March 13, 2019

Blockorama at OF

THE SCENE: Warm, Dry, Snakeless

Did it

SSH 25x IC

IW 15x IC

Daisy Picker 15xIC

Merkins 20x oyo

Squats 20x oyo

Groiner 20x oyo

Jump Squat 20X oyo

THA-THANG: 4 Corner Blockorama
Count Off into groups of 4

Everyone grab a CMU and go to assigned corner of parking lot.

  • C 1 – 10 Blockees
  • C2 – AMRAP Curls
  • C3 – AMRAP Squats
  • C4- AMRAP Mtn Climbers pulling the CMU under you after a 4 count.
  • Run w/ CMU on long gaps
  • Hair Burners on small gaps
  • Do reps until relieved from other group

Rinse and Repeat 2X

Catch me if you can

Partner up

  • 10 BBSI run and catch partner and switch
  • Go around parking lot for 2 rounds



Flutter Kick 25x IC

WW11 sit ups 15x In [terrible] Cadence

American Hammer till 0615

17, 1 irish goodbye, 1 FNG ( Dangle)  :

Hitch, Bottomless, Handsy, Crayfish, Dewey, Easily Amused, Teachers Pet, Bookworm, Doc Hollywood, One and Done, Alter Boy, MIB, Mirage, Carmen San Diego, Four Eyes, Jail Bait, Dangle

I’ve been learning alot about how my faith in God relates to my prayer life. I’m not putting faith in God therefore i’m not spending time with Him in prayer. I wanted to encourage the PAX to go to the Lord in prayer no matter how they are feeling or how big or small they feel their faith is.
Great work by the pax. Bookworm is a crazy man. Planned to do half the workout without the CMU but quickly saw that would have been way to easy for this group of HIM. Welcome Dangle.