farmer carry both CMU’s down to partner and switch
  • Partner 2
    • 10 Merkins with alternating shoulder taps
    • 10 V-Ups
    • Repeat until partner returns

Round 2 – 15 minutes

Head back over to the flag

  • Partner 1
    • Run around parking lot loop
  • Partner 2
    • 10 shrugs using both CMU’s
    • 10 laying down straight arm overhead lat pullovers
    • Repeat until partner returns

3 minutes remaining – left it to the fellas

Ryan Howard – American Hammers

Moneyball – Merkins

Floater – Side crunches

Dial up – BBSUs

8 PAX to kick off the first full week of the new year!

It’s that part of the year where we’ve all either set our goals or are contemplating our targeted achievements for 2021.  We often set ourselves big goals to be accomplished over the course of the year.    Asked my follow PAX to consider breaking their goals down into more consumable chunks of time.  An annual goal is great, but what needs to be done every quarter, every month, every week, and every day in order to get there?  With one big goal it’s too easy to put things off for later, but by setting iterative objectives our minds find it easier to remain focused, all while keeping the main goal in reach.  Shorter term milestones also allow yourself opportunities to celebrate small victories along the way.   Your mind will thank you for it.


Prayers to Dial Up’s wife Jackie dealing with an injury and some serious pain she’s enduring, and to Dial Up himself for a clean bill of health.

Congrats to all PAX that met this first Monday of the year head-on despite copious amounts of food and drink consumed over this bizarro world holiday season.


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